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A lot of realtors tend to slow down or get discouraged when the home buying season is over, but I’m here to tell you that there are still plenty of great deals to find out there.

And you’re in luck because on today’s show, I’m going to show you step by step how to find deals on the MLS from older listings using Propstream. Using Little Rock, Arkansas as an example, I show you how to pull the lists, find the deals, and then research those deals on Zillow and Redfin.

Then, once you’ve narrowed in on the properties you want to make moves on, I show you how to use Freedomsoft to easily automate your marketing. You can set personalized greetings, voicemails that send automatically if you miss a call, and so much more.

To get your hands on the special Joe McCall Signature edition of Freedomsoft, be sure to go to FreedomsoftJoe.com. And to check out my brand new webinar with Rob Swanson, the owner of Freedomsoft, where we get in-depth about how to use its great features, go to HundredsOfLeads.com.

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What’s inside:

  • Home buying season is over, but there are still deals.
  • How to use Propstream to find deals.
  • Using Redfin and Zillow to research properties and find discounts.
  • Automate your workflow using Freedomsoft.

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Welcome. This is the real estate investing mastery podcast. What's going on, everybody, Joe McCall here, this is a special REI Secrets webinar, and I'm publishing this live out to the world right now, hopefully on YouTube and Facebook. Hopefully it's working right now. Hope you guys are doing well today. Yes, it's working nice.

Okay, so I'm going to be showing you a little campaign that I'm going to build for you right now. In Freedom saw that super simple and easy to do. And I'm going to show you how to target older listings on the MLS and how to send marketing to the realtor and the homeowner. This is one of my favorite strategies for finding deals because there are hundreds of deals right now. Yes, even in a hot seller's market, there are old listings.

Believe it or not, even over the last couple of years, even the last year since the market's been so hot, there are still expired listings. There are still canceled listings. There are still properties that have been listed for over 60 days. And I thought all you had to do is stick a sign in the yard and you get multiple offers above asking price in days. And while that is happening, believe it or not, even in the hottest markets, there are properties that will not sell because the owners are asking too much. And so what happens to those sellers when they're asking too much? OK, it's been a couple of three months. A hot market. I thought we were supposed to sell this thing. It hasn't sold yet. They start to get maybe a little bit of motivation, right?

And then now as I'm recording this, we're in the fall. You know, we just passed the House buying season coming into the winter. This is the one of the best times of the year to find deals. So we're coming into the Thanksgiving Christmas New Year's holiday soon here, right? Well, that's when everybody is kind of takes a break. This is when you need to push on the pedal and accelerate your marketing. Do more of it. There are still motivated sellers that will sell and will buy motivated buyers that will buy houses during the holidays. So whatever you do for heaven's sake, do not slow down your marketing during the holidays. This is when you need to ramp it up and do more of it. All right, so on this video, I'm going to be I have a group of clients and students on Zoom right now as they're recording this, and I just ask them a minute ago, Give me a market. Let's go into a brand new market, but start up a new campaign and I'll show you what I would do to start marketing.

One of the favorite things I'd like to do in the REI Secrets podcast webinar series here is kind of talk about and show you demonstrate some talking to sellers, making offers, doing some marketing campaigns live. And by the way, I'm going to be showing you how I'm doing this in freedom I have. I'm big, big fan of freedom, soft use it and been selling it for a long, long time. I have what's called the Joe McCall Signature Edition of Freedom Soft, where you can get freedom soft and get all of my customizations, my contracts, my marketing pieces, my templates, my workflow automation, some of my websites and they're in the Joe McCall Signature Edition, and you can get that. I would encourage you a couple of ways, but I would encourage you to watch a webinar. I did a webinar with Rob Swanson, who's the guy who owns Freedom Soft now, and he's made some amazing changes and updates to the software over the years since when he bought it maybe five or six years ago from Preston, the previous guy who owned it. And it's much better now. It's incredibly fast and it just is amazing.

So I did a webinar with him where we literally showed in minutes how to get hundreds of leads. And if you want to see that webinar, I have a URL that you can go to called hundredsofleads.com. And if you go there, the link is in the description of the YouTube video here or the Facebook description, and you can see that link. But go there and you'll see what we do and how we do it. In just a quick, short little video and you can get more information about freedom soft how it works, and you can get the Joe McCall signature edition of it. OK, all right. All right, now, one of my coaching clients, students here who was it was Mario talked about Little Rock, Arkansas, and I thought, That sounds good. I've not done much there, maybe ever. And so I wanted to go into that market right now. And let's look at Little Rock. One of the first things I like to do. I must share my screen here. Cool. You guys see my screen. I'm in Redfin. I love Redfin. And what? You kind of do it.

I'll go here from the very beginning. You're going to just type in and market like Little Rock. All right, Little Rock, you're going to open it up and you'll see kind of a boundary of the City of Little Rock. You can remove the outline, which shows you everything. Now there's eleven hundred and twenty five homes or properties for sale. You can zoom out to kind of get the larger market now. Little Rock's not a big market. I mean, it's not small either, but it's, you know, it's kind of a big, small, small big town or whatever, right? It's a great area. It's beautiful down there, but I'm going to look for older listings in the Little Rock area, older listings. I might even zoom out one more time here.

Redfin If you keep on zooming out, by the way, you'll see kind of the gray area where little where Redfin is, not when you'll see why I like Redfin here in a minute because it gives me information that you don't get on Zillow or other sites like that. So Little Rock is right there in the middle. I'm going to go here two more filters I want. Houses only, and I want to do Max Price under because I'm doing I can do cash deals, I can do lease option deals, but I want to stay under let's just stay under 400 grant, OK? In fact, let's open up a new thing here and just see Little Rock Arkansas Air, right? Yeah. Air County. What county is Little Rock in Pulaski County? All right. So what I like to do now is do Pulaski County Air median home price and usually Zillow pops up here and they have the Zillow Home Value Index, which is one of the reasons why I like this part of the country. Look at the median home price there one hundred and sixty two thousand dollars. Now, obviously, if you go out into the suburbs, it's going to be more than that. But generally speaking, that's really good. And you know what else, the median rents, sometimes you see them here are going to be pretty good as well. And yeah, it changes all the time. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't. But you're going to get if you're an investor looking for cash flow. Little Rock is a great market because the rents as a comparison of the average price is really good, some of the highest in the country. All right. So I like Pulaski County. Cool. All right.

Now, let's look here at Redfin, and I didn't do a search for King County. I just looked for a little rock removed. The boundaries zoom out, and now I see this whole area. I'm looking for houses and I want to stay under 400 grand and I want to go right here, two time on Redfin, and I'm going to say more than 60 days. So these are properties that have been on the market more than 60 days. And I don't want new construction either, because a lot of times they'll put new construction. It's been listed for a long time in these new developments, and they just haven't sold yet. So I'm going to say it's got a had to have been built before, I don't know, 2018, let's say, apply filters. And guess what? I have three hundred and seventy eight homes in Little Rock now. Yeah, Little Rock area is not a crazy hot market like a Denver, San Diego, Nashville, Washington, D.C. but compared to what they were in the past, it's the hottest market they've ever seen. For the most part, right? And still, you talk to people in Little Rock, they'll complain. Investors will complain. All the market is so hot right now. All you got to do is take a sign in the yard. Why would a seller ever want to sell me their house at a discount? Or why would they ever want to do creative financing like lease option when they can just sell it on the MLS and it'll be gone in five seconds? That's just not the case again here, right? Here's proof. Three hundred seventy eight homes priced under four hundred grand that is not new construction single family houses only that have been on the market longer than 60 days. And you can take this list here and you can sort it from high to low and see if it works. Here you go. And there are some properties here that have been on the market over a year now. Sometimes those are anomalies, anomalies or mistakes. I don't know.

But looking at this area, why is this house been on the market for three hundred twenty seven days? Let's go to Page seven here. These are some markets almost 90 days, almost three months. These are nice looking homes. Why hasn't this property sold yet? It's overpriced. All right. Looking at this house, this is listed for one hundred and ninety thousand dollars. It's North Little Rock, and that's a good area, but it looks like a good neighborhood. I go to Street View. Yeah, this looks like a nice area. It maybe it's a short sale. Maybe? I don't know, because it doesn't have any like realtor remarks, so it's being sold as is. So maybe it's a short sale and Oreo like a bank owned property, and it might explain why it hasn't sold yet because they're probably a little too aggressive on the price, thinking that it's nicer than it actually is. And sure enough, you see a picture here of some weird carpet. It needs updating. This is the wood paneling, kitchen cabinets. Yeah, so this is needs. This is not a full gut rehab, but you know, it's a pretty good. I can still lease option this thing all day long. I put this one on the market, but this one just looking at it briefly. If I'm getting ready to sell, it's going to need 40 50 grand if I want top dollar and to sell this thing. Nice. Wall to wall floor to ceiling mirrors in the bathroom. All right.

So this property needs a lot of work. It hasn't sold yet because they're just asking too much. This is kind of what you see. But again, you know, maybe as an Oreo or short sale, whatever this is, that they may not be open to doing creative financing. But you know what, given some time, they'll be willing to negotiate on the price. So what I want to do here is I want to show you a little campaign that I like to do in freedom soft with old leads like this. And the cool thing about Redfin here is a scroll to the bottom. Look it. There's a button right here called Download All I can download all three 378 of these homes into a spreadsheet. Now I think Redfin limits you to download 350. Let's see here if I open up the spreadsheet, I know you can't see it right now because I need to share a new window, but as soon as it opens, there's going to be less than three hundred seventy eight. I think it kind of depends on how many. Yeah, three hundred and fifty. So at Redfin only lets you download three hundred and fifty at a time, which isn't a big deal. You just got to be aware of that. So if you wanted to download all three hundred seventy eight, you might need to do like one download or be homes under 250 in the next download would be homes over 250. You understand what I'm saying, so the kind of split it up into two downloads, combine them into one spreadsheet. What I'm going to do real quick here is I'm going to go. And to freedom stops, and I'm going to create a new lead campaign, and I'm going to call this Little Rock. Let's call it demo. And this is going to be a manual. I could be a direct mama show you. There's different things you can do with this, but let's just for now call it a manual campaign. Target is sellers. I need a phone number and I don't have one yet, but I'm going to get one here in just a second.

And here's workflow automation, and I have a workflow automation here called Seller Lead Workflow Jones. And this is my custom workflow automation. And all that is is a set of statuses. So when we change the status of a lead, then all of these things happen. These triggers automation could be sent a text, send an email, send a letter, change the label, move it from one label or group to another group. Add them to your do not call list. Market is dead or whatnot. OK, don't worry too much about web forms or campaign permissions. This just means like you can take anybody on your team and let them have access to this campaign or not. So I don't want anybody else to mess with this campaign. I'm I'm going to be the only one in it. Create Leads campaign. All right.

So this is a campaign called Little Rock demo, and I need to assign a phone number to because I'm just marketing. I got to put my number on a letter. I might do some skip tracing, some cold calling. And so whenever I this is a powerful thing about freedom. Soft is it's phone centric. In other words, leads are centered around a phone number, and each different campaign major campaign will have its unique phone number so that you can track any leads. So if I make somebody calls that number, it goes into this campaign. Let's just change the name here. I'm going to call this Little Rock old leads demo. OK, so these are old, actually. It's not old leads. It's old listings, right? Old list. So this is a campaign I know when I get a call from that phone number or somebody responds to my text message, I can tell which campaign it's coming from. OK, it's coming from Little Rock. It's coming from these old listings that I downloaded from Redfin, and when I use the Freedom Soft app, which is amazing. It also keeps when I see a lead comes in. If I just click call that seller back, I click the button to call them back. It calls them back from the local phone number that is from Little Rock there. OK, so I want to look. Let me go to Google here. Little Rock Arkansas Area Code. I wonder, what's the area code five? Oh one. All right, so cool. I'm going to go here to my settings and freedom soft. I'm going to go to phone. I want to add a number and I want to buy a number from five 01. And there you go five one four three zero three seven nine And let me add, let me write that down in here because I'm going to be doing some letters to them. I'm going to buy this number. Buying the number, selecting my credit card complete by the phone number is four bucks a month. Super cheap. I mean, you might save a little bit of money doing it somewhere else, but you don't want to do it anywhere else. All right. Let me resume my share.

Here we go. I'm going to call this number. Little Rock old listings. And sometimes, you know, I put a date on here, like when the campaign starts or something, that's just preference it up to you what you want to do. Voicemail. I'm going to just record a quick one. Super simple. All right. Hold on here. Hey, this is Joe with. We buy houses, Little Rock. If you got a house you want to sell, please leave me a message and give me the address, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much. Something simple like that I hit play. Hey, this is Joe when we buy houses Little Rock. All right. And so when they call that number, it will go to voicemail. This is where you can set it up, where it goes to a cell phone, or you can answer it on the app. So there's what's called, and I'm not going to go through this right now, but there are what's called call automations. See this right here. And so I can set it up where anybody calls that number, it gets redirected to sales guy one sales and then if he doesn't answer in five seconds, it goes the sales guy two. And if he doesn't answer, goes the sales lady three, or it goes directly to voicemail, or it just rings when you can send it, where it'll get a notification on your phone through the Freedom soft app and you can answer the phone right then and there and talk to the seller. OK. You can set it up where the incoming call will either show the caller's number or will show this number.

OK, so if it's, you know, if it's being redirected somewhere, you know, to another phone or whatever you can, you can tell that it's coming from this campaign. Little Rock called listings instead of call notification text, got a reply and call out a reply. All this means is if somebody calls, I'm just going to say, Hey, this is Joe. Sorry, I can't answer your call right now. What is the how about this? Do you have a house you're looking to sell? What's the address? I will do some research and call you right back. Thanks, Joe. So the cool thing about this is I do this a lot with vacant land. So when I'm sending a direct mail campaign to for some vacant land, I'll send a postcard or a letter with a big giant reference number in the upper right hand corner. And all of those calls go to voicemail and the voice mail says, Hey, thanks for calling about you received one of my postcards about the vacant lot you'd like to sell, and I have a different voicemail for each county, so I'd say, Hey, thanks for calling. You just got my postcard about a vacant lot that you want to sell in Little Rock, Arkansas or Polansky County, Arkansas. If you can see on that postcard, there's a reference number if you please would leave the reference number at the sound of the tone. I'll do some research and we'll send you an offer right away. Thank you. All right.

And then the text message that goes back. After immediately after they leave, the voicemail says, hey, sorry, can answer your phone. What was the reference number at the top of that letter that you got? Let me know and I will shoot you an offer right away. OK, so about half of the people will leave the message with the reference number, and maybe 75 percent will leave a message with the reference number and the other 25 35 percent will not leave a voicemail because who does that anymore, but will get my texts? And then we'll type in the reference number to that letter in a text message. So I get that back. The cool thing about that now is like we can communicate with our sellers by text or by phone call. And the powerful thing about this is so important because people just don't answer their phones anymore when it comes from an unrecognized number. It's frustrating. It's mad, you know, and I'm just telling you this you want to double your business overnight as an investor, start answering your phone. But this allows you then to start a conversation by text with the seller. And so, you know, a lot of times we will. They'll reply. The reference number on the letter is one two, three five or whatever, and then we'll say, cool, thanks. Let me get working on it and we'll send you in. And so then I will send them an offer in the mail and I'll send them an offer by text. I might even respond to their text. Hey, I got an offer here. Do you have an email address and we send it to you so I can send it in three ways, and now I can follow up with them three ways. This is a powerful thing about getting their phone numbers. I can follow up with them by text, by email and by physical mail, all here inside of FreedomsoftJoe.com again. If you want more information about this, you want to see a webinar of us doing this. If you go to hundredsofleads.com, see that there, OK, hundredsofleads.com. And just a minute. If you call this number, you'll actually hear my voicemail and it will send you a text from that campaign. All right, so I save changes now. I have this phone number and let me go back to that campaign. Let's go back to my pipeline campaigns, and here's this campaign. I just created Little Rock old listings, and I'm going to assign that phone number. I just boom.

So now if you're watching this live, if you called that number five one four three zero three seven nine nine, even if you're watching this isn't recording. What's going to happen is it'll take you to voicemail. You'll hear my voicemail. Go ahead and just leave your name and number or whatever. Just say, Hi Joe, what's going on? It should send you a text back and it'll show up as a new lead. And in fact, if any of you guys right now are watching this, go ahead and do that. You guys on Zoom that are watching me now, if you watch me on YouTube or the Facebooks, Gordon call that number and in a minute you'll see here the lead start coming in. That's pretty cool. All right. So while you guys are doing that? Remember, we exported that stuff into excel. OK, so I'm going to share my Excel window now. Boom, there you go.

And I'm going to make this a little bigger here. What I'm going to do is this is the this is the three hundred and fifty leads that I just exported from. OK. And by the way, if you don't know how to do all this, if I go a little too fast, I don't understand spreadsheets. Don't worry about it. You can hire somebody from Fiverr to do this. Like what I tell my students all the time is like, OK, you watch me do this thing in Excel spreadsheet with real quickly and fast, but you don't know how to do freedom soft. You don't know how to do spreadsheets. That's fine. Find somebody on Fiverr, just go to Fiverr, do a search for spreadsheet or excel, and then send them my video. So like you watching this, you see it on Facebook Live or YouTube later on, right? Send them a link to this video and say, Hey, go two minute twenty nine and watch what Joe does here and then do the same thing for me. And you can find somebody for five, 10, 15, 20 bucks. I can do this for you.

OK, so here I have some information. So now I all Redfin gives me is the address of the property city state zip price of the home, the beds, bath kind of location, the area, square feet, year built days on Market Square feet, etc. and then the link here to the property. OK, so that's the URL Mlss number, if you wanted that, and that's it and GPS coordinates. In case you wanted that for whatever reason, but not much you can do with that. It doesn't give me any owner information. I don't know anything about the realtor. So there's a few things you can do with this. Number one, you can upload it to stream. And I've done the video on this before. I might do another video about it soon, but if you go to propstreamjoe.com, sign up for an account. You get a seven day free trial, propstreamjoe.com. You can upload this list to prop stream and perhaps stream will append a bunch of data to it. It'll give you the owner's name, the information of the owner, the mailing address. It'll append the even the realtor information realtors listing the listing realtors name, email, phone number and you'll also see of these three hundred and fifty homes know probably 50 60 percent of them will have a lot of equity in them. So you could pull out of these listed properties. All of the high equity homes, free and clear homes you're going to find. Some of these homes have means or judgments on them, and you can pull out from this. Maybe some clues on which one of these sellers are maybe a little bit more motivated, which ones have tax liens, which ones have judgments, which you know, which ones have high equity? And one thing I've done before in the past is I'll pull out from this list of all of these active listings, the ones that are free and. Clear. You know, maybe we should just try to do it. Would you guys be interested in doing that type in a yes or no? In the Zoom chat or in the YouTubes? And tell me, would you like me to see the see me do that in upstream?

OK, I got some yeses. Let's do it. All right. I'm going to save this. And let me stop here and do a new share here in the Chrome. All right, here I in freedom. I'm just going to open up a prop stream. Log in again. You can do this at propstreamjoe.com. I use this every single day. I love it. I'm still live in the YouTube's. Does that annoy you when I call it the YouTube's? Oh good. I got 17 people of you watching right now on YouTube. Thank you very much. OK. This is the stream. I'm gonna go here to my properties and I'm going to go to as soon as it's done is done. Loading Here I'm going to import list and I need to download their template, so I'm going to download their template, which is a blank CSV file. All right. Let me just share my whole screen here. Hold on one sec because you got to kind of see, I'm flipping through windows here. I'm going to do a new share entire desktop. OK, so this is the blank template here. All right. And then you can see this is the stuff I need to bring in. So I'm going to go here to address city state zip, and I'm just going to scroll down here, OK, copy. And I go to the other spreadsheet and paste and make this a little bigger. And I'm going to move the I'm going to move these columns over one because now everything is in address city state zip. You don't need to worry about county or FIPS or AP. And I don't even know what all that is. Cool. I'm going to save this.

I go to prop stream and I'm going to click Choose File Download. There it is. There's that new spreadsheet I just created open and I'm going to create a new one. I'm going to call this Little Rock old listings, and it'll do November 21st. Just called that cool. And I'm going to save those. And what it's doing now is it's importing them into upstream. By the way, what I'm doing here may require a little upgrade in upstream to I don't know what they call it, list automation. They change the names of it. So it may require OK. There's two hundred and seventy six of the three hundred fifty that were brought in and why there's probably some of the addresses were incomplete or something like that. Not a big deal. Yes, 74 of them failed. Sometimes it's because the address isn't right for it's not. It's not a real property. It's like a mobile vacant mobile home or vacant lot or something. I don't know. Cool. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to find that here on my marketing list. And so I got to go find it here. Let's do a search for little. There it is.

So this list here there is two hundred and seventy six. Oh, look at this beautiful thing here. Oh, I love it. Love it. Love it. All right. So there's two hundred seventy six in this list right now, right? Guess what? It just then just done did. It's now brought in. I brought up. I imported all of these addresses in and it's now given me, can you see here the owner's name, the mailing address? And there's a lot of these that are absentee owners. I don't. I'm not a ton, but like this one is this one is these are absentee owners. I keep on scrolling over to the right. What else do I say? See all the information on the property. Oh, the last market recording date so I could from this list. All right. Show me all the ones that have sold in the last sold at least 10 years ago, the last till it was at least 10 years ago, least 20 years ago. What is it going to tell you whether these properties probably have a lot of deferred maintenance? They have been updated, maybe to allow you to keep on scrolling. You can see look at this remaining balance of open loans. I like that you can see the Mlss status is sometimes these are not that accurate. I wouldn't put a lot of weight on the MLS status.

Perhaps Jim does not update every single day the most data all but look at this MLS agent's name and phone number and email. This is so cool it gives you the realtor's name and phone number and email so you could send marketing to them. That's awesome. I love it. Now you can also go up here to this and say, All right, well, these 276 properties, 211 have high equity. 16 are vacant. Fifty three are low equity. What if you did sub 2s on those? What if you did some kind of letter campaign to the low equity to try to buy it, buy with subject to or lease option? Four of them have leads one hundred and seventy six. What is that 60 percent of our free clear? You kidding me? So what if you downloaded those hundred and seventy six and sent the owners of those property blind over financing? Oh, this is great. I got. I'll save this for a future one, but you send them an offer that just says, Hey, I see that you've got this house at 101 to Baseline Road or whatever. And if I can get you your price, would you consider maybe owner finance and I can buy it for this? Whatever the listing price prices give them an offer for that price and you figure out what the rent on that property is and you do 50 percent of that. So if it rents for fifteen hundred, you say, and it's worth and they're asking $200000, I'll give you two hundred thousand four and I'll pay you seven hundred and fifty dollars a month in rent until paid.

So I give them their full price of zero down zero interest principal only payments of half the rent. All right. The cool thing is these guys, they want to sell their house. That's why it's listed for sale. Cool. So you can now take this list and export it. You could say. Give me just the free and clear ones. Select it and export it and now do whatever you want. You can upload it to your mailing company. You can upload to freedom. Soft, super cool. All right. So there's a few things I want to do. I want to take all of them now. I'm just going to export this whole entire list into a spreadsheet, and you can see my spreadsheet open up. I have all these properties now in a spreadsheet with all of this information. Let me zoom in.

So now I've got the address of the property, the APN number. Some of these are owner occupied, knows these either absentee owners. Some of them are beautiful, right? Owner's name. Some of them don't have names. Some of them are. Right. But the mailing address of the owner, what does that useful for? Well, that means I can actually send them a letter. Sent a letter to the owner and the realtor beds baths. Keep on scrolling over and again, like I was showing you before, here is the realtors information. Oh man, I've done some videos. I'll show them to you. I need to do another one. It's been a while where I can take these emails and put them into.

GMA's is a tool that I use that just says something simple, like, Hey Melissa, my name is Joe. I was looking at your property the other day at four four two zero West 28th Avenue in Pine Bluff. And I'm just wondering, I'm an investor. How negotiable is, is your niggas? Is your seller negotiable on their price? Something simple like that, you could say to the realtor, Listen, if I could get them their asking price of whatever it is, one hundred twenty five thousand dollars, would they consider some kind of lease, purchase or rent to own? Or would they consider owner financing? Sean is asking a good question here. How does the real chad of the realtors get paid if it's seller financing or lease option? Real simple. The the seller pays the agent's commissions, so you don't need to worry about it. That's between them to figure out they can pay them the full three percent. Now, a lot of times what happens is the seller will pay the agent one month's rent or one month part of their commission and then the rest when I cash them out. So it just you don't have to worry about, it's between the seller and the agent to figure out, OK. So I'm actually going to save this and this is what I'm going to now. Import into freedom saw. Cool. Well, see, there's two spreadsheets now I could import into freedom so I could import in the spreadsheet I downloaded from Redfin, or I could import into freedom, saw the spreadsheet that I pulled out of prop stream. So kind of doesn't matter. I'm not sure what I should do, actually. I'm thinking about this.

Let me go to let me go to freedom stops and show you kind of what I'm doing here. So here is my campaign. Let's do this. I'm going to import a list into here. From the list that I exported from Redfin makes sense. So I went into Redfin. Remember, I went down here and I clicked this download. All exported all of these properties, and they're just a few. There's only like six or seven columns that I can actually use. So let's say you don't have stream, you just download it straight from Redfin. So what I'm going to do now is go here to this campaign that has this phone number and let me refresh see if anybody's called this number yet. OK, somebody call this number. I have a new lead. I don't know who this was. I got two communications, so they left me a voicemail. Hey, John Zoom call appreciate on information given to, you know, someone zoom everything nice. So whoever called us from Fayetteville now would text them back. Thanks for calling. What's your name? OK, and what is your email? I'm going to send whoever this is an email. I'll show you how it all kind of works in this campaign. So again, go back and go back to this campaign. I got a lead in here. Cool. I'm going to go down here and I'm going to import leads and I'm going to choose a or it needs to be a CSB. I don't think that's a big deal here, and we make sure that I make it a csb. Yeah, it is. Yes. All right. So I'm a choose the file downloads. This is what I downloaded from Redfin. First data contains column headers, and do I need to import this to a group that's like a label? I could create a new label if I wanted it. I'm going to call this. Let's just call this label, import today's date, and it's going to go into this campaign. Right click next.

And now this is where I want to match fields. And if you've done this before, you can choose from down here and it maps for automatically. But I'm going to do this for you real, real quick here. So here is the property address goes here. City goes here, state goes there, zip. So I have the county. I could bring that over. Let's look at beds and baths. I scroll down to beds, bass beds, baths, square feet, living area. Cool. You are l remember Earl was the the Redfin link. So I have right here a field called Property Link, so I can drag that there. Remember there was an Mlss? No, I could if I wanted to. There it is, my last number. What else can I do? GPS coordinates for one of your built. I could do that. Not worried about that. Let's do price. I'm going to bring price over. Oh, price right here. Lowest price. OK, I don't have the agent name and phone number and email because I'm showing it to you directly downloading it from Redfin later on. Could upload the data that I'm getting from Prop Stream, which has this information, but I'm just not doing that right. I think we're good, right? Let's do your bill. All right now, I'm going to I can save this, by the way, as a new import template.

I'm going to go and I'm going to click new import temp. But I'm going to call this Redfin import now next time. I don't have to drag and drop. I can just click, read and import from that dropdown menu. Next step shows me kind of what's bring it over? You can see it's got the address date MLS No beds, living area property link, city zip price. That's your bill. All right. Complete. It takes a minute to bring this in. You just kind of have to wait. Go back to my pipelines, go back to my campaigns, and we've got 301 in here, 351. So it just it. It just did it cool. Just brought in three fifty one and let's see if our friend is responded D. Cool. If I look at here, responded back D, I have emails coming from you already. So he does want to give me his email address. I was going to D. I was going to send you something here and free himself, but that's OK. He's got he's thinking, Man, people are watching this. I don't want them to see my email address. What am I doing? Why did I call this guy? So let's say if I asked, D, hey, what's the address of your property? And he responded back one to three Main Street, or let's say he responded back with this one. So I'm just going to copy that. Let's say he responded back and my address is this, so I'm just going to copy and paste the stuff and the zip. All right, so refresh the screen.

So let's say the address of the property he's owns, he's trying to sell is this I can go quickly here and look at the street view. Cool. I can look at a satellite. I like looking at the satellite view. Just tell me what kind of neighborhood it's in. Is it near any kind of industrial park or is it a good suburban neighborhood in the suburbs? Is it in the city? Yeah, OK. I don't know if that's a good area or not. Looks like it. Can I click on less details? I could right here. Click on Find Owner. And so if the address doesn't match, exactly nothing will show up. That's all right. But I would get their information. And so from here, I could change the status after I talked to him and say I tried to text him or call him, you know, it doesn't answer. I just change it to status to contact him, attempt one to say I talked to him and it's a cold lead. I click on follow up cold. And what that will do is it'll trigger workflow automation to send a text and an email every 30 days just to follow up with him if it's leave it as new. Let's go back to this campaign right here and see I got three hundred and fifty records in here. If I click on a view, all right, click. All leads have three hundred and fifty records in here, three fifty one of these properties, and so I could just start going through them. Look at this property. This is a property that has been listed for a while, hasn't sold in. Scroll down here. I see the link from the Redfin. I could click on that. View it in a new tab.

They're asking Fifty grand for this thing, man. I need some work, huh? So what if I sent a letter to the owner saying, Hey, this looks like a nice house. You know, if I could get you the price, you're asking fifty grand. Would you consider carrying back some seller financing? You know, and if I know this property would let you know if this property would rent for, let's just look it up on Zillow and see what it would rent for. They're asking too much. It's been on the market two months, right? And it would probably rent for any day now. Thirty two. So I'd say, if I get my calculator 732 divided by two, I'll pay you three hundred. I'll buy it from you for fifty grand and I'll pay you three hundred sixty six dollars a month until paid. Principal only payments right to great zero down zero percent interest owner financing offer and then I would turn around and sell it on a wrap. I wouldn't do any work to this. I'd turn around and sell it on a wrap to an owner. Occupant would come in and fix it up and pay me. I'd probably sell it for 50, not sell it for 60 70. Grand on owner financing 10 percent down eight percent interest amortized over 30 years.

OK, it's a great deal. No bank qualifying find somebody that puts five grand down. Come in the house to fix it up and they start paying me seven hundred and fifty bucks, eight hundred bucks a month. OK, guess what? I'm paying that property off if I get the calculator again and I look at this as if I'm buying it for fifty grand, divided by three sixty six is what I'm paying the seller right? Divided by three sixty six. That's one hundred thirty six payments divided by 12 payments a year, right? I'd have it paid off in 11 years. Every dollar that I'm paying out, seller goes to principal reduction, right? What if I used every dollar from after taxes and insurance? So after taxes, insurance, my net, you know, my my net payment, let's say, is five hundred bucks. OK, so I'd be fifty thousand divided by five hundred. I paid off in 100 payments divided by 12. I'd have it completely paid off, free and clear in eight years. And again I'd sell it at a premium to the end buyer, so I'd sell it for 70 grand. If they cash me out in five years, I'm OK with that. I'd still make you know if you figure the principal pay down and what I sell it for, I'd make it thirty forty thousand dollars profit.

Not bad, right? Giving the seller whatever price they want. As long as you're willing to wait for it, I might even give them a little more. What if I offered the seller fifty five grand for it with terms that I want? I'll give them their price, my terms or terms are more important to them, I'll give them their terms, my price, if they wanted 10 percent down, if they wanted six percent interest, I say, OK, I can do that. I'll buy it for thirty five instead of 50. OK, can you pick up what I'm laying down? Nice. Now we're back here to free himself this look at this house. If I click find owner the Oh, there it is. Was that not working before? Now it's working. If I was looking at it differently. OK, cool. Watch this. I'm going to click this. And it's owned by Kingdom Properties. All right. Save fields to lead, and that will bring that information over to right here. All right. So this is a property on four four two zero west. Twenty eight, I click on Find Owner and that doesn't cost me. That's not skip tracing, that's just getting the owner's name and address from public records by kingdom properties. So I don't know how long they've owned this. This doesn't tell me that I could take this address. Copy it. Put it in prop stream. Prop stream Joe.com. Now it's not shown up there. Sometimes you need this. Raise a little bit and then you'll find it.

So this LLC is owned this property for eight years. I'm going to guess my my my guess on this thing is they've been renting it out and they're just tired of renting and they just want to sell it. Maybe they're getting rid of their portfolio. Maybe Zillow bought it eight years ago, and they're like, We're out of the house buying business. We just want to sell it. You rid of it. All right. So here's the cool thing now I have a template. Let me go here. I want to send this owner a letter, and I want to send the owner a letter right here from Freedom Song. All right, I'm going to go here to my settings. I'm going to go to my templates. I have letters that I send to sellers for their house. And here's one right here. Vacant rental house letter. Let's open it and see what it looks like. It's got my information there. The date property owner record property out address. Hey, I think you're on the property at address and City. You wouldn't consider selling it, would you? I'm looking to buy another property in the air today. Give me a call. We can talk. I'm not going to send that guy. Hey, would you? Have you thought about selling? He's already got it listed for sale. So let's do something different.

I have here a letter I thought I did. Hold on. Let me find it here. Follow up letter older. Here we go. Look at this, OK? This is a it lease option letter. So what I'm going to do, it may go back here to Ultimates. I'm going to make a copy of this one. It's called older MLS listings. I'm going to make a copy of it. Here it is. And I'm going to change the title of it. Since it opens up, I would change the title of this older MLS listings. I'm going to change it to Little Rock, OK demo. So I know that this is a demo I'm going to put here the phone number. So this is five oh one four three zero three seven nine nine. Now this address is going to pull up. Here is my St. Louis, Missouri, address. Not a big deal. I don't care about that. All right.

So this is a letter we're sending this time sensitive mailer to inform you that we would like to buy your house at full price, but we would like to rent it out for a year or so first. But what if we said now let's just, you know, we could keep it that or we can change the language to? But I was, but we were. How about this? But we were? We're wondering, let's change the language here. If you would consider seller carry back finance, we're assuming this time sensitive similar to inform me that we would like to buy your house at four full list price. But we were wondering if you would consider seller carry back finance. You could say like if we could get you full list price for your property, would you consider seller carrying back finance? Let's just change it because I like that, right? I like that a lot. So it could be to ask you that if we could buy your house for that address, that's just your address in. OK, well, do city property city. We're sending this time sensitive mailer to ask you that if we could buy your house that address and city for full this price, would you? How about this? You wouldn't consider carrying back some of the financing, would you? OK, we're sending this time sensitive mailer to ask you that if we could buy your house at address and city for this price, you wouldn't consider carrying back some of the financing, would you?

So, you know, I'm not hoping I want them to carry back all of the financing, but, you know, just try to get my foot in the door. That's why I also say things like you would consider maybe renting it for a year or two and then selling it. Would you typically like to send that to a nicer property? So you're one of the things you could do. Sometimes I've done this. I'll have a campaign for in freedom, soft for cheaper older listings and nicer older listings. So on the cheaper ones, I'll ask for owner financing. For the nicer ones, I'll ask for at least purchase you wouldn't consider. How about this? I think I'm overthinking this, but I'm just you wouldn't consider doing seller some kind of seller financing, was you? I mean, there's a hundred different ways you could say it. We're a group of investors that look for nice homes and nice areas such as yours. We will take the house in its as is condition. Be responsible. All right. So this is more of a lease purchase language, which I kind of messed up the letter. I'm not going to let me go back to templates and then I'll go back to this one when I fixed the phone number there. Five four one four three zero three seven nine Let's keep it. Let's keep the lease option language OK, not a big deal. We would like to buy your house that address for full. Rice was two fold this price, but we would like to rent it out for a year or so first, we're a group of investors that look for nice homes and nice areas, which George will take the house, and it's as is conditioned response. We're all going to capitalize on all the day to day repairs and give you an offer. I'm worried about the margins here on the page, right, and give you an offer to buy later for your asking price and close on the date of your choice or no fees. Commissions are strings attached whatsoever. We're looking to close a few more deals this month than our limit has almost been reached. If interested, please call our 24 hour recorded voicemail at five or one.

Remember, that's my freedom stuff number four three zero three seven nine nine immediately as this offer will expire. If you want to say that and whatever change it, copy the phone number. Pace that phone number there to a twenty four hour recorded voicemail. You're going to get more calls when you tell them it's a recorded voicemail. And let's call this letter again. Little Rock Boom. Save changes. All right. There's my letter. Let's go back to that listing. We were property we're just looking at here. All right. And I'm going to create a letter. More actions generate documents, by the way. I only have to create that letter one time. Little Rock right there. Next step.

That the information over looks good. Next step. Here's my letter Special freedom cell phone number date. That's the owner King and Properties LLC. They look good. Nice. All right. Click Complete the letters generating, and I must show you how I send letters real quick. I've talked about this a lot. If you go to click to mail, email to mail you Google, click to mail, email to mail. There's a service that click to mail has. I know it may be hard to see, but if you go to click to mail, email to mail, you'll find it. There's a service that clicked Milhous where if you email them on attachment, click to mail, will print the attachment and send it in the mail to whoever you want. And it looks like this. I'm going to stop my screen share for a minute. Looks like this. Do you see that? There you go. Boom. All right. It's a letter and it's typed. It's really nice, and it'll send that letter to the seller next day. Next business day. OK, now what I do in Freedom Soft is right here. The letters generated awesome. I want to send it to the seller and I don't have their phone number. I was going to skip trace them, but he can't skip tracing LLC. I'll do that next.

So here's the letter. One page simple letter OK, I'm going to click email and I have an email in here called Mailbox, and I have an email template called email to mail them. And then I'm gonna click send a copy to me. And just like that, I sent the email to clicked email. Click to Mail Today is going to print that letter and send it first class to the seller, either today or first thing in the morning. Just like that, so then I can go here to lead details might change the status to letter sent. Follow up. So it doesn't have to be a rental. It's just a letter sent. Now let me show you something else here, too. The cool thing about these workflow automations seller lead workflows, Joe look, when that status is sent letter to rental follow up. What happens? Well, if I had a phone number, it will send like I'm going to, it's going to say rent letter sent follow up. It's going to send a text message three days later. I just sent you a letter the other day about your house that address and city. You wouldn't consider selling it, would you? It is a rental because I want. I'm sending this letter to your rental property and I want them to ask them after I send them the letter three days later, send him a text. You wouldn't consider selling it, would you? 30 days later. After that, you wouldn't get the same text. Send him an email two days later and 30 days later, creative tasks and a new letter letter and then move it to a group. It's like a label.

OK, so anytime I change the status, these things will happen. And there's other actions you can do. You know, task SMS, email, move to group. Adam, do you do not call list may move it to a campaign market as lead stop and you follow up restart. Follow up notification delete. Incomplete task. Wow, that's new. I love it. I did not know you can do this. This is amazing. So sometimes what's happened is the, you know, when when you mark lead is dead, you can set it up where it deletes any future incomplete tasks. That's nice. I love that fact. What I'm going to go down here is right here we have DMC. I'm going to add an action called delete incoming tasks. So if there are any incomplete tasks and it's marked as DNC, I'm going to add that that is cool, right? So I'm going to update workflow. Let's go back to that lead. All right. So now the status is that and has been moved to a group called Marketing sent for symptoms of marketing rights. Now, if I go back to that campaign, you can see there's the status of that lead marketing sent in. If I view all my leads, you'll see there's a group here right there marketing sent. It's there's that one leader with marketing has been sent to them, so it's a move to a group. All right, let's go back to all these.

I'm going to find one of these properties to see if it's a if it's an older baseline. Little Rock, Arkansas nice property here. Let's click Find owner. All right, Gary Morrison. Oh, look, this is an absentee owner. I love it, so I click Save Fields to lead. All right, this is a property. Let's look here real quick at the Redfin link they're asking. One thirty eight. The property is currently rented. All this is great. Tenant is month to month. You think maybe they're tired? A landlord tired of being a landlord? If they weren't, why would they not be? I was why are they selling so you could I would call the agent up, say, Hey, listen, hey, I'm call about this property looks like a great home, but why is this sold yet? Well, you know, why hasn't sold yet? Because there's a tenant in there and it's hard to get anybody in the house to look at it. And it's got a weird kitchen and it's small, it's cluttered. Like, Who's going to buy this? An investor? Maybe an investor is not going to buy it at one hundred and thirty eight grand, they're asking way too much for it. And there's dogs there and there's two other properties. I'm not sure what's going on here. So when I call the realtors of these properties, I say, Hey, listen, how's it going? I'm calling about this property. Why do you think it hasn't sold yet? Then I ask them, it's got a nice, big lot, you know? What's this about the dogs? I'm sure they're friendly dogs, right? Oh, I'm looking at the satellite view here. Hope you can see my screen looking at the satellite view here. Let me just make sure you should see my screen now. I'm looking at the satellite view here. Well, it looks like a great house surrounded by a lot of trees kind of out in the country. But what's this maintenance division here? Is that Arkansas? All right.

And then across the street is the storage center. OK, cool. What's his own used auto parts store? It looks like a salvage yard. Is that right? Is that just down the street? You can't see that from the house. Kenya cash for junk cars. It's got a bunch of junk cars. OK, cool. And then go back to that house. Let's see where quick. OK, some escrow. And I'm talking to the realtor, right? Trying to find out why this house hasn't sold yet. Like, Oh man, OK, I'm looking in the backyard. Those are those all those junk and all those cars still parked back there. So do you see maybe why this house hasn't sold yet? All right. But back here to freedom soft. You know what? What if we can't had tried to contact the owner directly? You're right here two more actions. Skip Trace. I'm going to drag over owner of record mailing address, mailing, city mailing, state mailing, zip, confirm, skip trace and skip track, or to do a delete on there. You know what that was? Skip Trace Next step. Submit order. Just like that, it's pending. If I refresh in progress, refresh again. They're complete. Let's go back to the lead.

Look, the owner's name Gary Morrison, by the way. I'm just going to copy that. And let's add it up here. Sometimes I'll put the realtor's name and info up there. But the owner is Gary Morrison, and these are phone numbers. OK, so you can call him, you can email him. Let's send. The owner was create a letter to send to the owner. I'm going to go here and here to generate document go down here. Older MLS listings Little Rock. Next step. Next step. Complete. Now this is a rental property I probably want to send a. I might want to send a letter that's more in terms of owner financing, because the guy doesn't want to be thinking, Oh no, I'm not going to rent it out again. I want to sell it. Well, what if I sent the letter to him saying, Listen, if we could sell our finance, we can get you the full price you want and you can be the bank instead of being a landlord. So I might have a different letter for an owner financing off, and I do have some of them here in the templates.

By the way, let me show you real quick templates. OK, so well, I can. I need to add it in. It's real similar what I just showed you, but it's a lease purchase. Let's go back to this recent items. So now I'm going to this is a letter. I'm going to click email, I'm going to type in mail, but I'm going to go to that template. Email to mail boom. Send email. It's sent that attachment to click email. Clicked emails is going to print it, send the owner a letter. All right. And then I'm going to go here to learn details. If I wanted to, I could send this guy a text, but he's on the do not call list, so kind of don't want to do that. I know some people that do not a big deal, but so I could call them right here. Some people say it doesn't matter because like you're not, it's a gray area. You know, he's got his house listed for sale. You're contacting him about his house. So you're not and you're not selling anything. So some people say, Listen, it's a gray area. Talk to an attorney, whether it's OK to contact somebody on a purpose like this, because here's the thing I call people all the time who are friends of mine, right? I ask somebody else, Hey, do you have so-and-so's phone number there on the do not call list? And I call him anyway? You know, I might have somebody that, you know, if somebody has a neighbor and I want to call him to see, Hey, Z thought about maybe selling your house, I might want to buy it. My I want my mother in law to live next to us. What would you want to sell your house?

And I call them, it's not a big deal, but I'm not an attorney. So talk to an attorney who understands the law and would give you advice. Just say this. It's probably not a good idea, but I know a ton of people that are doing it, and it's OK if they do give you permission, right? As Joseph says here. So anyway, I could send him a text and do that. All you do is you click on that here and you could say, Gary, I think you own the house at baseline. If I could get you your full asking price, would you consider seller financing? Thanks, Joe. All right. So I could send that bill just like that. You can also call them. I can also email them, OK, if I click on his email right here. I have email templates that. This might been what I was thinking about, and maybe it's something like this, probably on the record, I think you own the house that address in City. I'm an investor looking for some more properties in the area. You would. OK, let's do this.

If I gave you full price, would you consider maybe selling with owner finance? Give me a call or text me at phone number member five oh one four three zero three seven nine. Thank you, Joe. By the way, I could say that as a template. So next time, all I need to do is click on one of these so I could save this email again as a template. Just click on that and you can send it out. All right, so I'm going to send it right now, whom I just sent the owner. If that's his email, if he gets it, I just sent him an email, sent him a text, sent him a letter. I would change the status to letter sent. Follow up safely. Pretty cool. Pretty, pretty cool. So Sean is asking, can I scrub the list for free and clear in the freedom song? Or can I only do that in stream? You can only do that in props. So Freedom Soft won't say of this list. These 200 are free and clear. You have to do that in props. All right, let me tell you something cool that I've got coming up real soon here with Freedom Soft, which you can do in the Joe McCall signature dish. This is cool. It's going to be a little hard for me to explain, but I'll try to be concise and brief here what you can do soon. And it's coming. Hopefully, in the next week, I'm working with a company where I can take, you know, I can download a big list from Redfin or Freedom, soft or or anywhere. And I can put it into freedom store and I can do a mass update of like I can select 100 of them, change the status instantly of 100 leads, and then it will trigger like, let's say, OK, let's say this. I download 100 free and clear properties, and I have a letter that's asking the owner if they would consider seller financing. OK? And I can then change the status, and it instantly sends it to this company I'm working with, and it will send them a handwritten yellow letter on a handwritten envelope for bulk pricing. Even though you're only sending one or 50 or 100 or a thousand, it'll send you send that letter at the bulk pricing. Normally to get bulk pricing, you got to send like 5000. I got a special deal with this company.


They'll do it like even if it's one off because it's such a big company, they do so much doesn't matter. And that is coming soon. So cool. I'm excited about that. So it's not. It's like a workflow automation and freedom store, but it triggers when you change the status, you create a new status just called Send Owner Financing Letter. All right. What it does then, is it sends that data to this company and they will send a letter, handwritten yellow letter to the owner. It's super cool. I'm excited that it's coming soon.

All right. So again, this has been good. I went longer than I had hoped. Sorry about that. But if you want more information about freedom and how to use it, it's cool tool. I really, really love it. You're going to do more deals. The main thing I love about it is it manages your leads so well that nothing falls through the cracks. Like, I operate under the philosophy of no lead left behind. OK, no lead left behind. You want to make sure when you're running your business that every lead gets an offer, every lead gets followed up with and you need to set up the systems where it gets done for you in spite of you. Right? And there's no better tool, in my opinion, that does that than freedom solves. If you want more information about how to get it and you want to see a video demonstration of it. I did a webinar recently with Rob Swanson at hundredsofleads.com Watch, a short little webinar. How we literally got hundreds of leads and I'll blow you away. It's an amazing tool. Use it all the time.

I love it and you going to be hearing me more? Talk more about it because especially with this new direct mail tool that I've integrated into it, it's really, really awesome. Hundredsofleads.com. All right, guys. That's it. I'm out of here. I sure appreciate you all. And if you if you're watching this on YouTube, please subscribe to the channel. I just need like 50 more subscribers and I'm over the fifteen thousand subscriber limit.

OK, I appreciate it. Subscribe to his channel right now and we'll see you guys later. Take care, everybody.

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