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If you’re a collector of courses, then what you need is this 30-day challenge group in your life. Gavin Timms and I have done this before and it was hugely successful for our previous coaching students, so we wanted to offer it up at a time when everyone has a lot more time on their hands. Starting April 13th, jump in with us and start making offers.

Gavin and I are going to be teaching you, with simple, easy scripts, how to make offers on the phone. We’re going to teach you marketing tactics that work. Gavin and I even role-play a couple of scripts to show you how easy this can be.

We’re going to be teaching you the fastest way to get leads, using cold calling and SMS texting. We’re not going to overcomplicate this with VAs and fancy, complicated triple dialers, although you can use those things if you want. The challenge group will offer daily support the first week, and then coaching calls three times a week after that. Plus, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can show up with your offers and lean on us for support all month long.

We don’t want to complicate this because we are challenging you to make five offers a day. So in this challenge, we’re going to teach the easy way to make offers so that you can make more of them more often. 

And here’s the thing. If you get a deal under contract, we’ll partner with you on it, or help you find a buyer. We want you to succeed, and this group is going to give you the support you need to stop taking courses and start making deals. And if you complete everything in the course, you’ll get your money back. There’s only winning in our 30-day challenge group.

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What’s inside:

  • Our 30-day challenge group is designed to help you make real progress in real estate while everything is shut down.
  • We don’t care about perfection, we care about progress. 
  • This challenge will put in a structure to your day that will give you some momentum. 
  • Find out how to complete the group challenge and earn your money back. 
  • All the support you need in the accountability group, including goals, weekly zoom calls, and tons of help on your offers. 
  • Super simple scripts to help you start conversations with sellers and Realtors.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: Hey, guys, welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. I'm Joe McCall and I'm with Gavin Timms. How are you, Gavin? 

Gavin: I'm good, Joe. How are you? 

Joe: I'm excited. I'm excited about this because we've done this challenge before and we've had tremendous success. There's some guys that you've heard of that are doing their own podcast, they're rockstar wholesalers. They're writing their own books now that have come out of this challenge and are crushing it right now. And my premise when I first started this long time ago is real simple. I was like what's most important in this business? Is it studying and reading a bunch of books and watching a bunch of videos and listening to a bunch of podcasts? That's important. Right. But that doesn't make you money. What does make you money? Well, let's see. It's marketing, talking to sellers and making offers and following up like that's it. Obviously, you have to sell the houses and stuff. But really, what matters in this business making offers like. That's it. Right. And so Gavin and I've done this a challenge, accountability challenge before. And we're doing it again. But we're calling it the 30 day challenge, or it's a five sellers a day challenge, five sellers a day challenge. And the goal is to help people make five offers a day. Right. And here's something real important. I think maybe this is what the podcast should be called. We'll see. Your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers that you make. Simple as that. Gavin, when we're coaching people and maybe they're having a hard time and they're struggling or they're asking us questions about what kind of website should I have or do I need an LLC? Those are good questions. We answer them, but we constantly come back to what how many offers have you made in the last week? 

Gavin: Yep. And there's a reason for that. You know, it's not just like we're avoiding the question because like you said, we answer the question. But people need to understand that this is a process. Process, right. There's certain steps within real estate to complete a deal. And there's no deal happening right, until we get a contract. So everything to a contract or sending an offer, should I say you don't want a contract? Making an offer doesn't actually matter until you have the offer accepted and the contract has been made. Okay. So we can focus on the start, which is four key things that you spoke about. And the biggest one in that is making the offers. And that's why we know that if you're not making offers right now, this is not even this is a fact. Right. It's pretty much good enough to say that it's a fact right now. If you're not making offers, you're not making money, you're not doing deals. And that's what we need to change. 

Joe: And if you want to make money in this business, I think we all do. It's why you're listening or watching this podcast right now is you want to make money in this business, right? I mean, we don't want to be professional students with Harasta for our lives. That's depressing. We want to make offers. We want to make money. We want to do deals. So all works down to this. If you want to make money in the business, well, then guess what? You need to make offers if you wanna make offers. You've got to talk to sellers or realtors. All right. Well, if you want to do that, you've got to do marketing. We're doing this 30 day challenge to focus on that. We want to challenge you guys. Like, don't worry about steps 1 or step 7 and 8 before you start doing Steps 1 and 2. And we see this over and over and over again. The students that are focusing on 1 and 2. And just like instead of asking what if, what if this happens, what about their instead now focusing on what next, what next, what next? What next? They're the ones that succeed. A lot of you guys, you already know what you need to do. You already have the education. You have the book. You don't even need like fancy expensive courses. Like, you know what you need to do. There's enough information out there on YouTube and podcast right now. You know what you need to do. You just need a friendly kick in the pants. You need some accountability. All right. I think a lot of people right now, Gavin, just need some focus. They need some help getting some clarity. They need a community. Wouldn't you agree? 

Gavin: Yeah, absolutely. I think it's critical right now that you have that and some people can't afford to get into coaching programs. And that's why we're doing this. You know, at a low price to try and help build that community be able to deliver good value. But at the same time, getting the results that the people need, and that's what we all need. But we're all stuck at home, right? We're all stuck at home, and we've either got wives, girlfriends, kids or whatever it may be. Another other knows a lot of people are still working. And, you know, we're thankful to them. People doing that. But a lot of us are stuck at home. And what we're seeing and we're seeing it within students as well is that people are training. Now, what I mean by training is actually going through courses is more than ever. I am. More of them things. And that's great. And if you're not going to put these things into action, then you're not going to get the results. So what are you doing with your time? And we need to make sure that you're doing 30 minutes of training that day and then the rest is on taking action, is talking to themselves and making offers. Right. Not five hours going through videos that your head's about to explode because of all the great information that you've received. Well, now, how do you put it into action? And that's what we're trying to change. 

Joe: And we're going to be giving you permission to make mistakes. And that's the interesting thing with this, because so many of us are frozen in fear, like what if I make a bad offer or, you know, we're telling you it's OK if you make that offer. It really is. Because as part of this accountability group, we're going to be reviewing the offers that you make. If you get a seller that says, yes, we're going to be like, okay let's review it. And then we'll get you….you can go back to the seller and fix your offer and renegotiate a new price. And so it's not like we're telling you to sign a contract and send it to the seller and letting them sign it. No, you sign it after they do. So we're talking about just, let's talk about this the way we're going through this. Our goal is to, in the first week of this 30 day challenge, is to teach you every morning. Gavin and I are going to be doing these calls the first week, every morning, teaching you real simple marketing tactics. And we'll talk about that here in a minute. And then we're going to be teaching you real simple scripts. You get the seller on the phone. Just ask him some basic, simple questions. If they have any interest at all in selling their house, it could be a wholesaling deal or lease option. Deal doesn't matter. Then you tell him, all right, we're gonna send you an offer, right? Then we're gonna be training you how to just go to Redfin or Zillow and come up with some good, simple, fast numbers and send them an offer. Shouldn't take you longer than a few minutes to do the marketing. A few minutes to talk to the sellers in a few minutes to make the offer. Yeah. If five offers sounds like, five offers a day, sounds like a lot to you. Well, it is. But once you learn how to do it, just quick, quick, quick. This will actually. It makes everything a whole lot easier. And you'll be making you'll learn how to do it. And so that's our goal, to teach you how to make these offers really quick.

Joe: So we're going to be teaching you in the first week some real simple marketing tactics. We're gonna be focusing on two main ones. Cold calling and SMS texting. Now, we're not talking about blasting rimless voicemail, a blasting a thousand text messages, you know, using these fancy complicated triple dialers or all that. We're not talking about hiring virtual assistants. Now, you can't if you want, but we're gonna be teaching you real simple. The fastest way to get leads. Right. And then once you get them, they raise their hands and says, Yeah I might sell. Or maybe send me an offer. Even if their motivation on a one to ten looks like or feels like it's a one. Oh you don't have to sell them anything on the phone. You don't have to get them to agree to a huge discount on the phone. You don't have to get them to agree to a lease option on the phone. Just like yeah I want to sell. Maybe I'd consider it out or no. Then you say, okay, great, I must send you an offer. Let's review it later. Right. So that's all. Then we're gonna give you a simple calculator. We're gonna show you how to do without a calculator. You could just have a pen and paper. You probably still need a pushbutton calculator somewhere, right? But like I show you, real simple, fast, dirty, simple, easy, stupid, simple ways. Okay. We don't want to complicate this. We've got to make five offers a day. This can't be complicated. We're not going to. You don't need to go to 20 different websites. You don't need to get pictures. You don't need to look at repairs. You don't need to fill out a long, huge sheet of estimated repairs. We're just going to be showing you like if it needs work. All right. Five bucks a square foot. Ten bucks a square.20 bucks a square foot. Like that's it. And then we're going to round up to the nearest $5000. That's all we're doing. And we may not even do any estimates for repairs. All right. 

Joe: So here's what I'm saying. We're going to break this down to real simple things the first week. We're going to teach you that stuff. And then every week we have a scorecard, online scorecard. You submit your numbers. And then the following three weeks, we're going to be meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and just analyzing deals, looking at deals or offers that you made. If a seller accepted your offer, you're like, oh, crap. I think I've screwed this up. That's fine. We'll get on, look at the numbers and say, yeah, you know, that maybe actually is a good deal. Go ahead. And. You know, I sign the contract or we'll say, all right, now maybe you can tell them this, and after I looked at the numbers, this isn't gonna work. Actually, we need to offer this. Not a big deal. Or you can just cancel your contract. We don't care about perfection. We care about progress. This is the whole point of this massive, imperfect action. Right. You've heard of the phrase from our mutual friend Tom Croll, like progress, not perfection. So that's what we want you to do, is just make offers. Even if they're bad offers. Make the offers because you'll learn as you go on how to do this. Do you have anything to add to that, Gavin?

Gavin: That's how I got started. It was the same thing. You try and learn it all. I'm panicking about the contracts. But when it becomes installed, when you're not making any money, because I'm not doing what I'm being told to do by a coach or a mentor who, however, is experienced and they're all saying the same thing. You go, OK, well, maybe I just need to do this. And when you start to do it and it starts to work, then really, the lightbulb goes off. And so a lot of time, you know, we talk a lot about mindset and sometimes you have to save yourself to believe it. Right. And that's what this is going to do. And we talk about a 30 day challenge, but we can even talk about what's beyond this, because this is going to this challenge is going to gain momentum and it's going to also put in a structure into your day to continue with. And that's what's going to be really important about this, right? It's routine. Routine is so important in our life. Just like waking up and having a coffee. Right. It's all routine. May be put in the news. If you watch the news or whatever your routine is. And that's what we need to build in. Your new routine is going to be five offers a day. And that's what it's going to be moving forward after this challenge. And you're just going to see deal after deal come with some follow up and then it's gonna spiral for you twice. It turns into a business. 

Joe: So is this for everybody? Yeah, maybe. But like, is everybody gonna be able to do it? No. I think, you know, again, we're trying to simplify this because it doesn't need to be complicated. But we're saying if, you how serious do you want this? How badly do you want this? How much? You know, when I was going through a really, really hard financial times, we were facing foreclosures. I was losing a bunch of properties to short sales and foreclosure, and I was hemorrhaging cash. So I heard somebody ask this question, who in your family is suffering because you're not making the money they deserve? When he said that, I'm like, oh, my gosh, my family is suffering because I'm not making the money. I was. They deserve. I started thinking about that. I'm just farting around studying course after course after course, you know? And it wasn't until I got that I said, right, I'm to buy one more course. Right. I talked about this a lot. And I'm just gonna do what the guy says to do. I'm not going to change anything. I'm going to send his postcards, which I hated. I thought, they're ugly. I want to use his script, which I thought was too simple. I'm going to use his contract, which I thought was just simple, like too many holes, like I knew better. And I'm not going to change that. I'm not gonna question. I'm just gonna do it. You know, I didn't start seeing success until I held myself accountable. We're going to make this even easier, we're going to hold you accountable. I wish I would have had something like this when I was getting started. 

Joe: You know, some of you guys. This isn't a big deal. You're like, oh, man, I got it. I'm going to do it. You do it. Most of you all maybe like me, you overanalyze everything. You study things too much. You spend way too much time studying and not getting out there and just doing it. Like that, let's jump off the building and figure out how to fly as we fall. Although when you're in an accountability group like this, we're not gonna let you fall. Okay. Because when you make the offer, we're gonna say, all right, now, that's good. Go ahead and do the contracts sign it or you know what? You need to adjust your numbers a little bit. But here we're wanting to find a small group of people that are willing to do whatever it takes. And we're gonna push you out of your comfort zone and hold you accountable to what really matters. That's the whole goal of this challenge. Right. What really, really matters if you guys are interested in this? Go to FiveSellersADay.Com. You can spell it out. FiveSellersADay.com Go check it out. It was we're recording this. It actually starts next week and then we're shutting the doors down. We're not letting any more people in. It's ridiculously cheap. We've charged five times as much for this in the past. And here's the cool thing, though. Some of our most successful students have come from these challenges that we've got in the past. So I'm excited about this. Gavin, would you talk about the completion challenges? We're giving people their money back. 

Gavin: So we did that, you know, one step further away. We've done this probably three times before. We haven't done it for over a year now. We're doing it way cheaper because of obviously what's going on right now. And we're even putting it in where if you complete the challenge and it's not crazy, well, you've got to do a five offers a day a day. And if you do that, which is what 100 offers in a month, then we will give you your investment back, which is huge. And the only requirement that we have is to do that on a on a Sunday or a Monday for the previous week. You are going to be submitting your numbers. So every week you have to submit your numbers and you can have two days to fill that out, which is going to be about three to four things. It's nothing crazy. And it's not going to take you a whole lot of time. And then the other thing is, is that when the refund comes, because you've made this challenge, we have a quick look that you actually made the offers through your CRM or your email and then we will refund give. No problem. Okay. And the reason we're doing this is because it has to be a goal. There's gotta be something in there. You have to invest. If this was free, you wouldn't do it. Okay. So it's got to be enough for you to actually do and to drive forward, because if nothing's on the table, you can give in day one. All right. You need to set an example, because if you set the example in the mindset of I need to set an example for the rest of the group and everyone does that and it's going to drive everybody else out. If everyone gives up, then it becomes no one gets anywhere. Right. And we're going to be sharing what we're doing in our business along the way. We don't have a ton of interaction from lives zoom calls Week 1. We're going to be going live every single day. And then from that to the next three weeks, we're gonna be doing it three times a week. A ton of from interaction to keep you accountable, to analyze your deals, to role play with you Whatever it is that you need, we're going to try and bring it and make this happen. And plus, we'll be telling you what we're doing in our business from land investing. Okay. From the deals that we do virtual, we're going to be saying this is what we are doing right now. So we're in this with you. We're not just sitting there for 30 minutes a day, just telling you what to do. Our team is gonna be there as well along with you. 

Joe: Yeah. So we have a private Facebook group. You can get in and ask questions. We'll analyze your offers if the seller accepts it. And here's the thing. Again, we don't want you worrying about step 7 and 8. So if you get a deal under contract, either myself or Gavin or one of our students who already are doing deals, we'll partner with you on it. Okay. We'll just partner with you on it. We'll help you find the buyers. We'll help you do the marketing and we'll split the profits 50/50. We don't want you worrying about step 7 and 8. We're just gonna be helping you to helping you coach on this. Now, I'm excited by this because as you learn what to do, what we do. You could be making 10, 20 offers a day. All right. So if you miss a day or and by the way, we're also it's five offers a day. So there's five days a week. You have Saturday and Sunday to catch up. That makes sense. So five offers today is twenty five offers a week. Times four weeks is one hundred offers. That's how we came up with the number. But you have weekends to catch up. And as you start going through this, you're gonna be like me. And I can make seven offers a day. Ten offers a day. Let's do a quick example. Gavin, how this whole process might work from beginning to end. All right. You don't have to use our CRM, which is called REIsimple, but we're gonna be showing you a lot of it, how it works in our example. We're gonna go and pick a zip code. We're gonna pull a list of vacant property owners. We're gonna skip trace them. We're gonna get a bunch of phone numbers. All right. And we're just gonna go through and call them and text them. And there's a way you can do this really simple, simply and fast and. Right. And let's role play real quick. Gavin, I'm going to send out you know, let's just say one hundred text messages, make 100 quick phone calls or whatever. The REIsimple makes this really easy to do. And so I text. Gavin, hey, I see your property wanted to make sure, you know, you're not interested in selling it maybe, are you, and you reply back. Yeah, I might. And so let's get on the phone. Keep this real short and simple. Ring. Ring. Hello. Hey, Gavin, this is Joe. How are you? I was just texting you a minute ago. 

Gavin: Yeah. I'm good, Joe. How you doing? 

Joe: Hey, good, good. Listen, I just want to keep this short and sweet. I know you're super busy. You got this property. I think you own it. One, two, three. Main Street. Is that right? 

Gavin: Yeah. That's correct. 

Joe: I'm an investor. I'm looking for some more property in the area. Can you tell me a little bit about the house? 

Gavin: Yeah, about it. You know, put it on Zillow. Sell-by owner up about seven days ago. This is the last rental that I have. And yeah, we just try to sell it. 

Joe: Okay. So what do you what are you asking for in Zillow right now? 

Gavin: One fifty five. One fifty five. Okay. Is your price negotiable? Are you pretty firm on that. No, maybe. What would you offer? 

Joe: Well I don't know yet. I've not really looked at it yet, but what I can do is I can do a little research and maybe send you an offer. 

Gavin: Yeah, that's fine. 

Joe: Let me let me ask you one more question here. If I can't get you the price that you want, would you be willing to maybe owner finance or do at lease purchase, lease it for a year or two and then sell it? That probably wouldn't work, would it? 

Gavin: Maybe. I mean, I'd like to sell it ideally. Yeah. But you know, if it doesn't sell with what's going on right now, I'd potentially if you put some money down, I'd be open to that. 

Joe: Okay. Let me look it up here. Okay. Here. I got it on Google Maps. Here. Got it on Zillow here. Looks like a nice house. Tell me that. Like why? I'm sure you've gotten a ton of offers, right? 

Gavin: Yeah. Seven days got some interest. To see what's going on. I don't know what the market's going to do. You know, I'm just selling my last property myself. So. Well, we have had some interest. Yes. Put a lock box on that. We've had some Realtors showing it for us as well. Just browsing by it. 

Joe: Yeah, because I was gonna ask if you really want to sell it, why don't you just listed on the MLS with a realtor or something like that? 

Gavin: Well, yeah, I just thought I'd try myself. I don't want to pay the commissions, you know, the hassle. But if they have a buyer and they want to go by, then, you know, I've made that available right now. So we'd have to come into contact. 

Joe: So you're not in a big hurry to sell it? 

Gavin: Not really, no. 

Joe: Okay. Let me do this. Let me do some research. And I have your number here. Can I send you an offer in an email or would you rather just me? Okay. Like what? Got your email here. 

Gavin: One two G-mail dot com. 

Joe: Okay, cool. Hey, listen, Gavin good talking to you. I'm going to do a little research. I'll send you an offer if it works. 

Gavin: Great. Awesome. Sounds good. Thanks, Joe. 

Joe: All right. Good. Now, overall play I might have gone into maybe telling you. Tell me a little bit more about the house, but I can see the pictures on Zillow. But I'm just just trying to ask a lot of questions. I'm not trying to sell them or convince them of anything. If you're doing lease options, you might say, well, you wouldn't be interested in maybe leasing it for a little bit and then selling it. See what they say. If they just if you're just doing regular cash wholesaling, ask him questions about the house, ask him about the neighborhood. Is that a good, fair price for this crazy market? You know, I like asking the question, why don't you listen with the realtor? You could say, why isn't a soldier? It looks like a nice house. You've got lots of time, right. The what you gonna do if you can't sell the house, are you gonna rent it out. So just asking questions, we're gonna give you real simple scripts. Okay. We're not trying to convert, sell them or convince them of any kind of lease option program or, you know, we're just asking a bunch of questions. You know, when it comes to making an offer. I mean, look, this property up on Zillow. Now based on Gavin's motivation, he's probably a two or three out of 10. Right. Not very motivated. Oh you know, he's willing to pay realtor commissions, but he is a little negotiable on his price. Just wants to sell it. So what I'm going to do is I can see some pictures. And I guess in this example, it doesn't need a ton of work, but it's kind of it's almost it's rent ready. So and let's just say this is a nicer home. What were you asking for it? Well, I'm fifty-five. One fifty-five. So I'm just going to do a simple mayo formula and take the I'll take the average of Zillow, e-appraisal and Redfin times 70 percent minus. I'm just gonna do 10 grand for repairs minus my wholesale fee of 10 grand and that's my cash off. And then I must add that too. If I know if I want to do lease options, I might also send him a lease option offer. Okay. That's it. Just taking the average of Zillow, e-appraisal Redfin to get an ARV. Subtract a little bit for repairs. Subtract my wholesale fee time 70 percent, you know, and that's it. You're going to say something to that, Gavin? 

Gavin: Yeah. Exactly right. And you know what we're gonna see in this as well? Everyone's a different level levels. So, you know, if feel brand new. You need to do is gather information. You don't even need to say, hey, let me bring Zillow up. It seems like they. Yeah. Hey, I came across on Zillow. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Gather information and that's say, OK, I've got this. Let me go and do some research and I'll come back and make the best possible offer I can on this property. And it could stop there. And then you can go have a quick look, go back and make the offer. 

Joe: Let's do one where you're a realtor, Gavin. All right. So one of the ways that we're gonna teach you how to do marketing is to talk to realtors, to agents. Okay. So ring. Ring. Hello. Hey, Gavin, my name is Joe. I see your property here on one, two, three, Main Street. Are you the listing agent? 

Gavin: Yes, I am. 

Joe: Hey, good. Thanks. Thanks for taking my call. Listen, I'm an investor. I'm looking for some more property in the area. This looks like a really nice house. I just wanted to ask you a few questions about it first to see if it would be something I'd be interested in. Is that okay? Yeah. Yeah. No problem. Good. I'm just looking at the pictures here. It looks like it needs some work, but an investor. You're on this house, are they just trying to sell it? 

Gavin: Yeah. This was an investor and he's just selling it. The tenants have literally just left. And the pictures are just sat on they're as-is. As you can see from them, it just needs a little bit of work. But nothing crazy. Structurally it's great. Probably just the paint and the carpet. OK, so yeah. 

Joe: Well, looks like it's been here on the on Redfin for the MLS for like ninety-three days. Is that right. 

Gavin: I yes. That's probably sounds about right. 

Joe: Why do you think it hasn't sold yet? 

Gavin: I feel in my opinion, Joe. he's not too flexible on that price. OK, thinks he's going to get it. You know, he's an investor. And I've tried to say, hey, I think I think we need to lower it. But he's. He wants to hold out. He's having none of it. 

Joe: Has he been getting a lot of offers? I'm just curious. 

Gavin: We've got some calls on it. And, you know, from investors that want to make offers, but they're just way lower than what he likes.

Joe: Yeah. OK. Because, you know, I don't want to waste your time with ridiculous lowball offers, but like, how negotiable is he on his price? 

Gavin: Not much. Not much. OK. Yeah. Not lot. Not a whole lot. Mean you can make an offer and I'll present it. Well, he doesn't want to drop it too much. That's good. Heads up. 

Joe: Let me just ask you one more question. He wouldn't, he wouldn't consider maybe some kind of creative financing. Well, maybe like owner financing or lease purchase or something like that. 

Gavin: Would he maybe. I mean, either he's got a mortgage on it. So you wouldn't try to finance it, but he might. Do you know about how much he owes by any chance? Yes. I think about forty three thousand. 

Joe: Off role-play, but realtors are not going to. Sometimes depending on their how motivated the realtor is, they won't tell you this. But I'm still asking anyway. 

Gavin: And off that I'm trying to take the approach. It's ninety-three days and I'm over the guy and he's not listening. So I'm going to give you a bit more. Just so you're not going to waste my time because it's ninety-three days. Yeah. 

Joe: Yeah, that's good. So I'm now kind of taking the angle of is he open to creative financing or something. Yeah. Well, listen, how about this, Gavin? Let me just look at it over a little bit and now I'll send you a I'll send you something and I'm not going to fill out a whole contract or anything like that. How about I just e-mail you some numbers and you can look it over. Talk to the client and your client if he's interested, then maybe we can we can do the more formal contracts. Is that right? Yeah, absolutely. Yes. Sounds good. Let me tell you something, too. You can actually even represent me if you want. I don't know if your broker will allow that, but you can represent me and get both sides of the commissions if you want. 

Gavin: OK. Yeah. I mean, that sounds good. If you know, I'm asking you, what criteria are you looking for? You said you're an investor. I mean, I can be out there looking as well and start sending you anything. 

Joe: Yeah, that's awesome. Cause I was just going to ask you if you know of anybody else that has any properties like this that want to sell or, you know. But I'm looking for, you know, I don't know, three, four bedrooms in this type of an area. Sometimes I hold I buy them and fix them up and just hold them for long term rentals. Sometimes I fix and flip them and sell them. So it just depends on the deal. But I'm looking for properties that need a lot of work. I like properties that maybe are off market, aren't listed yet. Sometimes if I can't get the price that I want, I can give the seller the price that they want. If they're willing to do some creative financing, like a lease purchase or owner financing or something. OK. 

Gavin: Yeah. Well, if anything that I get, I'll send you away. You know, we've always got some listings. Yeah. I try and send out before they actually hit to get some people heads-up. I can, you know, add you to my list. 

Joe: Awesome. OK, great. I'm going to look at some numbers here and I'll shoot you an e-mail and I'll follow up. OK. Thank you. All right. Thanks. So now when I do go to Redfin's Zillow, look at the comps, make a cash offer, maybe also make an liste purchase offer or an owner financing offer. Supercenter will teach you how to make those fast offers. What are you to say? 

Gavin: Yeah, I know. Just say, you know, obviously we face the role-play. But the reason I taught that is because they I would be classed as an investor friendly realtor. This is what really will happen in Savannah. We just called on one that went on for seven hours. We called and it was a it was needed a ton of work. And she literally drove the conversation and said, hey, what are you looking for? I've got another one on the other side of the street coming up. I can send you that. So the investor ones are going to be much more proactive with you and they will actually start fishing deals. That's huge. 

Joe: That is huge. That's so big right now. And so we're not looking for nice properties that have just been on the MLS for a week now. We're looking for properties that need work, that need fixing up, that have been on the market already for a couple of three months. And those are the realtors we're gonna start calling. So we'll teach you all of this stuff. Super simple. Give you real simple scripts and just get out there, make it happen. Yeah. The fastest path to cash in right now in this market is making offers. The more offers you make, the more chances you are of having success and getting some deals under contract, OK? And it just takes practice. If you listen to what we did, I mean, we made a lot of mistakes. You could have said things differently or better. But it's real simple. Just to having a conversation, ask some questions. Coming up with the simple fast offer and sending it. And we'll partner with you on the deal. Either me or Gavin or one of our coaching students will partner with you on the deal. So you don't have to worry about all the steps involved or finding the buyers or marketing the property on a Web site. We'll help you with that stuff later. Let's just get this. Let's just make some offers. Makes sense. Love it. Awesome. So, guys, if you're interested in this right now, go to if you're interested in this here. Go to FiveSellersADay.com. FiveSellersADay.com.

Gavin: Cool. And one thing I just want to touch on real quick, Joe, that you said earlier, you said maybe this isn't for everybody and maybe it is. And the good thing is, with this challenge and the way that we've shown today, you have the choice to make it for you will not for you. If you're willing to do the work. Right. So this isn't on ability or how many deals you've done or not done. Okay. You are going to decide if you're going to make this happen. And you know, if you are. And this is for you. Then let's go. Because we're going to bring it. We're not going to hold anything back. But you can ask any question you want in the Facebook group. We're going to answer as many as we can and give value to to try and get as many deals locked up as possible for you guys. 

Joe: Awesome. I love it. I'm excited about this. And as somebody is trying to kick me out of Zoom right now, so I guess I'm late for a meeting. Appreciate you, Gavin. Thank you so much. Thanks, guys. Thanks, guys. Go to 5SellersADay.com, or FiveSellersADay.com. And you can spell five or do the number five. They both work, I hope. And we'll see you guys in there. Take care, everybody. Bye bye. Thanks. 

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