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We have something cool coming up and it’s one of the easiest yet most effective exercises we have as coaches. You hear me and Gavin say this a lot but in the real estate business, you’re really not going to make money if you’re not making offers.

I sound like a broken record sometimes, but I’ll say this again, your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers you make. Our students get on coaching programs with us and we try to figure out why they’re struggling or not doing deals.

The question always goes back to: “How many offers did you make in the last week?” And what we’ve seen in our years of coaching is those who are struggling are the ones who make the least offers. The ones who are doing so well are the ones who make a LOT of offers.

It’s perfectly understandable that when you’re just starting out, you have this hesitation or fear to make offers. “What if I make a stupid offer?” “What if the seller gets mad at me?” “What if the seller says yes?” These are what new investors are usually afraid of.

And that is why it’s important to know how to make intelligent offers that the sellers need. The goal is to figure out what the seller’s problem is and use your offer to resolve that problem. That’s the kind of offer sellers cannot pass up.

So here, you will learn about the 4 different types of offers you can make to sellers – right now – today. You’re just one offer away from possibly changing your life forever. And if you're ready to start making more offers (or maybe your first offer), join our next free One Offer Away Challenge starting next week. It’s completely free so don’t miss out!

Go to TheOfferChallenge.com NOW!

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • 4 different types of offer you can make. 
  • How to make intelligent offers sellers cannot pass up. 
  • What the One Offer Away Challenge is about.

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