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REIM - Your Highest Income Producing Activities - Justin Williams
In this episode, I interview (for the second time) my good buddy and fellow house flipper, Justin Williams, who has his own awesome podcast called the House Flipping HQ Podcast.

Justin is starting an incredible new course called “House Flipping Formula.”

I am super excited and proud to promote anything that Justin is involved with because this guy knows REI; I mean he lives and breathes everything REI in one of the toughest markets in the country – Southern California – and knocks out deal after deal, usually several in one day. Justin is awesome!

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about how to overcome the fear of failure; why it’s important to embrace failure; and what the most important income-generating activities are; what my 3 Ms for REI are and what Justin’s 3 Cs are… and then some.

So, let’s get going…

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside

  • 4:05 – What’s been keeping Justin busy
  • 7:27 – What is Justin’s Biggest Flipping Failure Challenge
  • 11:59 – Why it’s so important to take the ‘right actions’ and what those are
  • 19:15 – What the biggest obstacle is that all new house flippers face
  • 24:00 – Justin’s 3 Cs to house flipping success
  • 28:30 – Doing out-of-state deals
  • 34:20 – Why having a coach or mentor is so important
  • 35:11 – The awesome videos you’ll get in Justin’s new course

Mentioned in this episode

Justin’s new course House Flipping Formula



Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe:      Welcome, this is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Hey, everybody! Welcome. This is the one and only Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Really glad you're here. And, I'm excited about this episode because I'm going to be talking to a good friend of mine, Justin Williams over at the house flipping HQ podcast. And, a lot of you guys have heard of Justin. We interviewed him before in episode 66, and it's one of our most popular episodes that we've ever done. A lot of people commented. Got great feedback. Justin is one of those guys who has figured, who understands systems, who understands outsourcing, and does a ton of deals in one of the most difficult markets in the United States, California. And so, I'm excited about having the opportunity to talk to Justin again here. He's the guy. He's in high demand. He pretends that he's busy… [Laughs]

Justin: [Laughs]

Joe:      …But he really… He actually really is. I don't know how he does it… the amount of deals that he does, the amount of money that he is doing right now just flipping houses in California blows me away. But, his time is really valuable. I'm glad that he's here on the podcast. I got a chance to talk with him again. And first, I want to tell you guys if you're listening to this. If you go to realestateinvestingmastery.com, you can get our Fast Cash Survival Kit. It's really cool. It's free. I talk about it all the time, and most of you listening to this probably already have it. But if you knew, on there, we talk, Alex and I talk about how we wholesale houses, how we use virtual assistants, the marketing that we do, etc. etc. It's pretty cool.

The other thing I want to tell you, if you leave a review on iTunes, we're going to send you a bunch of free cool stuff. And, we talked about this on all of the different podcasts that we do. But, about 5, 10 episodes ago, there was an episode I did called “Leave a Review, Get Free Stuff.” And, if you leave us a review, whether it's good or bad, we'll send you some books and videos. It's pretty cool. So, check that out. We appreciate all the reviews that people are leaving on the show for us. But, let's get in to Justin. Justin, how are you man?

Justin: Doing good. How's it going, Joe?

Joe:      Awesome. Really, really good. You… you got an amazing podcast. I love listening to you, talk and teach. You got a special little niche… not a little niche…

Justin: [Chuckles]

Joe:      …You got a special big niche where you are actually rehabbing houses, a ton of them, in Southern California, one of the most difficult, competitive, crazy markets in the United States. And, you're still doing a hundred deals a year. I don't know how you do it. But…

Justin: [Chuckles]

Joe:      …We're going to talk about that in a little bit, right?

Justin: Let's do it!

Joe:      Yeah. So, you got a cool podcast. We interviewed you back in episode 66. We've talked about the systems that you've created. I think we've talked about the five keys to outsourcing and creating systems, and if we're using virtual assistants or something like that. Do you remember?

Justin: Yes. Yes. And, I don't remember word for word. But yes, I've covered all that. [Laughs]

Joe:      The title was a lot shorter than that. But, I know… I know Justin… In fact, before I interviewed him on my previous podcast, on episode 66, I actually talk to other people that know Justin. And, I asked for other people's opinion of him, who invest and work in Southern California. And, everybody had high things, very nice things to say about Justin. So Justin, it's been 6 to 8 months since we talked last on the podcast. Talk a little bit about what's going on in your business now. And, we're going to be talking in a minute here about this new system that you've putting together that I'm really proud to promote, and I'm excited about telling people about. But, what's been going on in the last 6 to 8 months since we did out last podcast with you?

Justin: Awesome. Thanks Joe. Well, we have been busy as always. I know a lot of times, just for the record… I know a lot of times people here… Someone is flipping a hundred houses a year or doing this per year. It just sounds so easy when you're just listening to the microphone. But you know, it's not, right? I mean, it takes a lot of work and effort, and we're always constantly moving. Just because it takes a lot of work and effort, it doesn't mean it has to be my work and effort, right? We've implemented systems and I've got people out there buying houses for me. So, it takes a lot more of their work and effort which allows me to focus more on doing what I really love, which is helping others achieve that same level of success. Because I've… I've been there, right? I've paid $40,000 in my first couple of years to be part of programs that promise me the world, and basically gave me nothing. I think you guys heard about the car promised that I was going to get and never got it. [Laughs]

Joe:      That's a funny story. Would you tell it again? It's not funny, but it is kind of futile.

Justin: Yeah, I know. In my first seminar I ever went to, of course I was overwhelmed, didn't know what I was doing. So when I was offered a coaching program for $15,000, to me it was a no-brainer. And not to mention, he was going to give a free car to the student that showed the most promise during that year of coaching and you know… To make the long story short, we won the car, and there were three of us who went up there. And, we spoke with the finalist and they voted for me. People were cheering. He had a picture of him with the car. His arms like around the car. And, he gave me this trophy. And he's like, “I'll send you the car. Of course, I don't have the car here. I'm excited to know who's going to win. I'm going to ship it to you.” and he never sent it. So… [Laughs]

Joe:      Oh, man. Is the guy still speaking today? Still doing seminars?

Justin: You know, I don't… I don't hear about him as much. He might be… I'm not sure. I honestly… I just try to like… I'd joke about it in a light way, but I try to… I don't like stalking and “what's going on?” I just said, you know what? I'm going to let that go. I fought it for a little bit. But then I realized, it was costing me too much money and also just emotion. I didn't need that. I didn't need that negativity in my life so I just let it go.

Joe:      Well, that's… It's a funny story kind of… It's a little sad too. I'm sorry.

Justin: Yeah, I know. It's okay.

Joe:      But, you're doing something now with students where you call the “Fail Fast Forward,” “Fail Forward Fast?” Is that right?

Justin: Well, we had… Last year…

Joe:      Yeah. Talk about that.

Justin: …A year ago, I started a program called “Fail Fast Flipping” and we had the house flipping mastermind group. I started the house flipping mastermind group first, with the idea that, “Hey, we… Do community people have all these questions that need to be answered?” Let's put together a community. I will go in there and answer all their questions. I've also put many other successful real estate investors in there who answered their questions as well, and we all kind of work together. But what I found is all people were asking the same questions over and over. And I realized, “Okay, we need a five week program to cover all these details. We come to find out five weeks wasn't long enough, so we created a 12-week program. [Chuckles] But, what we've done now is we've actually taken that 12-week program, the “Fail Fast Flipping Program” and the mastermind group, and we've combined it. And, we're rebranding it, and we're calling it “House Flipping Formula.”

Joe:      Right. But talk about the challenge that you're giving to people.

Justin: [Coughs] Gotcha! So, you're talking about the Biggest Flipping Failure Challenge. [Laughs]

Joe:      Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is funny.

Justin: So, you know, last year as a part of this program, we did what's called, the “Biggest Flipping Failure Challenge.” I found that so many people are so afraid of failure that they never take action. They're so afraid of what? Not in failure, like losing a ton of money. That's something really totally different. But, the fear of failure of what their friends and family are going to think if they don't succeed, or what that agent is going to think them, “Could that offer be accepted?”, that they never do anything. So, people are coming into the forum group and saying, “Ultimate fail! You've made 10 offers and didn't get any accepted.” And so I'm like, “Whoa, hold on guys. Like, you were not failing. Like, you are doing what 99% of people out there do not do. You are learning hands-in experience. You are taking action. You are failing fast. You are learning what you didn't know originally, and from that, you're going to achieve great success.”

However, if they keep beating themselves that, and feeling like failures and being down to themselves, they can't keep going. So, what I decided to do is, I said, “We're going to embrace failure. We're going to make failure a good thing. Michael Jordan said, ‘I succeed because I fail.' Every single successful person has failed a ton,” yet they were so afraid of failure. So, we made this… We made it a game. We created this challenge. It was a six-week challenge and you got points based on actions that you took and this is the right kind of action. I see a lot of people taking action that doesn't really generate income.

So, these are all income-generating action items that we put together, and they get one point for doing something, and then a few points for doing something else. And, it was all focused on just taking action. They didn't get any points for making money. They only got points for taking action. And, what's so interesting though is, the people, the two people who won this competition, who got the most points also closed a ton of deals.

Joe:      Also made the most money… [Chuckles]

Justin: Also made the most money. But, they weren't super focused on that aspect, but that was the result. Because… And… And…

Joe:      I love that.

Justin: …It was really cool…

Joe:      I love that.

Justin: …People were celebrating their failures like, “Yeah! You know, I did this and got the…” A few got extra points if you get like a door slammed on you…

Joe:      [Chuckles]

Justin: …Or, if someone told you off on the phone. Well, you get extra points for that. And, people's mindsets changed toward… They… It didn't… It didn't bother them anymore. And they will like keep going in their business until they were built to get to success they wanted.

Joe:      I love that. And then, what was the prize?

Justin: So, you guys heard me talk about the car, right?

Joe:      Right.

Justin: Well, as a joke, I was going to give away this old Hyundai Sonata that my wife and I got over 10 years ago. We also got it used…

Joe:      [Laughs]

Justin: …And, you know, we still have it. And it was just like clunker of a car… 150,000 miles… And for… just for fun, I was going to give that away. But, the guys who won were in Houston, Texas, and for me to ship it to them. And then, they… It was probably worth like $1,000 bucks or $1500, so I said, “Hey, how about I fly out there. We meet for a day. I go check out what you guys are doing. We do like a coaching session the whole day just… you know, discuss whatever we can do to help you, and I give you $1,500.” So, I went to the bank before I got 15 Ben Franklin's crisp as could be. [Laughs]

Joe:      Nice!

Justin: …Gave that to them. And then, we… The whole day, we drove around and talked. And oh, I was blown away. I thought I was going to go be the mentor. I became the mentee, because what they were doing… It just blew me away, and it was all because of the massive action that… Not only the massive action. I try to rephrase this now, but action… The right kinds of action… Action that counts. What they were doing that made them become so successful is just an amazing thing to see.

Joe:      Let's talk about that some more, like what.. And by the way, you're opening this up again here this week, as we release this podcast. So, that's why I'm so excited about talking with you about this because you get it, Justin. I think you really do get it. It's the right kind of action. It's okay to make mistakes, and the people that I see or the most successful in this business are the ones who “Ready, fire, aim.”

Justin: Yes.

Joe:      They get ready to study. They just figure out, “Okay, what are the next steps I have to do?” not, “I don't have to understand step 7 and 8 before I start doing steps 1 and 2. And, it's okay if I mistake.” So they ready. They fire. And then, they aim a little bit better. They adjust. They fire again. And, it's important to understand what those right actions are. So, talk about that. What are some of the right actions that people get points for in this program? I think it's a great idea.

Justin: So in the program, you're getting points for doing anything that has to do with marketing, or talking to sellers, or making offers, essentially is what it boils down to. So, people get points for putting up bandit signs. They get points for knocking on doors. They get points for starting a new mailing campaign. They get points for offers that they made. They get, you know… versus some of these other things are like 1 point. I don't have the whole sheet in front of me. They get 5 points for making an offer. They get points for following-up. All the things I've identified… about 20 things that all successful house flippers do, and I put it into this program. Now, I also… Last week, I… Last time, halfway through. I'm about to change the rules anytime. That's what makes it fun as it can get.

Joe:      Oh, that's… Is that its fine print on the bottom?

Justin: Yes. Yes. Like if you guys ever seen the Biggest Loser… That's kind of… I'm spinning of the whole… The goal is to be the biggest failure, right? Okay, so… And what I did halfway through this program is I said, “Okay double points…,” because I'm a big systems guy. I'm a big delegation guy. People struggle with this. So, I said, “Double points for anything that gets done in your business that you don't do yourself.” And people are blown away, because it sounds counterintuitive though like “Wait a minute. That's not fair.” Right?

Joe:      [Laughs]

Justin: …But at first day, that's what they think. They're like, “You going to give people double points for doing less work?” and my answer was, “Yes, absolutely.”

Joe:      Nice.

Justin: And it was amazing! The people who went out and found a way to outsource, and do less. So they were doing less, and getting better results. And, it was just… It was really cool to watch.

Joe:      Well, I'm going to steal this for my own coaching program. Is that okay?

Justin:  Okay. That's okay. That's okay. You know, we might have to work out a royalty deal but… Oh, yeah. [Laughs]

Joe:      Yeah. Well, it's such a great idea. I've done a scorecard before which worked really well. And, that was just simply a matter of…

[Cell phone ringing]

Joe:      Sorry, my phone's ringing here. It was simply a matter of…

[Cell phone ringing]

Joe:      [Chuckles] My phone won't shut up.

Justin: [Laughs] It's a guy!

Joe:      Because it's ringing… It's ringing in my iPad. My God. All right. So, I did a scorecard. And so, everybody gave me their goals of how many sellers they're going to talk to every day, how many yellow letters they're going to send and postcards, or whatever else it was. How many offers they're going to make a day. And on our weekly calls, we just run through the numbers, but I never really gave anybody points. And, I like the idea of offering a big prize at the end with some points, with something valuable that if they win…

Justin: Uh-huh.

Joe:      …And it's… It's… I love that because if you're doing the right things, you're going to start making money in the first place…

Justin: You will! It's like… I was talking what's like, “How are you successful?” Find someone who's successful. Find out what they do, and emulate those things. So, I mean… I interviewed enough people. I've seen enough successful people. I know what I've done. I've kind of written out, and that's why the whole house flipping formula… It… Not that there's like the secret, and it's like nobody knows about it. But, there are things that successful house flippers do. So, we've kind of taken all those things, and put them together in this program and that challenge. And yeah, it's just… It incredible and something else we've done to add to huge accountability is we post it on our blog.

Joe:      Nice.

Justin: It's for the whole world to see. Like, who the winners are, who's doing what. So, it's pretty cool, you know. People… But, you can't hide. And what's funny is, I have some amazing, amazing students in my program. I'm amazed at the deals they've closed, the success they've had, the action they've take in, which actually makes me even more proud than just the money they've made. But, I've had… I also have some people who will say, “Oh, it's not working,” right? But what this did is, it gave full transparency to me. And, I was able to see that the exact same people who said it wasn't working for them were the people that weren't taking the right kinds of action. And it was good, because we were able to fix that. Right? So…

Joe:      Wow. So, you can see where the bottlenecks are, right? If they're not doing enough marketing, or the right kind of marketing, well okay, it go to like, “You're not making enough offers. Well, why is that? Go backwards from there, right? And see, “Well, you're not sending enough marketing. You're not calling enough Realtors. You're not looking at enough properties.” I love that a lot. Now, the… How would you collect the score? Will people report it themselves? Or on your weekly calls, do you just run through everybody and ask them what they have, or…

Justin: Yeah. I've got my online ninja [Chuckles] who handles that. So, they would just e-mail it to him, and then, he would write up a blog post. If you go to houseflippinghq, you can find a… You can go… We… We… Every week, we have a blog post on it. And, we'd have a leaderboard that would be seen by everyone.

Joe:      Also, you're… you're posting this publicly to the world…

Justin: To the world.

Joe:      …Not just us.

Justin: No, to everybody. Everybody.

Joe:      Nice! Well, I'm going to look that up.

Justin: I mean. Yeah, I've recently read The Compound Effect and he talks a lot about accountability. And you know, a lot of times, we have this fears. I might be afraid to go talk to a seller, but my fear of what my peers are going to think if I don't do what I say I'm going to do, is often greater than that fear. And, it just causes me to do it. And once you do it, you said, “Oh, I wasn't that bad.” So…

Joe:      It is… [Chuckles] Well, the… I love that idea. I wish I would've had that when I was doing this. Now I see here, “Biggest House Flipping Failure Challenge Week Five… Bonus Points,” and you're listing names.

Justin: Yup.

Joe:      How sweet!

Justin: Names are there.

Joe:      Hector. Hector's 1,392 points.

Justin:  Yup. Hector was the winner.

Joe:      Dave, 1,100… But even if, you didn't have a ton of points or you didn't win, you're still lightyears ahead…

Justin: Absolutely.

Joe:      …I recognize… I recognize some of these names here. That's great!

Justin:  Absolutely. Yes.

Joe:      Still lightyears ahead of where you were before.

Justin:  Yeah. And the goal really isn't, you know, to win the $1,500 or, I'm not sure exactly the prize is going to be this time around. I want to make it something really cool. But you know, the goal is about you, right? And, I use to work out at a CrossFit gym, and I call it… It's “coopetition,” right? You're trying to beat the other guy, only to push yourself. But ultimately, you want him to be better because it makes you do better.

Joe:      Right.

Justin:  And, that's what it we’re all about in the community. It's not… not one person was ever like… It wasn't out of like, “The Spider.” It was like people were excited for children cheering each other on, and we promote each other, and it helps us all elevate and grow together.

Joe:      Maybe, what you can do next time is offer weekly bonuses, and weekly rewards, and then one big reward for somebody who wins the whole thing

Justin:  I think… I think that's a great idea. That sounds good.

Joe:      Because somebody may have gotten off to a slow start. I love this phrase, and I talk about this a lot. “Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.”

Justin: Totally agree.

Joe:      Sometimes, you just got to jump off the building and figure out how to fly as you're falling.

Justin: Well, here's the thing. I mean, we're… As a part of this program that we're relaunching, Joe, I'm giving away a free house flipping course, right? You know obviously, it's not going to cover every single detail or everything there is to know, but kind of give you some of the basics. But, one of the things I talk about is the biggest obstacle that all new house flippers face, and it really is fear. So, I'm giving it away and all of it. That's okay. [Laughs]

Joe:      Well, let me tell you too, guys, if you're interested in what Justin is talking about, if you go to joelikeshouseflipping.com, joelikeshouseflipping.com, and you'll see these videos that Justin's going to be talking about here. But, go ahead, Justin.

Justin:  Yeah. So anyway, just to reiterate what Joe said, you'll get… you're going to get 4 videos, and it's going to cover a ton of content, and then in the fourth video, we're going to talk more about the program. So either way, you'll get a ton of value out of it…

Joe:      Right.

Justin: …But, I talk about the biggest fears that all new house flippers face. And, it's actually, surprisingly, the fear of failure.

Joe:      Uh-huh.

Justin:  And, that manifests itself in two ways, the fear of what… the fear of losing money, which to me is more… Okay, that's a legitimate fear, right? That's a little more real. And then, the other fear is the fear of what other people will think of you. Now, these fears, the feelings we get from these fears are the same feelings as if a bear was about to maul me, right? Like…

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin: …You're about to mauled by a bear. Yeah, you want to run, right? You are… whatever it is that you do if a bear is about to attack you, right?

Joe:      Right. Right.

Justin: Say a prayer, something…

Joe:      [Laughs]

Justin: That is a legitimate fear, but however, that fear… We have the same feelings of fear when we're worried about what people are going to think of us, or losing… losing money, which I'll talk about losing money. But, we need to recognize that. When you recognize that, you said, “Okay, this fears I'm feeling, that makes me want to run or not take this action that's going to help me achieve my dreams, is kind of invalid. I need to recognize that it's just silly. Who cares of people think? They really don't even think it anyway. It's only my head thinking or thinks that.

Joe:      Right.

Justin: So… And then the second fear, which is the fear of losing money, is just a lack of understanding the fundamentals. And, I go over the fundamentals in the course of the… the free course I'm talking about. I go over the fundamentals, and then I also go over seven things you can do to mitigate, and in some cases, eliminate the risk of losing money in this business altogether. So…

Joe:      Because it is one thing to… You know, not be foolish, right? And, risk everything.

Justin: Exactly!

Joe:      So, you got to approach it of not being afraid to make mistakes. But also, you need to have a mentor that's not going to let you make the stupid mistakes, the… the…

Justin: Yeah.

Joe:      …The huge blunders that can cost you a lot of money.

Justin: Yup.

Joe:      I like that a lot. And, this relates to… I call it the three M's to success. Marketing is number one. We're not in the real estate business. We're in the marketing business. We're in the lead generation business.

Justin:  Yes. Yup.

Joe:      You got to have…

Justin:  Absolutely.

Joe:     …And that's includes making offers. You got a… marketing is… is the most important part of this business.

Justin: Yes.

Joe:      And, that includes also sales, and learning how to talk to sellers, right?

Justin: Yup.

Joe:      Number two is momentum. Momentum is really important because you get that marketing going. You… you got the scorecard that you have to keep up to date with. You got people only accountable. Why is that so important? What's the big deal? Well, there's a real, like a… almost like a spiritual principle of momentum in this business.

Justin: Yes.

Joe:      Maybe. Ah, it's not spiritual. But, it's a real thing. Like, if you… if you start doing this a little bit, just inconsistently doing it every day, every week… And if you can't get it, get somebody else to do it for you, get double the points. And, get that momentum going.

Justin: Yup.

Joe:      Pretty soon… It's hard to push it first, you know…

Justin:  Yes.

Joe:      …But as… the more you push it, the harder it gets to stop. That thing just starts rolling and rolling and what you find is, you start making offers. You start sending letters. You start talking to sellers and talking to realtors. Pretty soon, those people that you talk to two months ago call you back, or that realtor that you talk to and they said, “I don't have anything right now.” They think of you all of the sudden or they get your fourth email and they say, “You know what? I'll send something to that guy. Maybe he can… This will be something he'll be interested in.”

You build that momentum and then, you start following up with sellers, and you start following up with leads. And all of the sudden, you've got almost more leads than you can handle because of that momentum that you've been building. This is so important to keep your pipeline full. Because if it's not, you're going to go through these huge cycles where you're getting a lot of leads and then you… you… you freak out, and you slow down your marketing so that you can sell this property. And then, all of the sudden, you turn around and there's no leads coming in. It's not like a switch that you can just flip. And all of the sudden, the leads start flowing in again. We got to to keep this momentum going. All right?

Justin:  Yup.

Joe:      The third M is mentor, right? You got to have a mentor that can coach you through that stuff so you know the right things that you do… you're doing, the wrong things that you shouldn't be doing. And, in that way, we don't have to worry about… you know, falling flat on your face, or if you do, you got a mentor to hold you and pick you up and point you in the right direction so you know where we're you going. Does that make sense everybody?

Justin: Joe. I… I love that you have the 3M's. Like them… As a part of this free course I'm giving, you know, I talk about the three C's. And they're very similar, actually. [Laughing]

Joe:      [Chuckles] What is it? Cash?

Justin: [Laughing]

Joe:      Coaching is one of them right?

Justin: Well, not here. So… so the Three C's of… what I call, House Flipping Success are… You know, first one is content.

Joe:      Uh-huh.

Justin: So, you've got to know the fundamentals, right? And… And those of you who are listening obviously get this, because you're listening to this podcast, you're taking in this information. There are people out there who get involved in this business and get no coaching. They don't get no… They don't get any education at all, and end up losing a lot of money, right? So, you guys are already not doing that. However, some of you may have the curse of analysis paralysis, which means you're… you're overlearning. You're overthinking. You're trying to learn every single detail you need to know, and that's where the second C comes in, which is core door, which is kind of like your momentum, right? I mean core door means you've got to enter the core door. You've got to take action. And not only action, you've got to take the right kind of action, action where it really counts…

Joe:      Uh-huh.

Justin: …And once you to take that action, you're learning. You're going to enter this vortex of learning or it's like, hyper speed. You're going to learn in a way that you could not have learned before. And then, once you learn and can take that action, you're going to find out things you didn't even know that you didn't know. And, you're going to fall on your face and it's going to be hard. And then, you have your third C which is community…

Joe:      Hmmm.

Justin: …Which like Joe mentioned consists of… You got to have mentors who have been there before who can show you the ropes. And then also, like… like-minded individuals that are in the same situation as you. Your peers, people who you can turn to when you're having a hard day, and maybe they've learned a new thing, right? Those… those guys are going to be there for you on… on a different level. Your mentors are at a different level from those guys, but you kind of need both. So, that's your community. And then, it's kind of “rinse, wash, repeat.” You keep learning, but next time, you could learn the fundamentals and work on learning, you're going to hear things differently…

Joe:      Hmmm. That's good.

Justin:  …It's so much different.

Joe:      Those… Those are… You could call it MC cubed, right…?

Justin:  Let's do it? [Laughing] I love it.

Joe:     …Parenthesis MC, and then the… the… the third to the third power cubed.

Justin: MC cubed. But, you're so right about the marketing. I mean in… In the program, our huge emphasis… That's why enter the core door… I didn't mention, but the content… you just want to have a bird's eye view, so you know the beginning to the end. The enter the core doors are all about identifying those first steps, and then kicking action on those steps. And, not worrying about, you know, what you're going to do last and right at the beginning, right? Just know that it's there. Know, okay… I know I got to sell this thing sometime, but I don't need to like pick out exactly every little detail of how I'm going to sell it right now. You're exactly right, it's all about marketing and getting those houses. Learning how to negotiate. If you can do that, and Joe, you're a wholesaler, right?

Joe:      Of course…

Justin:  As wholesalers know, you can create an entire business out of hole… Out of just been able to do that. So, those are your first steps for sure.

Joe:      Right. Now the… the emphasis in the house flipping formula is going to be mainly fixing and flipping, right? Rehabbing… Fixing house. But, you're also teaching people wholesaling a little bit?

Justin:  Actually, I'm… I'm teaming up with my good friend, and Joe, you know Andy McFarland as well.

Joe:      Uh-huh.

Justin:  This guy is… He's wholesaling a hundred houses per year. I am rehabbing hundred houses per year. We actually have partnered up not completely. We own… We still want our businesses. But, I buy a lot of… He is really good at marketing and getting houses under contract. So, I'll buy a lot of houses from him in California. I actually… A few months ago… A couple months ago, I bought a house from him in New Mexico I was at the beach…

Joe:      Wow.

Justin: …Watching my son surf camp. He calls up. I’ve never been in New Mexico, by the way. He's never been in New Mexico. He had a house for me. I trust Andy enough to work. He said it was a deal, I know it's a deal. I said “Done. Send the information to Vanessa.” When we… we closed the next day. We send a little money the next day and bought it. But you know, I bought several houses from him in New Mexico. You know, I've been… So, anyway we… we've kind of…

Joe:      I'm going to… I'm going to add you to my buyers list. [Laughs]

Justin: Yeah, I know. I'll… I'll do it. We're… we're now buying houses in… In Texas, in Indiana.

Joe:      Are you looking for buy-and-hold or fix and flip?

Justin: Fix and flip. I like the fix and flip everything. But…

Joe:      Even out of state. This is crazy, guys. There are not many people who feel comfortable enough like Justin does to fix and flip out of state deals.

Justin: It's… You know, it's all… When you break things down, it just… It's a matter of, what are all the steps it takes to do this? And, who can I have to do that? And, we figured out a… a system for that. And it…

Joe:      So, it doesn't matter if it's in your own backyard or if it's a thousand miles away, does it?

Justin:  No, I don't care. I don't go to my houses anyway. So I don't… To me, it's all virtual anyway. I don't… I don't care where they're at. They could be on Mars as long as it makes me money. [Laughs] So, that's what matters. [Laughs]

Joe:      Well, it's important to really understand the fundamentals of the business, right? That's…

Justin: Yes.

Joe:      …That's… That's the first thing that you cover. So… I was looking inside your course. It's pretty amazing. And the incredible detail of… this is how you comp a property.

Justin: Yup.

Joe:      First of all, it starts with… with making offers. But you know, how to… how to estimate repairs, not… you're not spending, you know, two hours on each offer that you make, right? But, there's… there's important things that you need to know, and a lot of the information that you're getting, your training your Realtors to bring to you right?

Justin:  Yes. So…

Joe:      And, so if… Go ahead, yeah.

Justin: No, I mean… As a part of the program, I'd really try to focus on those three C's. Content, which is huge. And, we try to leave no stone unturned. If there's ever a video that is not in there, we make it. This is a living program. We're doing this for a lifetime membership. I used to do… Okay, it's been five weeks. But then, I found like people may need more time than that. And I want too then… I mean, people are just starting after a few months. That's when they starting to get good. That's when they need the most help. But also after that, that's when they can get back the most. So, I made a deal with the people in the group. I said, “Hey, look. I'll give you guys a lifetime membership. The agreement is… Once you start taking off six months to a year from now or a few months, how… Some people are fast and others, you give back, right? And, I'm not saying you have to share your one little letter. Your… your one thing that's your ace in the hole, that you know what… you know… But… But, you give back and help encourage other people along the way.

So, we've made a lifetime membership. But, it's a 12-week program that every week we go through a different topic which is incredibly value. Then, we have a live coaching call. The people can ask questions about that topic, or anything else they want. And then, we have a daily forum group, because what I found is, most people dig it out there. They take action. Maybe, they go to a seminar and then after that seminar, they've got it. You know, a few days later, they have a question, like a very specific question. So, you can get that daily feedback, and we have so many people that literally will have a deal that, “Okay, I need to make a decision in a couple hours here. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. Help me.” And people have made, you know, tens or thousands of dollars from just that specific feedback they've gotten within those couple hours that they needed at that moment. So we've try to…

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin: …Combine all elements that… that anyone could ever ask for. And… And…

Joe:     But, you're… you're not, you're not overwhelming people too, right? So it's…

Justin: No.

Joe:      So, it's week… Week one. You've… Every day, you've got just as 30- to 60-minute video?

Justin: Yes. Yeah.

Joe:      So you're not overwhelming them. It's… It's something that they can… You know, if they miss their two, it's easy to catch up, right?

Justin: Yeah, we break it down and it's on demand. So, they can go back and watch the videos at their own pace. And then also, what I'm going to do this time, because now I have a bunch of videos in there that are amazing, but I don't want to overwhelm anybody. So, what we're going to do is I'm going to have an archive section. I'm going to have a section that they could like electives, type where they can go as references, and have topics. But, we're going to keep the content to a minimum because it's all about that taking action.

And then, you have those reference videos. Everyone is in a different spot that they can go to in, “Okay, I really need to focus on comping properties on MLS. I feel like my after-repair values are off a little bit.” And I'm telling you what, if you are off on one thing in this business, like your after-repair value, you're going to have a very hard time buying houses, and you may not even know what your problem is. So that's part of our goals, to…

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin: …Help people find out, what is that one thing? If you are not making as much money as someone like me or Joe or whoever. It's only a matter of you… There's something they're doing that you're not.

Joe:      Small adjustment.

Justin: Small adjustments over time equal incredible results.

Joe:      Now, if somebody has a potential dealer they're looking at. They've submitted an offer. They got it accepted that they're… they're… you know, what in their pants and they're like, “Oh, what do I do now?” right?

Justin: Yup. Happens all the time.

Joe:      Do you… Do you offer the support where you could… you evaluate the deal, and they offer and say, “You know what? You probably should run. Don't sign that contract.” How do you…? How does that work with this?

Justin: Yeah, absolutely. So what they do is, they go and they… They put the deal information into the forum group. And then, they get tons of feedbacks. We're asking them, “What's their after repair, or what are they…?” And then also, a lot of times, I found is that half the time, people aren't really asking the right question. Because some people might be scared to death about this house they have under contract, and I'll say, “Well, what are you going to do with that? Are you going to buy it physically with your money, or are you going to wholesale it?” And so often, they're going to wholesale it. And I said, “Okay. Well, don't worry about that.” You know, “Send… Okay, send me the address for one.” I love, you know, buying houses from… from people in the group or anyone in this group who's in your area.

You know, find someone who wants to buy it… The professional rehabbers, the experienced rehabbers. They'll tell you if they can pay that price, and who cares if they're willing to pay $5,000 or $10,000 more than what you have it under contract for. You don't need to worry about all the stuff, right? So, we help them try to find what their real problem is. A lot of times, people will be asking about financing or how to sell a home. I'm like, “Okay, well… How many offers are you making? Do you have a house under contract?” And so, you put them back on track.

Joe:      That's good. You have to ask the right question, and that's where having a coach helps. Ask the right questions. Focus on the right things. I see that so many times that, you get all of these “what if?” questions. And they're just… they're totally irrelevant.

Justin: Uh-huh.

Joe:      They're almost totally irrelevant. I mean…

Justin: Yes.

Joe:      …But, they're not relevant until you need to know…

Justin: Exactly.

Joe:      …And if you're part of a group, that… When that question does become important, you can ask it and get an immediate answer. That's… It's invaluable. It's invaluable.

Justin: Yup.

Justin: I'm excited about this year. You're launching it this week. It's called “The House Flipping Formula,” and review again… If they… If… If people go to joelikeshouseflipping.com, joelikeshouseflipping.com. That's my link for my listeners. You're… They're going to get a series of three or four videos. It's like a… like a minicourse in, of itself, right?

Justin: Yes.

Joe:      Can you talk again what those videos are going to cover?

Justin: Yes, absolutely. So, we're giving away a free… your minicourse on… on house flipping, which essentially covers the biggest fears that people have when it comes to flipping houses. The biggest obstacle… how to overcome those things… I talk more about the three C's which we've discussed here. Then, I get into an overview of the fundamentals of house flipping. I introduce you more to Andy, and he walks through… you know, wholesaling. And then, I talk about the seven steps to mitigate on some places… some cases, eliminate risk altogether.

And then, in video four is when I give you a copy of the blueprint of running an entire house flipping business from top to bottom which you can print off. And then, I go through that blueprint. And then, I talk about, you know, the program as well and the offering we're making. And, you know, there's a lot of people out there that spent $25,000, $40,000 for these programs. And then, they get sent to, you know, some guy in a cubicle, or you know that's… I won't use any names but there's some big names out there that they use to market these programs, and you never see these guys right? [Laughs]

Joe:      I… I've… When I was getting started, I… I was in one of those programs. I spent $12 grand to…

Justin: Yeah.

Joe:      …be a part of it. All on credit card.

Justin: And that $12 grand today would be $25 grand. I mean…

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin: …That was back when you and I got started, right?

Joe:      That was '07, '06…

Justin: Yeah. Yeah.

Joe:      Maybe '06…

Justin: Yeah.

Joe:      So… Yeah, I shake my head. I'm a little embarrassed. I've made my money back many, many times over.

Justin: For sure.

Joe:      And honestly…

Justin: It was worth it for me too, to spend the $40,000.

Joe:      What?

Justin: But, I… I don't think you need to do that.

Joe:      No, you don't. [Laughs]

Justin: [Laughs]

Joe:      You don't. So, the… the… these… these videos that you're going to release, how often are you going to be releasing them? Every couple of days?

Justin: Yes. So the videos will come out every couple days. And then on the 29th, is when people have the opportunity to… You know, become a part of the program…

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin: And then, on… In February… On the, let's see… Monday, the 8th. I need to have my calendar here.

Joe:      Monday is the second. February 2nd?

Justin: And then, what's the following Monday after the 2nd? After February 2nd?

Joe:      The ninth.

Justin: The ninth. The 9th. The ninth is the… The day we… we officially start… start the program.

Joe:      And even if you guys are listening to this, and it's after that. If it's in March or something like that, Justin will be occasionally opening the doors to back you up…

Justin: Yeah.

Joe:      …And let the people in. He's… He's probably still trying to figure all those details out. But still, if you go to that website…

Justine:          Go to joelikeshouseflipping…

Joe:      joelikeshouseflipping.com

Justin: We're building up a free course…

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin:  …And then, we like give you details on when we're reopening. And you know, our goal, like I said, this is a lifetime membership, and I call it a live program. Meaning, I have seen a lot of courses out there from some very reputable people. You know, even here in California, it's like, “Oh, you're very reputable but your program, your course is years old and you have not updated it….”

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin:  …Like, that's got to change. So, I'm… The market is always changing, like we're changing the way we're buying. You've got to be a part of a live community, people you can ask questions to on a weekly, daily basis…

Joe:      Yeah.

Justin:  So that's we've created. I've created absolutely everything that I wish I would have had years ago at a fraction of the price, and I'm… I love it. I'm excited about it.

Joe:      Excellent. And, if you guys want more information on Justin's podcast, just go to iTunes, do a search for house flipping, you'll see Justin in there. Or, do a search for his name, Justin Williams, and you'll find this podcast. It's really good. It's the second best podcast on real estate.

Justin: [Laughs]

Joe:      [Chuckles] But it's a lot of fun. Justin, it's been good talking to you again. Guys, I… I heartily, 100% endorse and stand behind Justin. I've seen what he's doing. I really, highly recommend him. This is going to be a really good program. It's going to be… Even if you just go in, and get those four videos that he’s talking about, it's going to be worth quite a bit of just a ton of value that they're going to be giving you in these videos. And if… if you like the programs for you… If… If… if it's going to be a good fit, then you can get more information after that video, the fourth video's release. But, joelikeshouseflipping.com. And, I do. I almost got joelikesjustin.com. But, that's kind of…

Justin:  [Laughs]

Joe:      [Laughs]…That's kind of… I didn't know. I didn't want to do that. That's kind of weird. So, I just… I just…

Justin:  [Laughs] They may take it the wrong way.

Joe:      [Laughs] Right. Right. Uh, joelikeshouseflipping.com is good enough. So… All right, Justin. Thanks again, man. I sure appreciate you being on the show.

Justin: Awesome Joe. I love it! Anytime!

Joe:      All right. See you guys, everybody. Buh-bye.

Justin: See you, guys!

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