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I am excited about this very IMPORTANT & SPECIAL webinar I'm doing this week. I'm calling it: “Learn The Secrets to Doing The BEST Deals, at The BEST Time, in The BEST Locations” Of course, you know by now my favorite type of deal is a lease option. But, do you know when my favorite TIME to do deals is? Or… my favorite types of locations? Join me in this very special webinar where I will reveal the secrets to doing lease options in the best time (hint: fall & winter) and in the best locations (hint: small towns).

  1. Less Competition – Find out why there is actually LESS competition in the fall & winter.
  2. Not as hard as you might think – Finding buyers & sellers can actually be EASIER… if you know where to look.
  3. Why small towns are actually becoming the best place to look.

I'll be in the great New York City this Thursday with my family, but I had to schedule this webinar so I can share this information with you.

See you soon! – Joe

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