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Why Land Beats Houses Every Time – The Land Summit

I’m going to shake the boat a little bit by saying this, but I believe that flipping vacant land and vacant land investing is better than houses. There are still a lot of advantages to doing houses, and my business partner Gavin still sees a lot of success with housing. Since I started doing vacant land deals, I’ve realized that they can be more profitable, and it’s easier and faster to get to $10,000 of passive income. My simple, step-by-step process has earned me and my teenage sons over $150K in profit. The best part is that we only worked on it part-time and used other people’s money.

Here, I walk through my vacant land investing mind map and if you want your own copy, click the link below. The reason I wanted to share this information with you is that I’m getting ready to host a brand-new event to help you excel in vacant land investing in 2023.  It’s called The Land Summit and it’s happening on Wednesday, January 11th at 1pm Central time. To reserve your free spot, go to THELANDSUMMIT.COM.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • A walkthrough of my vacant land investing mind map.
  • Details on my upcoming event, The Land Summit.

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