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Welcome to the 3rd episode of my 4-part series on Wholesaling Lease Options Made Easy. In Part 1, I talked about finding homeowners who are looking to sell and who could possibly be interested in doing a lease option. In Part 2, once you’ve found that seller, you need to know how to engage in meaningful conversation, then how to make an offer.

In this session, we’ll make believe you have the contract. Now what? You need a buyer who perhaps cannot get traditional financing, and yet with a little help on credit repair, could possibly qualify within a year or so.  Believe me when I say this is the easiest part, because thousands of people fit in this category.

By the way, I have my VA do a thorough screening of all the applicants that come through. I’m big on delegation.

How do you advertise to find tenant buyers? Well, I’m giving you 3 simple easy and inexpensive methods.

My strategy is to learn what the prospective buyer is looking for, then find the house to match. This is a winning strategy.  (It works mainly for those who are licensed Realtors.)

For those who are licensed, you may be interested in our Done for You wholesaling-lease-options program that can prove to be extremely lucrative for the right candidate. We’re looking for “boots on the ground” in new markets.

Check out what it can offer you.

Watch and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Best places to advertise
  • Prequalifying tenant buyer
  • Assigning your contract to the tenant-buyer
  • Be sure to have a checklist
  • Find the buyers then find the house

Mentioned in this episode:

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