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Welcome to Part 2 of my 4-part series about something I love—lease options.

In Part 1, I went over finding sellers for wholesaling lease options. In this episode, I go into detail about how you can easily make offers. There’s really no selling to it.

When talking to sellers, I always play the part of the reluctant buyer. I don’t place myself in a position of begging for them to work with me. I keep things low-key and conversational. I make them want to sell their house to me, and this is done by a series of leading questions.

After the conversation, no matter the outcome, I send them an offer. It’s a rule of mine—I send an offer to everyone I contact. (You never know how their situation might change in the future.) In my offers, I give 3 options. And I’m sharing with you the strategy behind this method, which is extremely effective. Offers that go in the mail are in what I call a credibility kit. This, too, is explained in detail.

Follow-up is crucial in this business. A full 50% of your deals will come from follow-up. Don’t drop the ball at this important juncture of the deal.

And, as I mentioned in Part 1, we’re looking to do more deals in new markets, and we need “boots on the ground” in these areas. To do that, we’ve created a Done for You wholesaling lease options program that can prove to be extremely lucrative for the right candidate.

Is that you?

Watch and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Playing the part of the “reluctant buyer”
  • A simple question to engage sellers in conversation
  • The 3 options that I offer
  • What’s in a credibility kit
  • Follow-up is crucial
  • Our need for “boots on the ground” in other markets
  • How the Done for You program works

Mentioned in this episode:

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