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Making Fast Offers, Part 2

In this video on “Wholesaling 101, Part 11”, we talk about:

  • an example deal where we actually make an offer
  • how to quickly estimated comps and repairs
  • how to use our simple one page contract
  • the important elements to have in your initial contact
  • BONUS: we also give you our sample “Letter Of Intent” and various “Option Contracts”… all in the FREE mindmap

To get access to the free mindmap, go to http://FlipMindmap.com, or text the word “Flip” to 313131

If you want to talk with Joe and get some personal help, click the button below.


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  1. You stated that we should be making offers daily, and the formula for Cash offers is simple enough for a beginner. However, I don’t want to be intimidated by the fact that I don’t know how to negotiate term offers. Should I simply submit the cash offer and let the buyer renegotiate the terms?

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