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Hey everyone! Welcome to another awesome “Brilliant At The Basics” podcast episode!  We don't really have much to teach in this episode, but this is still good to see anyway.

A lot of people ask Peter what he does all day in Atlanta.  Well, would you like to know?  Watch this video to find out…  (Hint – he's doing A LOT of deals.)

And oh yeah… Stay tuned…  Peter and Joe will be talking real soon in an upcoming podcast, about Peter's new business model and how he is crushing it by working with Realtors on the listing and buying side of the business.  This is pure genius guys!

To apply and work with Joe & Peter, CLICK HERE

Watch and enjoy:

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  1. This is exactly what Ive been looking for to guide me on the pathway to start my R.E. business. Very excityed bto get started but cant find the right proram to work with until I came across your information! Help!

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