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This is not a solicitation for mentoring or coaching. We are looking to expand into more markets.

We are looking for 4 rockstars partners to come and hang out in St Louis for 2 Power Days, where your business will be taken to the next level.

We call it “Power Days” because you will be leaving with all systems, marketing, VA's and anything else you need to have a successful real estate business.

(You will also continue to work with us after 2 days so don't worry about that.)

Just imagine… if you had all the systems in place and more leads than you could handle on your own. What would that do for your business?

I will tell you what it did for us in our new market:

3 weeks in, 4 contracts, $193 cost per contract, 1st Assignment profit of $20,000.

Do you like them numbers?? I love them…

If you have been struggling to get your business up off the ground, tired of trying to do this alone, or looking to grow… then maybe this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Maybe we can work together?

This is not for everyone…. We are only looking for 4 people.

You will be personally working with me and Gavin (who has flipped over 20 deals in the last 4 months, making over $100,000).

That means getting on the phone with us each week, and maybe even daily, to successfully do deals in your market.

If you're interested, go to the APPLICATION HERE

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