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I’m in the Business Vision Workshop right now and I want to talk about something real quick. My dad was a janitor growing up but he had this incredible entrepreneurial streak – obviously, I took after him. He owned his own janitorial services business and whenever he would hire people, he has this 2-step formula for training people.

Step 1: They would just watch him do the work
Step 2: He would watch them do the work

And then they would be on their own. But they would learn the tricks to being more efficient to do the work. I love that analogy of watching somebody do it and have them watch you do it. And in terms of real estate, I teach and coach people how to do deals and the most effective way I’ve found is have people watch me go into a market, do the research of a county, pull up a list of sellers, put a marketing plan in place, do some cold calling and make offers.

I have this program called the Inner Circle. There’s nothing like this program out there and here, it’s all about me watching YOU do all the stuff. You will be getting my support, coaching, resources, software, lead – and even MY MONEY! 

You will get my workshop bundle that includes all of my previous life marketing masterclass recordings, my brand-new land fast start masterclass, my coaching and funding on your deals if you JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE. It’s only $1 for the 7-day membership trial but you get the workshop bundle and so much more!

Got to JoeMcCall.com/freeworkshops to see all the inclusions and to sign up!

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • 2-step formula for effectively training new people
  • My Inner Circle program
  • Sneak peak into the workshop bundle

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