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Watch and Enjoy:


In this episode, Joe is going to be talking about the power of simple, automated follow up…

  • The importance of follow up
    • Half of your deals will come from follow up.
    • Your “follow up” list is your most valuable list.
    • You need to have these systems set up to run “for you, in spite of you”
    • No Lead Left Behind is our mantra.
    • What kind of follow up can you do, specifically
  • How to send an offer to every seller lead you get
    • And how to do it in seconds
    • Then have your VA snail mail it to the sellers for (even if they are from the Philippines!)
    • Get the free calculator by watching the webinar…
  • On these live webinars Joe will… (REGISTER FOR THE LIVE WEBINAR HERE)
    • Show You The Three Secrets To Create A Simple, Fully Automated Wholesaling Business… And Start Wholesaling Deals From Anywhere In The World… Working Less Than 10 Hours A Week, Without Ever Talking To Sellers and Buyers… EVER
    • Secret #1: List all the things you have to do on a typical wholesale deal, and ask yourself this all important question: “How can I do NONE of this?”
    • Secret #2: Learn how to target the RIGHT sellers with the RIGHT marketing.  (Too many investors are wasting too much money on ineffective marketing.)
    • Secret #3: Follow up, follow up, follow up… and make offers to every seller lead you get.  (Want to learn how you can get your $3/hr VA to do this for you?  REGISTER for the webinar right now.)

To get the mindmap, spreadsheets, calculators, checklists, etc for FREE, register for the webinar HERE

 Automated Wholesaling Webinar

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  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the video's and great tips,
    but for the last couple of days, including today's webinar at 10am est, When I try to register I got "page can't be found" I try to refresh the page but that didn't work either. So I know I missed great content…Please advise…and Thanks again for the education.

  2. Hello Joe,
    I registered but had to miss the meeting due to a meeting.
    I watched the rebroadcast but never got access to the free software.
    Was this only available if I signed-on for coaching?
    Might a seat or two still be available?

  3. Hello Joe,

    Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and insight you provide. I greatly appreciate all the golden nuggets you give away in your podcasts and webinars. I was looking for the link to the pro calculator you were referencing in the video. Are you still offering this and is it available for purchase now?

  4. Joe.. you mentioned you'd provide the offer calculator for free and a paid version for $7. I don't see any link for the free one. Any chance you can share that? In addition, how about if I want to buy… where's that link? Thanks.

  5. Hi Joe – thanks for the great content. I always pick up something new listening to your podcasts.

    I have listened to the webinar and followed these shows for your Automated Wholesaling strategy, and I am confused on one thing. What is the hand-off mechanism between your VAs and your wholesaler? I know your VAs are taking seller calls and asking basic questions. Do you get involved at that point and determine which are motivated leads to send to your wholesaler? Do all of them go to your wholesaler?


  6. Hey Joe!

    Just finished watching the webinar on Automated Wholesaling, however I don't see where I can download the mind map. I found the page where your maps are but am at a loss as to how/where to download. Please advise. Thanks and God Bless!

    Prosperous Investing!

  7. I watched the webinar and when I downloaded the calculator it was just the ‘Simple Offer Calculator’ with one example of buying a rental and a second of buying a rehab. I also just watched your 2.5 hour webinar and thought I would be getting the ‘Offer Calculator that showed the 3 offers of (1) Cash Offer, (2) Sandwich Lease, (3) Lease Option Assignment. How do I get this calculator.
    Then during the discussion of the ‘Simple Offer Calculator’ it said for $7.00 I could get the calculator that showed 4 types of offers. This is very confusing . So how do I get the other calculators other than the ‘Simple Offer Calculator’? Please help me.
    Thank you,
    Bart Block

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