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Watch and Enjoy:


In this episode, Joe is going to be talking all about real estate investing marketing, and…

  • The importance of having a marketing plan
    • Keeping that marketing plan simple and focused
    • We are not in the real estate business, we are in the marketing business
    • How to track your numbers
  • Best ways to find the cash buyers
    • The importance of always be marketing for buyers
    • Where to find the demand is
    • How to find what these buyers are hungry for
  • Best ways to find motivated sellers
    • Find the best zips to target motivated sellers
    • What lists to target in those zips
    • What to send these hot sellers
    • The importance of consistency and momentum
  • Watch the webinar where Joe will…
    • Show You The Three Secrets To Create A Simple, Fully Automated Wholesaling Business… And Start Wholesaling Deals From Anywhere In The World… Working Less Than 10 Hours A Week, Without Ever Talking To Sellers and Buyers… EVER
    • Secret #1 – List all the things you have to do on a typical wholesale deal, and ask yourself this all important question: “How can I do NONE of this?”
    • Secret #2 – Learn how to target the RIGHT sellers with the RIGHT marketing.  (Too many investors are wasting too much money on ineffective marketing.)
    • Secret #3 Follow up, follow up, follow up… and make offers to every seller lead you get.  (Want to learn how you can get your $3/hr VA to do this for you?  REGISTER for the webinar right now.)

 Automated Wholesaling Webinar

To get the mindmap, spreadsheets, calculators, checklists, etc for FREE, register for the webinar HERE

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  1. Hi Joe,
    We met at a Wendy Patton Lease Options weekend event a few years back and I'm a big fan.
    I watched your web video you sent today on your Automated Wholesaling Series Pt 1.
    You referred to your Free Leads video with Rob Swanson, so I watched it.
    In your Automated Wholesaling video you show a spreadsheet on how you track your business including $1500 or so in monthly marketing expense.
    Rob, however, states that you spend zero (0) for over $40K of business last month.
    Unless there are two of you, I'm very confused.
    Please explain the discrepancy.
    Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Rick – there are lots of ways to do deals without spending any money on marketing. Does that mean I don't spend any money on marketing? Of course not. We spend on average about $750 – $1,000 for marketing, for each deal. The numbers that Rob showed in that sales pitch were all real. We found all those deals thru free marketing strategies – which we still use. It's just that you can do more deals, faster, if you do direct mail. The marketing that I taught in "Leads In An Hour" comprise about 25% – 30% of my current marketing strategy.

      Does that help answer your question?

      Besides, still the best form of marketing is "networking" – talking to sellers and buyers, putting deals together, getting referrals. That is free…

  2. It would be greatly appreciated if you could find it in your heart to give people like us
    a second chance to get there hands on that calculator you released in your podcast earlier this week i am still working while trying to start my Wholesale company and honestly missed out on podcast do to work… but i always check the podcasts out when not working……PLEASE JOE give us a second chances powerful tool

    Thanks And God Bless
    Charles Lomotey…..;..

      1. Thanks Joe can you give me also a link to your wholesaling lease options i have the leads in hours and buyers in hours and i am implementing as we speak need to study wholesaling lease options

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