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There's a question I get an awful lot from people… how do I find a local, investor-friendly leasing agent/realtor/bank/property manager/title company?

Before I give you the answer, I’ve got to tell you this: you’ll need to find more than one professional of each type. You’ll need to interview several people because you’re going to get a lot of “no’s” from folks.

For instance, someone might tell you that lease options are illegal or that they don’t do double closes. That’s fine. Just move on and look until you find the right person who truly is investor-friendly.

You can go to any city in the US and find these people. First, go to Facebook and look for investor groups. I did a quick search for Cleveland, OH, and instantly found 3.

You can send messages to group members to find out who they use for XYZ. Or, you can check out the comments section and find recommendations there.

When you ask questions of investors, be specific. Don’t ask to pick their brain. Why should they spend their time answering 20 of your questions? Just ask for a title company or a realtor or whatever.

You can also look on Bigger Pockets. Input a city name and you’ll find people that either are investor-friendly professionals or know investor-friendly professionals. Be REALLY nice on Bigger Pockets.

Meetup.com also has real estate investor groups. You can find REIA meetings on Meetup, then go to them and ask attendees for recommendations. Some attendees may even provide the service you need.

That's just a couple of the sources I recommend in this episode for finding the service providers you need to get things done.

A listener asks for leads on national title companies, property managers, etc. Listen to hear why I don’t recommend using a national company.

Also, if you’re doing a deal in a rural area and can’t find help, go to the nearest big city.

You’ll hear numerous ways to find investor-friendly professionals in local markets. Do as I suggest and you’ll also meet other investors and get a feel for what’s perking in the area.

Watch and Learn:

What’s inside:

  • Be prepared to talk to a lot of realtors/property managers/banks, etc. before you find the right one.
  • Use Facebook, Meetup, Craigslist and Bigger Pockets… a lot of options, so no excuses.
  • Ask investors AND professionals you interview specific questions; don’t waste anyone’s time.
  • On Bigger Pockets, you may get lots of answers from people who have strong feelings on the subject. 

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Welcome. This is The Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

I want to answer a very, very common question that a lot of you have and I don't think you realize how easy the answer is to find. A lot of people ask, well, how do I find a local realtor, investor-friendly realtor an investor-friendly agent, an investor-friendly property manager, lender, a bank, a title company, escrow, like whatever. How do you find a good investor, friendly local company to help you? And I'm going to answer that right now. If you're interested, are you interested in good? It's really, really simple.

Okay, so let's say you're doing a deal or you're just getting started. You're getting some courses and Joe or whoever says, go find an investor friendly title company or an attorney to review the contracts or find a title company that will let you do double closings or whatnot. Let me just say this, first of all t0, to preface all of this, when you first get started in this business, you've got to learn how to overcome objections and obstacles because you're going to get everybody and their grandma who thinks they're an expert to tell you, no, you can't do this.

You can't wholesale deals for a profit. You can't lease option deals because it's illegal, it's immoral and it's fattening, right? You're just going to hear every reason why you can't do it. I just know for me personally, when I was first getting started, if I would've listened to everybody who told me no, I would still be working in my cubicle, frustrated and pulling whatever hair I have left out. Okay, so here's my point. Sometimes you get to ask 20 different title companies to get a yes of, yeah, we'll do this, okay. But let me give you a shortcut to see how you can find them quicker and sooner. Let's just pick a random city. So let's go with Cleveland and I want to find an investor friendly title company there that does double closings or assignments or something like that. So where could I go?

First place I'm going to tell you is the Facebook right? You've heard of the Facebook and there's a bunch of different groups. I'm going to give you three of my favorite groups. The first one is Wholesaling Houses Full Time. The second one is Wholesaling Inc. and the third one is Wholesaling Houses Elite from my man, Max Maxwell, which by the way, Alex, Youngblood, if you're watching this, guess who has more members than you? Ma. Maxwell, where did he come from? I don't know. But anyway, Alex Youngblood and I are friends so I can give them a hard time about this. And I may be wrong, I don't know, maybe he doesn't have more members. But anyway, so what do you do? So here's what you do. You go to these Facebook groups, you go right here into the search bar, right down there is a search button.

It says search this group. Type in the word Cleveland. I think that's how you spell Cleveland. Let's just see. Ah, okay. Now, here we go. I'm going to show you what you can find here. This guy, Dan says, hey, I have 10 deals in Cleveland to wholesale. If you're a serious buyer, shoot me a pm for details. Ah, you know what? This is a wholesaler that's got some deals. What if you clicked on his link here? Found out who his company was? Oh, he lives in LA and he's wholesaling deals in Cleveland, Ohio. Maybe he knows some companies that you can reach out to and talk to, right? So send them a message. If you can get some information about his company, maybe a website or something about his company, you can reach out and contact him, okay. He's got some friends. I know this guy's in Ohio.

You can reach out to him. Let's go back here to this other page, Cleveland. Oh, and you can also look in the comments and sometimes you're going to find people who are actively doing deals or answering these questions. That can help as well, okay. Ask Lebron James. I don't know how helpful he would be, right? A this guy references or refers Matt Reed, who I was talking about before I know him. He's a great investor in the Ohio area, so go contact Matt Reed. Here's somebody, DanDanTheRealEstateMan@gmail.com. All right, there's a phone number for contact. Look at all these emails here. These are people that are buying houses in Cleveland and you can contact them and say, hey, do you know of a good title company? Just, there we go. On the first post that we found in this group, you can find folks that are doing kinds of deals like this, right?

Looking for Cleveland investors. Where are you? 64 comments right here. Let's say we want to do this. Let's do Cleveland Title Company. Did I spell Cleveland right? I don't know who knows of an investor friendly title company in the Cleveland area? Seven comments. We'll see, while we're looking there I'm just going to go to wholesaling Inc. Let's do a search for Cleveland here. I have lots of lead in east Cleveland and no one likes east Cleveland, so I don't know if that's a good guy to talk to or not. I have over a hundred cash buyers in Cleveland. Who's doing business in Cleveland? Here's some contacts, not the Browns.

This guy is from the Cleveland area. What are you looking for? Joe Namath. Ah, let's look at here. He's got a Lorraine County Home Buyers. I'm not sure, but there's a phone number right there and there's this website. Give him a call. The Brown's aren't working. They're not working very well now are they, okay. So let's see this come up yet. This guy who knows of an investor friendly? I have one. I'll look it up tomorrow. I've since moved. There were three that were investor friendly. Here we go. Ohio Real Estate. I'm just not like, I didn't plan this. I didn't pick Cleveland to find this one, okay. But here's somebody right here who's recommending Ohio Real Estate, a title company that might be able to do investor-friendly stuff for you, right. Here is a restaurant any anyway, so you get my point?

Any city in the US just go here to Des Moines. I used to live in Des Moines. Guess what you're going to find. Can anyone share the knowledge of a good investor friendly title company in Des Moines? Two comments. We are local Des Moines investors and we'll be happy to compare notes if you're still active in Des Moines. Chad, Daniel, let's click on him and has got cute kids and so I don't see much cause I'm not a friend of his or whatnot, right. But if you click on about, yeah, so I'm not sure if I'm not friends with him, send him Adam. I'm going to add him as a friend right now and then I could message him and say, hey, how you doing Chad I've got some deals. Here's what you do when you approach these people. You don't just want to say, Hey, can I pick your brain for a little bit, okay.

You want to say, listen I've got some potential deals. I want to bring your way. I'm a new investor. I find a bunch of leads, you know? And that leads me up to one of my future points. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but like think about what's in it for them. Why should they spend their time answering your questions? What good is it going to do for them? What's in it for them? Why should they care? So you want to approach people, not just like, hey, can I pick your brain? Can I ask you some questions? Can you help me out? Can you spend a bunch of time with me and then not give anything back in return. So present this to them like, hey, I'm just getting started. I'm finding some deals. Would you like to partner with me on some deals?

I'd like, you know, do you have any, you know, any title companies or something like that. Make sense? All right, so that's Wholesaling Houses Fulltime. Here's Wholesaling Inc. and then Wholesaling Houses Elite. Again, same thing. Let's just look up Des Moines Title Company. And here's again, somebody from this website that recommends they're just recommending to do what I'm telling you to do right now, okay? You can find the investors that are doing some investing in your markets and just reach out to them and contact them.

So join these groups, join as many different groups as you can in these areas. I'm going to give you another huge resource right here. Bigger Pockets, love Bigger Pockets. Sometimes I get frustrated with Bigger Pockets because it's so big. When you ask a question, you get 20 different answers and everybody has a different opinion and some people get really upset and they get their panties in a wad and they're like, oh, that's illegal.

You can't do that. Or yes you can. And it just like, so whatever your Bigger Pockets is an awesome, awesome resource. Just be nice. You know, if you're going to be on Bigger Pockets, be nice to people, okay? So what do you do here? You go here and you just type in Cleveland. All right, so I typed in Cleveland and there's over 2,000 results here. You can click on members. And you can see 1,350 members that have the word Cleveland in their profile or something like that, right? So find the ones that are most active and then have a lot of posts and I don't know if you can sort by. Yeah, you just have to go through here. Here's a guy, he's a real estate broker. She is, sorry, 593 posts. I say this with all kindness here I am saying that people need to be nice on Bigger Pockets.

Sometimes I wonder like how active somebody is in real estate, like really doing the business. If they have, if they're super active in Facebook or Bigger Pockets and they have a ton of posts, right? Like how much time are you really doing the business? But anyway, maybe Irena knows somebody who knows somebody that can help you find a hard money lender, a title company an attorney or stuff like that in the Cleveland, Ohio. So start with them, right? Go to her thing here, viewer profile, look at her posts and sometimes there's phone numbers on here and you can connect with them and stuff like that. The other thing I want to show you here is if you go to, there's companies right here, you go to companies and there's 192 companies in the Cleveland area. And guess what? Here's a company right here called Cleveland Cashflow.

And these are lot of them are property managers or wholesalers and stuff like that. Contact them and then one more thing here. Blog, I don't know if you can get much in blog, but go to forums and there are over 2,000 posts in forums. And so what you could do is something like this Cleveland attorney and here's a eviction attorney, even though their old, doesn't matter. You can still, there's still people in the business, right? Here we go. Cleveland, Columbus title company, Attorney Recommendation. There's nine replies. J. Scott is a very active, so he's the one who actually posted this. J. Scott is a really cool guy. He's got some really good books. Just read everything that he's written and you can find his stuff here in Bigger Pockets.

So this lady here can send a referral. This is Cleveland Home for my transactions. Cleveland Home Title. All right, you get what I'm stepping on. Okay, here is Meetup.com one of the best ways to start finding local investors that are doing what you want to do is at Meetup, right? And so I should have logged in here in advance. I guess you got log in. I haven't been in Meetup in a long time. Let me see if I can do that right now.

Let me try it with Facebook. All right, so then you got to change your thing here to Cleveland, Ohio, and then do a search for real estate. And you're going to find a bunch of groups here that are on Meetup.com that have like, here's a private money, Game On Cashflow One-On-One, GCREIA. This sounds like a pretty official Meetup group. Find out when their meetings are and go to them, okay? Not all of the active investors go to these things, but you're going to find enough. You're going to find people that know people that can help you. A lot of times attorneys or title companies will be one of the sponsors at these REIA's. And you can go there and find out, hey, who does what, who's doing a lot of deals? Which title company do you use, what type of attorney do you use? You can go ask, do you know anybody here that does lease options or something like that right.

Meetup is a great, great place to go. I'm going to give you one more resource. You ready? Maybe some of you have heard it. It's called Craigslist and this is something that is really under utilized. I'll just kind of give you, I'm going to go to here to Cleveland, Ohio. There was a deal that was brought to my, brought across my desk, I don't know, couple, three, four years ago. It was in Texas and the seller was open to doing owner financing. And so I contacted the seller, said, yeah, let's do it. And so I'm so busy though I didn't want to take the time of getting it under contract and finding a buyer and finding how to close it in Texas and all of that. So I just went to Craigslist and I did a search for owner financing and I found an investor that was doing owner financing deals.

So let's say you know you've got a deal in Cleveland, you want to do on owner financing and you don't even know where to start. You can go to something like real estate for sale and just do a search here, owner financing, owner financing on Avon Lot. Here's a three bedroom, two bath home, and here is the phone number. If Craigslist is nice and in a good mood, they'll give you a phone number. There you go right there. There's a phone number of an investor or a company that's doing owner financing. When you call these guys, you just want to say. You just don't want to say, hey listen, how do you, who do you use for this or who do you use for that? I would come to them and this looks like it's Angel right here, right? I'd say, and then here's a website right here.

Let's look at this website real quick here. Merit US MHC, quality communities for a happy living. Well, isn't that nice? All right, but you call them up. You say, hey listen, I saw your property on Craigslist on Delaware. I just want to let you know I'm an investor and I get a lot of deals that I got one right now actually where the seller wants to do owner financing. I live in Alabama and it's just too far away from me. I want to know if like, if I can bring you a deal that's under contract, would you partner with me on this thing and help me sell it and we'll just split the profits. 50/50, what would you say? What investor would say no to that? Like you're bringing them a seller that says, yeah, let's do it. It's under contract.

Yeah. Or they say, you know what? I've talked to the seller. I've already made the offer. I don't have the right paperwork yet to get it under contract. Can we just, if I bring you this seller who says yes and maybe I'll have them sign my little one page option agreement or something, would you be willing to partner with me on this deal? Now you don't know who they are, but during that process, if they're legit investor, you know you can find out, you can with them on the deal and find out who you know, what paperwork do they use what title companies that they use. Do they close at a title company or they close at the kitchen table or like how do they advertise for buyers, who do they have actually do the signs for them and take the pictures and show the properties and all of that, right?

And you can plug into their resources and you know what I did when we were traveling around Europe and in our RV, I would just go out and find the people that were actively doing deals and I would partner with them. I would partner with them. So anyway, let me see my notes here. If there's anything else I wanted to say. Yeah, I think I got it all. I just think that would I think some of you might get some value out of that, right? Go to Facebook Groups, go to local real estate clubs. Flap your lips. It's called the flap your lips method, okay. Flap your lips and start talking to people and then go to Craigslist. Go to where people are already advertising homes that are actively in the business already and contact them. Offer to partner with them on a deal and you will find all of the help you need from people that are right there in the trenches doing deals in those local markets.

Okay, cool. Hey, listen, if you want some more help with your business, maybe you've got questions like you want personally answered. You want somebody to hold your hand and walk you across the finish line to your first deal? Let's talk. All right, let me tell you something. We have never ever had a coaching student that did exactly what we told them to do that did the marketing like we told them to do and updated the scorecard like we told them to do. Who did not do a deal. Let me say that again. We've never had a coaching student that did what we told them to do and did not do a deal. So if you're interested in talking to me about it, I'm going to put a link up here on the website. I just put this, I just built this page the other day, JoeMcCall.com/apply, JoeMcCall.com/apply last week as I'm recording this, we did a video where we walked through a free coaching call.

We opened it up a couple of hundred people there and we actually evaluated three or four or five deals and we answered a bunch of questions. We still had about 60 questions we couldn't answer. So Gavin and I, Gavin is my friend who helps me in the coaching stuff. We actually recorded another separate three videos answering all of those questions. It was exhausting. It was fun though, but it was, we were tired, answered all those questions. So those videos are on this page right here, JoeMcCall.com/apply but we also added three videos.

I want to make sure you go and see these, these videos where Gavin and I broke down step by step what we did to wholesale almost $150,000 in two months in a certain city virtually with no direct mail. We walked through step by step how we did it and we also interviewed three of our coaching clients and you can hear from them, not just like how awesome we are, but like how they're actually doing deals and you're going to learn a lot from just, you're going to get so many golden nuggets.

I interviewed a guy, Phil Marsh, who's in the middle of nowhere, Illinois, and it's was not nowhere, sorry Phil, if you're watching this, sorry, a Springfield is this Springfield? Yes. Springfield, Illinois, I believe. It's a county of 200,000 people, okay. The county is 200,000 people and he's crushing it. He's doing lots of deals even in a small market and he dropped so many awesome gold nuggets. It was just an amazing interview and so we interviewed another guy, Gary Proctor, who's doing deals in Buffalo, New York, some other clients. Rachel and Matt that are doing deals.

So like, it's just cool to hear it from them, not from me, because you know, what do I know? Listen to the students that are actually doing what we tell them to do and you're going to learn a lot from them as well. So all of those case study videos are on this page. JoeMcCall.com/apply, okay. JoeMcCall.com/apply. All right guys, I'm out of here. Take care. Go to JoeMcCall.com/apply, JoeMcCall.com/apply. I appreciate you guys. See you. Bye Bye.

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