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Andrew LeBaron is with us today. We’re also broadcasting live on Facebook. Join us there if you can.

Andrew started in real estate after meeting an investor through his job at a bank call center. The investor was closing out 10 home loans, and that got Andrew’s attention.

Andrew credits Joe’s podcasts with giving him the gumption to make offers. He credits his LDS missionary background with teaching him that rejection doesn’t kill.

Much of his selling comes from Facebook postings and ads. He tries to keep content light so it will appeal to Millennials.

Make goals and stick with them. It is so important, which you know if you listen to Joe. Think of persistence as practice.

Watch and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Persist and adjust
  • Sells freedom lifestyle
  • Andrew uses video, Meetup, Facebook, YouTube
  • Be active in every investment group in town

Mentioned in this episode:

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