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Gavin & I are on our way to one of the workshops we do and we got a question from one of our clients. Like so many times, the questions we get are so relevant to everyone who follows us and we wanted to share it on the podcast. Every market is competitive. We were just talking about the power of follow-up, the power of the phone. If you can master this one thing then you’ll never ever have to worry about money again.

You're gonna find across the board that on average, it's five to six touches to land a deal from a motivated seller doing follow-up—that’s over a three to four-month period. No matter if you're doing wholesaling, lease options, owner financing, buying notes, short sales, foreclosures, whatever it is “your fortune is in the follow-up”. This is a powerful truth and Gavin & I were just talking about it, and we wanted to share it with you guys. Now… if you’re at all interested in one of the workshops that Gavin & I do you can click on this link to get more information: joecoaching.com/workshop

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