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Welcome to day one, part one of the “One Offer Away” Challenge!

It’s a fact that your speed to income is directly proportional to your speed of implementation. Studies have shown that the one thing that differentiates people who succeed is how quickly they put what they learn into action. The people who make the most money in our programs are the ones who take massive, imperfect action. If you want to make a lot of money, you have to make a lot of offers. We know this is something a lot of people ask for help with, so Gavin and I wanted to put something together that will help you get the momentum going.

You’re always one offer away from changing your life forever. Some people are so afraid to make an offer that they don’t start. If you want to overcome your fears and make your first offer, make sure to tune in. Throughout the challenge, Gavin and I are going to be teaching you about the four different types of offers and how you can make them happen. Today, in part one, we’re going to cover common “what if” questions people ask that prevent them from making offers. We dive into how to overcome those objections so you can feel more confident to get started.

We want to see your success! We’re giving away some great prizes to those who jump in and take action with what they learn, including coaching (valued up to $10,000) Head to the website below to make sure you get yourself registered. Click on the VIP link to learn more about my extra coaching call that covers my mind map in depth and my custom offer building and generating software.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Testimonials from Joe’s courses and coaching
  • Details on the Offer Challenge and how you can join
  • Biggest reasons why people don’t make offers and how to overcome them
  • The four pillars of information you need to make an offer

Mentioned in this episode:

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