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I’ve said this a lot of times but I will say it again, I love vacant land deals. My sons and I have been flipping vacant land for quite some time now and I love teaching people how to do it because there is money in dirt. In this special webinar, I will be teaching you how to buy “dirt” for $1000 and sell it for $7-8 grand on Facebook. 

Yes, you read that right…we’re selling it on Facebook. Then at the end, I will be giving you all an opportunity to join me in a case study in preparation for my new class coming up on January 24th. I’ve had my course together for about 10 months now but I will be updating it with a lot of new information and strategies, take out things that I didn’t need to talk about then and present new case studies. And I will be working closely with you!

Join me for this FINAL “Land Summit” ENCORE…where I recap & reveal the secrets of my most lucrative strategies to absolutely DOMINATE real estate in 2023…utilizing this little-known (and ancient) asset class! Warning: The class starts on January 24th, but the doors close on January 18th.


Go to The Land Summit.com NOW to sign up.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • My encore Land Summit webinar. 
  • The agenda and what participants can expect.
  • Why land is easier and faster than houses.
  • Steps on how to flip land.

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