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Here’s a little teaser of one of the things we’ll be covering in our FREE, LIVE 5-day workshop: the 5 simple steps we go through to do deals virtually. Gavin and I talk about the basics of getting and closing deals without even physically seeing the property.

  • Market research – pick a market, look into your own backyard and don’t ignore the small towns
  • Get a team – hire a virtual assistant, a local wholesaler and a realtor
  • Marketing – cold calling, finding tired landlords on Zillow, direct mailing
  • Evaluate deals and make offers – do not over-analyze the numbers then take too long to make an offer
  • Follow up – it’s rare to close a deal on the first call; be prepared to make lots of follow up calls
  • Sell the contract (BONUS!)

We go into the nitty-gritty details of these steps, explain them in-depth, and teach you how to utilize these basics in our FREE, LIVE 5-day “Virtual Profits Workshop”  which starts June 1st! No payment information required. This is ABSOLUTELY FREE so SIGN UP NOW!

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