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Gavin and I have been making deals virtually successfully for years now and we both believe that if you don’t need to physically walk into a property to close a deal, you can definitely be virtual.

To date, Gavin and I are at about 60k in wholesaling profits. But before we were able to get to where we’re making this much profit, we both had to go through major shifts in our businesses. We were both working long hours just to keep our businesses going until we went through 4 major shifts that changed the way our business ran. So, we asked ourselves these 4 major questions:

  • Why can’t I wholesale lease option?
  • How can I control the volume of leads?
  • How can I do none of this?
  • If I can do this here, why can’t I do it anywhere else?

These 4 questions shifted the entire way we run our business and we’re no longer working 12-15 hours a day. In fact, we make more deals by just working 2-3 hours a day while we’re traveling.

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