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So, I’m looking for an apprentice/partner to help me expand my business. I've done this before and gotten good results, so I'm rolling the dice again…

I'm using the word apprentice, but I really want someone who already knows wholesaling, lease options, land.

There will be coaching involved, but this is much more than a coaching relationship. This person must be someone who takes action, not someone who needs their hand held.

I've already announced this opportunity elsewhere, so there will be a lot of competition.

I'm good at setting up systems like voicemail, text response, Automated Mojo, hiring VAs, etc., which means my apprentice will be set up to succeed – and I'll be hitting a new market with him/her, doing a couple of deals a month.

It's not long term, there's no contract. You do some deals with me, some on your own. It's a relationship that can juice up your business and mine.

Listen and learn…

What’s inside:

  • Send a text to 888.901.4087 if you're interested in this position
  • Person hired will be my ‘boots on the ground' in a new market
  • We'll develop a marketing plan and CRM together
  • Goal is to get you 5 leads a day and keep you busy talking to sellers

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