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Hey guys! Today is day 2 of our “New Year, New Market, New You” challenge, and I'm so excited!

Today we are going to be showing you the step by step details on what to do in a new virtual market – for houses and land.

Listen in as we dive into day 2 of this brand new challenge for 2022… and if you want to join us LIVE the rest of this week, go to newmarketchallenge.com and sign up!

Here's a little more about the challenge…

What would we do if we lost it all? If we lost everything and had to start all over from scratch, how would we do it? Last year was tough for everyone around the world and it’s exciting to be greeting the new year with hopes that this will be a better one.

New year, new challenge perhaps? Well, Gavin and I are literally taking up the challenge to show everyone how easy and possible it is to enter a new market from scratch. We’re gonna prove it by doing it ourselves, as if we’re starting all over from scratch, and documenting what we would do. The goal of this challenge is for you to also be challenged and do it yourself!

A lot of people are starting over from scratch this year – you may have lost a job or are worried about losing your job. This challenge will teach you the fast action steps that we would take if we needed to make money quickly. On January 24th, our New Year New Market New You Challenge will start and it’s completely free! We’re going to be doing 3-days of sharing our secrets and strategies that we wished we knew when we first started out in the real estate business.

The things we’ll teach in this challenge are proven to work fast and sure as long as you’re willing to put in the work. With the technology right now, it’s a lot easier to generate leads, find people to partner with and do deals! The market is competitive anywhere and if you don’t do the deals, someone else will.

So make the decision! Join the New Year New Market New You Challenge now.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • New year, new market.
  • It’s easy to enter a new market from scratch.
  • What you can expect from our new market challenge.

Mentioned in this episode:

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