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I'm heading home right now from another Mastermind. This one was in Sedona, Arizona. I'm involved in about 3 Mastermind groups right now, and I always enjoy them and learn new things. I love talking about business with like-minded people/business owners.

I don't like Masterminds that talk too much about personal stuff. I want to get to know the people, but I go to talk about building and growing a business. I attend looking for, and always finding, information that can make a difference to my business.

And even though I enjoy doing my podcasts, I don't do a lot of speaking engagements, but as it turns out… I just spoke in St. Louis, and I’ve got more events coming up. I hope some of you listening now can come to an event. If not, tell your investing friends and colleagues who live in or near Indianapolis and Birmingham.

Listen in for more about my speaking gigs. Enjoy.

What’s inside:

  • Speaking schedule and locations on my website(s)
  • November 2nd and 4th in Indianapolis
  • November 4th is an all-day workshop
  • November 9th in Birmingham
  • Working on new presentation: automating wholesaling, lease options
  • My websites are under renovation – be patient

Mentioned in this episode:

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