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Register for the workshop >>> HERE <<<

See you in San Diego for my next Wholesaling Lease Options and Automated Wholesaling workshop?

Why might you want to go? I will tell you why you may NOT want to go…

  • If you're happy working 60 hours a week in your wholesaling business, this workshop will not be for you.
  • If you like throwing away a bunch of leads you think are “dead” because they don't have enough equity or motivation, this workshop will not be for you.
  • If you like competing against all the million other wholesalers in your market that are chasing the same high equity deals, you won't want to come to this workshop.

But you may want to come if…

  • You like money
  • You like the idea of creating a simple, fully automated wholesaling machine – in multiple markets across the USA…
  • You want a business that works FOR you, instead of you working for your business
  • You would like to wholesale deals virtually, from a cafe in Prague, a beach in Spain, or an RV in Yellowstone (like I have done)
  • And I could go on and on… you get the point!

This workshop will be in San Diego, July 28-29, on the Bay, on a boat – seriously.

I like keeping my workshops small & intimate, so we can help everyone who is there. We are only allowing 40 people in.

My good buddy, Todd Toback, will also be there. He is one of the biggest wholesalers in Southern California. And he's a great friend of mine… to boot.

We are going to be spending the whole 2 days talking about 1) flipping all those no / low equity deals as lease options, and 2) how to set up your virtual wholesaling business to run automatically.

This is not “theory”. This is actually what I've been doing since 2009.

Would you like to learn more? Register for the WORKSHOP HERE.

It's only $297 and it will sell out quick!



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