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I’ve heard a lot of investors say that they really hate working with realtors. I don’t get that at all! If you’re not willing to work with realtors, you’re leaving money on the table.

The best thing is, realtors can help you find deals, and they can help you sell deals. Like everything in this business, it comes down to your relationship-building skills. If you can get a realtor on your side, they’ll call you up with a deal before they go through the hassle of listing it on the market.

Using the internet, you can find a realtor in your target area pretty easily and get their contact information. I show you step by step how to do this with a few examples.

The best way to approach a realtor is to say, “How can I help you grow your business? How can I help you make more money?” They’re going to want to help you because it helps them in turn. It’s about creating a win-win situation for the realtors. When they give you more deals, they get more commissions. Plus, you can offer to let the realtor double-dip on the commission, which means that they represent you as the buyer, and also as the seller. Talk to them like that, and they’ll start seeing dollar signs.

You can use a similar approach to getting a realtor to sell your deal. Find them online, get their contact info, and reach out. Get the realtor on your team, and they’re going to find the agent, find the title company, and help you wholesale the property.

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What’s inside:

  • Realtors can be a huge source of leads.
  • How to find and approach realtors in your target area.
  • Create a win-win situation to build a solid relationship.
  • Realtors can also help sell your deals.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

What's going on,this is Joe McCall, this is the newwebinar of the REI Secrets series that I'm doing now. This isa webinar series that I doevery week, and I really enjoy doing it.I do a lot of live coaching callswith my students where I just ask questions. But this is one of the courseswhere I don't have toanswer any questions. I just get to teach, which I love to teach. And I love teaching tips and tricks andstrategies for doing more deals so you can get get moreleads, make more money, close more deals, learn how to talk to sellers, betterlearn how to make betteroffers, learn how tofollow up, learn the systems and tools and processes to grow yourreal estate. Invest business.

See, this business isn't that hard. And a lot of times what I try to do is just get us backto the basics because the people that do themost deals are the ones who are the best at the basicthings. And the guys that struggle the most, like I had for many, many years, struggled just by complicatingit too much and forgetting the simple things and trying to do too many things and trying to mix and match one strategy with another strategy. Take what this guy says and what this ladydoes andcombine it and make it your ownthing. Well, when I've done the most deals is when I've kept my businessthe simplest, right? When I just focus on the simplebasic things and I becomebrilliant at the basics.

I wrote a book on that called Brilliantat the Basics and you can't buy it on Amazon.I'm thinking about updating it and revising it. So that should be coming out soon.So stay tuned for that. Cool.

So I'm excited. This is a great market right now. We're working closely with some coaching students right now that are crushing it.They're just killingit. They're doingdeals.And when you hear people complain, sometimes it's discouraging, right? If you're spendingtoo much timeon the discussion boards or in the forums or sometimes at the local real estate clubs, ifthey're still meeting and you hearjust people complain about how hard it is to dodeals, it'sdiscouraging right now. You're like, oh, man, you know, I thought that this maybe is a bad this maybe is a bad time to get into the market. Maybe I should wait a year before I start doing any deals.Listen, stop that hogwash hate. This is like I heardthose same complaints frompeople back intwenty five and six when I was first getting started in the business hearing people complain about how hard it is to do deals and can't find anysellers, can't find any buyers. And then the market crashed and everybody's like,oh no, this guy's falling. You can do deals anymore.It's too hard to do deals. And theneverybody left. Almost tons of peopleleft the market.

And then in twothousand nine, that's when I quit my job and started doing deals full time because I was doingso many of them. And then twenty ten, twenty eleven like that was when that wasthe gold rush, right. Where it was easy to do deals because there were so many motivated sellers out there, there were tonsof deals to pick up for super cheap. But even backthen peoplewere complaining, oh, there's nosellers or there's sellers are too easy to find. There's no buyers that need deals right now.Right. And as the market starts creeping up, I just hear it all the time. And the longer you're in this business, the more you're going to see people complaining like it doesn't work or it's too hard.I've heard people say the average, you shouldn't expect a ceiling profit of more than five grand. I mean, you're doing really good. If you can get five grand, your average wholesale profit is going to be about three grand.

Well, if youbelieve that that's what you're goingto get untilyou start expecting things. It is. I don't it's not like a mind mental trick.You know, it's just like you startasking for ten thousand dollars in fees and guess what'sgoing to happen. You're going to start making ten thousand dollars on your deals.Maybe you'll only make seventy five hundred dollars. But that's a lot more than the three grand thateverybody said that you should be getting. So don't setyourself that these lower expectations. Right. It's so much easier to pull people down with discouragement and like all this doesn'twork then itis to pull people up. So that's what I'm trying to do here with these secret series, is pull people up and say, listen, it's not that hard. This is a good time to be in the real estate. This is a good time to do deals.Right. Every market ishard. There's always going to be challenges.

OK, let me tell you something really good book for you all. Do you want it? It's called Secrets. I don't alwaysdo this every week on the Secrets webinar series, but this bookright here, it's thick. It's areal book. See, it's not like written in twenty point font with lots ofimages and pictures. And I wrote this to be like a daily diaryof I call it daily nuggets of real estate investing wisdom to help you get more leads and close more deals. And every day you can read a chapter and it's all about marketing and automation.And I'm getting great feedback here. Thank you guys for the book. This is a great book. One of my friends and studentscalled it The Tools of the Titans for Real Estate Investors, and that's a book by Tim Ferriss. Quite flattered to getcompared to him, but you can get this book for free if you leave me to review. All right.I'm a show you how to do that here in just a second from your phone.If you want this book for free and I'm not goingto ask you to pay shipping, it's just going to be a PDF. So you get it for free, free, free,open up your phone, go to your browser and type in reviewJoe.net. It's going to take you to page. It looks like this. There you go. See that. It's going to takeyou to a page. Where you cangive me a review and leave mea good review or a bad review, I don't care. Just leave me. I mean, I do I would appreciate a nice review if you find that anything that I teach you in these podcasts on these videosand you could leave me a good review.

I'd appreciate it when you leave me a video review. The reason why I want you to do it from yourphone, you're going to put in your nameand email and phone number andall of that stuff and then say that you're not a robot. It's going to askyou to leave a video and you're justgoing to go through the steps to givethis thing permission to use your camera. You're justgoing to record a 15 to 30 minute video saying,hey, Joe thinkslike your stuff. Then when you'redone, it's going to send you to a thank you page where you can get this book for free. And I'm going to give you another book in there. I wrote it with a friend called Making Extra Money, Flipping Houses While On Vacation.We wanted we were trying to pick a really short name for a book, and that's what we came up with, make anextra money flipping houses while on vacation. I wrote that from a webinar thatI did teaching people what how weflipped houses while traveling to three months in anRV, which is reallycool. So you get that book as well. It's justa PDF. So go to ReviewJoe.net. Appreciate that.

Now, whatI'm going to be talking about today is how towork with realtors. Now, this is somethingelse that I'd heard for years and years. You know, likerealtors such it'shard to work with realtors and realtors hate investors. I hate investors, hate realtors.Listen, there isso much opportunity, so much money that we as investors are leaving onthe table because we'reunwilling to work withrealtors or we'reafraid to work with realtors or we think that the realtors are out to get us or the realtors are all mad atus because we're making more money than they are, I don't know.But there is a lot of opportunity to work with realtors.And I'm talking about findingdeals and sellingyour deals with realtors. And I reallystrongly recommendfor along time I've had my real estate license. I recommend you get your license. You don't have to have your real estate license to do deals.But I think thebenefits of getting your license outweighthe costs. And I thinkit's a good idea to get your license just to helpavoid all of thebrokering without alicense issues and debates and things like that.

But it alsogives you a little bit more credibility in a certain sense, because you have a real estate commission to answer to. You have a board of realtors for ethics and complaints and things like that. And so when you need to where your realtor hat, you can wear yourrealtor hat, when you need to wear your investor hat, you can wear yourinvestor hat. And there's times where if you become licensed, you always have to wear your realtor hat because like you always have todisclose that you're an agent. But that's not a big deal. Some people can argue prettyforcefully one way or the other why you shouldor shouldn't get your license.I'm kind of down the middle of the road. I think it's a good idea. You don't have to have your license to do deals, but Ithink you should. And I'll say this one more thing to especially if you're doing lease options and you're selling a lot of deals,if you don't want to become licensedyourself, then you should hire realtors to market and sell your properties for you.

OK, let's say you're looking for deals and you are just busy, right?You should find good realtors that could bring you deals that you can look at and make offers on. Now, I guess one of the other reasons why people think that realtors are just difficult to work with is they think that if a deal is onthe MLS, then automaticallyjust because it's on theMLS, it must not be a good deal because it's already been picked over. A ton of otherinvestors have alreadylooked at it.The realtor is helping that client get the highest price possible.They're doing their job. So they're going towant to much for the property. I'm not going to be able to find good deals on the MLS.

That's just flat out wrong. You can findlots of good deals on the MLSif you put in the work. It's not like you canjust sit down right now and go on the MLS and find a good dealand pick it up. It takes time.It takes you've got to make a lot of offers. You got to network with a lot of realtors.But it's a gold mine.There are a lot of opportunities.I play cards, poker once everycouple of months with some friends from church.One of the guys, verysuccessful rehabber, he just rehabs one or two or three houses at a time in great neighborhoods. Guess where he finds all of his deal from realtors?They call them up, say, hey, wethink we got a deal here for you before we listed. Do you want to golook at it? OK, and these are going to be deals that are totally trashed.They need a lot of work.They're hoarders homes. So a lot of timesrealtors would rather just call one of their investorfriends to see ifthey would want to make an offer on it before they go through the hassle of listing it on the MLS.

So I'm not saying that don't get that confused with pocket listings. That's different, but there is a lot of opportunity to network with reality. So what I want to teach you on today's REITSecrets webinar series is how to find these realtors, number one, to bring you deals. And number two, how to sell your deals. All right.

Now I'm just going to share my screen.One of my favorite websites to goto is Redfin and somebody wehave a bunch of people here onZoom, and I'veasked them before we started here, what's a good market tolook into? And the first one that I saw that I liked was San Antonio.So we're going to look at San Antonio here. I'm going to share my screen.And let me justsay to you, why woulda whywould a realtor want to work with me, the investor who's out there trying to make a lot of money ondeals, who's trying to get off market deals at the lowestdiscounted price? Right. Why would they want to work with.Me want to write, I want them to makemoney, so when I'm talking to realtors, I'm always talkingabout things in terms of, hey, Iwant to help you make more money, do more deals, make morecommissions.

OK, so it's alwayswhenever I'mtalking to a realtor or anybody in this business, it's not,especially if you're new in the business. Right. You don't want to find other investors and say, hey, can I take you out for lunch and pick your brain?Stop doing that. You need toapproach other investors. Other realtors is like, how can I help you grow your business? How can I help youmake more money? So when you cometo realtors with that mindset of helpingthem grow theirbusiness, helping them make moremoney, they'regoing to, in turn, want to help you, because when they help you, you're going to be helping them. So whenever I talk to a realtor, it's always I'm looking at it from their perspective. I want to create a Win-Win relationship here.I wantthem to give me deals because I'm going to give them morecommissions. And so when I'm talkingto a realtor, especially of a listed house, and I'm going to be offering a discountedprice oroffering some kind of lease option or subject to or owner financing orsomething like that, why would the realtorwant to work with me?

Because I want to tell them,listen, if youcan help me with thisdeal, I'll letyou represent me and you can get both sides of the commissions. There's a phrase that realtors use called the double dip strategy, the double dip commissions.Right. What that means is, Mr. Realtor, you can represent the seller and you can represent me as the buyer. Now, if thatbroker doesn't or that state or real estate commission doesn't allow that and there are a few places that don't allow dualagency, there's probablyanother broker in that office that could represent you. So it could stay in the same brokerage. Usually that's what you can do, right? You can have two different agents. But here's what to do,is you say, listen, Mr. Realtor, I want to make an offer on this deal that's going to beprobably a lowball offer. But I'm I'm just really looking for deals here. If this doesn't work out, maybeyou have seen something else. By the way,if you bring me a deal, I'll let you represent me. You can write up the contracts. You can get both sides of the commission.

When you start talking to realtors like that, they're thinking they're seeing dollar signs. If I work with this guy and ifhe's legit, I'm going to make more money. And if thishouse doesn'twork out, you know what, a week later, two months later, because I'm following up with that realtor and I'm sendingthem emails regularly. Hey, I'm looking for deals. Do youhave anything? They're going to be like, hey, you know what?I remember that guy, Joe. He's looking for deals. I'm going tocall him because sometimesthey get these properties that need way too much updating. They need way too much work. They're completely trashed. Foundation problems, termite problems, roofproblems, mold.There's a hundred things that can be seriously wrong with these houses. And the realtors don't want to mess with those. Right, because you've established a relationship with them, because you want that realtor tomake more money, they're going to bring you deals. That's the wholegoal of this.

What I'mtrying to say, one ofthe things that I learned about this early on was from somebody that I was working with at onetime down in Georgia. And this usedto be his main source of leads.You still kind of does it, but it used to behis main source of leads. You would network and start building his email listsof realtors and investors in his market. And every single week he would sendout everybody inhis network, an email, a little bit of content,but he would always be saying, listen, I'm lookingfor deals. You've got any deals? Let me know. I'm looking for dealsis what I'm looking for. I'm looking for these things in these areas. I'll take anything as is, no matter how muchwork it needs. Send it to me.If they need to sell right away and they don't have enough equity, send it to me. I'll do creative deal on it.They if it needstoo much work and they don't want tofix it up, let me know. I'll let you represent me.You can go every week. You would send a different email, shortand sweet to the point. No links to send the realtor to just. Hey, howare you doing Jim. Probably don't remember me. We talked a while ago. I'm looking for deals in this North Des Moines area. If you find anything, let me know.I'll pay you a nice commission. Thanks, Joe. Right.

Just every single week you would send different emails like that.And guys,what would that happen? What would happen foryou if you started doing this and everything? And this is something the VA could do, a virtual assistant could do for you. You start calling realtors,talking to them, adding them to freedomsoft, adding them to yourdatabase. And every single week, maybe once a month, send an email, send them a text. How are you doing, Joe? Here, don't forget, I'm looking for deals. If you've gotanything, let me know so that this is where we're goingwith this.You're networking with realtors, you're talking to them. You're being a normal human, being with them.When you sendthem a lowball offer, you're giving them a warning in advance. So you're looking for deals. And that's whythat's where this this comes from.

OK, so where was here we go. We're here in Redfin. One ofthe reasons why I like Redfin is I can find older listingsnow. San Antonio,it's a hot market right now. Let me zoomout a little bit. This is SanAntonio and a bunch of little towns allaround there arelike click apply filters. There's no filters.There's ten thousandone hundred and eight homes right now on the market. Those are new homes, land and everything. I'm just going to filterthis down a little bit, let's say houses only. And I don'twant the real expensive homes. I want anything under five hundredgrand and I'm going toremove new construction. I don't want new construction. I they had to have been built before. Twenty, fifteen, let's say.How many are there now. There's nineteenhundred and ninety five homes, there's almost two thousand homes under five hundred grand that are currently listed forsale. And these are houses only. I'm not doing beds or baths filtering. Right now, let's dosomething here, let's do more than 30 days. Now, if the market isso hot in San Antonio, what it is andwhat I have some of Austin in there, so I'm going to zoom in onemore time. There's just San Antonio. All right. If the market is so hotand all you need to do is stick a signin the yard and you'll sell your house overnight above asking price then. And there are 17 homes. Seventeen hundred homes in this area right now. Then you would thinkif I go to time on Redfinand I say more than 60days, there shouldn'tbe anyhomes. And that list should there? Well, there's three hundred and thirteenhomes inthe hot San Antoniomarket right now that have not sold in over 60 days. Do you thinkmaybe one of these sellers is like, oh, my gosh, I thought this market was white hot right now and this house hasn't sold yet?What's wrong with the House? Let's look at it.

That's nice.Maybe it's a little outdated. Wood paneling on the walls. Maybe people in Texas like wood paneling. I don't know what that is over there.There's wallpaper. Yeah, well,so this needs updating,right? This isn'tsomething that a retail buyer is going to be all that excitedabout buying. It's got this industrial metalroofing on the back with a carport. So no garage,I don't know, with a reason why this house hasn't sold. It's overpriced.They're just asking too much for it.So. But whathave you contacted therealtor, Karen Trueblood? Hey, Karen. My name is Joe. How are you? Listen, I love that house on Enid's Street. I'm an investor.I'm looking to buy more propertyin the area. I'm surprised it hasn't sold yet. What's going on? You know,they're probably just asking too much for it. They're not in thatmuch of a hurry. They're not goingto just give it away. They're going to think automatically if you're an investor, that you're going to your vulture and you're comingin to, like, stealtheir properties and make them aridiculous ball.

But I'm just calling to see a couple of things here.I want to callthis realtor up andcreate a friendship with Karen. So, hey, Karen, listen, I know you've probably been getting bombarded with other investors that are giving you lowball offers, but I'm just curious.It looks like a nice house. Why do you think it hasn't sold yet? What's goingon? I mean, are they negotiable on their price? They rejectedother offers. They probably have.They're yeah. They're not that negotiable on their price.OK, all right. So if Igave them a cash offer, no contingencies and I could close in like one or two weeks, what do you think theywould do?Well, it depends on the offer.Right. Well, what'sI know you maybe can't tell me, butI ask anyway. I know you probably can'ttell me what's theleast they would take.But technically, the realtors aren't supposed totell you that. But I'm telling you, one out of every ten realtors will actually tell you it's crazy, maybe one out of twenty.I don't know what it's like. You don't.Well, they theyI have one realtor one time. Tell me. Let's just say the house is two hundred thousand. The realtor told me, well they rejected an offer at one fifty. This is worth two hundred. They rejected an offer at one fifty. But they toldme the other day that they probably should have taken that on. I was like, youknow like fiftygrand less.

I did this onetime in Louisville,Kentucky, and I found a house that is listed forninety grand or something like that. It was in a great area. It needed full gut rehab, like really full get rehab.And it was a smaller house. And what I had done isI didn't call or text any of them. I just downloaded a list of three hundred realtors and I sent them allan email saying, Hey,I like your property ataddress. Hey, realtor name.I like the property you have listed on address and surprisedit hasn't sold yet. Listen, I'm just curious,before I send you a lowball offer, I just want to ask you, what would your client accept something inthis price range?

And so I, I downloadedall of these and I'll show you to dothis. And Icreated the spreadsheet that calculatedthis formula that would offer 70 to80 percent of the lowest price, I thinkis what it was maybe was 60, 70 percent of the list price. That's what it was,60 to 70percent of this price. So I just said, you know, Mr. Realtor Jim Smith, before I send you an offer, I justwant you to know I'm a legitbuyer. I buy deals. I've got the cash. Well, before I waste yourtime with a lowball offer that you're probably going to get upsetwith. Anyway, I tried to make my email. Superfriends, would they acceptsomething in the X Y price range? And so my price range was 60 to 70grand,so it was listed for ninety nine thousand. I sent them an email. Would they accept something between 60 and 70?That's what the realtor responded back to. Yeah. Send an offer. They would justlike that with one email. The seller drop their price. Thirty grand.Thirty percent.

OK, now I'mnot in Louisville, Kentucky. I don't know anything about that market. So I called up a local wholesaler friend.He was allexcited aboutthe deal. He said, I'll go look at it right now. And so I was doing this with another student. And so I justgave the I just put my student and this whole semester together, I don't know if it ever turned intoa deal or not. So that's what we'redoing here, is we're calling theseagents. We're saying,hey, Karen, how are you doing? I'm calling about this house on ETD Street. Looks like a nice property. Curious. Why hasn't it sold yet?Are they going to. It looks like it's a little outdated. Do you thinkthey're going to do anything to this wallpaperbefore they sell it? They're just going to keep it there. And so maybe when I'mtalking to them, too, I'll goin and I'll say, like, they're askingto buy the fourbedroom, two bath, two thousand square foot house. While I'm talkingto the agent, I might click.On this map here, click on nearby Homes for Sale and I mightzoom out a little bitto see. Well, OK, so these are active listings. I see there's a propertythat's a little smaller. It's down the street, but it's it's for sale. Doesn't need any updating for two or one.I mightgo here to more filters, turn off for sale, turn soldon. Let's go last six months. Supply filters. All right.

Zoom out a little bit because that house is right in the centerof the map. All right. The house is right in the center of the map. And I cantake this table and I can sort it byprice. And let's say I want to filter tothis even more to some square footage. I'm going to houseis only let's do square foot, let's do between seventeenfifty and twenty fivehundred. There's no matches. So that's a neighborhoodwith smallerhomes, houses only six to fifteenhundred and twenty five hundred squarefeet. No results. This might behouse that's too big for the area. I don't know.Let's do it in the last year. There you go. All right.

So I'm talking to the realtor. I saythere's a propertydown the maybe a mile away that's sold for oneseventyseven. That's alittle bigger. And it was on the market for three hundred and seventeen days.Let me just ask you something.This house, they'retrying to sell it for two or five. Do you thinkthat's a fair price for this crazymarket? I mean, this house was on the market for threehundred seventeen days. It sold for oneseventy seven or this property.Boy, this isa real nice house. It's sold. Doesn't need anyupdating. It sold for one ninetysix thousand two hundred and fifty nine days. I'm just asking,I don't know anything aboutthe market. I know you probably know this marketbetter than most people, I'm sure.Right. It's the same house. I don't know what's going on there, but look at the down market here, some crazy high times.So this is an area that's telling me that there is not there's just probably asking way too much money.I don't know how much inventory there zoom out a little bit more.

So now I've got seven properties, sort of my price list.There's a there's another house I see here for one hundred and ten.That's about the same square footage.Why what's better about this house?Why would I want to pay two hundredand five for your house and I buy this one forone hundred and ten or this one for one hundred and six. One hundred and sixty thousand. Anyway, I'm just doing thisas to getsome discussion withthe realtor to findout what's going on in this house in particular I'm looking at here. Let me give you details. This houseis needinga lot of work. This is a home that a realtor took with and took pictureswith a knife and they did not hire a professionalphotographer to come take these pictures. OK, there'ssome portraitpictures. You know, the house is cluttered. Do you think, inretail buyers going tobuy this house they didn't even take the time to to make their bed is a retailbargain to buy? This is not an investor might.It has been on the market for thirty five days. Call the realtor up.It's a great property, is built in nineteen ninety six. And here's what I'm asking them. I say, listen, before I send you an offer, just curious how negotiable are they on their price.OK, go ahead andsend them a cash and say, well you know, it'sgoing to be, I'm goingto be probably like one hundred and twenty hundred and thirty price range. Is that going to work for them or probably not.You see what the realtor said.

You can also say, listen to this.What if I could get you there asking price is one sixty nine. You don't think I'd be interestedin maybe doing a seller financing or Icould maybe just take over their mortgage or something like that? I mean, they're not in a hurryto sell, are they. Oh, did you write that down. Let me write that down for you. But that was a great question there. Listen, I'm looking tobuy more properties in thisarea. And Mike, I'm lookingto buy more properties in this area. And if you can help me with this, I'll let you represent me. You can give both sides of the commission.All right. But I'm going toneed to work. I need you guys need to work with me or something. You're right. This price isn't going to work. It hasn'tsold yet. Why do you think it hasn't sold yet?This is a hot market, right? I keep on hearing how hot and crazySan Antonio is right now. Is it a hot market or not? Why was this guy has been on the market for thirty five days and not sold yet? Oh, it's just it's overpriced. OK, so they're not motivated yet. They're just not they're going to sit on that price until they sell it. I'm just pushing the pain button, pushing the hot buttons here. Right. Like how long.They're certainly probably they're not in a hurry to sell this thing.Right. OK, so I'mjust talking to the realtor asking them questions and I'm tellingthem, listen, I canif you help me with this deal, I'll let you get both sides of the commission and you can represent me. You can represent theseller if this doesn't work out. Mike, do you have any otherproperties in the area? I love this neighborhood. Right. Do you have any other properties in the areathat might be that needfixing up like this thatmaybe I could look at?

You understand whatI'm doing there. I wish I could see you guys. I wish I could see your feedback here, because this is good.You like the stuff you want my book, if youhere review and this book is chock full of things like that.Things I say to sellers, different marketing that I do, different followup tips and tricks that I doand things like that. So go reviewjoe.net and get this book, get more tips like this. All right.

So anyway, what we'vegot here, remember, we are looking at this. These are houses under five hundredgrand madebefore built before twenty fifteen that have been on the market longer than 60 days. How many are there. Three hundred andthirteen. Sweet. Guess what I can start doing now. I can start going through this and looking guess what. This property. Why is this thing sold yet? Well, I think it needs update, it's got green curtains, weird kitchenlooks, the cabinets are great, but the floor is kind ofweird, weird countertops. I don't know what's going on there. Oh, great. Look at that door. It needs updating. They're asking too much for the property. Maybe this I don't know who buysflooring with ceramic tile anymore. Maybe they do in Texas. Bathroom needssome work. A lot of work.Yikes. Look at the side of the house. This is going to scare the retail buyer.Maybe thisis a rentalneighborhood,big giant hot water heaterthere. Is that what that is? All right.Maybe this is a rental property or used to be a rental property. Doesn't have central air. It's got windows, air conditioning. Yes, location is amazing.It's in a state owned home. Maybe there is a death in the family. The home hasexcellent separate unit for Mother in Law Suite or a possible rental. Let's give George a call now.

How do you find George's phone number? Because guess what? You're not going to find it here on Redfin. Now, sometimes you're not going to find it on Zillow, too, because Redfin and Zillow make their money by showing these properties and then other realtors, other buyers, agents will pay them to get their information or Redfin has their own agents. And so when you click scheduled to or ask a question, it's not going to the listing agent. It's goingto somebody whopaid money to get their list, get their name on there. All right. So what I like to do sometimes I go to realtordot com and look it up onrealtor dot com because usuallyyou can contact the agent right here so youcan email the agent. This is the listing agent. You can call the listing agent right there, contact agent right here. That's only going to let you email. I'm going to show you howto get more information on thatrealtor.

So this is George Sanchez withsimple real estate ventures. OK, let's Google him. George Sanshin. There we go. What's this first thing that came up? This is a page about George, good looking guy.There's his cell phone number. Sometimes you find an email address in here. Sometimes you find it on the right hand. What I have ad blocker up and sometimes you canget their stuff there.Here's a link from home.SNAP George Sanchez. I was justlooking here to see if I can find an email. Normally, after a couple of three clicks, I canfind an email. Real estate. That's Saboor Sabr. There's this email.You can't see it here. But look, if I don't know how well you can see it, if I click on Contact Me, there's his email address.You can see it in this. If you highlightit in the bottom, there's text. It's Compre Azawi at Gmail dot com. But you can fill this out. It'll send him an email. One more thing here. I'm going to show you a shortcut to all of this. Here's LinkedInprofile. All right.So there's a ton of things in here to find this guy's information. You can also guess what go to propstreamjoe.com Look at this property here. Get a 14 day trial there, propstreamjoe.com.

Click on MLS details. You can see the ownersown this house for twoyears, its owner occupied. And if I scroll down, OK,sometimes depending on this city, depending on what's available or not, there's the agent's information. There's a phone number. But you'll also get their email address kind of depends on the most areas. You'll have the phone number and the email address. OK, there's there's the realtor's contact information.Give them a call, contact them. And I'mshowing them how you can get all ofthe realtor's contactinformation in theentire state of Texas for Supercheap, because you just keep on Googling and you'll find his email. You can email him from here.You can email them from other websites that you find the realtors information.OK, but call them talk to them. If this housedoesn't work out, ask about any other propertiesthat this guy might have and say, listen,if you ever find a property that needs alot of work, do you mindif I just send you my contactinformation? And if youfind something, you can contact me and I'll let you represent me. You can get both sides of the commission or whatever, right? Yeah.

So then I got the realtor's email and phone number and I'm going to be following up with them at least once or twice a month. Hey, this is Joe. You probably don't remember me, but I'm looking for properties in SanAntonio in this area. If you findsomething, let me know. Doesn't matter how much work it needs, I'm asking them is is their price negotiable? How quicklydo they needto sell it? What are they going to do with the money? I'm just curious when they do get it, if I could get them that price, if I'm going to cash offer, it's probably going to be more like one hundred and twenty hundred and thirty because this house obviously needs a lot of work. But what if I could get them the price of two hundred? Would they consider maybe owner financing or something like that?

I mean, it looks like this property has a lot of equity in there is a mortgage on it here, a fortyfive thousand dollar loan on it. Right. So maybeI pay off the mortgage and then do othercarryback financing for the rest.But I'm just asking the realtor. I'm going to say the realtor.Listen, if you can connectme with this or help me with this all creative financing offer, I'll still make sure, George, that you get your full commissions. You know, if I can maybe I'll get you all of the commissions nowor some of it now and the rest of it later. When I cash up front, I do a final cash out of the seller.OK, this realtor, they just want to help this client out. But it's been on the market sixty one days in a really incredibly hot market and most. By this point are getting nervous, like I thought these things were selling quickly. I'm reading everywhere in the news and all my friends are telling me all these otherhouses down the street, they're sellingquickly and this thing hasn't sold yet. And sometimes sellers, again, they just need time to cook. It's been 60 days if not sold this thing yet. They need time to cook. And then day 90, you know what? Forget it, screwit, drop it.Knock 50 grand off because you've been following up with that agent.

Guess who that agent isgoing to call first thing they're going to call youbecause you said, listen, I'll let you represent meand they're going toand you can tell the seller, the clients, theagent to listen if they ever droptheir price. Call me, please. I'd love to make an offer on it.All right. I think you guysare picking up what I'm laying down right now. Are you smelling what I'm stepping in? This is a nice house. Why isn't it sold yet? Man, this is a great lease option.And then aninvestor probably fix this property up, rehabbed it and they haven't soldit yet to be great owner financing deal. We put a lot of money into this thing. They don't wantto just rent it to a tenantis going to trash it. So what if I'm the tenant andI rent it and I tell that seller I'll take care of all of the maintenance and repairs and vacancies? You have to worry about anything. What if I could rent it from you for just a year or two and thenbuy it forone hundred and eighty thousanddollars? That wouldn't work for you, would it?All right.

I'm going to have to leave here in about 15 minutes because I've got to take my son to the dentist.But I wantto I got more to say. Maybe I'll have to break this up into acouple of videos. So that's why I love Redfearn here.Right, because you can now get all of these properties here. Just Google the realtor, call them up and email them. Now, there is a simple faster way to do this as well right here in Redfin. You see this link right here. Download all you can. Click thatand download allof those. How many? We have three hundred and thirteen homes into a spreadsheet. And here's the spreadsheet right here. If I open it up, it's going to open it up in Excel. You can't see it, but all that Redfin gives you is the address of the zoom in a little bit.They're going to giveyou the address of the property city state, zip the price, the beds, Barth's community, whatever subdivision square footyou're built, days on market link, MLS, no GPS coordinates. OK, that's all they give you. What can you do with that? Well, if you were a subscriber to propstreamjoe.com, guess what you can do?You can upload that list of three hundred and something properties that you downloaded from Redfin. You can upload it to prop stream and guess what prop stream will do. Prop Stream will give you all of the information on those properties.

So I just did this yesterday on a on a demonstration coaching call and I did this for Tulsa, Oklahoma. I downloaded a couple of hundred properties that were older listings, and I uploaded that list into prop stream Joe and Prop Stream, thenappended a bunchof data to those properties, which is just amazing. So I uploaded one hundred and ninety five properties. And get this, this isn't Tulse. I did this yesterday. There's one hundred and twenty nine of them have a high equity. Ninety seven of these properties that I uploaded are free and clear. What if I downloaded all of these. I'm not going to send them a letter saying, hey, you want to sell your house, I'll buy it. No, they of course they want to sell it. It's on the MLS. But guess what? I could send the realtor and the homeowner a letter. I can send them an offer. I can send them an offer for whatever they're asking. Price is if they'd be willing to own or finance this property right now hasbeen on the market. I don't know for how long. Ninety something days, it says is pending, but it's maybe it'spending in the last couple of days. But their list price is one hundred and ten. What if I sent the letter,a letter to the owner or theseller saying what if I could get you the one hundred and ten, would you consider doing seller financing? And in fact, so the rent on this is about ten, twenty five a month. What I would do is I would send them an offer. Ten, twenty five divided by two is five hundred and twelve dollars. All right Mr. Seller, I'll pay. I'll make you an offer right now. I'll pay you one hundred and ten grand for this property and I'll pay you five hundred and twelve dollars a month until pay. Just send them a blind offer.

And I have a cover letter and a one page letter of intent that I send to the seller and you can send it to the realtor. By the way. How do you get that? You can get that apartnerwithjoe.net, you can opt in to this thing. You get a free of a free version of the offer software that justdoes cashoffers. But if it's seven bucks, if you want the training, that's a class called Partner With Joe. I'll get you the training and another software or an expanded version of the software that helps you calculate lease options and owner financing offers and gives you the proposal that you can send. So anyway, go check it out, partnerwithjoe.net.

But here areif I go in to Prop Stream, here's this cool thing now it shows me all these properties that are free and clear that are currently listed on the MLS. They haven't sold yet in sixty days.All right.Look what else that this gives you in prop stream. It gives you the owners first and last name. It gives you the owners mailing address. A lot of these are absentee owners. They have these properties that haven't sold yet. They're on the MLS. What if I contact the realtor and contact the owners and send the owners a letter, send the owners an offer? I'm not trying to go around the realtor.I'm just saying, listen. If you want tosell your house, give this letter, give this letter of intent, give this offerto your realtor. What if Itook. All right.

There's forty nine properties that have low equity, eight properties that have negative equity. What if I send them a lease option? Let's go back to Prop Stream here. OK, so what I was tryingto show you was now youhave the owner's information, you have the owner's address, and you just keep on scrolling. You have their last market sale date. So I could say, all right, show me all the ones that they have owned for over ten years. And then I can say, show me all the ones that are free and clear. And then here we go. Now I can get the agent'sname, phone number and email address. OK, here's a man.This is a property that hasn't sold yet,been on the market fora long time. And if I click on MLSdetails, scroll down here. It's Amanda Pierce.There's your phone number. There's youremail address.Tulsa dot com.

So the cool thing now is from Redfin. You download all of theseproperties, you click on that,download all you can, then upload it toprop stream and you canget then what property does is it depends all of the public record information and the realtors and information into theproperty here. OK, here's Greg McGee.What is this, some kind of weird property that's listed for sale? I don't know what's going on here, but I click MLS details, scroll down. There's his name, phone number and email address. So what if I sent them to these people an email saying, hey, I'm interested in this property? Would they consider something in this price range? Would they consider maybe seller financing or at least purchase?OK, all right. There's an email rightthere for RonDyer. Super cool stuff. All right.

I got afew more things I want to share with you here. We talked about finding sellers, finding deals. So look for what I like to start with is looking for the older listings. And I like using Redfin and I just call the realtors and I text them and I email them. The next thing to do is how do you find buyers? How do you find realtors to bring you buyersfor your deals?

Again, let's stay here on Redfin. All right. And we're stillin San Antonio. And let's say I've got a property and I'm going to draw a new area here. Let's say I've got a property in this areaof San Antonio. I'm going to go here to train BTIG for sale off sold on last three months. Nine hundred and ninetytwo homes that have sold. All right.So that's a little too expensive. I mean, too many.So I'm going to make a smaller drawing. Let's say I've got a property in this area here.Now, I don't know if this is the suburbs.It's a really nice area.I don't know. It's just pickit. I'm going to zoom in a little bit more. All right. And I've got a property that needs some updating. So this is I picked a pretty nice suburban area here.I can just tell if I'mselling a house, it's going to be in anolder neighborhood. So what I'm going to do here is fix something. Let me reset. I'm going to lookfor houses that have sold for under two hundred thousand dollars in the last three months and see where they're mostly located. There's very few up here and there's a lot down here. So if I'm a wholesaler, there's probably a lot of deals in this areathat investors are buying. All right.

So I'mjust going to draw let's say I've got I got a house in this neighborhood righthere that I'm negotiatingwith the seller on. I got a deal from whatever marketing I'mdoing and Iwant to find and this is a virtual market. I want to find a realtor to help me sell this deal. Some Azera show me all of the houses that are soldin the last three to six monthsunder two hundred grand, I can say houses only and just go with that click apply filters. I'm a sort this buy price. And so here's a house that's sold in April that if I'm looking through the pictures needed updating.Right.I'm a click view. Details this home sold three months ago. Oh, guess what I have here. Look at this. It was listed by Annie Esperance's Esparza and it was bought with Annie Esparza.So it tells you the listing agent and the buyer's agent.This is gold, right?

Let's look at this next one right here.All right.Normally what you see is thislisted by CarlosMendoza, bought withRaymond Galván. All right.What if I have a property in thisarea and I Google Raymond Galvin? Let me remove that trustee thing. All right. And here's his Facebook profile.Here's his LinkedIn profile. New Western acquisitions office details. So he's one of the realtors here.Click on his Facebook profile here. So you have to message him.Here we go. Here's the phone number. You can Facebook message himand say, hey, Raymond, how are you?My name is Joe. Listen, I got a I got a propertythat I'm trying to sell rightnow in the something terrorist subdivision. And I see that you just recently sold a property there to a buyer. It looks like it was a property that needed some updating, needed some work.Right.The property on Palm Drive. Listen, I don't know if you'd be interested or if your client would be interested, but I got another property here that I think is a pretty good deal. Would you or your client be interested in maybe buying this from me?I don't know, something like that.So what I'm doing is this client, this realtor is representing some investor. Maybe they're the investor themselves that just bought this property. And they're probably looking for more.This was afull gut rehab that maybe didn't finish. I don't know what's going on here. And it's probably, you know, we're always looking for good deals. And by the way, Mr. Sellar, Realtor Raymond, you know, you can represent me and get some commissions. I got this deal I'm trying to sell.If you want to represent me,I'll pay you a five thousand dollar commissions orsomething like that.

The same thing I'm approaching it with. How can Ihelp you, Mr. Realtor, makemore money with this deal.One other cool thing.This is seven eight two two eight is the zip code. Right? One of the cool things about prop streamthat I like a lot as well, it's let's look up that zip code seven, eight, two, two, eight. And I go here to filter. There's a quick list called flippers. I don't know if there's going to. Yeah, there's some here. Good. So what is flippers. Flippers. These are properties that have been recently purchased by an investor and they've rehabbed it, fixed it up and now are reselling it because it's on the MLS. Look at this property here.This looks like a rehab. Very nicely done. It's staged. OK, guess what? You can go inhere and find out who the listingagent is. You can see they'veowned this house for three months. It's a non owner occupied home.You cango in and see the transaction history theybought. It depends on ifit's a disclosure state or not. Sometimes you click on cash. Yeah, they might you might not be able to find the price that the previous owner bought it for, but it was listed before for too. This is the current list price.You have to have access to the MLS to find the previous list price. Maybe, I don't know. But he'll look at this. Here is the realtors listing agent's name and phone number. No email address, but the agent is Sarah.There's a phone number. Call her up and say, hey, this house is beautiful.The house on pad get it.Looks like it's in recent rehab. Is that right? Well, I got another property not too far away that might that is looking for. It's a property that I thought I was going to buy it. I've decided I don't want it any more. Do you think you or your client are are you looking for another property that maybe you could rehab, by the way, always compliment. This is such a great rehab. You did such a nice job with this thing. Are you looking for any more deals? Are you or your client looking for any more properties that you can fix up and sell? And chances are, again, they're going to say yes.

I say, all right, well, I got this. Let me send you the address. I mean, take a look at it. I was going to buy it, but I decided I don't want to anymore. I'm just going to sell it. I'll pay you afivethousand dollar commission out of my if you help me bring a buyerto it. OK, so I haveanother contract forseventy five. I'm going to sell it for ninety some.My, my wholesale fee would be 15 grand. I'll pay a realtor five grand to bring me a buyer. Why not. I'm still going tomake ten on it rightnow. That, that realtor is working with me, that realtor can helpme findthe agent and find the title company that will let me do the double close or the assignment that realtor is understanding. I can tell the realtor, listen, I was going to buy this. I've decided I can't right now, but I have it under contract, so I'm just going to sell my contract to somebody else who wants it. So now the realtoris going to be on your side, on your team. It's going to thinkmore creatively on how they can helpyou wholesale this thing. Does that make sense? All right.

So cool. Is that helpful, guys? So I had morethat I wanted to cover,but I think I did pretty good there, actually.One other thing I'll say, too, is if you want a list of all of the realtors, if you just Google real estate agent lists and this one is really big here it is. It's real estate agent lists, dot com, but there'sdashes in between.So it's realestate-agent-lists.com. You can get a list of all of the realtors in the whole country or in a certain county or in a certain state. And it's super cheap. And so what you can do is if you know, like if you're looking at Redfin here and, you know, the agent is Annie Esparza and it's hard to find her phone number and email address. You can buy thislist from realestate agent lists, dot com and look up Angie or whatever her name is and get her contact information. And this list, like for the state of Texas,the state of Texas, theseven hundred ninety eight bucks that you can buy, the wholestate forme, for the whole country, you can buy the whole country for sixteen seventy six. A Texas is the biggest state in the union almost.So it's going to be the most expensive.But Montanais eighty six bucks, Missouriis two hundred sixty two dollars. But you can even go down if you want to and do it by county and you'llsave some money. You can do just like St. Louis County to forty nine so you canpick different states. I don't know what county San Antonio is.You'll save some money. Maybe it's Bexxar. I don't know. All right.

So I hope that'shelpful to you guys. I got to go. Listen, if you want this Book of secrets, please just leave me a review. Go to reviewjoe.net from your phone and put in your name and email and all there. And it'll because it just wants to verify that you're a real person. I'm not outsourcing my testimonials to five or something like that. That's going to ask you to turn on the camera on your phone. Just please leave me a quick, simple video review. If you're a lady and you don't. Have your makeup on, then that's OK. Nobody is going to care but do it in the dark or something like maybeyou could put it where the light the sun isbehind you so nobody can see your face or something. Right. But just leave me a quick video review like, hey, this is what I like or don't like aboutJoe, then submit it.It's going to ask you to verify that you are who you are. And then it's going to take you to a thank you page where you can get this book for free.Get this book at reviewjoe.net.

Appreciate you guys. I got to go take my son to the dentist. He's getting a filling. I think this is his first filling.So pray for him. I hate fillings. I'm going to stay in the waiting room. I'm not goingto be in the dentist room. But he's a good, strong kid.He's going to be fine.

I appreciate you. We'll see you guys later.

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