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For some reason, there’s always been a disconnect between investors and realtors. I want to banish that forever, because if you’re not working with realtors, you’re missing out. They have the resources to help you find deals and get the highest price, whether you’re looking to sell houses or land. When it comes to investment properties, you’ll want to work specifically with an investor-friendly agent. It’s really easy to find them and I’ll show you the tools and tricks I use to do so.

Realtors can list your properties on the MLS where they’ll get thousands of eyes. They can also act as boots on the ground if you’re not working with local real estate. With residential homes, they’ll be able to tell you what kind of neighborhood a listing is in and provide some insider information. If you’re working with vacant land, they might be able to provide information on local codes and zoning restrictions as well as whether there’s water, power, and sewer. Realtors also have access to premium listing accounts and websites and marketing resources. It’s well worth it to research these folks and reach out to them – they make great partners.

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What’s inside:

  • Why real estate investors should work with realtors.
  • How to find investor-friendly agents.
  • How to talk to agents and get them to represent you.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Hey, what's going on, everybody? Hey, Joe McCall here, welcome to REI secrets. This is about a weekly or semi weekly video series that I do where I just teach some really cool things and I talk about some secrets, quote unquote out there, although there are no secrets in real estate. On today's episode, I'm going to be talking about the importance of realtors and how to find investor friendly realtors that can help you do more deals, find deals and sell your deals for you. For some odd reason, there's been this always been this kind of conflict or animosity. Maybe it's too strong of a word, but there's this disconnect with investors not liking realtors and realtors not liking investors. And I want to banish that forever right here right now. Listen, if you're not working with realtors, you're missing out. I'm not saying you have to get your license, although I think it's a good idea, you know, definitely. I think the benefits of getting your license outweigh the costs of getting your license. But here's the thing. If you're not using agents again to help you find deals and to help you sell your deals, you're missing out for a couple of really, really big reasons. Number one, any seller that's out there that's thinking of selling their home. I've seen studies on this at least 80 percent of them. The first person they think of calling is a realtor. Eighty percent of any homeowner that wants to sell their house immediately thinks of calling a realtor. OK. The second reason why you want to work with realtors is you. That's the one of the best ways to get the highest price for your house. So when you want to sell your house? Guess what? If you stick it on the MLS, you're going to get a lot of eyeballs. So when somebody is thinking of selling house, they call a realtor. When somebody is thinking of buying a house, they're going to go to Zillow. They're going to go to Realtor.com. They're going to call a realtor. So ignoring realtors, I think, is a mistake and you're going to be doing that to your peril. So on this video, I'm just going to teach some of the things that I've done in the past and I'm doing today to help me find investor friendly realtors.

Now this is important to understand just because your cousin, your neighbor, your friend from church is a licensed real estate agent does not mean that you should work with them. All right. They're going to tell you, Hey, listen, I have access. The mortgage brokers do this all the time to like I have access to all the same inventory and all the same properties that everybody has, right? I'll help you. I'll work hard for you and you want to be nice to them. You don't want them to be offended if you choose to go with somebody else. Do not do that. Maybe you can do that if you're wanting to use work with the realtor to help you find your own personal residents to live in. Right? But when it comes to investment properties, you want to work with an investor friendly agent. How do you find them? Well, actually, it's really, really easy. And I'm going to show you over some of the things I do here. I'm going to show you how to do that for free online, and I'm going to show you one of the premium resources that I use with propstream. And I'm also going to talk about how to do this for vacant land. And so, yeah, I got some cool things to share with you. I'm excited about this. And also, if you have any questions I'm coming at, you live right now on YouTube and Facebook. So if you have questions and you type them in the comments like Pam, right here, let's go Pam. Hello. I can put your comments on the screen and I can answer any questions you guys have, and we can have a good old, jolly time talking to each other. All right. So also, this series is called REI Secrets, and I have a book called REI Secrets that you can get for free. Just pay shipping and handling. It's a real physical book. It's actually got real text in it, and it's designed every chapters about one or two pages long, and it's designed to just kind of give you some inspiration, some ideas and motivation for doing deals. So if you want this book for free, the real book and just pay shipping and handling, go to REI Secrets dot com. If you want a free PDF of this book, all I ask you to do is go to review Joe Dot Net from your phone and leave me a video review from your phone. If you go to review Joe Dot Net. Don't do it from your laptop. Do it from your phone. Go to review Joe Dot Net. It'll ask you to leave me a review, and you'll be cool if you can leave me a review, whether you leave me a good or a bad review. It'll still take you to a thank you page where you can get a PDF of that book for free. All you need to do is leave me a nice review. An honest review. OK? I'd really appreciate it.

All right, so I want to show you some things here. I'm going to share my screen with you, and hopefully I can get this to work. In fact, I'm going to move this guy over here. All right. And then I'm going to share this screen right here. Window film. Oh, and by the way, what you see right here is the secrets secret. Com When you go here again, you can just get a free copy of my book and I'll send it out to you in a few days. Just pay shipping and handling. All right. Nice. All right. One of the first places I like to go is Redfin. Redfin is one of my favorite websites. In fact, the deals of you guys right now on the on the chat, in YouTube or Facebook, please type in a state. I should have asked for this at the very beginning. Please type in a state where you want us to look at and I'm going to show you how to find good realtors in different markets in that state, for houses and for land. All right. So go ahead and type in the comments. Right now, whether you're watching and YouTube and or Facebook type in a state, I'd appreciate it. And while you're doing that good Ohio. Thank you, Meredith. Meredith, you won a prize. I'm going to look at it. Let me make this a little bigger there. All right. So let's go to Ohio. How about Cincinnati, Ohio? Cincinnati, Ohio Bagels, the Bengals. They almost won the world. I mean, the Super Bowl, the World Series of football. All right. Let's look at Ohio. And when I go to Redfin, I like to click right here. Remove Outline. All right. And some of the things I like to do is I'm looking for an agent. Number one that can. Let's do this. Let's look for an agent that can maybe help me find some deals. So one of the things I like to do is I like to make sure I'm looking at houses only. All right. And I want cheaper homes. So let's do homes under $100000. And I think Joe, there are none in Cincinnati under $100000. Oh yeah. Well, there's a hundred and thirteen of them right here. OK. And let's do well. This might be fine here. There's three hundred and thirteen homes, and this is kind of sorted by days on market right here. If you start looking at them, I'm looking for homes that need updating. Like, this is one that needs updating right here. Now, this is only been on the market 12 hours. In fact, let me let me show you something else that I like to do. I want to go down here to time on Redfin. I want houses that have been on the market at least no more than 30 days. All right. So here we go. There are eighty six homes on the market now. This is Cincinnati. Some of you in California, just stay with me here. Bear with me. You may think, Well, Cincinnati is not San Diego. True, but even in a hot market like Nashville or San Diego or Denver, you're still going to find homes that have been on the market for a long time. And the reason why I like these houses is because any realtor that's willing to list this property right here, you know, the commission for this deal, they're asking forty two grand for it. You know what? They're probably not getting that much that big of a commission. All right. And this is in an area. I'm suspecting that is where a lot of investors will be buying and selling homes. All right. These are a lot of these are multifamily rental homes. It's a beautiful church. All right. So in this neighborhood, I don't know anything about this area. There's a lot of investor activity. All right. And one of the previous videos I showed you before is how to find the hot zip codes, right? And you could always then do the same thing. I'm showing you right now and go see in these specific zip codes, where are investors buying and selling homes? OK. This is a great looking house, and the reason why I think it's a good investor home. It's a smaller property, right? And there's no interior photos and it says keep the tenant or take over occupancy. So this is a rental property. So who's this guy? John Bolling EXP Realty. There's this phone number right there, and there's his email address. All right. Now I've done other videos in the past as well talking about how to send, you know, you can pull up a list of all of the properties that have been on the MLS for over 90 days, let's say. And you can send the realtor and the owners or offer just a blind offer say, Hey, if I can get you your price of eighty four, nine hundred, would you be willing to do on refinancing or something creative like that? And it's a great way to find owner financing deals.

But anyway, all right. So what kind of realtor do you think? You know, you see these realtors, they have the big billboards and you know, they send you things in the mail with the glossy photos and some kind of play on words with their names. You know, it's like stupid and annoying. Those are not the realtors that you want to work with. Those are the high producer, top producing agents that are working in the nicer, newer suburbs that are doing tons of volume. They do not like working on these kinds of homes here. All right. Only an investor friendly type of realtor. And this is a realtor. I don't know. I've never called John bolling before. The Exp Realty is a great company. I suspect this is a realtor that is newer in the business, is hungry, is willing to work hard and hustle to try to make a little bit of money on this. They're probably getting two or three thousand. Commission on this house. All right. And this is a guy, maybe it's a realtor that works with a lot of investors. Well, guess what? That's who you want on your team. Why? Because no one is willing to list houses in these neighborhoods and number two, he works with or she works with a lot of other investors. And so when you get a deal, they might already have buyers for it. That can help you sell them faster for more money. Right? So the first thing I would do is I would call this guy up and say, Hey, John, I'll just do a practice role play here. Hey, John, how you doing? Joe McCall here calling about your house on Sterrett Avenue in Cincinnati? Nice. Listen, I'm an investor. I'm in Missouri. Can you tell me a little bit about this property I'm interested in? OK, and just start asking a bunch of questions. All right. I see it's been on the market for thirty five days. Why do you think it hasn't sold yet? What's going on? Have you gotten a lot of offers on it? Can you tell me a little bit about the owner situation? There's a tenant in there, what are they collecting and rent doesn't need any work? What is the interior photos look like? I mean, this realtors probably getting tired of being asked questions about what is the inside of the property look like. You know, it's interesting is they don't show in these pictures here. They don't really show the garage. I mean, you see it, obviously. But like, so you know, ask, what is there any water damage? What's the what's the structure like in that garage? A lot of times water gets down there, it becomes a mess. But this is a great little neighborhood. Oh, it's next to a busy street. I don't know if that's a dumpster in the back of their yard or what, but you know, ask the guy, Hey, what's the what's it like here on that street? Is it really busy? And say, Listen, you know, I'm interested in this house. Are they negotiable on their price? I don't know if eighty four thousand nine hundred is a good deal or not. I'm looking here on the market. I see some. Let me let me do this right here. Go in the house is only let's zoom out a little bit. I'm going to sort this table by price. Zoom out a little bit more. OK, I see some properties here that are listed for forty two for seventy nine. Why are they asking eighty five for it? Why would I want to pay eighty five when I can buy this one for seventy nine, that's got two more bedrooms and is five hundred feet bigger. And you can also then real quickly switch to sold in the last year in this neighborhood. You got too many of them, so I'm going to zoom in the house we're looking at is right in the center.

All right. So I'm seeing some homes that sold in this neighborhood for twelve thousand eighteen thousand twenty one thousand thirty four or forty five. So I'm asking I'm bringing these up to the realtors. All right. So I'm just I'm expressing some interest. And by the way, this is the whole point. I'm wanting. I'm trying to get to here, Mr. Realtor John, you know, I don't have any agents representing me, so I don't know if your broker allows this, but you could actually represent me as well as the buyer and you can get maybe double dip for commissions. Maybe you get both sides of the commissions you can get. So what's this real? You're going to think like? Oh yeah, now I'm only going to make a thousand bucks after my broker gets paid on this deal. If I can represent the seller and the buyer at the same time, I get both sides of the commissions, so you'll notice when you bring that up to an agent, the tone of the conversation completely changes first there, like they find out you're an investor, you're calling them to lowball, you know, and they're just frustrated. They're going to tell you, No, listen, I mean, the owners they have already rejected offers. It's 60 grand. They're pretty firm. They're not in a hurry. Stop calling me unless you're serious, right? They're going to say, go ahead and just make an offer. So there's kind of like automatically this defense or this wall, that's up. But when you sell, I'm I'm looking for an agent to help me find more deals. You can represent me, get both sides of the commissions and they know you're a serious buyer. Then all of a sudden, like they just seem to be a little tend to get a little nicer and I can't blame them, right? Whenever you're talking to an agent and this is really important, you need to approach the conversation like you're there talking to them to help them make more money. You're in there helping them to make more commissions and all that good stuff. But by the way, David Olds is in the house. What's up, David? Good old boy from Tennessee. Listen, you want to find a really good nationwide closing company that can close all of your deals? Go to close like Joe dot com close like Joe dot com. That's a service that David Olds has. It's a nationwide transaction coordination closing company that will let you do. They'll will help you with your lease options. You're subject to your owner financing your innovations, your double closes your assignments and nationwide, so go to close like Jio.com to connect with David Olds. Thanks, David. Glad you're here!

All right, so anyway, you're talking to this agent. You say, Hey, you can be my buyer. So then there won't be much more open to maybe presenting your offer to the seller of owner financing or something like that, right? Or maybe they'll be more open to tell you, Yeah, you know, they might accept something they're getting. They're get. A little bit more motivated, they might accept something in this price range. Go ahead and just make an offer. I can see what I can do. And then by the way. Hey, John, do you have any other properties in the area? Because I'm always, always I'm always looking for something. I want to talk to the realtors who are are already familiar with homes in these areas because they know what's out there, right? And here's the other cool thing they bring me a deal. Guess what? They can be my boots on the ground. They can be. They can take pictures for me when I start marketing the home. They can actually answer buyers questions and let the buyers in, and they can be my local boots on the ground. Super important to have an agent on your team. Now, if you're a wholesaler, I'm not talking to them. I'm not using wholesaling language. I'm talking about them. I'm an investor. I'm looking for deals, so you need to be prepared. You need to be able and willing to close on these deals. You need to be willing and able to close on these deals with hard money. That's something that this invest in. This realtor probably can put you in touch with some good local hard money lenders that can help you on these deals that make sense. They can also probably put you in touch with some other investors that either lend money on deals or buy deals. And yeah. OK, so that's one thing I like to do. Number one is go after older listings and neighborhoods that are that need work and talk to these agents. Right? Same goes to being said when you find a property, and let's look at another one here. Some of this is land. It's funny because I said house, and they still bring me some that have this just vacant land. Here's one we are kind of in the sticks literally and figuratively. You can see where this is in the in the red. Wait, there's one. All right. Let's let's look at. All right. This is a good one here. I don't know why this looks like a good one. Let's say you get a property under contract in four or five two. Oh, five. Guess what? I got a property under contract for four or five two oh five. You can go into Redfin here, do a search for that zip code. This is maybe one of the areas that have a lot of activity, a lot of investor activity, and I'm going to switch here to sold last six months. All right. Guess what? A lot of these properties were sold by agents, and these are cheaper properties, right? Again, these are areas where investors, when you're wholesaling properties, typically you want to be in the areas where there's a lot of investor activity where you know, a landlord is coming out from California and buying these properties in Cincinnati for eighty five grand, putting some money into them, they're renting them out for, you know, eight hundred thousand bucks. So guess what? I got a property under contract. This one sold in thirty two days. I click on more info. Some sold a month ago. Oh, about a boom, bada bing looking this listed by Tim Cottrill. Whatever and you notice again, it's not ces cips S. Klein, right? This isn't some Coldwell Banker Keller Williams like big national Berkshire Hathaway broker, right? Same with me and shepherd. Who? What is that? Well, guess what? Nicole Wagner is the buyer's agent who sold this property to another investor, and let's look at this property. This is a property that only an investor would want to buy. Could you agree with that? This one needs to forget rehab, huh? All right. So guess what? I get a property under contract and four or five, two or five, I'm going there looking at the soles, looking for a property that needed work, and I'm calling these agents. There's her name sold by Nicole Wagner at gmail.com. And there's your broker's phone number right there. You can also just kind of Google her. She looks like a nice lady. Right? And talk to her about what she does and see if she has a website or something like that. She doesn't have a ton of reviews yet. Two from Facebook. Seven from home Snap. I suspect she works with. She's a newer agent and she works with a lot of investors. Does that make sense? What I'm saying? So I'm going to call her up and say, Hey, listen, what's your name? Nicole John McCall, I'm an investor. I actually live in Missouri, by the way. You always want to. You never want to pretend to be somebody you're not. That's so important when you're talking to agents because they can smell your authenticity or in authenticity from a mile away. So if you're a new investor. Be honest with them and tell them, I'm a new investor. I'm just getting started. If you're from out of town, don't pretend to be some big shot with a ton of money. Who's buying a bunch of deals? You know, forget the whole fake it till you make it thing. I don't believe in that. I think that's stupid. That's really bad advice. Fake it till you make it is bad advice. Don't do that. You want to be honest. You want to be a truth giver and a truth seeker. So if you give the truth? You should expect the truth from people that you're talking. It's always going to help you in the long run. Trust me on this.

All right. So Nicole. Hey, my name is Joe. I'm an investor in Missouri. I'm kind of new in the Cincinnati market. I think I have a property that I'm looking at buying in four or five, two or five. And I was wondering if you could maybe answer some questions for me. And I don't have an agent representing me, so maybe you can help me find a buyer for it. Can I ask you some questions? Cool. Listen, I see that you sold. You had a client that bought a property on Glen Way Avenue back in January or something like that. This is your client looking for any more deals in this area. OK, maybe they are. Maybe they aren't. But guess what? Maybe she can list the property for you now. When you list a property on the MLS, you need to be number one. You need to be able to close on the deal. So that shouldn't be a big deal for you, right? Because you've got hard money lenders lined up, you've got private lenders, you've got transactional money or whatever. Maybe you're partnering with another local wholesaler who has access to the money. Now, how much is a realtor going to get paid? They'll list this property for 50. Maybe you have it under contract for 30. You just have to make sure you have their commissions. You have to make sure that you have their commissions built into your price. So, you know, property like this, you're probably going to pay about five to six percent in commissions. Not not. It's pretty normal. So $50000 House six percent is three thousand dollars in commissions. Maybe you bump that up a little bit because here's the thing you be like, Joe, I don't want to pay commissions. I want to keep all the profits for myself. Here's the thing when you list properties on the MLS, you're going to probably most likely get a higher price. Most of the time, then you would if you were trying to sell it on your own. So it pays for itself. Using realtors will pay for itself. Forget about I mean, it's small thinking and small minded thinking. If you're worried about paying these agents or commission, just stop that right. They are worth every single penny you pay for them because they're going to save you time and hassle. They're going to take care of the buyers for you that want to go look at the property. They're going to take pictures, they're going to inspect the house, they're going to tell you about the neighborhood, they're going to tell you, Hey, listen, you might be careful about this house. There was a murder and this has happened to me several times. There was a murder next door a few years ago. Everybody knows about it. There was a suicide in the house or my stupid, crazy stuff. But like a lot of these, realtors know this stuff and they'll find out about it. Or they'll talk to a neighbor and the neighbor will say, Listen, you know, there's a there's a gang that lives across the street or there's a bunch of like you just got to be aware of that stuff. It doesn't mean you can't buy the house, but maybe go back to the seller and negotiate a lower price. The realtor is going to tell you, Listen, this is a rough neighborhood. I mean, maybe this doesn't look bad. There's a there's a weird house right across the street that's got it's not a weird house, never mind. They may tell you there's a railroad track in the back. There's a landfill in the in the front. Whenever there's some commercial there, they're going to tell you things that you wouldn't know otherwise unless somebody was actually looking for you. I'm looking there you go. Satellite view. I mean, you can tell a lot from looking at the satellite, but just it's nice to have a boots on the ground, so you can't afford not to have an agent and agent's going to help you get better deals. Right. And they're also going to help you sell these deals at a higher prices. Hold on one second. All right. So you see what I've just done there have go and I look for where there's investor activity. I look for the agents that are listing properties and I look for agents that are selling properties in my target zip codes, and I'm going to call them and talk to them and try to see if we can do business together.

If anything, guys listen. This is really important to you. Want to start collecting emails and phone numbers? Thank you of agents that are working in these neighborhoods because you can call them. Here's what you do, and you zoom in a little bit. You're doing deals in Cincinnati right now, by the way, you should let me scoot over. All right. You should be taking these phone numbers in these emails and writing them down because these are agents again that are willing to work in these neighborhoods and you should once a month, once every couple of weeks. Sorry, I'm super thirsty. It's not soda. It's our sparkling water with no sugar. I think I hope no sugars, no sweeteners. All right. So once a week, once a month, send out an email, a voicemail, a text message. Hey, Tim, Joe, here you may not remember me. We talked a little while ago. I'm looking for deals in Cincinnati, in the North County or in four or five, two or five. Do you have anything? I know an investor in Atlanta very competitive. It's always been competitive. But there was a period of time where he didn't never he never did any direct mail, cold calling, texting, all he did was every week, email his entire database of realtors and investors and rehab and hard money lenders and title companies in the Atlanta market every week. And he had thousands of them, and he would just say, Hey, I'm looking for deals. Do you have anything? And he would rephrase that every week. Sometimes he'd send an email teaching something like an educational email or like, Did you know, like, these are the top five mistakes that rehabs make? These are the five things you need to watch out for. If you're a landlord, though, you'd always say in these emails, I'm looking for deals. I've got money. If you have anything, please send it to me and I'll pay you commissions or I'll pay you a nice finder's fee or whatever. So if anything, you're building the relationships now. That's my whole point. You're building relationships with these agents and with these and other investors that you're talking to get their name, get their emails and constantly once a week, once a month, send them texts and emails, maybe even a sly broadcast and say, Hey, you probably don't remember me. We talked a little while ago. I'm still out there. I'm still looking for deals. If you've got anything, if you have any off market properties that need work. You just want to make quick fat commission check. I am looking for deals. Please send me anything and everything that you have. Makes sense. All right. Real important. I hope you guys are picking this up. All right. One of my other favorite ways to find realtors for houses, and I'm talking a minute about land as well is right here in prop stream. If you go to prop stream Joe, by the way, as I'm going through this guys, if you have any questions, please type them in the chat prop stream Joe.com. I've used prop stream for years and years, and I love it. I use it all the time. There's a great feature in here to find realtors or to find properties that have been recently fixed up and flipped. Called for flippers, I think is what it's called, right? So let's go to how about another city in Ohio? How about Columbus? Columbus, Ohio.

All right, cool. It's zoom out a little bit. Maybe. And let's go right here to filter and go to quick list choices. Flippers, hopefully we get some. All right, good. Now what is a flipper? A flipper? Somehow prop shimmy as a way to find properties that have been purchased by an investor, an absentee owner and then re listed shortly later on the MLS at a higher price. So for example, this first one that comes up here, if I click on it, this one is pending. It was listed February 25th, so about a week ago or so, it's already pending. And you can see it was purchased Nov. 20 21 for eighty two thousand five hundred. And now it's for sale for two hundred nine thousand. So who purchased it? Well, this guy heels home lt'd from Columbus, Ohio. Let's look at some of the pictures here. So it looks like they did some yard work. Looking inside looks really nice. By the way, these are, I bet you, a glass of iced tea. This is not really staged. This is just a virtual furniture. I may be wrong. Maybe it is staged. What do you guys think looking at this picture? Do you think it's virtual like a pictures or do you think it's actually real furniture? Maybe it is. It's kind of so hard to tell. It's kind of funny. Some local mills will tell you, like if you use virtual pictures, fake furniture in your pictures, you need to disclose that it's fake pictures anyway. But you can tell this is not a retail investor. I mean, this is this is a home that's been rehabbed and fixed up. Nobody's living in this thing right now. It's vacant and a rehabbed. It came in and bought it, fixed it up and has done a beautiful job with this rehab. I mean, it's just incredible. Look at this. This is the garage or the basement. It's maybe, maybe it's a garage kind of interesting in that beautiful home. So they bought it a couple of months later. Fixed it up, resold it, and it's already pending. They're probably going to make a real pretty penny on this. So I'm seeing the comments here. We have Tang Ju, Schoen says it looks like it's real furniture. James looks real. Meredith impossible to tell somebody else looks virtual, and Meredith is saying yes. It costs a lot of money to stage. So who knows now? What's the point in this, Joe? What's your point? All right. Look, if you go right here to if you have props, dream props, bring Joe dot com. If you click on most details, guess what you see here? The agent information. James E. Ross primary phone number right there. Six one. Four, two, eight nine seven three five five. There's his email. Jim and Jim Ross Realtor. And there you go. All right. Guess what? I'm going to call this guy James. Hey, James, how are you doing? Now I'm telling beautiful house. Congratulations, I don't know. Did you? Do you work with those clients that rehab that property? It's just incredible. It's really beautiful. Good job. I'm complimenting the house and complimenting the pictures, you know, and they're listing. It looks like a really good listing, and I'm going to tell them, Listen, what's his name? I forget James. I am an investor and I got an I have another property in the area. I'm thinking about selling it. Which is your client looking for any more deals like this? Oh, nine times out of ten that realty is going to say, Well, yeah, they're always looking for deals. I mean, every rehab or I know they're begging for inventory right now. Guess what? This realtor now is going to be working for you. Sell them. Sometimes they don't even want. They don't even care about a commission getting a commission from you because they know their client is going to pay them a commission and they're going to get to relist the property after it's been fixed up and they're going to get a much bigger commission. So sometimes these realtors, again, they're just not they don't care about you paying a commission, so you may not even want to offer it. But guess what? This guy is going to give you a great buyer. This realtor is going to give you a great buyer who is looking for fixer uppers. You understand who are you guys with me? Are you? Are you picking up what I'm laying down? I just wish I could see you all live right now. Are you picking up this gold that I'm laying down? Guess what? Hey, James, I'm just curious. Do you know, how did your clients find this property? Did you help them find it? Are they active buyers? Are they buying? What areas are they buying in right now? Are they OK? So then you try to find out who these buyers are. These are buyers with cash. They're looking for rehabs.

Listen, I come across properties all the time, James, that I sometimes buy or don't buy and I'm a wholesaler. Maybe I might find a deal that your clients might like or might want. What are they looking for? Find out from James what properties there buyers are buying right now. What kind of shape do they need to be in? What would they be willing to pay for these properties? And it's going to be it's going to be amazing. Good question from W. E. Smith has upstream been able to get up to date info from the MLS now? It hasn't before. All right. So there was an issue earlier, but with with perhaps dream not getting any more data Mlss data from the MLS. Here's the thing. They're not getting sold data from the MLS. They're getting active data from the MLS, but they're not reporting sold data any more from the Mlss. So sometimes in non-disclosure states, you have the county records with sold data and you have the MLS data with solid data. So perhaps the only thing that got rid of was the sold MLS data. So that makes sense. So you can still get active MLS data, but not the sold MLS data, Abdul says. I love how you explain it plain and simple. Good, Mandy, good stuff. James Yes. Good, good. Golden Nuggets, Joe. Thank you very much. And the silence Seawolf says I'm picking up the ideas. Cool. Are you guys are with me here? Sometimes I'll say annoyingly to some people, Are you smelling what I'm stepping in? Do you see why realtors are so critical to your success right then? Because why they know these neighborhoods right? They know the buyers. They they get these deals before anybody else does. They can put it on the MLS and sell it for more than anybody else can. All right. Speaking of the MLS, I want to just show you another thing that is really, really cool tool and it's called broker list dot com. Sometimes you get a deal and you just you want to sell it for the highest price possible. The best thing you could do is listed on the MLS. Now you could go hire a realtor to list it for you, or you can listed MLS by owner for ninety nine bucks. If you go to a broker less dot com broker less, you see it right there. Dot com, you can list a property, by the way, Edgar, you can still get comps from prop stream. All right, it's going to give you sold comes from county records, not the sold comes from the MLS records. So in very few markets, is that even a big deal? OK, so broker less for ninety nine dollars, you can list your property by owner on the local MLS. They'll also put it on Realtor.com and they send it out to sites like Trulia, Zillow and MLS MSN.com. Now, here's the thing about this you got to understand Sometimes Zillow makes it very, very difficult to list, even for sale by owner homes. And in some markets I've seen it where. They they won't even list by owner anymore, and or they won't even put the owner's phone number on the for sale by owners anymore. Why? Because that's not how Zillow makes their money. Zillow makes their money by collecting money from agents to be listed as premier agents so they can get their, you know, their information on their property. So when you're looking at it for sale by owner or even a listed property and you click send me information or ask a question or schedule showing, it's not sending that information to the listing agent, it's sending information to a buyer's agent that is paid Zillow a lot of money to show you their information. So this has always been a huge source of conflict between the Realtors and Zillow. It's why a lot of realtors hate Zillow is because Zillow is there in this business to make money, and that's how they do it. That makes sense. And they don't allow listing agents to actually be the ones who are going to be contacted when somebody is interested in their property that they find from Zillow. So the cool thing about doing a flat fee listing like this is it's going to put your property on the biggest platform out there, the Mlss Realtor.com and Zillow. So I was saying before Zillow makes it very difficult to list properties for sale by owner. You have to go through this verification process. And that's good because it prevents a lot of scam scams from being on putting being put on Zillow. But when you're when you're a legit wholesaler, it's it's very difficult sometimes to get your properties on Zillow, which is a little nations. It's the number one real estate platform out there, right? So for $99, you can listed on the MLS, which will send it automatically to Zillow Realtor.com on the MLS, etc. All right. Now what's going to happen is on the MLS, it's going to say, what is it going to say? It's going to say you need to call the owner for more information to see the property, whatever. You're also going to have to put on there what commission you're willing to pay the buyer's agent so it can be whatever you want. You could say I'll pay the buyer's agent's commission only a thousand bucks or two percent. So generally, though, you want to be between about two to three percent of what you would pay the buyer's agent if they bring you a buyer to their house. So don't be greedy or stingy, either. I mean, if you're talking, you're only talking on a $200000 house. A one percent difference in commissions is only two thousand bucks, right? So it's when you're when you're making when you're making 30 grand, 50 grand on a house, you know, a couple of thousand dollars is not a big deal. The time that it saves you, the more buyers you get, the more on your team they'll be and try to help you close the deal. It's going to be better, so you'll save that money in selling it faster and you'll be selling it for a higher price. So don't don't get stuck or trip up with paying realtors commissions on your deals.

All right now, when you do this broker less scam, you're going to get it out there on a big platform, but you're going to have to be the one that kind of negotiates the deal. You're not going to have an agent representing you. If you're an experienced wholesaler, it's not a big deal, but this is a great way to get your properties on the MLS. Cool. So you're the seller's contact will be shown on the MLS. The the other thing I wanted to say to is No, never mind. Oh yeah, OK. I was going to say, Is this what this what this website does is they will connect you with a local broker that is a discount broker. So it's not like there has to be a broker in that city that participates in this. And the usually every city has one of them, so they'll still send you stuff that you have to sign. And if you're wholesaling a deal, you might need to get some extra paperwork signed from the actual owner of the property before that listing agent will actually list the property for you. So you just usually it's not a big deal, but you don't have to explain to them what it is that you're doing if you're doing this. All right. So this, by the way, also is a great way to list your vacant land deals. If you want your vacant land deals on the MLS, you should do something like this. OK? Anything else? Any questions about what I was just saying? Good question from Meredith here. Can you put lease option deals? Can you list lease option deals on broker lease? Yes, you certainly can. But here's the thing, though, when you when they put you in touch with your buyer's agent with the seller's agent because it has to be a broker, you have to explain to them what it is you're doing. I had a student in Florida and I think she was in Orlando that did this all the time. She would do lease option deals should get it under contract to lease option like a sandwich lease option. And then she would actually put it on the MLS to auction the down. Payment option deposit money. An auction so she would schedule an open house, get a bunch of people there and they would bid you to advertise it as a lease option, and they would bid on the option deposit and she would get huge amounts of option deposit money and really good tenant buyers because you'd get a bunch of people there all at once. Create a buying frenzy and it was great. So she would do that with she would list the property on site like this and find these discount brokers that would do it for her didn't have any problems. So you just got to, like, go ahead and try to figure it out. But they just pay the pay, the 99 bucks. They will put you in touch with a broker and you just tell them what you're doing. I have a lease option deal. This is what I want to do. This should not be a problem. All right. Any other questions go and type them in here.

I got a few other things I want to show you real quick when it comes to vacant land, where here's the thing where if you've got a property, if you've got a vacant lot that's above 15 to 20 thousand dollars, I highly recommend you pay an agent to list your property for you. All right. And on a vacant land, you're going to pay about 10 percent. Now you might be freaking out 10 percent. What? Well, listen again for only a twenty thousand dollar house for I mean for. I'm sorry for a twenty thousand dollar vacant lot that's only two thousand dollars, and you should be making a minimum of 10 to 15 grand if you're selling it for cash. So it's not a big deal to pay a couple thousand dollars. But here's the great thing about this, though these agents are going to take care of handling all the calls, taking the pictures, making sure that somebody can get there and knows what the property is looking like. Maybe even stick a sign in the yard. I'm telling you sticking signs in yards, you know, at the entrance of a vacant lot out of the middle of nowhere will get you a ton of calls. All right. So anyway, let's say we're looking at. Let me let me show you something else. Let's go to land watch dot com. Let's go to Ohio. I just want a real quick. See, like what parts of Ohio are? The heart is an active market where there's a lot of activity. Let's do max. Hundred grand. I'm looking for the cheap, rural vacant lots and let's do two to 20 acres. There's 493 listings in the state of Ohio under 100 grand to 220 acres. Most popular region is the southeast region in the northeast region. I'm guessing that these are areas where there's a lot of camping and hunting and larger lots, a lot of wooded areas, not a lot of farmland. These are areas where you know, people may go to go hunting or whatever, and Taboola County is one of the hottest, biggest ones. Let's see where Ashtabula, who lives in Ashtabula County? Wow. Ashtabula County. Is that? OK, so it's next to Cleveland. Interesting. It's near the lakes. So this might be an area where it's kind of maybe in the path of growth, but it's in an area where, you know, people that live in Cleveland want to get away, get out in the country, maybe even people from Pittsburgh or something like that. This might be an area where they're going to look to buy properties, but see what's in Ashtabula here. So you can buy 12 acres for sixty five grand. I'm going to sort this from low to high two and a half acres, about four five grand 4.5 for twenty seven. It looks like, you know, that's a combination of a prairie and wooded lots. Now I'm going to look at one other thing here. Let's go back and let's remove. So now all we're looking at here is Ohio under a hundred grand two to 20 acres, and I'm going to go down here and select solds. I don't want to look at actives. I'm just looking at sos. Well, this is interesting. I'm there are more sols and under contracts than there are actives. What is that telling you? And by the way, these are not. These are just sold on the land dot com websites. If you want more accurate sold vacant land data, go to prop stream Joand get it there. But because that pulls all of the sos from county records, these are just sos from that were marked as sold from the lands websites. That makes sense.

All right, so now I'm looking here. These are just properties that are sold are under contract two to 20 acres under a hundred grand in Ohio. Look at this. The Southeast region has a lot more activity. Seven hundred and eighty four and Adams County is much. I don't even see that other county I was looking at. It's not even on this list here. Is it Adams County? Let's see where that is. All right. This is much more rural. Oh, this is perfect, right? This is an hour or two hours away outside of a big city. This is an area that's probably really pretty. Looks like there's a river that goes through here or some you can see the darker greens are usually national forests or. State parks or something like that. Maybe there's a lot of hunting, a lot of guys and families go out here to camp, right? Their four wheelers shoot their guns. It's a beautiful area, right? Let's click on Adams County and you can buy guess what cheap rural they can buy? These are sold right? So you can buy almost four acres for $8500. Yeah. So if I'm in Ohio and I'm looking at vacant land, this is one of the counties that I'm going to target. How much competition do you think like if you look at this guys, all the competition right now for houses and in Ohio, and it's and it's big, you know, they're targeting Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio. But guess how many people do you think are targeting properties out here? What was the other county that we were looking at? Well, anyway, so this is a great area. Adams County. All right, boom. Let's say I'm going to do some direct mail. I'm going to find some vacant lots here in Adams County, and I'm going to, let's say, a vacant lot out here. I find it's 10 acres and it's worth about 30 grand. I'm just saying three thousand dollars an acre. It's worth 30 grand. So let me look at my calculator here. So if it's worth 30 grand, I'm going to offer 7500. All right, I'm an offer $7500 now. If it's worth 30 grand, if I'm selling it for cash, I'm going to sell it for maybe twenty five grand because I wanted to sell fast. So if I sell for twenty five, I'm buying it for 75. What's my profit? What did I say? Twenty five thousand minus seventy five hundred. My profits go about. No, no, it's not right. I'm selling it for twenty five. Sorry. Yeah, my profit is seventeen thousand five hundred dollars on that thing right now. If I'm going to be paying about a 10 percent commission on a twenty five thousand dollars sale, I'm going to be paying twenty five hundred dollars commissions. So I don't know. I'm going to make fifteen grand profit. I'm OK with paying an additional twenty five hundred dollars to an agent to do all of this work for me. You understand. All right, cool. So looking at Adams County, Ohio, guess what? I see Steve's realty here. Who is Steve's realty? Well, I don't know, but he's selling a lot of vacant land, isn't he? Do you think this might be somebody I want to call? You bet your bottom dollar. It is right. This is a guy. Here's an office on a mobile phone number. Here's his website. A lot of times you can tell from their website that it's a realtor because it looks crappy. No offense realtors like it's not even working, but I don't care if it's. I don't care if the properties on his website are not. I'm just looking here. He sells a lot of vacant land, so I'm going to contact him and see if he can sell my property. And guess what? He is also going to tell me, Hey, listen, Joe, that area of the county, you don't want to do anything out there. It's just not a good area. Nobody wants to be out there. Here's a Mossy Oaks property realtor. So this guy, Steve's realty selling a lot of properties. Here it is. Look, Steve's Realty has been listing and selling beautiful Adams County properties for over forty four years. Guess what? He knows everybody that's out there looking for vacant land. All right. These are active listings here. Yes, guess is going to go out there and take these pictures for you there. Those realtors are, in fact, they're going to take pictures from their phone of the partial or whatever and their portrait mode pictures you might want to tell them, Hey, listen, can you please just do landscape photos for me? But let's see this website link works NY state MLS. I don't know what that is, but these guys can still do owner financing for you. You can still advertise owner financing on them. But guess what? These realtors now, excuse me, are going to do all of the work for you. You got to be really clear and careful what you tell them. Listen, I want you to make sure that all of your all of my properties go on the Lancome websites and guess what? He's already a premier partner, so he's already spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month on being a premier listing agent on these land websites. OK, so he's already got the account. He can put you on there. He can probably put you in touch with somebody that can go. Take some pictures of these properties. You can probably put you in touch with somebody who can take drone footage, which is always really cool to have drone footage on your property. And he's probably going to have somebody that puts a sign out there and you can tell them, Listen, I'm doing owner financing. I want you to put one of those writers. You can put a writer on a sign that says owner financing available that will triple your calls when you can do owner financing. Makes sense.
So and look, I mean, this guy has all of the properties out here and my looking at this right? Another thing you can do, though I like to look at, is the lands of America. Let's go. Let's look at another county here real quick. Let's remove Adams County. Let's remove Southeast Vinton Vinton County. All right. I'm going to write then. And County Ohio includes residents. No, let's look at solds in Vinton and under contract to apply filters. All right, there's four hundred twenty nine under contract and sold. So let's look for let's say it's a we have a 10 acre property, so I might do five to 15 acres a year. 42 listings that have sold in Vinton County that are sold are either under contract. All right. And you can click Map here. And if you could even go in and kind of look around if your property is right there, maybe you know who are these agents that are listing properties right there. But here's a guy. First thing that comes up is a signature partner, a real tree united. I like how you know anybody that's selling land. They understand how to do it. They take pictures with that. Look good with the blue sky in the background or a really unique feature like this. And yeah, so this is a a good realtor to call. I would call all many of them, as you could guess what? There is a phone number. Jason Williams. They're going to do all the research. They're going to tell you whether a vacant lot can pass a drug test or not or who to contact for a drug test who the utilities are. They're going to tell you whether if there's power or water or sewer, what are the codes or the restrictions are going to tell you, Hey, this is in a good way. That's in a bad way. You tell that agent, listen, I'm looking for properties that my buyers can, you know, do whatever they want on it. They don't have to worry about age, away restrictions or whatnot. And he will tell you, Yeah, this is good area properties in this area are selling for this. This guy has a website that actually works. All right. I hope you guys get this. What I'm seeing here is real important if you want to sell your properties fast for the highest amount of money with the least amount of work, hire a realtor to do it. If you're looking for off market deals, if you're looking for realtors that are familiar with the neighborhoods who can bring you really good deals, work with a realtor. So get it out of your head that realtors are not good to work with because they are. I think I've said that 100 times here during this episode, so I'm hoping you understand what I'm saying. Any questions about what I'm talking about here? I'll get a question from Nyke. Why would someone want to buy just land? What's a good question? A fair question. Sorry, I'm laughing at you for a lot of reasons. You may want to ride their four wheelers. They want to go camping, they want to build a cabin someday. They just want a place where they can shoot their guns. Sometimes there's a lot of there's a large community out there, preppers of survivalists, and they want a place where they can bug out. So if something happens like, you know, a certain president from a certain left leaning political office decides that we're going to take away everybody's guns, they want a place where they can go hide their guns, right? Or if the apocalypse happens or there's a tornado or a natural disaster or a world war, they want to be able to have a place where they can get off the grid, be disconnected and hide and take care of their family. You know what I'm saying? So there's a big need for bug out land. It's called bug out land, where you can go and get off the grid. All right. Good question here from Tang, can you recommend a title company for land flipping? Yes, it's the same company I recommended before close. Like Joakim, contact David Olds. This is a nationwide title company that can do your land deals. They work with investors and wholesalers that do assignments and double clothes and innovations and subject tools and lease options close like Joe dot com. Go check those guys out. Yeah. Rafael, they can go hunting, camping. They go, sit on it. Cabin Airbnbs are a huge thing right now. You're right. I feel like if you can, there's a lot of people. They call it glamping. You know you you can. There's an Airbnb for camping. I forget what it's called, but there's people out there that are looking for places they can. Just maybe, maybe you can put a little RV out there with some basic utilities, and people will pay you good money to go camping on it for the weekend. Will you be posting this video? Norwood. Yes, it's already posted actually in YouTube. So on my YouTube channel, by the way, you guys, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. And yeah, and then click the notification thing and you'll be notified whenever I come out with new videos like this. I bought Rafael saying I bought a piece of land four and a half acres in Georgia for about five grand and it's worth about 50. Boom, what are you doing with it, Rafael? That's awesome. And by the way, that's not uncommon. Buying rural vacant land for 10 to 20 cents on the dollar. Not uncommon.
OK. Those are all the questions I see, guys. We should wrap it up. If you want my book REI secrets, go to REI Secrets dot com. We'll send it out to you. And if you want the PDF of the book for free, just leave me a review from your phone. So from your cell phone with a camera on it, go to review Joe Dot net from a phone with a camera. Review Joe Dot Net Leave me a nice review. The Thank You page will give you a PDF of that book for free. All right. Hey, I appreciate you guys very much. I got some more comments here. What are we got? What have we got here? Thank you for the likes, Rafael. He's thinking about putting a couple of cabins out there. Nice, Norwood. Your question about the pardon was Joe saying, please send an email to support at Joe McCall dot com support at Joe McCall dot com and they will take care of you all. OK, guys, we'll see you. Take care. Bye bye, everybody.

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