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Today’s REI Secrets episode is special. I’ve done houses for many years since 2008 and lease-option deals have been my bread and butter. But when 2022 came in, I decided that I will be talking more about vacant land deals. I’ve been doing this for a few years now – started with my teenage sons on a part-time basis. It’s never been the focus of my business but recently, I’ve put more attention to it, have been doing more of it, and am including it full-time in my business.

In the last few years, two teenage boys have been involved in over $150k of profits in vacant land deals that we’ve done in a super PART-TIME basis. Can you imagine how much more that would be if we did it full-time?

In one episode, I interviewed a student of mine and to date, he’s generating over $10k a month in passive income from his notes on vacant land deals. It makes sense to give this more attention. So, we’re going to start investing more in vacant land for cashflow inside of our raw self-directed IRAs. And looking at the numbers, I’m just amazed at how much money this can make if we mix flipping and holding and selling these vacant land notes on terms. And we’re talking about the low-end 50% cash-on-cash return when you sell them on owner financing.

In this episode, I show you what I look for when looking for these vacant lots. I share how I pick the county, find vacant lands in the county I selected, and what criteria I look at to determine which ones are good to pursue. So, in line with this, I am doing a 2-day bootcamp with Gavin Timms where I dive in deep and teach all this stuff.

The MAD Bootcamp happens on Feb 11th and 12th; it costs a minimal amount of $97 but you get a value of over $8,000 in REI business knowledge. We will teach you everything you need to know about Marketing, Automation, and Delegation which I think are the 3 keys to success in this business. I will be teaching vacant land strategies and Gavin will be teaching strategies for houses.

In this 2-day live virtual event, we’ll be opening up our playbook and showing you everything we do step-by-step. It’s going to be amazing and packed with gold nuggets you and your real estate investing business will be thankful for.

Go to MADBootcamp.com NOW!

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • The money-making potential of vacant land deals. 
  • A brief overview of how I find vacant land deals. 
  • My criteria for choosing which vacant lands to pursue. 
  • What to expect on my 2-day MAD Bootcamp with Gavin Timms.

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