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The real estate market right now is difficult to navigate. But my students and I are still finding deals every day. My goal today is to show you how.

I have 5 secret strategies for finding leads.

Strategy number one is realtors. It’s actually really easy to find deals through realtors. I like to look on Redfin at houses that have been on the market for a long time and reach out to the realtor with an offer. This is where your communication and relationship-building skills are going to really pay off. Get those realtors on your side, and they’ll become a source of deals for you.

Number two is dead leads. I guarantee that you are sitting on a goldmine of deals in the form of the leads you consider dead. I’ve said it before, but 90% of this business is in the follow-up, so reach back out to those old leads and get the conversation going again.

Number three is sending handwritten letters to small niche lists. There are a few ways to go about finding these lists, and I break a few of them down in detail.

Number four is calling absentee owners with equity in small towns. A lot of bigger investing corporations are going to be ignoring these small-town markets, so you’re going to have a higher response rate from your cold-calling, texting, and direct mail.

Last on the list is what I call “driving for dollars.” This is simply getting in the car and driving around looking for properties that need some work. You’re trying to find those “diamond in the rough” type properties that won’t show up online or in lists.

To learn more about these strategies, go to PartnerWithJoe.net.

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What’s inside:

  • Using realtors to find leads.
  • Stop sitting on “dead” leads.
  • How to find niche lists to direct mail.
  • How to find absentee owners in small towns.
  • Look for “diamond in the rough” properties.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

How's it going? Joe McCall here, this is the REI Secrets webinar, and I've got some cool things to share with you that are going to knock your socks off first. My goal on today's episode is going to share with you my five top secret strategies for finding leads in 2021.

This is a difficult market. It's a hot market. Sellers market seems like everything is on fire. But me and my students, we're still finding deals today. And I'm going to share with you how we're doing it. And in fact, I just released this brand new report. It's called My Free Report of Top Five Strategies for Finding Deals and Leads in 2021 from the host of the podcast Real Estate Investor Mastery and author of Selling These Options and Easy to Guide on how to find motivated sellers, no matter how hot the market is or how little experience you have. And so if you want this report, you can get it for free. What you can get it for free at PartnerWithJoe.net. And when you go to PartnerWithJoe.net, I think actually you know what I mean. Check to make sure. OK, so when you go there you're going to see actually a link to the software. So you'll get this and the software. But I just haven't switched the page yet. In fact, let me just message my guy here and let him know and let me. Sam, how many of you guys know? Sam he's amazing. He's my marketing director.

OK, so glad you guys are here. If you go to PartnerWithJoe.net, as I'm recording this live right now, the website is not redirecting to this free report, but it will be soon. Right now it's going to a software. I have this software that helps you calculate cash offers and so you can still get that and you'll get this. So just go to PartnerWithJoe.net to get this free report. And I'm going to be sharing with you some of what this report says. All right. Got another cool thing for you. I'm just texting my guy right now. You want this book for free? I'm going to give you another cool thing, this book for free. You can get it by leaving me review. I mean, if you go to ReviewJoe.net, I think ReviewJoe.net from your phone. That is it. If you like these podcasts, these videos that I'm doing, if you go to ReviewJoe.net and leave me a video review from your phone, the thank you page, after you leave the video review from your phone, we'll take you to page reading it the PDF of this book. This is a book called REI Secrets Daily Nuggets of Real Estate Investing Wisdom to help you get more leads and close more deals. And you get this for free as a real book. You'll get the PDF of it.

So right now, go to ReviewJoe.net, leave me a video review, an honest review and just say, hey, this is what I like from Joe's free stuff that he gives me. And Joe is a cool guy. And then no matter what kind of review you leave, I'm going to give you that PDF of that book for free. Cool. If you go look at my, So tell us page or you guys are amazing. I have three hundred and twenty. So let me just share this with you guys. I love this and this is why I do what I do. Can you see the wrong screen here. Hold on. This is why I. Oh, you got the rights. OK, well here we go. I have three hundred and twenty seven reviews from you guys, an average of four point nine out of five stars. And it's just super humbling and amazing. And I get these guys leaving me cool video reviews of how the course has helped them. And a lot of students go through my class and get the business completion challenge and they get their money back. Look, somebody is doing a video of me talking in their testimony, but yeah, check that out.

If you also go to pick this up, JoeMcCall.com/tank, I'm going to do it from a new page. All right. You see this? This is my tank page on my website called Tank. And literally I have one hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of video testimonials in here from students that have gone through our stuff and have benefited from it. I've done deals, have gotten more leads, have gotten buyers, gotten sellers, made money. So I just super happy and proud of this. Couldn't be more proud of you guys. This isn't a thing to boast about that I'm bragging about, although I am a little bit. But I'm just so excited that this little guy with this little podcast and this little YouTube channel and videos can impact hundreds and hundreds of people like this. Yeah, it's awesome and amazing. So I'm just looking for more video testimonials. As ethical as a bride. If you're going to ReviewJoe.net from your phone  leave me a review of the thank you page. We'll send you a PDF of this book. All right. Cool.

OK, this is going to be a pretty simple, short and easy episode. Finally getting to it right. This free report that you can get at PartnerWithJoe.net. I'm going to share with you the top five strategies that are working for us right now and getting leads in twenty twenty one. The market is hot, the market is crazy, but there are deals out there, OK, number one is realtors. Number two is other investors dead leads number three are sending handwritten letters to super small targeted lists. Number four is calling absentee owners with equity in small towns, the number five is driving for dollars.

So these are the strategies that are working best for us right now and for our students. I'm just going to talk about this. Your realtors are amazing, super helpful and easy to find deals from realtors right now, believe it or not. And I'm going to show you why right now. If you go to Redfin, I'm going to share my screen with you. Everybody is talking about how the market is so white hot right now and what it is. But let's look at let's just look at Memphis, Tennessee, for example, Memphis, Tennessee. And I'm going to remove line. You guys see my screen, right. If you can type in the check, see your screen. Good. Somebody says ReviewJoe.net is not coming up. If you go to ReviewJoe.Net that's working, do it from your phone. Somebody else. Let me know if it's working up for you. Bob says it's not working. So here's Redfin and we're in Memphis. I'm going to remove the outline. So this is the entire Memphis area. I'm going to zoom out a little bit. There are sixteen hundred homes for sale. I'm going to say our house is only and I want to say time on Redfin over sixty days. If in markets like Memphis, if all you need to do is stick a sign in the yard, you're going to sell it above asking price within days. Why then are there right now? And if I click apply filters, there are two hundred ninety eight homes that have been on the market over sixty days in Memphis, Tennessee.

Let's look at Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines, Iowa, remove outline. Three hundred and fourteen homes, zoom out a little bit more. Five hundred and fifty two homes that have been on the market over their houses only. I've been on the market over sixty days. All but you guys say that's not fair. I live in Denver, Colorado, and it's one of the hottest markets in the country. Let me remove outline. Let me zoom out. There are eight hundred and one homes on the market over sixty days in Denver. The market is so hot and it is. Why are there still eight hundred homes on the market? Well, chances are they're just overpriced. That's why they're overpriced. They're asking too much money. Right? Well, what if we instead went in here and more filters and maybe just did a search for fixer uppers only apply filters. There's only sixteen now. Not every fixer upper is labeled a fixer upper.

But let's look at some of these houses here. Here's a two bedroom on Street way up there in Longmont that hasn't sold yet on been on the market. Seventy five days and they're asking three hundred twenty five thousand this one asking three fifty five. This one they're asking for sixty. Why hasn't this one soldier. It's in South Denver. They're just asking too much. Let's look at the picture here. See all twenty photos, pretty beat up house maybe in a rougher area of town. Only an investor would want to buy this house. Right. And guess what? Probably maybe it's a tired landlord. They just want to kick the tenants out. They're trying to kick the tenants out. Tenants haven't paid rent in six months and they're done with it. They want out of it. So only an investor would want to buy this. Right. But it's been on the market now for 70 days. I think it was 70 days has been on the market.

Well, Joe, they're asking too much. Look at Redfin estimate is for forty eight. They're asking for sixty is probably worth for sixty all fixed up homes situated to point to two acre lot. Tons of potential. Yeah, a ton of potential needs. A lot of work. All right. What do you think. Here's what you do guys. You contact these realtors and you send the message saying, hey, I see your property here. This this is listed by Rick Allen from Holmesburg. And this is what we have our TVs do. Our TVs will go out and contact fifty to one hundred of these realtors every day and send them emails and messages saying, hey, we saw your property on West Third Avenue in Denver and we see it's been on the market for 70 days. Looks like a good area. We're investors that we buy and fix up homes and rent them out. Is the price negotiable? Is your seller negotiable? That's it. Is the seller negotiable on their price? And this house has been on. There's going to it's not going to sell at four sixty. They're going to be negotiable. And their price if they want to sell this thing right. So they'll keep on driving the price. And guys, I've seen this over and over again where realtors says, yeah, they're negotiable. And so I'll send them a message, something like what they consider something maybe in the three fifty to three sixty range. Of course, not every realtor is going to say yes, but I don't know the numbers. One out of one hundred one at a two hundred one out of what if it was one out of five hundred emails. The realtor says yeah, they would accept something in that price range. Would you send five hundred emails. Yeah. What if you could get a real virtual assistant to do it for you.

So there's real simple strategies and we teach this in the PartnerWithJoe.net program, how to find the emails for these realtors, how to send them messages and what to send them. So simple as asking them, is your price negotiable? How negotiable is the seller on their price? Would they accept something in the four hundred to four hundred and ten thousand price range? OK, the other thing is we can also ask questions like if I could get you your price of four sixty, what would your client consider something creative, like owner financing or at least purchase telling you guys you're going to be shocked and there's a tool we use and I can't share it with you because it's in the Partner With Joe program. But there's a tool we use to send out hundreds and hundreds of emails at one time through our normal Gmail account. It doesn't have the unsubscribe. It doesn't look like a spam. And we can send these emails to these realtors, all right, this house right here hasn't sold yet for five fifty. Why it's just probably overpriced. And you can look at the pictures here needs paint. Kitchen's a little outdated. I don't know. Looks like a nice house way out in the country. But there is a price that that thing would sell for.

And I guarantee you, if you offered that kind of a house as at least purchase or owner financing, you'd get flooded with calls on that property. All right. So anyway, realtors, how are a huge source of leads? And you find them by looking here on Redfin for properties that have been on the market over 60 days. Now, if you uncheck that, let's do a maximum of five hundred thousand and let's apply filters and let's sort this by price. Sometimes what we like to do is just go through here and look for the cheapest ones, look for the ones that need work and updating and send messages to the owners, to the realtors, rather. Now some of this is new construction.

Here you go. This looks like a house that needs work, but it's not labeled as a fixer upper. Right. Remember, we checked that box? It said fixer upper. This is not one of those. So you just contact the realtor, Darren Kracker. How do you find them? Well, there's certain things, tools that we use to find the realtors emails and phone numbers. And we basically send them, again, two messages. Hey, we saw your property on Glen Crighton, whatever drive. Just wondering if your client is negotiable in the price. Or we say something like if we could get them their prices to seventy two, would they consider something creative like owner financing or at least purchased. All right, here's a key witness. This is when you talk to these realtors you want to get on, you want them to know that you're their friend. You want them to know that they can get both sides of the commissions if they write up an offer for you.

But you may say, man, you know what, though, Denver, it's too competitive. It's too hard of a market. Well, then don't go into Denver. Go somewhere else. How about Indianapolis, Indiana? There's no reason why you can't do this anywhere in the country from anywhere in the world. So go into Indianapolis for six hundred and thirty eight homes under five hundred thousand dollars that have that have been on the market over 60 days. You could remove new construction by saying, all right, they had had to have been built before. Twenty fifteen was two hundred and twenty five homes. Sort this by price and just start looking at these homes. There's nothing that says you can't offer five hundred dollars for this house, a thousand dollars for this house. Look for these homes that are beat up and need work.

So if you're complaining about no deals in Denver, then fine, OK, there are no deals in Denver. Go to Indianapolis, go to Memphis, go to St. Louis, go to Kansas City. You're going to find these deals. There are investors that will buy these these things haven't sold this house hasn't sold for five days because they're asking way too much for it. You could probably sell that thing for ten grand. So go in and offer five hundred. But you want to get these realtors, you want to get on there, you want to get their phone number, you want to get their email because there's these are realtors that are willing to list these crappy properties and then sometimes they're going to find one. I have a friend just the other day was friends with the realtor. The realtor got a property that needed work in a great area before that realtor listed it. What they did, they called this guy and said, you want this deal because they're friends. And if you don't want it, that's fine. I'll go. I got two of the three other people that I'll call and then I'll just listed. And so he's buying this property at a at a steal in a hot market and it's going to fix it up and live in it. So anyways, you call these realtors up, see if their clients are negotiable on their on the price and negotiable or they would consider maybe creative financing. All right.

By the way, I know I see the questions. And how do you pay them the commissions? I think I see the check. Are you guys typing anything in your area? The seller pays the commission. You let that realtor represent you so they can get both sides of the commissions. They represent the seller and they represent the buyer and they give both sides of the commission. And then if and chances are this deal may not work out. But now you've got that realtors contact information or email their phone number once a month. Once every three weeks, you message them, you email them. Hey, I'm just looking for deals in the Indianapolis area. Do you have anything? You just message them and contact them, keep on letting them know that you're looking for deals and they'll send them to you when they get them. All right. So there are some cool tricks that I teach in the Partner with Joe program on how to download these properties, to how to get the realtor's contact information directly from Prop Stream. You go to PropstreamJoe.com.

Let's look at this property up here real quick. PropstreamJoe.com. My wi fi is slowing down here. I'm show you how to do this one. He chooses one at a time. I forgot to turn my Wi-Fi off. I can hardwire into my Internet, but if I do that now, I'll lose the connection to Zoom. Oh, come on. My Internet. All right. Well, that's opening up. I'm going to share with you the second strategy for finding good deals. Right now, it's working for us, our dead leads. This is huge. If you've been doing any kind of marketing for any period of time, you probably have a bunch of dead leads of your four year of yourself for your own, on your own, whatever. And so contact your dead leads. Huge. You're sitting on a goldmine of potential deals, but there's a lot of investors out. There as well that have old dead leads.

I'm telling you guys, 90 percent of your deals are going to come from the follow up. They come from old dead leads. If you're not doing a follow up, you're just wasting your time in this business. Follow up is so important. I'm telling you, if you're not doing it, then just quit and go do something else. Go pick another business, go pick another hobby. If you want to treat this seriously like a business, you need to follow up with your old leads. There's so much opportunity, potential out there. So if you don't have any old leads, find another investor who does. There's a lot of investors that are throwing away their dead leads because they don't have enough equity or they gisella's not motivated and they don't follow up with them. You can start calling them off or lease option, offer seller financing, offer them full price as a creative financing deal, follow up with their old leads. And if they want cash, make them a cash offer.

But what's in it for that other investor? Why would that other investor want to bring you their dead leads? You tell them we'll split the deal. We'll split the deal. You bring the old lead. If I get another contract, I'll share the profits of the 50 50. If I do a lease option on it or financing or subject to I'll share my profits with you 50 50, the freedom soft that we use the freedom soft. Joe Dotcom, Joe McCullogh Signature Edition. There is a real there's real simple templates and follow up in there that you can use to that does all of your follow up and follows up with your old leads for you. By the way, perhaps you finally came up. Now I'm trying to get it.

OK, here we go. Let me share my screen. That one property we were looking at on Redfin. I forget where it was. It was this one here, though, on Bolton Avenue. This was listed with a realtor. Cool thing about prop stream Joe. You can see the owner has owned it for eleven years and you can see what kind of mortgage they have on the property, if any. Looks like it might be free and clear. And right here, MLS details, you scroll down, you can get the agent's name and number, Barbara, phone number and this tool that I use and recommend. You can download all of these properties, get all of the emails. Realtors get one hundred two hundred at a time and email them all at once. And it filters through the spam filters and they worked really, really well. OK, that's PropstreamJoe.com. Supercool resource tool but old leads.

Right. So in freedomsoft, freedomsoftjoe.com, you get my signature dish and you get my workflow automation for old dead leads. If you go into your settings and freedom go to work. Full automation. I have a workflow automation right here. I'm not vacant land. It's called dead leads. Follow up. So you take these old dead leads from whoever has them, you can import them into freedom saw. And when you change the status to send follow up, text one, you know what it does? It sends him a text right away. Hello. Hi. Hi. My name just following up, reaching out about your house, property, home, that address. So it spins the text. So this makes it really high deliverability. Do you still own or do you still have it. Are you interested or are open to selling it. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks. Your name. You can change your name then it sends them an email.

So what we do is we import them in. We might already have the email, the phone number. If we don't have an email yet, we'll skip tracing, get all the emails and then seven. If they don't respond seven days later we send them another text. And just by changing the status of all of these leads that you import in, it automatically sends out texts and emails. They don't respond. It sends another text. And then when you change the status to if they respond back, yes, maybe you change the status to call this lead. It creates a task. It stops any future automated follow up. It moves them to another group. It marks it as a lead when you change the status to active lead. What that does then is it marks it as a lead, so it stops any more future automated follow up as well. If you mark the lead as dead, it adds them to your do not call list and stuff like that.

So and this is a workflow that you can copy and make it your own. You can do. Right now it's just set up where it only sends two texts and one email. You could set it up where it sends a text every day, an email every day if you want. Super simple. So when you click on new action, you can send a text, send an email moving to a group distributed to a campaign market as lead follow up, restart the follow up so that you can say, all right, after thirty days, restart the follow up and do it all over again. This is a really powerful thing about freedom and you can customize these workflows. So again, what you do with old dead leads, you can take them from somebody else's thing, get a local phone number to that market, you import them into a new campaign and you just change the status to send follow up text one. It sends out the text. Anybody that responds back, you can call them right from inside of your you can record the calls and keep track of all. It's just it's super amazing. OK, and if you have one hundred old leads, you could do a follow up cold calling campaign or texting campaign or just send them letters all from inside of freedom support if you want.

OK, so number one source of leads that we're getting right now in this hot market are realtors of older listings. We're asking them if they would if the sellers negotiable. We're asking them that they consider something creative. We can get them their price of two hundred. Would they consider something creative like lease purchase or owner financing, then old leads. You probably are sitting on old leads. You have other investors that you can network with. You could work your old leads. Gavin tells the story of how when he first got started, he did a bunch of direct mail, didn't get one single lead in a super competitive market in Phenix. Phenix has always been competitive and zero leads, so then he went to the next local real estate club, stood up when everybody had his turn, you need or have anything you want to sell or anything that you need. He stood up and said, listen, I don't have I don't have any more money to do marketing, but I'm good on the phone. I can get on the phone. I can talk to people. If anybody has old dead leads, I'd be more than happy to work. You're dead leads for you and split the deals with you 50 50. So we had two or three people come up to him with old leads. Within three days he got two or three contracts from somebody else's old leads. The lady was ecstatic. She said, listen, let's just work together. I'll do all the marketing. You work the leads, we'll split the deals. Fifty fifty. So he did that for a little while, but that's a great way to get started.

OK, now what can you do with those old leads? You can call them, you can text them, you can send handwritten letters, you can do postcards all of the above and email that I say email. OK, there's another thing that I like to do.

The third thing that I like to do to find leads right now in this hot market are sending handwritten letters to small niche lists. And there's ways that you can do this. I can show you right now in Missouri, if you want to do how you can find evictions, utilities, judgments, Lean's, this is all stuff that you could get in public records for the most part or all around the country. So you find these specially lists are still people today that are motivated, like, OK, that makes the phrase it this way at any one time, there's always going to be five to 10 percent of the home sellers out there. People don't want to or need to sell their house. Five percent, 10 percent of them are going to be super motivated. Divorce, job loss, death in the family. The unemployment checks are running out. The stimulus checks are running out. They don't have a good job. The wife just left. The wife just died. There's always going to be five to 10 percent of homeowners out there that are motivated and desperate to sell.

So how do you find them? You need to figure that out. So, like, you could go to Missouri and I could show this to you now. Yes, this is Missouri. You could find something like this in your own county if you really wanted to. Can you see this Missouri case net? See my screen if you go here to filing date search. Yes, Florida is a good market, but I'm going to talk about where in Florida you should be marketing to Mr. Lee right now. You choose your court that you want. I'm going to go to St. Louis County, not to choose a seven day window. This is new. That's due June seven case type. We're going to do civil. Fine.

Now, this is different. This is you're going to you're not going to see this in every state or county, but most states and counties have this. All right. Here's a rent and possession. This is somebody suing somebody for eviction. OK, I'm not just on page one. Oh, look at this right here. Metropolitan St. Louis sewer district. Any time somebody does not pay their Mzoudi or their sewer bill, MSD Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District will sue them. They'll shut off their water. So if they can't pay their sewer bill, they can't pay their water bills. Something's going on. This might be either a tenant or a landlord or homeowner that's having a hard time paying their bills. You think maybe they might want to sell their house? And if you look here, you can see who the defendant is. It's Sheila. Denise, this is the address. All right. Any time MSD is suing somebody, it's because they're not paying their utility bills. And there's some kind of stress going on in that house they can't pay. So I don't know, this may be an apartment or something, but find out the address. Let's just look, this might be an apartment complex.

Here's here's the property and Google Earth. Maybe it's a condo. I don't know. Maybe it's an apartment. I would look to see if it's a condo or not. OK, now would send them a letter. Hey, do you want to sell your condo? Maybe it's an apartment. I don't know. Let me show you one other thing you can find here every week. There's tons of these. Sometimes you'll see judgments on here from TD Bank. So that might be a capital one. So somebody is not being able to somebody can't pay their Capital One bill. And so here's the address of the defendant. I don't know if it's a home loan or or a credit card or what. They're not paying their bills. They might need to or want to sell this house. Something's going on. Even if it's a tenant, it's a landlord property. You can let's copy this address here. I'm going to copy this address. Let's go to look at Prop Stream Joe. Right. Whoever's in this house has been there seventeen years. Sometimes you'll see lean information in your think. They own it free and clear. It looks like they own it free and clear. Others divorce this intra family transfer. Though about a year and a half ago they had a divorce and sad, tragic something's going on where they're getting sued from Capital One. They're not paying their credit cards. And this house probably has a lot of deferred maintenance on it. They haven't accounted it for 17 years. So probably needs some work. Send them a letter, send him a postcard, skip trace, call them, say, hey, I'm looking to buy more properties in this area. You wouldn't be interested in selling.

So these are small niche lists. And you may say, Joe, I've looked I can't find anywhere in my county or my state where I can get these kinds of public records from courts or evictions. Well, then there's no excuse. Guys, go to Missouri, go to my backyard, go to St. Louis and just start targeting St. Louis, find a county that is out there where you can get this kind of information, evictions.

Here's landlord actions right here. So Vineberg Combs is suing Gabriel Jones for some kind of eviction. And you're go. You see, the defendant is on Plymouth Avenue. This is the defendant's address, right, and they're suing from Ohio. This is the address where the tenant lives. So if you can just look this up in PropstreamJoe.com, some reason it's not working. OK, hold on here. Six three one three zero Plymouth Avenue. Sometimes you got to look it up and Google Maps first. I'm not sure what's going on here. It's not a good address. Maybe it's one of these houses or something. I don't know what's going on here, but anyway, may not be the right address or something's going on there.

But I would still send that address a letter and I would send a letter to this address as well, asking them, hey, do you want to sell your house on Plymouth Avenue in St. Louis? All right.

You understood what I'm saying. So small niched list. You can also in Prop Stream. Joe, let's just look here at St. Louis County, Missouri. This just because that's where I am. Look at these lists that you can get right here. There are in this county twelve thousand six hundred thirty seven vacant homes. Lean's, there are seventy five hundred properties with Lean's on them. Pre foreclosures, there are one hundred thirty four. There's more than that auction's bank owned free and clear divorce, bankruptcy tax delinquents. Sometimes, depending on the county, you're not going to get everybody here. But this is a really going to right here. Tired landlords. Fifty eight thousand tired landlords, zombie properties or pre probate. What this means is they're seventy five hundred homes in St. Louis County where one of the owners on title has been is deceased. So these are great lists. And to so direct mail still works.

But some of you are wondering, like, oh, man, my county is so competitive and it is right. These are people a lot of investors are sending mail to these properties in St. Louis. But I'm getting ahead of myself. There is a place that I like to go to. Here it is. WorldPopulationReview.com/states. I'm going to put this in the zoom chat. All right. Let's go to Missouri. Let's just click Missouri, for example. And what I like to do is target the small towns.

Now, what small towns? What counties are you talking about? Here we go. Look, so the St. Louis County right here is very competitive, very popular. Also Jackson County in the Kansas City area. Right. But what about some of these other markets, like Greene County or Springfield is Boone County, where Columbia is? Right. What about Franklin County? Great counties. What about St. St. Francis County? I think Cape Girardeau County. These are counties where there's still a high demand for properties, but very little competition. Boone County is a great market. Coal County is a great market. Greene County, Christian County.

Let's look at this right here. Coal County. Well, let's look at Boone County, Boone counties in the middle of the state. Those are university. They're one hundred and eighty three thousand population. When you compare the number of investors in that county compared to these two dark red counties, very, very few investors. OK, so Boone County, let's look and zoom in upstream, Boone County, Missouri. All right. Let me clear my filter here. There are seventy thousand properties there. Let's go. Absentee owners ownership info. The last sale date was from six months ago. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight hundred and twenty one investor transactions in the last six months in Boone County, Missouri, in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. There's your buyers list right there. All right. We'll like you. Here's the crazy thing, though. If you if you send postcards to Boone County, I mean, if you send postcards to the St. Louis County, you might be good. If you're getting a one percent response rate here, you're going to get two or three percent response rate on direct mail because just not as much many investors do in direct mail. So you're going to get two or three times a response rate on some of these other counties. Right. And that is super powerful.

So you can send postcards. You can also do one of my favorite lists is in these areas. Let me reset this. You can also cold call, and this works really, really well. I'm going to do Owner-Occupied. No, I'm going to do high equity with the ownership info. They've had to have owned it for at least ten years and individual only because we can't skip Trace LLC. Let's do seven years. All right. There's eighteen hundred homeowners that have a lot of equity that own single family homes and multifamily in Boone County that I can skip, trace and call. So of those eighteen hundred, I'll probably get a total of like three thousand phone numbers and I can start texting and cold calling these people. So small towns are huge right now. Even in these small areas, I mean, even small counties, there's a lot of opportunity, there's a lot of buyers, there's a lot of sellers. And when you compare them to the bigger markets, very little competition. So I would call that list. I would also send postcards that list you could even do if you wanted to say, I only give me single families and I would do to it for families as well. It's a great list. You can mail that list.

You're probably going to get 50 calls from that. Let's just look at a calculator here, one one seven seven times point. You're going to get twenty four, twenty to twenty five calls. You're going to get twenty to twenty five phone calls on a postcard campaign for that. And I can pretty much guarantee you'll do a deal out of it if you follow up with them and send them at least three or four postcards. You have to be consistent with your postcards. All right.

So I'm going to show you a few more ways we're finding deals. No. One is realtors number two at. Investors that leads number three handwritten letters to super small targeted lists. The other thing is, I kind of just talked about it just calling absentee owners with equity in small towns.

So find small towns, small counties outside of your big metropolitan areas. There's so much opportunity. There's tons of mattress money. A lot of investors are ignoring these small towns. But you're going to get double or triple the response rates from your cold calling, your texting and your direct mail. And there are still lots of good buyers in these small towns. How do you find boots on the ground in these small towns? They're everywhere. Just go.

In fact, I must show you something cool here. Let's go to Zillow. What was that county? We were just in Boone County, Missouri. Right. You see my Zillow here. OK, let me get my filters here. All right. So they're in Boone County. There's fifty five hundred properties sold. Let's go to sold in the last six months and let's do price. They sold under one hundred thousand. So these are properties that needed were cheaper, lower end properties. Sometimes you're not going to get this is frustrating about Zillow. They don't show you sold prices. Sometimes if you scroll to page four, they're not OK. They're not showing solid prices because Zillow is stupid. Let's see if Redfin does. Boone County is not available. All right. Let's look at property. We're going to go to prop stream them or reset these filters. Ownership info sold in the last six months. Owner-Occupied know and let's do sold under one hundred thousand. I'll tell you what to do right here. Go to Flipper's. Let me reset my filter here. Reset right here. If you go to Flipper's, these are investors that bought a house, fix it up and are reselling it in some other states. You're going to find there will be properties here that you sold that, you know, were fixer uppers that needed work. And you scroll down here, you can find out who the agent was who sold it. For some reason, they don't.

Zillow does not have good data in this particular county. So here's seventy six properties that were bought by an investor and resold shortly after that because they fixed them up. This looks like a property's pretty nice. Non owner occupied. They've owned it for a month and they're already reselling it. This is maybe a property they came in. I'm not sure what's going on. Your new construction, maybe somebody just is finishing it up. But you can find these properties that have been updated and go here to MLS details. You can call the agents, you can call Angela and say, hey, I see you're selling a property that was recently fixed up. Is your client, the investor rehabber, looking for more deals so you can find the agents? Who I'm trying to show you here is you can find the agents of properties that needed to be fixed up recently, that have been fixed up recently and sold and asked them if their clients are looking for any more deals for whatever reason. Right now in this county, Zillow is not giving me any information and Redfin is not available in that area. All right.

So you get what I'm saying. You know what? I want to show you what I'm talking about so you can see it. Let me go to Indianapolis again. I'll share my screen. So we're in Indianapolis. These are properties that are sold in the last six months. This is a house that only an investor would buy, right? Maybe as a rental property, maybe a retail buyer bought this. You can scroll down here and see there it is listing courtesy of Mark Jones bought with Mark Jones. So Mark Jones was a seller's agent and the buyer's agent. So sometimes you can go in here and see properties that investors buy. Right. And so you can contact Ryan Boyd and say, hey, you represented a client recently. I bought this rental property. Are they looking for more deals? Because I've got one. And you can let that agent represent you and get both sides of the commission. So finding boots on the ground, people are super easy. This is a property that needed work. Look at this picture. This is a fire damage property. Maybe not. Maybe it was. Well, whoever the listing agent was and whoever the buyer's agent was found a buyer, they're probably looking for more deals. Here you go. Google, Todd Cooke, Keller, Williams, endometrium up.

All right. So it's one of to show that to you. It's easy in these small towns, in other markets, virtual, once you get a deal on a contract just fine. The realtors that are working already with investors contact the realtors and offer to pay them a commission to bring you a buyer. They'll do all of the legwork for you. OK, the number one source of leads in this crazy market, realtors of other older listings to other investors dead leads number three handwritten letters to super small targeted lists. Number four, calling or mailing absentee owners with equity in smaller towns.

And the fifth one is driving for love, driving for dollars. It works really, really well. Why? Because you drive around town looking for diamonds in the rough. You're driving around town looking for properties that need updating. They've been neglected. The grass is tall, the gutters are damaged, the roof is damaged. And it just looks like this house hasn't had any attention for a long time. These are properties you can't find online. You can't find these properties from lists. You can't just pull a list of these properties and skip tracing and cold calling in. Somebody may have done already driving for dollars a month ago in that street, but this house at the time looked fine. The grass was fine. Right. But now, a month later, you drive by, you see it and you call or text or mail the owner of that property and. Now they're ready to sell it.

So driving for dollars is very simple, easy to do. You're driving around looking for neglected houses. You put the the lead into one of your as an app. If you go to DealMachineJoe.com, you can use the machine. It's the best app out there for a billion DealMachineJoe.com and sign up for it and you can hang on, let me open it to make sure it's to work and DealMachineJoe.com. Right now I have a bird dog that's driving for me in St. Louis County, is a young investor, is getting at it. And we have in there right now almost three hundred driving for leads that he's put in here. And I'm helping him cold call them right now. Yeah, cool.

So it's easy. These are easy deals to find and you just drive around, look for properties, work. You can skip, trace. I mean, you can do all this inside of freedom so you can skip, trace some, text them, call them, mail them and then keep on following up with them. And you can get deals from driving for dollars.

All right. So, guys, this is not that complicated. If you want this free report again, my top five strategies for finding deals in twenty twenty one. Go to PartnerWithJoe.net. You can get it by watching this video. But I also break this down in much more detail here in this free report. Cool.

All right. I'm going to just see if you guys have typed in any questions here. How often do you send postcards out to follow up? At least once a month? You should be sending all of your old leads, a postcard at least once a month and mix it up maybe one month, do a handwritten letter or do a postcard. Mr Lee, I'm getting contact. But what I believe to be other wholesalers that offer me properties, but they're offering properties with three thousand ten thousand dollar nonrefundable deposits. Do you think it's worth exploring, Mr Lee? I'm not sure I understand. I think contacting you to try to add you to their buyers lists.

All right. Melanie's got a good question here. What markets in Florida are good to target? Let me show you what I would do if I was in Florida and I wanted to target Florida for deals, what would I do? I'm a sure my screen, because I I've seen this question a couple of times from different people. First of all, if you're here in Florida, you don't have to do deals. Nice picture. You don't have to do deals in Florida. You've got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, forty, nine other states you can target. It's just it's not any easier if you live in Florida. It's not any easier. It's not any harder to do deals in other states. All right. So don't think you have to do deals in Florida. If you're complaining that Florida is too difficult, go to Atlanta, go to Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri. You get my point. Just want to make sure that's really clear. But let's say you're adamant and you want to do deals in Florida. Well, what I would do is scroll down here on this website. So I don't know where you are. Let's say you're in Miami Dade County, Broward County. These markets are super competitive. Right.

All right. So what about some of these other markets here that are not super competitive? What about Polk County, Osceola County, Lake County, Sumner County, Marion County, Alachua? What about Leon County? I'm looking for some of these other counties out here that are out in the sticks. Probably not as many investors in Alachua County. But look at the growth, the properties, the counties, population growth, eight point eight percent. So Alachua County, how do you even spell that? Let's look up your Google Maps. Alachua County, Florida, Gainesville. All right. Let's look. What I would do is I'd spend some time in that county. Can you find county court records for evictions? One hundred and three thousand eight hundred and seven properties in Alachua County. You can go in here. How many properties have Lean's? Two thousand and two properties that have Lean's. I would send them letters or postcards, skip, trace, some call them. How many free and clear properties. Oh, I love free and clear homes. Fifty eight thousand free and clear homes.

All right, let's look here. Let's dig into this. Let's just single family. Twenty seven thousand. Let's do. We don't want super big or super small homes. So let's say at least a thousand to twenty five hundred square feet, nineteen thousand two hundred. And we want them to have owned it for at least twenty years. Ah there you go. Sixty two hundred properties that have been owned for at least twenty years that are free and clear. These are absentee owners or owner occupants. It doesn't matter. And I'm going to go here to MLS, that is now I don't trust the MLS data in proportion, but you could say on market. No. So these are properties that are not currently listed on the MLS. If that's accurate, I'd take it with a grain of salt. Here's a great list to start mail. Sixty two hundred properties in that county send postcards to them. You want to sell your property, you're going to get one percent response rate. So how many calls is that? That 60 calls. You're going to do a deal out of sixty calls. We just started a direct mail campaign in Macon County, North Carolina. Let me show you our stats right now. We did postcards and Macon County. We're sitting on one point eight percent response rate. We're still getting leads from this. So this will get up to three percent and we're targeting only five to 50 acres. So far. We've sent fourteen offers my sons working these leads, but we. We still have 16 leads that came in that we need to send officers to in Jackson County, North Carolina, and we just started a campaign with one point six percent response rate. Twenty seven dollars, I believe we'll get that down to ten dollars probably. He's still working these leads. My son needs to get on it.

That's a great thing about vacant land. We did some cold calling. We sent six offers from some that we did some testing is what we did. We sent six different people offers that we just texted. Let me show you what some of them said. Hey, H. That was their name. H this is Joe. On behalf of Dream Big Land. We're a real estate company looking for more vacant lots in the Franklin, North Carolina area. I think you want a sixteen point seventy five acre vacant property in Macon County. Would you be open to selling it? Thanks. Reply stopped unsubscribe. What's your best price? So we sent them a text back. I'll do a little research and send it on for this weekend. Then after we sent the offer, we sent them a text saying, hey, we just you should receive an offer in the mail for your vacant lot the next day or two. Please let me know if you have any questions. And then the offer we send them. We don't talk to them until we send them, till they get our contract. In this property. We offered twenty thousand five ninety nine and it's a sixteen point seventy five acres. So what does that price per acre, that's twenty thousand five ninety nine divided by sixteen point seventy five. That's twelve hundred and twenty nine dollars per acre. And we found on average we get about one out of twenty seven contracts accepted. So my son gets the reminder to send him a slide broadcast, which is a week overdue. I need to get him on that. We're going to send him another offer in 30 days.

But this particular house of this particular property is right here. Vacant lot close to bust. Your butt falls, bust your butt falls. You ever heard of that? So we're looking for small, rural, vacant land that has road access. You can see it has road access. And we're just sending letters, postcards and texts to people saying, hey, you want to sell your lot? If they say, yeah, they call us, we send them an offer at twenty cents on the dollar that I'm going to copy this address to the clipboard to see if we can open this up on Zillow. And if they say, yeah, we want to sell, you send them an offer. This is sixteen point seventy five acres. I'm going to close this here. Sometimes on Zillow you can see a lot of lines, which is pretty cool. You can see a lot. Right.

All right. I'm going to zoom out. I'm going to remove all my filters here. Let's look for properties that are currently for sale, vacant lots that are currently for sale, lots land only. And I want to do a lot size. Let's do 10 to 20 acres. All right. I'm going to start zooming out. We do remove boundary. Zoom out, zoom out. You got thirteen agent listings. Let's sort this by price low to high. So here's an eighteen acre lot for thirty six twelve point five six four fifty nine. Give us eighteen acres for two seventy five. Ten acres for three hundred zoom outs more. Now you can start to see kind of these properties here. If I zoom in Zillow does a pretty good job of doing Soldz sold in the last twelve months. We offered what, twenty thousand five hundred. So we're definitely on the lower end. Look at some of these lots here. Sold for sixty, sixty, sixty two. Sixty two. Sixty five. Seventy seven. So we'll buy this thing. If we buy it for twenty one thousand we'll sell it for forty thousand. Easy. Do you think we could sell that lot for 40 grand. Looking at all of these, do you think we could sell it for maybe eighty with owner financing on payments.

So here's the bottom line. I just wanted to share this with you guys because there are a lot of deals out there still even in this hot market, there are still a lot of deals out there. So if you want more information about how to find these deals and actually learn how to find them, how to contact them, what to send to them, the scripts that I use, the contracts that I use, the postcards, the letters, the marketing pieces of follow up texts, all of that stuff, you can get it. So check it out, PartnerWithJoe.net. All right.

So that's it for now, guys. Appreciate you all. If you are not, subscribe to our YouTube channel. What are you doing? Go to my YouTube channel, subscribe. I do videos like this about two or three times a week. I subscribe to our YouTube channel. Give me a thumbs up if you like these videos. If you want to see more of them, I'm going to be doing more teaching and stuff like that. I do. I like I love doing these secret calls. I'm doing these about once a week now, just teaching content, showing stuff, giving away a bunch of free things. So if you like the stuff, let me know. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also remember again, go to ReviewJoe.net from your phone and I'll give you this book for free of tickets. If you leave me a review, go to ReviewJoe.net from your phone. Leave me a video review. I'll give you this book for free. All right. And also, if you go to PartnerWithJoe.net, I have a free software there. And you'll also get this report, my top five strategies for finding deals in twenty twenty one.

Melanie says, Melanie, if the book is not the book is there on the website after you leave the review, it review joked that if it's not there, I will look into it right away. But send an email to support@JoeMcCall.com and I'll look into it. Thank you, Bill. All right. So guys, real quick, what are some of your feedback? What were some of the big aha moments you've got from this little video that I did? What are some of the things that you took it taking away from this that you you like to do to do? Somebody is saying here how powerful freedom soft is nice. Thank you, Bill, appreciate the kind words. Thank you, Andy. You're welcome. Thank you, Paula.

How to find properties. Did you get an idea, at least one idea of how to find properties in this market? Williams says, I've learned not to be afraid of land as an opportunity. Awesome. What else is what else have you learned from your enthusiasm? Thank you, Rob. Anything else, guys? How to find fixer uppers on Redfearn Freedom. Soft is awesome. Yes. Gilbert, FreedomSoftJoe.com, you get the Joe McCall signature edition. If yousign up for freedomsoft using my link. You get all my contracts are in there, my workflow automations, my websites, my contracts, my marketing pieces, all of my follow up stuff. It's Killer. Really, really good.

All right, guys, I'm just looking here on the thank you page to make sure you get my book. When you go to ReviewJoe.net, you should get a link to my book. And there it is. It's there I see it. So again, ReviewJoe.net. Leave me a video review from your phone. The thank you page will take you to this, where you get this book for free. There are deals. Just take action. You're right. The read. All right. Somebody is asking about I'm interested in vacant land. Where do I get more information? I'm going to be doing a course here soon.

You know what? I got this crazy idea. There's this program where in St. Louis where you can lease any car you want on a month to month basis, ranging anywhere from a thousand to two thousand bucks where they have a whole lineup of cars. And you just you pick one. You can drive this car one week, this car another week, this car another month. You could use sports car and SUV, minivan, jeep. There's like a list of one hundred cars you can. And it's just you lease it and you just tell them what you want and they drop it off, they take it to your house. So it's kind of an extravagant thing. Right. And I've never leased cars before. I financed cars before. But I normally pay cash because I'm thinking about it. It'll be fun just to, like, rent the sports cars, do thecars I wouldn't buy, but it'd be fun to drive. Right.

So I'm thinking about doing this program and I'm thinking about, well, you know, rich dad, poor dad. The book talks about how you find youbuy assets that produce the cash flow to buy the toys that you want. Right. You don't go spend money on the toys you buy. You spend the money on an asset and you use you buy the toys with the cash flow from that asset.

So I'm thinking about doing a 30 day challenge or showing like something a class teaching people how to do. This is I'm going to make it a public challenge. I'm a show you how I'm going to buy and sell vacant land to get at least two thousand dollars a month so I can get this car program. And I'm thinking about doing a class on that. If you're interested, just stay tuned, because I'll be sharing more information about there about that soon.

OK, so I told you guys before this report would be up there, we'll try to figure out the best way to do that. Some texting my guy. Here's the thing. Let's do this. If you sign up for PartnerWithJoe.net, you will get this free report. All right. And if you don't see it, send us an email support@JoeMcCall.com. We'll send it to. Erin is asking, can you show your top marketing letter? I'd love to show it to Aaron. And I have in my course Partner with Joe. Just go to PartnerWithJoe.net. The course is seven bucks a month or you can sign up one time with no monthly fee.

All right, guys, appreciate you all. And that's it for now. I'm signing out.

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