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Vacant land in rural areas is in high demand across the country, and you can make a lot of money from these kinds of deals. Whether you sell it for cash or use owner financing, you can easily set yourself up with some life-changing, sustainable income in a short amount of time. I’ll share my process with you and show how I narrow down potential lots and which geographical locations I like to focus on. I’ll also walk you through my marketing process so you can replicate it in your own business. 

There are three keys to success in real estate: marketing, automation, and delegation. Find out more about how you can master these elements and grow your business in our bootcamp. Gavin and I teach all our students what we do in our own businesses to get the best results. Click on the link below to join us.

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  • The 10 steps involved with a vacant land deal.
  • Tools and resources to use for leads and market research.
  • Info on our MAD bootcamp.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. All right. What is going on, everybody? How are you doing, Joe McCall here and this is the real estate investing mastery podcast in a series that I'm creative, I created called the REI Secrets Series. And in this weekly series, I like to go deep into kind of what's going on in our business and share with you the quote unquote secrets. There are no secrets of what to do in this business, how to make money doing deals right. My goal is to show you how to make, how to get more leads, make more money in this business. And it comes down to a few things. I like saying this. There's three keys to success in this business marketing, automation and delegation. And over the last couple of weeks, it's been a whirlwind for me in my business. I've been well. First, I went to Montana for four or five days skiing with some friends and Big Sky incredible. So beautiful. There came back, went to Nashville for three days with my family. My daughter had gymnastics tournament there and we stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Beautiful place, right? We came back the next morning, we flew to Vail in Colorado to go skiing with my family. So I then go going crazy. But during this time it was so cool. We did a three day challenge like right before we went to Montana. We did a live virtual challenge online where it was free and you guys should have signed up. It was awesome. Gavin and I, my coaching business partner, taught, OK, well, we lost everything. We had to start all over from scratch. What would we do to start making money? OK. And he went to do houses. He taught houses and I taught about vacant land, and we just kind of shared what we would do. It was really good from that free challenge. We sold tickets, we sold tickets to a two day boot camp that we did, and we just finished that two day boot camp a few days ago.


But in between the challenge and the two day boot camp was about nine days. And during that nine days, Gavin and I each documented what we actually did in a brand new market, so we went out and picked a new market. Gavin picked one in Arkansas for vacant land. And the feedback I'm looking right here in our Zoom, where people are watching us on the it was awesome. Yeah, people are giving us great feedback on that. We documented what we did, how we picked the market, what we looked for and then the marketing that we actually did to start getting leads. I picked two counties, one in northern Florida, one in Northern California, that we went for vacant land and I showed how I picked the counties and why. And then I also showed how we started. We got list for the vacant land deals of vacant land owners and what we sent to them actually in the mail. And by the time the nine days was done, I was already getting leads and I actually even got a seller to say yes. And so when I ended the nine day challenge, the seller had said yes and I was in the process of getting the contract signed. So Gavin, also, when he was doing it, he was doing cold calling. So he picked a county, pulled a list of absentee owners with equity, and then he started. He showed the process of getting a virtual assistant from the Philippines. We use VAs do our cold calls. He got a VA to start doing cold calls and by the end that by the end of that nine days, he had a good three or four solid, solid leads of sellers that they were following up with and making offers on. So huge success. It was awesome. And then by the time we did the two day boot camp I had during the boot camp itself and I was teaching this and showing it, I got three properties under contract for the vacant land. And this is why, by the way, I love this mug. I hope it's not. It looks, looks kind of cleans a little dirty little bit, but look at this. Hmm. If you're listening on the audio podcast, the bottom of the cup says number one. Somebody. I did not buy this for myself, says Best Coach ever. I did not buy this for myself. One of my students gave this to me, so I appreciate that. But man, I'm telling you guys, this is the thing we teach. I teach what we actually do. Gavin and I, we do coaching, you know, we coach students from all over the world. We don't outsource our coaching to a third party sales floor in Utah. You get us. Sorry, you get me. You get Gavin. We made an incredible offer for a coaching package from the boot camp, guys. The things that we're doing here. People charge $50000 for. We're offering daily Zoom calls with me and Gavin. You can reach me on Voxer. Voxer's a smartphone messaging app it's like a walkie talkie. You can Voxer me and we'll answer your questions. We do quarterly meet ups where we get together every quarter. We do, some done with you, some done for you. We actually have. If you have a creative deal like owner financing, subject to lease option or something like that, we will actually get on the phone with you and the seller. OK, come on. Who does that? Nobody last I checked. All right. You can use our money, our proof of funds, letters, transaction. No fee transactional funding. OK? So we can you can use our money for transactional funding cause, you know the whole thing. With this going on with with wholesaling regulations and rules coming into place, you've got to close your deals. Well, what if you had a way to borrow? Actual money for just a day or two without you having to pay any extra fees for it, if you've got vacant land in, you need to borrow money. We can hook you up with some of our lenders for that. That's amazing. And with the vacant land, if you're part of the coaching program, we will help you set up your first direct mail campaign will help you set up freedom soft will help you get your list. It's just crazy the value of this.

And you know what? People are charging 50 grand for this for less than what we're offering. We should have charged twenty five. We're not even charging twenty five. We're not even charging ten thousand. We're only charging $7500 for this coaching program. So it just blows me away. We signed up a bunch of people last week at the boot camp. We still have a few more spots open if you're interested. I'm going to give you a link right now. Go check it out. Mad boot camp dot com slash now mad boot camp dot com slash. Now Mad stands for marketing automation delegation, and the program is called the Mad Accelerator Coaching Program. I like the word accelerate because we're going to take you from where you are, you're going to hit the ground running, you're going to learn this business. And if you're interested in land, one of the things I'm doing is I'm going to be teaching in a couple of weeks a week from now or something like that. A class on vacant land. I'm going to be teaching it more than once, but it's going to be on a Tuesday. I teach how to, you know, for six modules for six weeks, how to find the deals, you know, how to do your due diligence, how to buy them, how to sell them. And my main focus for me personally in our own land business, we're selling them with owner financing so we can get the cash flow coming in. All right. One of the things we did in this boot camp, by the way, is we interviewed Phil Phil Marsh, one of our students, and he's already within a year, already over ten thousand dollars a month in recurring passive income from his vacant land and notes just crazy. So this is a great way to get cash flow if that's what you're looking for passive income, cash flow within a year or less, guys, you could almost all of you listening to this or watching this could be making over $100000 a year in not active income where you're wholesaling deals and there's a place for that. But I'm talking about passive income, monthly income from your vacant land owner financing notes, selling land with the owner financing just amazing. So I want to tell you something else if you're the coaching thing, if you're interested in that, if you go to Mad Boot Camp dot com slash now we still have some open spots for that. Cool. All right. So what I wanted to do in this video here we got a live audience, a live in studio audience right now in Zoom. Hey, everybody in Zoom, what's going on? I appreciate you guys. We are broadcasting this live, also the Facebook and YouTube and the podcast. So welcome everybody and I love you, my podcast listeners. You're listening in. And I just appreciate you guys so much. We have over what's the numbers now 200 and something thousand downloads a month, which is phenomenal. We have over 10 million downloads total. Almost 1100 one thousand one hundred episodes have been doing it for over 10 years, 11 years now. We've been doing it for 11 years. We have listeners from over. I have. I can see the stats for listeners from over 170 different countries that have listened to this podcast, and any 30 day period will have listeners from 50 60 different countries. All right, somebody is asking for a link in the chat. If you go to Mad Boot Camp dot com slash now it will be there. So just like that, and as I'm recording this live, our new class that we're going to be doing starts March one as we're doing this. But if you sign up later than that, if you're watching this later, you can catch up really quickly and I'm probably going to be teaching it again. So we'll see. We're doing land right now. Again, we're only teaching things that we do. All right, Gavin and our team wholesale sometimes five to eight deals a month, sometimes three to five deals a month, but they're actively wholesaling deals all over the country, virtually mainly using cold calling vacant land. We, my sons and I just my sons in the last several years have done over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in gross profits. During this part, part time, part time, like my boys, they're busy right now in school. They just don't have the time to focus into this. My wife and I now are doing it more together inside of our self-directed Roth IRAs. And so we don't have to pay any taxes on the capital gains. And now in the past, we've always flipped our land deals for cash, like wholesaling quick cash. Now we're starting to sell them at a higher price on owner financing with terms.

So an average deal just so you all know what we're talking about on a vacant land deal, it might be worth 20 grand. Let's just use simpler round numbers. I'd say it's worth $10000. We're buying it for $2500. So that's when we make an offer. We're making it for twenty five cents on the dollar. We'll buy it for 2500. We'll either sell it for cash for $7500, we make a $5000 profit or we'll sell it for owner financing for maybe ten to twelve thousand dollars. So we'll sell it on terms. And usually if it's worth 10 grand, we'll sell it for 10 grand owner financing with maybe a thousand down. And $300 a month for five years or whatever, at an interest rate of about eight to nine percent. Now the great thing about owner financing is you can sell them really, really fast. And I like to target one of the things I want to show you now is how to target the good counties where you know there's a high demand for housing. So then when you not for vacant land, because when you get one, you know you're going to be able to sell as fast, there's going to be a high demand for properties in those areas. OK, Joseph, why is that? I'm curious. William William Smith, I'm sorry. Why do you say that? I'm just I'm looking at my Zoom chat. Yes, we're buying land in an LLC now. That is Joseph. I'm sorry, Joseph. Why do you say that in the chat? Here's the thing, though we're looking at not farmland, not infill lots inside the city. We're looking for a rural recreational land. So most of the land that we flip and we buy, it's wooded, it's in the mountains. It's in an area where somebody wants to go, ride their four wheelers, shoot their guns, go camping, maybe build a cabin. Some day it's more recreational land. That's and we want it to be at least an hour or two hours outside of a major city. Why? Because we can buy it for super cheap there. And somebody who wants to buy cheap land, we'll go out there. OK? All right, I hear you, Joseph. All right.

So I wanted to show you something here real quick in this video of 10 of the steps involved with a vacant land deal. Just so you kind of see what we're working on and you can see if it fits of maybe of any interest to you. So one of the first sites I like to go to is Land Watch Dot Com, and I'm a share my screen with you, land watch dot com. And I want you guys in the Zoom chat to give me a county or state. I'm sorry, rather give me a state and I'm going to show you how I do a little research. Now you can do this in anywhere, anywhere in the country. All right, Wisconsin. We'll go with the first one that just came in Wisconsin. I don't know how to spell it, but there it is. Thank you for the drop down menu. All right. Wisconsin has twelve thousand one hundred and eighty four listings right there you can. You see that I'm going to zoom in a little bit, and if you're listening to the audio podcast, I'll kind of walk through this as best I can. Just go to my YouTube channel and subscribe to my videos, and you can see this stuff in beautiful technicolor off all the detail you want and you can see here for for Land Watch now, Land Watch Lands of America, all the different land websites. It's owned by one company called Lancome, and it's the, you know, maybe next to Zillow. It's the number one place people go to find rural vacant land, whether it's farmland. But most of the properties that we sell again are recreational, and sometimes you'll find big, big properties, 414 acres like this one. We're not doing that. We're doing the rural vacant stuff. And you can see here on the left, it ranks which regions of the country and which counties of the countries have the most listings for vacant land right now. In Wisconsin, the north central region does, and in the southwest region does. But we're looking for cheap land. So what I like to do here is I like to filter this down. I'm looking for land that's under $100000, so I add that in is a filter and I only want parcels. I want one acre, 210 acres, one to ten acres. What that does is it helps me. I don't want the quarter acre infill lots in some small town in nowhere, Wisconsin. I only want like the one plus acres, and I don't want the real expensive ones either, so I want something under 10. So again, we're buying these things that are worth 10 to 20 grand. We're buying them for two to three thousand dollars and we're cash flowing anywhere from 200 to 400, maybe 500 dollars on each of them. My student Phil Marsh, he averages, I think, he said, $400 in cash flow in each of his lots.

OK, now if I look here, you can see the north central region is still the most popular. Then next is the northwest region. You can see Oneida County. I don't know where that is, but that is one hundred and twenty six active listings right now. Now, if I click on that, you can see these are some of the properties. There's one hundred and twenty six listings right now in Oneida County. I'm gonna sort this table from price low to high. And here is a one acre lot you can buy for 20 grand nineteen thousand nine hundred. Here's a two acre lot you can buy for twenty one thousand five hundred two and a half for twenty five grand. You see this land. It's not farmland, right? This is recreational land. There's lots of trees, there's lakes. It's beautiful up here in this country, right? And where is Oneida County? Well, let's look here on moose and things around. Let's go to Google Maps. Oh, and it's a county w.i. Oh, it looks like there's a bunch of lakes there, doesn't it? See that if I zoom out, it's kind of north central Wisconsin. It's probably two to three hours from Minneapolis, maybe three to four hours from was from Milwaukee. Cool. Guess what is? Guess what's up here? Why do people go up to this area? Probably go hunting? There's a lot of lakes. There's probably really, really good fishing. Look at all those lakes. There is this. Minnesota looks like Minnesota, right? I zoom out Minnesota's known as this. What the land of a million lakes or some. Some like that. So this is real close to the two different huge national forests and Indian reservations, beautiful country up here. Well, guess what? There's a lot of vacant land here for sale where you can probably get some really good hunting grounds, camping grounds, lake places where you can go fishing on the lake and stuff like that. A lot of hunters in Wisconsin, too, right? So this is a beautiful land and a lot of this land, if you open some of it up, you can see. But let's look at Open Land Company right here. I bet you this guy is offering owner financing for this land, and you may think, why would anybody want to buy this in the middle of nowhere? Well, they would, because again, they can do all kinds of sports recreation. Maybe they just want a place to get off the grid, right? They want a place to go hide their guns when the government comes to take them away. Now I don't see on this listing. Sometimes you see owner financing, but I'm looking for a vacant lot somewhere where they're advertising owner financing. Some of these are realty companies brokers. All right, so I'll I'll look at it later. But a lot of these vacant lots. Oh, I know what to do. Hold on here. There's a filter on the left called owner financing. If you click that, there's none that are on there, that just means that it's listed as an option there in Oneida County. Now these are just active listings. All right. These are just active listings. I'm going to remove Oneida counties now. I'm back. I'm going to remove North Central. So now I'm looking at the whole state of Wisconsin zero two, $100000, one to 10 acres. But this time I'm going to go to solds. I click solds and scroll down again and I'm going to check off available now. These are not all of the sold vacant lots. These are just the lots that have sold from the website. Land Watch dot com. OK. If you go to prop stream or list stores or data data tree, you're going to. You can find more accurate numbers in terms of vacant lots that are sold. So I just want you to know that there's been more than fourteen hundred and thirty seven vacant lots that have sold in Wisconsin in the last six to 12 months. These are just lots that have sold from this from this website. Right. So now you can see there's fifteen hundred and nineteen listings vacant lots that have sold under 10 acres under $100000 in Wisconsin.

The cool thing now is on the left. Look, Adams County is actually number one with one hundred and sixty nine. Let's see where Adams County is. Adams County, Wisconsin if I zoom out All right, look, this is in between Milwaukee and Minneapolis, isn't it? And Madison Baraboo. Oh, this is near the Wisconsin Dells. Have you guys ever been to the Wisconsin Dells? It's incredible. It's beautiful up there. Just really, really pretty. There's a couple of lakes there. Castle Rock Lake Patton. Well, Lake. So let's look to see an Adams County. What are some of the properties that have sold in Adams County? You guys, you all should take your kids some time to the Dells. Just incredible. Here's a one acre lot that sold for five grand. One point three that sold for 10. This is perfect. This is what we're looking for. We're looking for the small little acreage is like this that sold for 10 to 20 grand. Now I'm looking for some that might be seller financing. Let's look at this one here. This one sold is near Lake Sherwood Lake Camelot properties, right? There's one point five wooded acres for a camper or a cabin. And look at this description. This looks like a vacant land flipper like me. And if I click on his website right here, lands are lakes, lakes, lands and caverns dot com, I think I don't know. That's weird. Kind of an old website, isn't it? Vacation property specialists. Let's look at another one. But obviously we sold that property is working. Some of this property is just gorgeous, you know, like, let's look at this. Look at this one. Lots of woods. I would imagine this might be a good place to go hunting. All those pictures looks exactly the same as close to a lake close to a golf resort. Lake Arrowhead OK. Somebody bought this land for seventeen thousand nine hundred dollars. If you were to go look at it, somebody the investor who sold it probably bought it for like $5000 and just sold it for $17000. So we can look at the property website. Sometimes these are realtors. Yeah, this might be a realtor. This listing this property. So do you think if Sara, Marvin, you keep on raising your hands? I'm not going. I'm not. I'm muting anybody right now, so no need to raise your hands. Beautiful area, right? So you think if I get a property under contract in Adams County, am I going to have any problem selling it? No. My goal is when I advertise a property in Adams County. If I'm selling it for vacant land, I mean for cash, I want it to be the cheapest property that is available. OK, so Adams County, that's a good county to start with, right? Well, another good county looks like here is if I scroll right here the story I'm look at, never mind. Let me get out of that and get out of that boom. Here we go back again. The number one county for sold is Adams County. Number two is Oneida County and number three is Crawford County. Let's see what Crawford County is next to a river. Looks like a beautiful part of the hills in Wisconsin, so this is again between Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Oh, northwestern Iowa. Oh my gosh, this this place is beautiful. I used to live in Des Moines, Iowa, and up here near Decorah, Iowa, this part of north eastern northeastern Iowa, it's very hilly, lots of bluffs. It's like one of those areas where, you know, when the glaciers were kind of floating down the mid the middle part of the United States, it kind of missed this area. So it's very hilly. It's you wouldn't believe it's the Midwest. And so this is a very pretty part of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin right there. All right. So Crawford, John, let's look at some of the land in Crawford County. You're going to see what I'm talking about here in a minute. Lots of hills. Lakes? Yeah, it's really, really pretty. And guess what, in this area and these there's nobody to bother you, right? If you're looking to just get off the grid and get away from everybody. Here's a good example of that. In this picture, you see her sheet of bluffs in the hills, in the background rivers. It's just incredible. Beautiful. The summer you're only looking at maybe 80 degrees in the summer. Winter, you get a lot of snow. All right. So there's a big demand for properties out here now. How do you find the people that own the properties out here? Real simple. I use a tool called priced PR wise CD dot com priced. So I'm going to show you just kind of what I did for Northern Florida and Northern California and how I got these properties that I did. Let me refresh my screen here. So let's look at that first county here. Adams County, OK? It's going to type in Adams County, Wisconsin. I'm going to go to a minimum land characteristics. I want one to ten acres and we'll do a two acreage increment. So what price does? Let me explain what it does here. It's a data provider. It gets data from data tree, but it also goes out and scrapes all of the vacant land for sale in those counties from Zillow, from Redfin, from Realtor.com. Lands of America, et cetera, et cetera. Right. So let's let's actually look at Zillow here real quick. I'll show you. Zillow is usually pretty good with this stuff. All right. Let me go to Adams County, Wisconsin. All right.

And let's look at just vacant land from a home type. Just lots land. Let me remove my lot size filters here. All right. There's 219 listings on Zillow right now for vacant land. We could go here. Let's just say what size? One acre to 10 acres. There's 67 agent listings. One other listing here. OK, and you can kind of see what's for sale here. We're not targeting Zillow properties. These are most of these are listed with realtors. We're targeting off market vacant rural land. Now the cool thing too, is you can go here to look at sold 453 that are sold if I go to Moore and I chose sold in the last 12 months. There's 260 vacant lots between one to 10 acres that have sold in that county in the last year. And if I sought it from low to high, here's a one acre lot that sold for nine grand. Usually, these are properties that investors bought. They're going to buy them for nine. They'll turn around and sell them for $20 on owner financing and things like that. Cool. Oh yeah. You know, you might think who again, who would buy a one acre lot? I hear, like there's a saying in land, there's a pig for every barn and you'll be shocked. The demand there is right now, especially during the pandemic. What's going on with political stuff? You know, people are watching what's going on in the Ukraine. They're watching what's going on Canada and the crackdown with the truckers all out there, you know, just all that political stuff that's going on and people are freaking out. They're like, Man, I need a place where I can just get away if you know what hits the fan. They want a place where they can go, build a cab and get off off the grid hunt. Live off, be self-sustaining. Live off the land, et cetera. So the thethe reason I'm showing you this on Zillow is these things are selling and there's very, very little competition for vacant land. All right, so back to price. I'm looking for Adams County, Wisconsin. I'm looking for one to 10 acres. Scrolling down again and what they do. So what price does they go to places like Zillow? They scrape all of these swords, they scrape all of the actives and sold on Zillow and Redfin and Lands of America, et cetera. Like that. And then they give you what they feel like. The land is worth per acre, and then you can set up a thing where it tells you then what you should be offering based on twenty five percent of their estimated value of the of the land.

All right. So I only like targeting sellers that don't live in the county. I don't want to send letters to somebody that lives across the street from their vacant lot. I'm excluding people that live in that county. All right. And let's see how many we have here. I'm going to click on get count. Not every county has their property records online, so sometimes you pick your county and nothing comes up. All right. There's 20 700. I want to narrow that down a little bit. I want to like last sale date. I want to see somebody that bought at least they bought. They voted for at least 10 years. Oops. So I'm going to go here to. Did it again? Hold on. This box moves. All right, so they bought it before February 15th, 2012. Now let's click Get Count. All right. Nineteen hundred and thirty one. Boom, this is awesome. There is a way to you can exclude any properties that are in any way. Now this isn't this isn't 100 percent. Sometimes it doesn't work, and you still get properties in your ways. Sometimes it doesn't. It takes all of them out, but it removes some, right? So cool. One other thing I like to do is I just want to make sure there is no improvement, so I might do assessed improvement equals zero. And let's see if that changes things a little bit, because there's now this can tell me there's no there's no improvements. All right. Seven hundred and fifteen. Boom. That's just one county we typically want to see. Yeah. You know, a thousand to 2000 records that we can download and start sending mail to. And the cool thing about vacant land is you don't put all your eggs in one basket. So we're looking to kind of pick three or four counties to go after at one time. And then I'm going to click Let me go back to pure started when you click search. So now it's pulling out all these properties and it's doing it from data tree, and it's going to give me some comps based on these, these properties you can see right here on this table. So the nine to 10 acres they're selling for an average of about 50 $300 an acre. And if I move this price offer to twenty five percent, I can slide it left or right. It's telling me that I should offer 13 $100 per acre. OK, so what I'd like to do, and I can't I don't have the time to show it to you right now, but I'm going to send a handwritten postcard to all these vacant land owners and Adams County. I was just going to say, Hey, listen, if you want to sell your vacant lot in Adams County and I usually say your nine point two acre vacant lot in Adams County, I like to buy it, call me at this number. And when that phone number takes them to a freedom soft voicemail and voicemail says, Hey, thanks for calling. There's a reference number in your postcard if you leave a voicemail with that reference number. We'll do a little research and send you an offer and then they leave a voicemail. Then the freedom soft sends them immediately back. A text in the text message says, Hey, thanks for calling. Sorry, sorry, Mr. Call. What was the reference number on that postcard? The other thing is my postcard says it's really simple, but it also says Call our twenty four hour recorded voicemail, so we always get more calls because it says on their twenty four hour recorded voicemail, people are not going to hear. Nobody's going to answer, right? I'm going to walk. I'm going to open up my freedom soft account here and show you the campaigns that we're doing right now and show you our stats. Sorry, let me open it up here and I'll share my screen. So I'm in my freedom soft account. And I did this in two different counties here Siskiyou County in California and Suwannee County in Florida. If I go to my California market right now, we sent out a scroll down here. Six hundred and forty two postcards, it cost me seven hundred and seventy nine dollars. We're getting right now so far a week into it, a two point two percent response rate.

Now again, remember with houses, you're doing well. If you do a half to one percent response rate, we're doing about a two points, two percent response rate. This will climb up to about three percent over the next week or two. When we do letters, we get about a five to seven percent response rate. So so far, we've gotten thirty six leads and it's about twenty one dollars lead. I was just in a mastermind other day and a guy was bragging about how he's getting leads for one hundred dollars per lead with his Google and Facebook Pay per click. Now maybe that's good. Maybe that it is, but for for this for direct mail. Twenty one dollars lead, that's phenomenal. And so of this campaign right now, I've had two offers accepted. So they call leave a voicemail. I do a little research. I send the offer to them for the price that price tells me to offer, which is twenty five cents on the dollar. I do a little checking to make sure that looks about right. I'll send an offer. And then so far, these two properties I send them offers three ways. I send them an offer in the physical mail and I text them the option. And the cool thing about freedom soft is all of these leads. Because I have a freedom smart phone number, it keeps it in the campaign, so I've got to accept it and I'd have three that have said yes, but they have questions. One guy in particular has, he said, You can buy my property for four grand. You just pay the way. So we're trying to figure out how much is your way past due amount is. I think he hasn't paid it for a few years. So we're trying to figure that out. We've got other people that I've said, yes, just email to me, I'll sign it electronically. So we've been trying to reach out to them. You can do digital signatures here with freedom, the other county in Florida. All of these deals, by the way, too, have been signed electronically. So we'll text them. We'll call them talk time on the phone. We'll email them the contract. It's just brilliant. It's so, so cool. All right. Let me show you what, OK? Let me show you this. Let's go to Google Maps. I must show you where one of our properties is Suwannee County, Florida. This is one of the counties we targeted. It's in between Tallahassee and Jacksonville. And you know, some of you are, you know, looking at this thinking, man, I live in Jacksonville, I live in Tallahassee. I've never heard of Suwannee County. Why would anybody want to buy a lot here? Well, this is one of the most active counties in Florida for cheap, rural vacant lots. All right. So there's a bunch of land here for sale, and you look at some of the some of this property, I mean, like farmland, but a lot of it is just see these areas that are wooded right here. There's a lot of little vacant lots here for sale. All right. Let me show you kind of where mine is. Mine is near a river called right here the Suwannee River. And let me go into the satellite image and sometimes you can find, let me take you on this satellite. I mean, here's this the Google Maps Street View. You can kind of see what this area looks like. There's a lot of little vacant land for sale next to this river that people are buying like crazy. I don't know if they go floating down the river. I don't know if there's alligators. I have no idea, but a lot of people buy and sell recreational land there. And if you scroll around, there is a lot of trailheads like here's the Suwannee River Rendezvous Rendezvous Resort. Look, it has got eight hundred and fifty one reviews, average 4.6 star rating and Grandma Susie's cooking shack. This looks like a nice, comfortable little place, right? Little hotel pools access to the river and canoes. I guess it's safe to go swimming in this river. I don't know what crocodiles are out there or not. Maybe just it's it's OK if you stay in a boat, but a lot of people go floating down this river. There are some areas in here where the water is really blue. Maybe it's some of it is spring fed, so I don't know. Yeah, a lot of cool stuff here and people live here to go. Just, you know, get off the grid or whatnot. I wanted to show that to you. So this county right now, Suwannee County, I have one of my properties under contract is I'm buying it for thirty seven hundred dollars. So let's go to the land. Watch here again. Let me just do a Suwannee County, Florida, and I'll just show you some of the properties. This is a two about a two acre piece of land in Suwannee County. Is that right? Is it three? Every. But here's here's an example property. I bought this. I bought mine for three grand. This is somebody that's selling that sold theirs for thirteen and owner financing their advertising owner financing. And look at that lot. There's this just trees next to a dirt road. And he sold that. Yes, he did. Why? Because he's probably doing owner finance Jim Cramer if you're out there. It's not that Jim Cramer. Well, look, he's got a bunch of properties here. Let's look at this one that he's advertising right now. This is in Andrew's North Carolina. It's for sale by owner. Let's look at it right there in the in the woods. This is his website. And he is advertising a discounted cash price for this one of 10000 950. Excuse me, all out here. There's another property has for sale in Georgia, Colorado. This guy's doing a lot of marketing Alabama. So some of these he sells for cash, some of them he sells are going to financing. I'm not sure what he's doing here.

  1. So all I'm doing, all I'm trying to show you here is how you can see what your competition is. These guys are selling a lot of land on different parts of the southeastern part of the United States for cheap and people buy these things. He's got property in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri at least used to North Carolina. Let's see all the properties that are in North Carolina right now. All right. He's got a bunch under contract here, some that he's trying to sell. I'm trying to find an example of how it looks like all he's selling all of these with cash. Sometimes they're available for owner finance. In our experience, when we advertise a properties loan or financing for every one call we'll get from a cash buyer, we will find at least three to five calls from somebody asking about owner financing. Most important thing when you're selling your land is access. You need to make sure there's road access to the property. And if you can advertise it with owner financing, you get a lot more calls. The cool thing about owner financing, again, is banks don't lend on vacant land, right? Especially the cheap rural ones out the middle of nowhere unless you plan to build a house on it or something like that, or you're going to use it for agriculture or what is going to turn a business out of it. But we offer easy, no credit qualifying loans. So we will sell will buy the land for 2500. Sell it for 10 with thousand dollars, down $300 a month. Eight percent interest for five years. Your you should be able to get your money back in the first year and you should be getting 300 percent. Rely on your money. Easy with this land. What what? What other business can you buy something for? A couple of thousand? Can you buy a rental house for a couple of thousand dollars and get three hundred dollars? True net cash flow You're not setting aside and saving any money for vacancies, maintenance repairs, property management. This is this is just owner financing. It's beautiful. Some of you were asking about freedom soft. If you are interested in getting freedom soft, you need to get the Joe McCall signature edition of Freedom Soft because that is where I have all of my vacant land stuff in there. I show you, I have the workflow automations, the marketing pieces, the contracts for the vacant land, and to get the John McCall Signature Edition, there's two sites I'm going to give you. The first one is Freedom Soft Joe Dot Com Freedom Soft Joe dot com one hundred ninety seven dollars a month or go watch a webinar where we show you how you can go out and get hundreds of leads and minutes at hundreds of leads. Dot com hundreds of leads dot com. If you're ready to sign up right now, go to freedom soft joe dot com. OK, cool. Thank you, Joseph. Appreciate that. OK, so yeah, Joseph's also telling me he's familiar with Suwannee County. It's an agricultural area and they do swim in the river. OK? It's all spring fed. Nice. Oh, that's beautiful. There's some pictures you'll see near the near the land that I'm buying where they it's like crystal blue. It's just it's really beautiful. And there you see little kids in the pictures swimming in there.

Got some questions here? Yeah. So somebody's here on Zoom. He owns a very large farm and he had somebody offer him seven hundred and fifty dollars on his property that was worth seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It is annoying. I agree, Joe. But listen, I make a lot of people mad in this business and this is my philosophy when I'm doing marketing. If I've not made somebody upset by 12 o'clock, I'm not doing enough marketing. You're going to make people mad in this business. That's just the way it is. But I also make a lot of money in this business, right? Obviously, they should not have offered you seven hundred and fifty dollars for your $750000 property. They just sent out mass offers. And but you know what? For every twenty of you guys that he hacked off, he probably got one or two deals out of that and maybe 15 20 grand. So, yeah, I apologize for making people mad. Like I make people mad all the time. I get the angriest phone calls, voicemails. But yeah, it's just kind of the way it is, right? Yeah. All right, guys. Any questions real quick as I'm looking at the Zoom chat? Can you use a realtor to sell land? Yes, you certainly can't. You certainly can't. The there's a there's a site called broker less dot com broker broker less eliasps dot com broker less is a discounted Mlss service nationwide for $99. You can list your property on the Mlss, so if you wanted to, you could put your vacant lot, your one acre vacant lot on the MLS. Now, if a realtor brings you a buyer, you need to pay them a commission so you have to determine what that's going to be, but you don't have to pay an agent commission on the sell sell side. So for 99 bucks, you can put it on the on the MLS and Realtor.com, which is cool. I think it'll also put it on Zillow. Yeah, Trulia. Zillow, which is good. But again, the best place to sell these things are going to be Facebook Marketplace and the Lancome websites. OK. All right, guys. Let me see if I see any more questions here. Yeah. Joseph is saying as an investor, I understand as a farmer, I was disturbed. I get it. Yeah, that's the thing that I don't like about this business, sometimes right houses or land. If you're going to make people mad and people are going to complain, they're going to call the I've had. I can't tell you how many times I've had complaints filed against me with the attorney general for sending postcards. Like what? That's illegal. Now they have to send you. They have to respond to every complaint. So you're going to get a letter saying, we got a complaint from somebody saying that you're you're mailing them about their house whenever I really do. You like when somebody complains about the Domino's pizza flier in their mail is like the attorney general sending Domino's a letter. So this is all you got to do that when you get an angry letter like that from the attorney general, you just got to say, Listen, I apologize, we won't mail that person any more. That's what all. That's really all they want to hear. You're not going to mail that person anymore and you tell them how you got the list. You say we got the list of vacant land owners from public county records. That's it. OK. And I'm sorry, we will not mail that person any more, and that's that will be the end of it. But I've gotten tons of complaints from customers for sending them letters in the mail. Right? I used to send blind offers for houses offering them. Full price with owner financing. You can also do this for vacant land, by the way. But I would get angry calls from people saying that I was an equity skimmer. I was a scammer. I was a fraud and would accuse me of mortgage fraud to the SCC and state attorney generals. All I was doing was sending them an offer to buy their land and we close with the title company. The seller will be in first position. So it's like is ridiculous. And you know, I wrote a friendly, apologetic letter in response. And the funny thing is that the son of this lady that I sent it to, he was furious and he happened to be an attorney. And he was saying in the response to my response, he was saying, That all sounds good, but this guy is a scam. He's going to steal my mom's equity. It's all a fraud. You need to investigate him. It was ridiculous. Well, nothing ever happened of it. I said in my letter to the attorney general, My apologies. I will take this lady off of my mailing list. I found her as the owner of this property in public records. And the other thing I said in this letter was we find properties that need rehabilitating and we fix properties up to help improve the community. So I talked about it in terms of fixing properties up to make the resale values go up to help people who can't afford homes to buy homes and all that good stuff.

So anyway, that's it for now, guys. If you're interested in getting some coaching, some help from us again, go to Mad Bootcamp dot com slash now mad bootcamp dot com slash now and we can talk about our coaching program. All right, Shaun is asking here a quick question. Can I get a property under contract to wholesale when I have a limited budget? Yes, you can. OK. You certainly can. And that's for a whole nother topic for another time. Yeah, they're not shooting at you. You're doing something wrong. Maybe. But here's the point. If you're not making somebody mad by 12 o'clock, you're not doing enough marketing. All right, get out there. The Mad Boot Camp was about three things that you need. First, have success in for this business marketing, automation and delegation. Those are the three keys to success marketing automation delegation, and that is the focus of my coaching program. We're helping people, holding them accountable, giving them a game plan supports that, helping them set up the systems so that you can create an automated business doing deals, making money. All right, we'll see you guys later. Take care, everybody. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you interested in coaching again, getting some help from us, one on one learning how to we're doing land right now, getting me to help you set it all up. Go to Mad Boot Camp dot com slash now mad boot camp dot com slash. Now, I'm not sure how much longer that's going to be up. I will see you guys soon, everybody.

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