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In this fifth and final session of my Brilliant at the Basics series, we’re going to cover follow-up. If you’re in a tough market, doing the simple task of consistent follow-up will set you apart from your competition. The more you follow up, the more deals you’ll do. If you’re just starting out, a great way to get prospects is to find an investor with old leads. Gavin started out this way and gained traction within just days of making calls.

Following up can be in the form of texts, calls, letters, or emails. As long as you’re doing it consistently, you will start to see results. When hiring a virtual assistant to help you run your business, you’ll want them to handle your marketing and CRM system. It’s important to have a tracking system for your leads to keep track of touches and to know when to follow up with them again. I’ll show you the tools I like to use to get it all done, as well as what my process looks like to stay on top of my prospects.

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What’s inside:

  • How consistent follow up can set you apart from the competition.
  • What you should have your VA doing in your business.
  • Examples of follow-up scenarios.
  • Tools and techniques that make following up easier.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast. All right, guys, what's going on? Hey, hey, hey. Joe McCall here and we are doing day five of our series called Brilliant at the Basics. And my goal for this is you've heard me talk about before because I'm writing a new book. I'm actually updating my book and I have it over here, but I can't reach it of being brilliant at the basics. And here's the thing that I've learned people that do the most deals have the simplest business, and they're focused on the real, simple, basic things, and they're really good at it. So if you want to do a lot of deals, you need to learn how to be brilliant at the basic things. And the basic things like we've been talking about in this whole series is marketing understanding. We're not in the real estate investing business. We're the marketing business, right? It's talking to sellers. Just simple three minutes talking to your seller, asking them questions. If you can talk to five dollars a day, you're going to kill it. In this business making offers, you got to just simple make offers.


Today's is the fifth and final session of this brain at the basics series, and I'm going to be talking about follow up. And this is probably actually be a short session here because this is actually so simple, but it's amazing to me how many people forget about the importance of following up? And if you're in a competitive market, just doing this thing is going to make you stand above all of your competition. And if you're in a competitive market and you want to do more deals, all you need to do is follow up. And if you can do more follow up than anybody else, guess what? You're going to do more deals. Even if you're new in this business, just getting started don't have a ton of money. If you can follow up, you're going to do more deals. Now, let me tell you something else, too. One of the best things that you could do if you're new and you don't have any leads yet, maybe you don't have enough money to do much marketing. Find another investor that has old leads and follow up with their leads. My coaching business partner Gavin tells this story often, and I love this because he was just getting started. He bought an expensive course and he wasted all of his money on direct mail that did not work at all in a very, very competitive market. Phoenix, Arizona And even back then when he got started, I don't know, six or seven years ago, super competitive. So he ran out of money, spent all his money on coaching and postcards. That didn't work. And he's like, What do I do? So as Coach was a friend of mine at the time, and I was kind of semi coach. Gavin at the time said, Hey, go to the next local real estate club meeting and find somebody that's got old leads. So he did that. He was, you know, he was felt like he was completely out of place because he's got this strong British accent. And he went there and he was wearing a suit and tie and is the middle of the summer in Phoenix. And everybody there is wearing T-shirts and shorts and flip-flops, right? And but, you know, he got up and it was your time in the meeting where everybody said, you know, if you have something you need to sell or something that you need to buy, stand up. So he stood up when it was his turn and said, Listen, I'm good on the phone. If you've got old leads, I'd love to follow up with their old leads for you and we can work something out. You can pay me out of the deal. Yeah, two or three people come up to him after that meeting and said, Hey, here's a bunch of old leads one lady in particular gave him. I think it's like 60 leads, this old leads that have been sitting in the woodpile, you know, and just gathering dust, getting old. And he went through those old leads. You called them all. The next day, you know, the key to that is taking massive action. He didn't understand what he was doing. He'd never done a deal before. He didn't have the money to buy these deals. He didn't know which contracts to use. He didn't know which title companies to use. He didn't have any buyers. He didn't know how a wholesale deal worked. But you know what? He just took massive, imperfect action. Write those words down massive, imperfect action.


And he found within a couple of days, I think he had two or three properties that got him under contract, and he didn't know how to make an offer. He just found the seller that said, Yeah, you know what? I want to sell now, go ahead, make an offer he calls the lady who gave him the lead. How do I make an offer on this? She said. Well, it's in this neighborhood, that street. OK, offer them this. Then he made the offer, got it under contract and within a week, guys within a week had four or five thousand dollars in his pocket. Just following up with old leads. So if you don't have any old leads and you don't have the money to do marketing the fastest way to a deal, find another investor who's got a bunch of old leads and call them, pick up the phone, call them and text them. Now, talk about all the other types of follow up that you can do. But guys, 90 percent of your deals are going to come from the follow up, whether you like it or not. 90 percent of your deals are going to come from the follow up. This is where the money is made. This is where the rubber meets the road, right? Especially if you're in a competitive market, like I said already. If you want to do some deals, you've got some old leads. Most of you are sitting on a gold mine right now. You've done marketing for years or, you know, you've been texting Zillow leads and you've been calling property managers, realtors and you're like, and I don't know what to do now. I don't have any deals. Well, most of you are sitting on a goldmine. Some of you need to stop doing any new marketing and focus on your old leads because your new marketing is giving you too many new leads. You know, here's the fact of the matter 90 percent of your deals are going to come from the follow up, and most of your deals are going to come after the sixth or eighth touch over three to four. Months, Gavin and I looked at a period of 12 months, this is a couple of years ago and we did 58 deals. It's mostly Gavin and our team with Gavin. He manages but 58 deals and of those 58 deals in that 12 month window. Only four of them came from that first contact with the seller. So if we would not have done any follow up, we would have only done four deals that year. All right. Understood what that means. Fifty four of the 58 deals came from follow up on average three to four months, six to seven touches. Some of them was only a couple of touches, some of them. We followed up with for a year and a half, but that's where the deals come from. And when I see students that understand this and then actually do it, I get so much awesome feedback from them like, Oh my gosh, you're right. The follow up works and you got old leads column. You find another investor who has old leads, follow them.

So this is what you do. I mean, how do you do the follow up? I'll talk about that in a second, but all the above, like, however, you can do it, do it. The best follow up is the follow up that you're doing. It can be texting phone calls, letters, emails, carrier pigeon smoke signals, FedEx packages. I don't knock on their door Post-it note like whatever you can do, make sure you're doing it consistently because this is what happens. The sellers are going to be like, Oh my gosh, this guy keeps on bugging me. He must really want my house. Well, they don't want to sell it now, but the seller, sometimes they just need time to cook. And after they've cooked for a few months to like, You know what, I am sick of this house. I am done with it or I don't want to sell this house. I want to sell that house or they're talking to a neighbor. Like, you know what? There's this guy who keeps on calling me. You should call him. He's looking for deals. You might make an offer on your house so you want to be front of mind. When people talk to you the first time that they're they're annoyed you caught him at a bad time. They don't want to sell their house right now. They're not going to give it away. But you know what, couple three months later, that tenant is late for the fifth time on their rent. They've called them 20 times in the last month to fix something stupid. You know, they're getting complaints from the neighbors or that other property they've been trying to rehab is just taking so long they're frustrated with it. I have never talked to a landlord with as a lot of rental properties who doesn't have one, at least one that they would love to sell, and they would give it away because it's just the pain in the butt. That's why absentee owners and landlords are the best lists that we could market to. They are the most likely to be motivated to want to sell. So how do you find them? Well, you know, most times when you talk to them that first time they're going to be like, No, I don't want to sell. No, I'm not going to give it away. Are you crazy? I'm not going to sell it for fifty cents on the dollar. No. You know, they're going to tell you to go to H.E. double hockey sticks or something. I'm telling you the deals are from the follow up, so that's where all the money is made. Follow up every 30 days. This is your rule that you need to write down, and this is one of the, I don't know, five commandments that I have in this business. OK, follow up. So you got to follow up with your sellers every 30 days and you're never going to stop. You're never going to stop. And the key to this is getting your follow up done for you in spite of you. I talked a little bit about that in the marketing part, but for follow up, get your marketing done for you in spite of you. That way, it just gets done and you don't need to worry about it.

So when it comes to hiring virtual assistants, I say this often there's really three things your virtual assistants should be doing and you should be hiring a virtual assistant as soon as you can. All right, so your virtual assistant should be doing three things write this down. Number one, they should be doing all your marketing. We talked about marketing done for you in spite of you. Like, you need to have somebody do your marketing every single day. So it just gets done. You have to worry about it anymore. The second thing your VA should be doing is updating your CRM. They should be the VA. They should be the person that updates your CRM with the information from the calls. What's the next thing that you have to do? What stage is it in now? Is it in the follow up cold stage or the follow up? What stage is it is? Did you send a contract? Is it pending or is it under contract? Is it a follow up stage? What's the motivation of the lead? So when you talk to sellers, you know, just get a pad of paper, write down the notes from the conversation. I like to take a picture of my notes, send it to the VA. I like to use an app called Voxer, where I can record message memo. My notes from that conversation with the VA. Send it to the VA. Have the VA update the CRM. I love freedom soft. It's amazing. I use it all the time. By the way, if you want to sign up for freedom software, learn how it works. Watch I did a webinar called Hundreds of Leads, where I did a webinar with Rob Swanson, the guy who owns street himself. We showed you how to get hundreds literally of leads in minutes using freedom saw. So go to hundreds of leads dot com hundreds with an s of leads with an s dot com to watch that webinar. But a lot of you guys are not very techie, you're not very tech savvy, and that's totally fine. Some of you know just how to turn on a mouse, and that's it. But guess what? You don't need to be the freedom soft expert. You don't need to be the CRM expert, hire a VA and make them the freedom soft expert. OK, so freedom soft can do. All of that follow up for you, so number one, you have the VA do your marketing number to you have them update the CRM and then the third thing you have you do this is the most important thing is have a VA, do all your follow up and I'll show you in a minute how you can do this inside a freedom shop. But your VA needs to manage this for you and you can get great VAS for five hundred and seven hundred and fifty bucks a month. A thousand bucks a month, maybe. But you think about it that VA can do all your marketing for you, or just at least manage it to make sure it's done and track the results. Number two, they can update the CRM for you, so you don't worry about it. Just send them voxer's voice messages. All right. Voxer, by the way, is x e r box or just Google it and find it. And the third thing is, do all your follow up for you. Can you do that? I mean, come on. I'm telling you if your deals come from the follow up, why are you so afraid to hire a VA today? Hire a virtual assistant today to do your follow up for you guys. I guarantee you it'll bring you more deals. You know, it's just you cannot not do deals if you don't have if you have a VA doing the follow up for you. And there's ways you can do the follow up where your VA is not the actual one. Calling them right like the VA can send a text message, can send the email, can send the voicemail, can send the letter of the postcard all that good stuff.

So what is some of the follow up that you can do? I'm going to talk about that right now. First one is old fashioned phone call. All right. Just call the seller up. You can use your cell phone. You can use a virtual number from Freedom Song, but just call them up, say, Hey, this is Jim or this is Joe. Hi, Jim, you don't remember me. I'm just following up about your property at one to three Main Street, we talked a little while ago, I made you an offer. Just follow it up if you sold it yet, is it still available? Do you have any other properties you're looking to sell if it's a property manager or a realtor? Do you have any other clients that are looking for deals to sell? So I'm just calling to follow up. That's it. So that can be a voicemail now. Sometimes if you have 100 200 numbers to dial, you know that may be a lot that you need that you're going to do from your phone. And most calls when you make those deals are going to go directly to voicemail. But you know, there's something tools. My favorite is freedom, soft freedom, soft. Will you select the 20 or 50 or 100 that you want to call? It brings them up into a list and right from your computer. You put a headset in or something. You can just start pressing dial and it'll dial each of them one at a time. If it goes to voicemail, you leave a voicemail and then you click another button. It sends them a text right away and that just says, Hey Jim, I just left your voicemail about your house. That one to three main street. Give me a call. All right. You do that every 30 days and like, it's just gets done the super fast and easy. Now if you want to use a triple dialer where you're calling a bunch of people at once. I recommend a tool called Mojo sells. It's a little more techie. It's a little more advanced, but that allows you to dial a bunch more people at once. The problem with it is it's it's in bulk, so it's like more about quantity versus quality. Freedom soft is more important. It's more concerned with quality over quantity. Mojo sells is more concerned about quantity instead of quality, so Mojo sells. You can't leave them personalized individual voicemails, and he can't send them a text. All right. Now, another tool that I use a lot it's free is sly dial, but that's one thing at a time. So with sly dial, you're going to from your phone, record a person, you're going to dial the seller's phone number. Well, first, I'm sorry. Rather, you dial sly dials number, then you dial the seller's phone number and then it takes you. If it's a cell phone, it takes you directly into their voicemail and you can leave a personalized voicemail for them. Hey, Jim, how are you doing, Joe here? Just calling up following up about your house that address, just seeing if you've sold it yet or if you're still looking to sell it, I'm still interested in buying it. Give me a call. Thanks, Jim. You know, so boom, that's it. And you can do that in Slidell now. It's it's free, but you have to listen to a little ad and there's a way you can upgrade to premium. So check that out. So that's number one. Give your leads a call number to send them a text. Super simple text. I'm gonna show you in a minute how to do this Freedom software can be done automatically. You can do it individually, your VA can do it and all of that, but send them a text. Same thing. Hey, just following up, Jim, have you sold your house yet? Is it still available like you're sending a text to a friend? That's it, and you want to make sure you mix it up every single 30 days when you do this right now, this is also really, really powerful. It's something that I love to do. It does cost a little money, but it works. Works like crazy mail to send a letter to all of your old leads once a month. All right. There's a lot of services that can do this. I'm setting it up right now in freedom software. My customized version of freedom soft, my signature version of freedom, soft I have. It's going to set up here where you can click a button and it'll send a handwritten letter to a seller. But it's just a simple letter. Again, like I said, Hey, Jim John, we talked a little while ago about your house that address. If you haven't sold it yet, I'm still interested in buying it. Give me a call. Thanks, Joe. Simple, handwritten, personalized letter. Not something that's far, you know, maybe you switch it up with a one month. It's a personalized handwritten letter. The next month, it's a professional letter typed with letterhead. Maybe that month after that, it's typed, but it's got a picture of you and your family and your cute dog or something like that. But send that. The other thing I like to send sometimes is I'm in my lease option. Of course, I have a brochure that you can maybe send a brochure about how lease options work to the sellers. That's a great tool, a resource that you can do.

Don't overthink this. Don't complicate it. You know, just send something. Maybe it's even if it's the same thing every single month. That's OK. And why do I love direct mail? Because it just gets it's open. It gets open, you know, emails, they get lost and spam phone calls that goes seller sees it unrecognized. No, send it to voicemail, block it or whatever. Texts are getting harder and harder to get through because the carriers are starting to block text. You know, that are the same words from the same phone number all the time. So but with mail, almost everybody opens their mail. I mean, when you're looking at maybe 20 percent open rates, if you're doing good with emails, you're getting 80 percent open rates with direct mail and if not more, especially if it's a handwritten letter, a handwritten envelope or a handwritten postcard or something like that. They're going to look at that and say, Oh, well, what's this? They may open it over their circular file. You know the trash can, but they're going to read it. And a lot of times in my follow up, I tell them, Listen, now's not the good time for you to sell. Please keep this letter for future reference in case something changes and you want to sell it later. So a lot of times sellers will keep those letters. I've got a friend who's got the story. He got a phone call one time and somebody call him and said, Yeah, hi, this is Jim. I don't know if you remember, but you sent my mom a letter three years ago about her house and was wondering if you'd still be interested in buying it. And he is like, Of course he doesn't remember. He says, Yeah, sure. Tell me a little bit more about it. Well, it turns out this lady had received a letter from him about her house, and the letter said, Please keep this letter for reference future reference if you don't want to. If you want to sell it later, I'd like to buy it. And so she had a Manila file folder where she kept anything that was related to the house. She kept the letter in that folder. So unfortunately, no, she passed away or kids or they're taking care of things and they're going through her folder and there's a folder called House Stuffed, whatever, right? They open it up and there's a letter from this guy who wants to buy her house from three years earlier. And so the son calls him and says, Are you still interested in buying this house? We'd like to. We just don't want to deal with it. You know, there's a lot of work that needs to be done, a lot of updating. If we're going to list it, sell it with a realtor. It's going to take too much work. We'd rather just sell it and be done with it and get it, get, you know, get our money or whatever. So that's the power of follow up and sending these kinds of letters. You never know you're going to find deals two or three years later. The other day, I had a student tell me there's a seller that told them, I can't believe you keep on column. You must really want my house. Well, OK, I'm ready to sell it now. OK, now another thing you can do is add these sellers into auto responder. So I always get emails from sellers. I'm always asking them, Listen, can I just email, use some information, or can I email you and offer a proposal or something like that could be looked at? So now I have their email address and with freedom soft, I love freedom soft because I can add them to an email auto responder. And so I was going to show this to you, but I don't know if I need to do this. It's pretty simple. It's just when you change the status in freedom's off to something like follow up cold. It sets up the sequence where it will send them a text and an email every 30 days, 45 days, whatever you want. I have these systems six sequences already set up where it will just send these to them automatically. The other thing it does is it sets up tasks, so you don't forget it. This is why this is so important to write this down. Your philosophy in this business needs to be no lead left behind, no lead left behind. You can't let anything fall through the cracks. That's why it's so important to have a good CRM, a database that manages all your leads. And one of the biggest mistakes I see investors make is they just status their lead as follow up. And that's it. You can't do that. You need a status. You lead as follow up and then create a task for when to do the next follow up. So every lead my team understands is my VAs understand this, my sons who help me in the land business understand this. Every single lead needs to have a task, an open task assigned to somebody with a due date in the future, and it can be as simple as send another offer, send a letter, phone call, email, follow up. OK. And then when you complete that task, create another task 30 days later. No matter what CRM you're using, every CRM has tasks, every lead as a task that you can just create. The way I like to do it is we're automatically that task, automatically updates and creates a new one every 30 days. So nothing falls through the cracks. No lead gets left behind. So when I'm looking at my VA, I'm going into the home screen. I can see all of my VA's tasks and there better not be very many overdue tasks more than one or two days old, because that means my VA is not doing the follow up. Maybe I need to get another VA to help, and maybe there's some more automation I need to put into there.

But that's how you do it. It's really, really that simple. Go into your CRM and in freedom's office. On the home page, you can see all of the tasks right there and you can filter them by person that it's assigned to. And you can see all of the follow up tasks. And every day there's going to be 30, 50, 100 of them. And you're VA's job. To go through each of those tasks, do the follow up. Complete the task and create a new task to follow up again 30 days later. It's real simple. Again, let me repeat this because I want you to understand the VA's need to know and this is what you need to be doing every single lead in your database. Freedom stopped. Every single seller lead needs to have a task that's assigned to somebody in the future with a due date. All right, somebody is asking, Can you show us this in Zoom? Yes, I will. OK, I will show you how this is done. Let me go to freedom soft right now. I must share my screen real quick. I'll just make this super simple. So let's say we're going into a lead. This is a lead that I was playing with in Indiana on Elkin Avenue. Those were cops were just looking at some cops that property. And so let's say this is a seller and their name is Jimmy Bob. Oops. Last name Bob. And their email phone number. I'll do my Google Voice or something here. All right. And their email is don't send me emails there because I will not see it. All right. So that's my email. That's my Google Voice number. And so let's say we talked to Jimmy and I'm going to go right here to communications and I'm going to have comments. I'm I have a note like, talk to Jimmy. He's not ready to sell, not motivated, whatever. And this is these are notes that my vas can do for me, right? I can Voxer message them this note, and they can put it in here. Follow up after listing expires or whatever, right? I click Add comment. Now what it does is a time date stamps snap. So now when I'm looking in the future, I can see a history of all of these notes. All right. And we're going to change the status here to follow up boom. And then I'm going to go right here to tasks. Zoom in a little bit tasks. Click Add Task, and I'm going to write just simple follow up and to assign it to my assistant 30 days from now, dude. To do and I can do an ad reminder if I want. Send reminder. Boom save task. Now that task is created 30 days from now. We're going to follow up 30 days later. You go into your home screen and this is my demo account. So we're going to see a ton of overdue tasks here. So I just don't want you to understand like this is different when you click on the home screen of your feed himself, when you go and you're going to see all of your tasks here. All right. And you can see by who it's assigned to by due date. Things like that. And you're going to see, all right. Well, here's a task of that to this one. Let's just go to for example, the task was ask Joe if we should buy it again. This is demo. So when you complete the task boom, you go in and you create a new one, just click Add Task to new one follow up. Sometimes we just do few. OK, assign it to your assistant or yourself due date in 30 days. Same task! Boom. There it is. You can create, you know, delete the old one as well. A few stands for follow up guys, but that's it. That's how you create these tasks. Let's go back to that old lead I was working on here, this demo lead here. So again, the task comes up. I complete it. I send the text. I can click on their phone number right here. SMS. Hey, Jimmy! Just following up, did you sell your house at? I don't remember the address I can click right here in the dropdown. Thanks, Joe. Well, just like that, I send the texts and I could also send an email, click on his email, and there's templates that you can use for follow up. For example, follow up day one. All right. Hey, Jim, it's nice talking to you today about your house that address. I understand you want to sell your house right now, but if circumstances change, call me OK. I just sent an email just like that with a couple of clicks. Send a text, send an email that said, If you want to send a letter, this is really cool. So I have information from the seller. I have the seller's owner name and address right there and click on more actions. I go to create document and this is all in the this is all in the Joe McCall signature edition for himself. But here's a follow up letter that I like to use. Click on next step fills in the information. Next step. Dear Jimmy, this Joe, and this is now my second letter to you about my cash offer to purchase your property and address. I'm interested in the property. If you're serious about selling it, give me a call. We can discuss this boom. All right, then I go right here to complete its generating this letter. You can just generate this letter every 30 days, right? And soon, as it's done here, it takes just sometimes a minute. There it is. There's a letter. I'm going to email it to click to mail. Now I'm getting a little advanced techie here, but click to Mail is a service. It's a website that has this thing called email to mail, and I can email this letter to the seller. I can email it to click to mail, click to mail, will print it and send it in the physical mail. Next business day. All right, so I just click email here and I have a template called E Mail to mail. What it does is it attaches that that letter that I just created, it's going to email it to have a contact in here called mailbox. So it's going to put the owner's name and mailing address in the subject line. Right click the mail is going to get that letter. They're going to print the attachment they're going to send. It to whoever is in the subject line next business day, so if I send us email, it'll send it out. It's about a dollar 90 cents or 80 cents or something, I don't remember. So it's going to put that letter in the physical metal. So it's just a few clicks. I send a text, an email and a physical letter through freedom sort. When the task is done, you click compete and you create a new task, so you have to make sure, OK.

Let me ask you something. Look at this here. What's wrong with this lead? The status is follow up. You know, maybe you can mark it as a three star. You know, the status is follow up, but there's no hope. There's no more open tasks. That's a big no no. So create another task. Follow up. Every single lead needs to have a follow up task assigned to somebody in the future. Every lead needs to have an open task. You can't just let things fall through the cracks like this, OK? That way on February 25th, when you go into the home screen here, that lead is going to show up on this task or front page, and you're going to know what you need to do. Now let me show you one more thing the cool thing about freedom software because you guys are asking for it. There's an odd thing here called workflow automation, and this is so incredibly powerful. This is why I use freedom himself so much. It's called workflow automation, and I have a workflow automation in here called Seller Lead Workflow Jos. And what this does is every time there is a a status change, you can you can create actions. All right. So when I change the status to send marketing to owner, it's going to do a few things. No one is immediately going to send a text to the seller. Hey, I might be interested in your house that address in City. You wouldn't be interested in selling it, would you? I'm looking to buy some from property in the area. It's going to send them an email that says, Hi, I might be interested in your property and address. I'm going to create a task to send a letter to the owner. Seven days later, I'm going to send him another text. Hey, I'm not sure you got my last message. Now this only will send this text if you don't change the status. If you change the status, it's not going to send him this text because if they respond to that marketing, then I'm going to obviously change his status to something else. But so, hey, I sent you a message earlier. I'm not. You're not interested in selling Aria. I'm looking to buy another house in the area. It also sends an email a week later, and it moves him to a group marketing sent. Let's say I change the status to follow up Cole. So this is a cold lead. Now what it does if I go to the bottom of it marks it as a lead. It's puts them into a group. Thirty days later, sends a text. Hi, Jim, Jim, name whatever. You might not remember me. We talked a little while ago about your property and address. Are you still interested in selling it? I'm looking for another house in the area 60 days later. Would you do me a favor and let me know if you're interested in selling address 90 days later. So this is every 30 days. I am just reaching out again, Jim, about your property and address I'm interested in by buying it. Can you call me or text me? Thirty days later? Hey, last month I tried connecting again about your house and address. You wouldn't be interested in selling, would you? 30 days later, Jim, I haven't reached out in a while. I'm just following up to let you know I'm still interested in buying address 30 days later. Hey, Jim, the interested in selling thing address takes me back. All right. It's also then sending emails and you can set up as many of these as you want. You click on here, add new actions so you can set it up or creates a new task when the status changes. 30 days later, 60 days later, whatever sends an SMS, sends an email, move it or copy it to a group. A group is like a label you can add them. Let's say they say, Stop calling me. No, I don't want to sell. Then you can just click on. When you change the status to dead, it'll add them to your do not call list. You can market as a lead. You can stop, follow up, restart, follow up, send a notification, delete incomplete tasks like you could set it up where if it's dead, then go ahead and just complete all of your incomplete tasks. Delete them, make sense so that workflow automation is so incredibly powerful inside of freedom himself. Nobody does it better than freedom soft does. This is why I'm such a big fan of it. So like, that's a new thing they just did when it's when it's sold closed. I can add a new action. It says delete incoming or delete all incomplete tasks when it's status as DNC means do not call stop future follow up. Add them to your do not call list. Move them to a group called Dead. Do not call, delete incomplete tasks, write update workflow. So now any time a lead in that's in that workflow, when I change the status, all those things trigger and start half. I even have a workflow automation for vacant land, which is super cool. So this is different for vacant land. We send an offer every 30 days. So after when offered when the status changes to offer no one cent, it creates another task 30 days later to send off offer. Number two, it's assigned to my son. Three days later, it says, Hey Jim, Joe, here just an FBI, you should receive an offer in the mail for your vacant lot in county in the next day or two. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Joe. OK. And then three days later, it creates a task to send them a slide dial. A slide dial is a prerecorded voicemail, so my son gets a task, says, Hey, send them a slide dial. So as soon as we send off for one, three days later, we're sending him a text and a voicemail, saying, Hey, in the next day or two, you're going to get an offer. Mail, call us, let us know. All right. Thirty days later, the task comes up, send off for number two. So the same thing happens when we then send off for number two, sends another text, send another slide. Does that make sense? Cool. Here's the thing you might have seen me do that. Fancy it? Techie stuff with freedom soft. Don't let that overwhelm you because there's a simple tutorial videos feed himself that show you can do that. The main thing I want you to walk away with is you've got to do the follow up and you need to get somebody to do it for you in spite of you. So I have my 16 year old son doing it for me. I have my virtual assistants doing it for me. But that way it just gets done because that's where the money is. But if you can't afford a VA yet or whatever, then do it yourself. But you've got to. Don't let anything fall through the cracks.

OK, so that's all I've got right now, guys. I'm going to make like a tree and leave. It's been a fun, fun week. I'm actually going to Nashville this weekend from a gymnastic, a daughter's gymnastics tournament. Then we're going to Colorado to ski for a week. It's got a lot of cool things and I'm in the middle of a live challenge where we are teaching people how to do deals virtually. So by the way, somebody is asking here can we send a contract to be signed by the seller? Yes. So you can create a contract inside of freedom soft and you can email it to the seller or. And you can also do a digital signature request to the seller. So if you want to see me do that real quick. So let's say this lead that we were just working on with Jimmy Bob, but I'll leave details right here. Contract pending, he wants to send in a contract, so we're going to send him an offer. I'm going to make this a wholesale deal here, deal type and I'm a scroll down. So my initial offer on this deal is going to be 75 grand. I'm going to put a thousand dollar earnest money. This offer expires, let's say, just February 4th. And so don't worry about purchase price or sales price. That's just kind of like what price you're buying it for, what price you're selling it for. And then we'll give you the estimated revenue on that. All right. So I put that information in. I'm going to go to more actions, create document and I have a one page contract right here. I also have a four page. Let's do this four page cash offer right here. OK. What this is is it's it's a cover letter, a contract and some attach things on there. So I'm going to click on next step fills in this information. Cool. Next step. And it's a cover letter to the seller. The sheet of paper is worth seventy five grand in the next 30 days. Dear David Bloom, I want to buy your house. Here's a one page contract. Cool. All right, click complete. Now, let's say I want to do a digital signature. The seller says, Yes, I want to. I want to do this. I'm on the phone with them. By the way, whenever I send a digital signature, a contract for signature to the seller. I want to walk them through it on the phone so you don't have to use write signature or DocuSign anymore. You can do it all inside a freedom store, but you might tell them, Listen, let's walk through this over the phone so you can make sure they get the email. They know how to open the email. You know, if they have any technical questions about the contract, you can walk them through it and walk them through actually clicking the right buttons to get the contract signed. OK, so here is the thing I'm going to click on view and there's a cover letter, there's a one page contract and there's where they can sign it, right? So you can just email this to them. Sometimes what I like to do is show you something here. Sometimes I copy this URL at the top and I just text it to them. I click this go to eSIMs. Hey, Jim, here's the contract I just emailed to you. OK, I paste that URL. It sends them a text of that contract. But here's the cool thing if I click sign. What this is going to do is it's going to put it into the digital signature thing. So who needs to sign this Jimmy? Email address? OK. And if I need to sign it to, I click on Add Signer. I'm going to do Joe McCall, Jim, call at Gmail and you can assign a signing order. You can say Jimmy asked to sign it first, and then I sign it. There's the thing that they have to sign. Cool. I'm going to click on next step. Now this is where you're going to add where the signature goes. And I want him to sign it right here. So I'm a drag this signature thing right there. And Jimmy Bob signs this right. I'm going to drag the date, field date field goes right there. And that's Jimmy Bob's date. Makes sense. All right. You can drag him where it needs to go. Then I'm going to drag date over here. This is Joe McCall's date right there and signature drag it right there. It's going to be Joe McCall's signature. Makes sense. You can choose whether it's required or not. You can do textbox or checkbox or date initials, but that's all I need right there. Then I'm going to click next step. These sign this contract. Thanks, Joe. You know, I put my phone number there to call me if you have any questions. Then you just click Send Document. Now what it does, it shows you all of these contracts that are out for signatures. It's pending. It's complete. OK. And then you can track. You know what? Let me show you what it looks like. This is one of them that I did recently here. Well, eight months ago, this is now when you send it out and it gets signed electronically and automatically comes into your attach. It's for this lead, so this was a lead from Hunt. I went to attachments and you can see right here, here is the contract that was signed. And it's just a digital signature. Just like that, the seller can sign it on their phone with their finger, and they can do it with a mouse. But it keeps tracksuit suit. It's like one of the frustrating things is when you're sending so many offers and stuff out and you're trying to track the digital signatures and making sure that you get it from doc you signed, you download it to computer, you upload it to the record here, but it keeps track of it all. The other cool thing is it tracks the audit trail of everything as well. So if I zoom in here, it tracks when the document timeline, when it was uploaded, when it was sent, when it was viewed by who, when it was signed and the IP address of who signed it when it was sent, viewed and signed and completed, it tracks all of that, you know, so you can get the document audit trail of that contract, but it does it all inside of freedom. Stop now inside of here, which is absolutely amazing. All you do is you create the contract and you click Sign right here and it starts the digital signature process.

Super cool. I'm glad I got to show that. Thanks for asking about that. OK, Eric is real quick is asking how many digital did to die question from surely real quick? How many investors should we try to work with initially to cold call? So I guess I was talking about, you know, finding investors to follow up with their old leads get as many as you can. You know, if one investor can give you 100 hundred cold leads, then start with that. You might need to find more investors. But you know, once you start doing it, you better do what you say you're going to do as well, right? That's good. Then the other question was how does this offer template work with your automated offer pro? Good question, Eric. I have a software called Automated Offer Pro, and what that does is you put in the information it creates the offer for you, creates the word document. All right. All you do is you upload that word document into freedom store. So I don't have time to show you an example of this. But you know, let's say you're working this lead with Hunt. You go into the automated offer pro, you create the software, you're going to go right here to attachments and you're going to go right here to attach files and you're going to go find that. Like, here it is. Here's an example of what I just did this other day. I'm going to attach or upload the blind offer if I do it right. What did I do wrong there? Hold on a second here. There you go. So it just uploaded this document that I created in my automated offer pro and it's opening up. It's in another window. It's just opened up and word. But then I can do the same thing. I can click Digital Sign or email right from here. So if I click email, it's going to email. That document that I just created in my automated offer. Pro software to the seller makes sense. I can do digital signature here as well. I click sign name email address. OK, it's still uploading right here, but you click on next and you prepare. You choose where the signatures are going to go.

All right, cool. I got another question here real quick. Will there be a replay of this? It's in my YouTube channel. So if you're watching this, you want to see the other four videos that I've done and this one, this is number five. Go to my YouTube channel and I have a playlist called Brilliant at the basics. Subscribe to my channel number one, please. But then go to that playlist called brilliant at the basics and you'll see all these videos. They're free themselves. How much is the Joe McCall signature edition of Freedomsoft? It's one ninety seven a month, but you get your websites, you get your digital signatures, you get your phone numbers, you get your texting, you get to pull your lists as well from freedom himself. Like you get your motivated seller lists, you get comps. It's like an all in one tool. Obviously, a one ninety seven a month is not cheap, but you're going to be spending more than that anyway if you go out and get all those tools separately somewhere else. So if you want to build a business, you need to invest in your business. You need to invest in tools that make your life easier. So well, well worth it. I think 197 is cheap for what you get. OK, thank you, guys. That's all the questions I see here in Zoom. Appreciate all of you very much. Subscribe to our YouTube channel because I'm going to be doing more of these. I do them about every two weeks. It's called REI Secrets, and I enjoy teaching the stuff showing you stuff that we're doing right now in our business and appreciate all of you as well.

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