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In this episode, I show you how I start a marketing campaign for land deals. I love technology and I enjoy using it to create strategic marketing campaigns. And because technology is one of my secrets in real estate investing, I will share with you the tools and websites that I always use.

What I like about buying land is how it has less negotiation talks. In fact, you don’t even have to talk to them until they’ve accepted your offer. You send out neutral letters or blind offers and wait until they see the numbers and are interested. So, whenever I set up a marketing campaign for land deals, I use a simple model that everyone can follow. And here, I go through everything step-by-step and show you exactly how I do it. I give you the search parameters to use to narrow down your list of vacant lots, so you don’t waste time chasing leads, and a process to follow to send out offers including what you can write in your marketing campaigns that will hook the sellers’ interests.

I went in deep into what I do for land campaigns and how I set it up in this episode, so there’s lots of gold nuggets here. Take them, apply them and start making land deals.

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What’s inside:

  • How to start a marketing campaign for land deals.
  • How to identify suitable vacant lots.
  • The tools you need to get started.
  • How to get a free copy of my REI Secrets ebook.

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Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast.

How are you doing, guys? Joe McCall, the REI Secrets Show. This is a new show I just started recently, it's called REI Secrets and it's all about things that I'm doing today. So I do coaching calls and I do a podcast. But this is a series of shows I wanted to start that are live. It's raw, unedited, and it's me doing the stuff.

I do coaching calls where I answer questions. But this is my awesome, my rare opportunity that I get to do where I'm actually going to do the stuff. I'm going to be doing marketing. I'm going to be making offers. I'm going to be talking to sellers, talking to buyers. And I got a lot of cool things that I love to share and I love to teach. I love marketing. I love systems. And in the REI Secrets show, I'm going to be just really giving you what I feel like is some really cool tips and tricks and marketing hacks and tactics.

I want to show you something here. I got two books I'm going to give away for free. Don't tell anybody I'm doing this. I got two books I'm going to give away for free. The first one is my Simple Lease Options book. The easiest and fastest ways to do more deals in any market, whether the market's hot or cold or flat or up or down. This is a book that I'm going to give you for free when you watch my webinar at SLOClass.com. If you go to SLOClass.com, I have a course that I created called Simple Lease Options. And on the webinar, I'm going to teach you how to do lease option deals. I teach you step-by-step how to do them in the webinar, how to get more leads than you can handle for free, how to do deals by offering sellers whatever price they want. You don't have to negotiate anything. Then I'm going to show you how to sell your lease option deals lightning fast to a hungry pool of buyers with money. And you get that all in the webinar. And if you watch the webinar to the end, I'm going to give you a link where you can get this book for free. Simple Lease Options, OK? What's the link for that again? Somebody type it in the chat. SLOClass.com for simple lease options. You get that book for free. I'm also going to give you this book, REI Secrets for free and with a bribe of, what do you think? Do you guys like this stuff? And so what I'm asking for are honest reviews. If you guys like what I'm teaching on the podcast, on the videos and the REI Secrets series, if you like that, I'm going to give away this book for free. It's a solid book. Every chapter is about two or three pages. Well, they're all solid books. Let me just prove to you that there's stuff in here. But each chapter of this REI Secrets book is one or two pages of tips and tricks, daily nuggets of real estate investing wisdom to help you get more leads and close more deals. And you can get this book for free if you leave me a review. Go to JoeReview.net. Now, for it to work, you need to go to ReviewJoe.net from your phone. I'm going to do that right now. ReviewJoe.net. You have to know how to spell review. It takes you to a page. It's going to ask you for your name and your email address. Why am I doing this? I'm wanting to build up my Google CEO presence. So when someone types in Joe McCall  reviews, they can see a bunch of people that like me, and their reviews. So it's going to ask you to leave a video review. When you leave an honest video review. And that doesn't matter if it's a one star or five star. OK, it's going to take you to a thank you page. On that thank you page will be a link to the PDF of this book, REI Secrets that you can get for free. And all I ask is that you leave me an honest review. I'm not going to be doing this much longer.

The book is part of a program that I'm doing. It's called Partner with Joe. And that's another thing. You should check it out. PartnerWithJoe.net. If you aren't a student already, go check out PartnerWithJoe.net, because in there I show you how to get your first deal in the fastest way possible. And so probably starting next week, I'm not going to be giving this book away for free any more. This will be just part of the Partner with Joe program because it's a really good book. I put a lot of effort, money and time into it. But for now, you can get this for free by leaving me a review at ReviewJoe.net from your cell phone. You have to do it from your cell phone. And the thank you page after you leave the video review will take you to this book to get the PDF. Cool. I got like three other books here I'll tell you about later sometime maybe.

right. So today I'm going to be doing a land campaign. This is something that I've been wanting to do for a week now. And I thought, man, you know what? I'm going to do it on this live REI Secrets masterclass. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to open up some tabs here on my computer and I'm gonna share my screen with you and show you what I'm doing. All right. I'm going to share my screen right now. Now those of you that don't know, I have a great, awesome love affair with FreedomSoft. That sounds bad. I won't say that. That doesn't sound right. I love FreedomSoft. I've been in the business a long time. I love technology and tools and FreedomSoft is my favorite CRM. I use it every single day. I tell all my coaching students and anybody that cares to listen to get FreedomSoft because it's amazing. It's called FreedomSoft Joe McCall Signature Edition. When you get the Joe McCall signature edition, you're going to see all of my marketing pieces, my letters, my email templates. You're going to see my custom fields for vacant land deals, for lease option deals. You're going to see my workflow automations for different campaigns. You're going to get the Joe McCall signature edition.

And we also have lease option websites that you can use. But the cool thing about FreedomSoft  is it manages all your leads and you can get local phone numbers. So I'm going to buy a new phone number and I'm going to do a campaign and I'm going to put the campaign here into the FreedomSoft. Now I'm going to kind of show you and walk you through the steps.

We have a website for vacant land. It's DreamBigLand.com. Not all of the properties that we've done are on here. We just got this website. That's not even Matt and Carole. I run this business with a friend of mine, Matt and Carole, and they actually have four kids and that's not them. And the signatures and I don't know what happened here. We must have forgotten. This is a brand new website and we forgot to update the picture and their signature.

But anyway, you can see some of the properties that we've done in Freemont County, Kern County, I think Kern County, California, Klamath Counties, Oregon, Wilkes County, South Carolina and Freemont County, I think is I forget where Freemont County is. But you can see some of the land deals that we've done in the past here. We've probably sold 20, 20 or 30 vacant land properties, average profit, about nine or ten grand, a very, very part time. All right. And so I was talking to Matt, my business partner, the other day, and I said, let's just do a brand new campaign for some direct mail in North Carolina. And so he agreed. So with the way I've done it for the last few years is I will send out the marketing. My boys, my teenage sons, will do the research and send the offers. And Matt, my business partner, who runs the website here, he does the work of getting it under contract, following up with the sellers and then marketing the property. We actually close on it. Then we turn around and sell it.

So the model is real simple. We buy rural vacant land out in the country. You see this? This is vacant land. There's no houses on there. We will buy it for twenty or twenty five cents on the dollar and we'll sell it for seventy five, 80 cents on the dollar. So let's just say using a calculator out here, let's say the vacant property is worth 40 grand. Currently similar properties are selling for 40 grand. We'll make an offer at 20 percent of that. So we will offer the seller eight grand and then we'll turn around and sell it for, point seventy five. We'll turn out and sell it for 30 grand. So we'll buy it for eight. We'll sell it for twenty five to thirty. Not a bad payday, right? Sometimes we'll offer twenty five percent. So we might offer 40 grand times 0.25. We might offer ten and sell it for twenty or ten and sell it for twenty five. That's typically the model. It's really simple. It's really easy to do. With our direct mail, we get an average of 10 to 15 percent response rate, sometimes five to 10 percent response rate, let's just say an average of 10 percent response rate on our letters. And one of the things I want to start doing and testing is maybe texting individual home owners of vacant land owners, texting them, asking if they want to sell their vacant lot. So we're looking for vacant land way out in the country. We want it to be at least an hour to two hours away from any major city. We're looking for four or five plus acres, maybe four to 40 acres in that price range. In that range, the one acre lot, sometimes are harder to sell for some whatever reason. I like targeting the thirteen acres. We can sell them all night and day. They're super easy to sell and we mainly sell them with cash. We'll hire somebody to go take pictures like drone footage, pictures, and we sell them really fast. Some of the websites that we use, Land Watch is one of them and Lands of America.

So we really like North Carolina. And let me show you kind of what we did. I'm giving you all my secrets. I guess that's why we call this the REI Secrets show. So if you look here at North Carolina on LandWatch.com, I'll zoom in here so you guys can see it. I want to see where are the most popular counties. And I want to make sure we're targeting the acreage that I want to target. Let's do four to 40 acres. All right. So now these are just four to 40 acres. There's 6568 listings. Try to zoom in a little bit more. And I want to make sure that they are vacant. I mean, they're the vacant lots right now. I want to make sure there's no houses on there.

So I'm going to go down here. So property types, I'm gonna say undeveloped. Scroll down some more. I'm going to say I don't want a house. I just want all the other ones. Home site. Let's go down some more. My wife just turned on music downstairs. We're using our Sonos and it sounds really fun. Recreational. I'll show you why I'm doing this here in just a second. So bear with me here. Farms, waterfront. Doesn't have to be waterfront. You’ll see why here and just be patient with me. Hunting. I wish there was a way you could just select them all except house. All right, let's do horse. Oh, she just turned the music off. And you know what? I'm OK with commercial. Let's do commercial. I just don't want a house them. Well, you know what? I'm gonna take off commercial. I don't want. Sorry, hold on here. It's being really slow. Let's take off commercial now. We have forty eight hundred listings. These are all four to 40 acres, four to 40 acres. Anything that does not have a home on it. These are all vacant lots. Sometimes these things sneak in. Generally speaking, these are all vacant lots. Right.

So now what I'm doing here on this map is I want to see the most popular regions. There are twenty one hundred in the mountains region. There's two thousand in the Piedmont region. Six hundred sixty six on the coast. I like mountains because, you know, somebody living in North Carolina, somebody living in Nashville, Tennessee, they're going to want to buy a place where they can go ride their four wheelers, go camping, go hide their guns when the government comes to take all the guns, they can grow their pot without anybody knowing. When a zombie apocalypse happens, they can go bug out. So I'm just being stupid funny, sorry. But people buy recreational land all the time because it's a great investment. They’re not making any more land. It's limited and people are just looking for a place that they can call their own, that they can go right before we just go camping, build a cabin someday. And so there's a huge demand, especially now with after the pandemic, people just wanting to get away. And we sell our vacant land so cheap, we sell them lightning fast because we can. And there's so many people that own land out here. There's a lot less competition for vacant land. And it's something that my boys can help me do. So anyway, I'm going to pick the mountains region here now. The next thing that I do is, it's still applying the filter here. Hopefully this works now. There's twenty one hundred listings. All right, scroll down some more. It'll tell me the most popular counties. There's Jackson County and Macon County, Buncombe, Clay, Wilkes, Cherokee, Ashe. So I'm looking for the counties that are more popular because it means, you know what? Maybe there are more people looking for areas here. Now, I'm looking at my notes here. Hold on one second. OK, so I like Jackson County. We've done some deals there before, Jackson County. And let's look at Macon County. Let's look at Wilkes again, because we've done a lot of deals and looks. So Jackson County, if I click this, I'm just looking to see what are some of the properties in Jackson? There's two hundred forty listings. And I like to go in here and sort this from price low to high. I want to see what my competition is. So here's a eleven acres for 40 grand. Six acres for thirty nine nine. Now sometimes the sponsored listings are at the top. There's an ad here but I have an ad blocker on so it's four acres, sixty five thousand. So you can see kind of what similar properties are selling for. Right. Like this one, if I take my calculator. Seventy nine nine hundred divided by four point four one. They're selling for about eighteen grand an acre. So I'm going to offer forty five hundred dollars and a twenty five percent of that. So just kind of looking at the pricing, you can see some of the stuff gets premium. Right. And again, I'm only looking for four plus acres. You can if you did a search for under four acres you'd see a lot more. But I like for me personally, I like the higher priced lots because the margins are bigger. So if I have a if I have a six acre lot, I'm going to sell mine. I want mine to be the cheapest six acre line. So I'm going to sell mine for twenty nine nine hundred and I'm going to buy it for see thirty nine hundred divided by six point six. This one selling for sixty five hundred an acre. I'm going to make an offer I'm going to buy, I'll make an offer for let's just say two thousand dollars an acre. So I'm going to offer to twenty times, I'm going to offer twelve thousand dollars and I'm going to sell it for twenty nine thousand. Does that makes sense?

Now that's for cash. If I'm going to sell it on terms with owner financing, I'm going to sell it for thirty nine thousand nine hundred on owner financing. For every one call that we get from a buyer with cash, we'll get five calls from buyers wanting to do owner financing so you can get more money selling it on owner financing. So I might sell this for 40 grand with owner financing. And sometimes you can see your competition, what they're doing. This is a realtor, right? But sometimes, you know, you can get the same price and sell it at a higher price with owner financing. On a forty thousand dollar property, you get two hundred dollars a month, maybe five thousand down two hundred three hundred dollars a month for five years with zero tenants, zero toilets, termites, trash, whatever the other Ts are, you can get great deals. So you get great cash flow without the typical landlord headaches dealing with houses. Makes sense? All right.

So I'm kind of giving you a pitch here on why I like vacant land. And it's one of the things we do. We still do houses. But this is something that I like doing with my boys because, as a teenager, they're not maybe good and maybe I'm underestimating them, but I don't have the time and I'm not good at it. I don't want to train them on how to negotiate with sellers I'm not even good at. I don't like doing it. And so with land, you send letters, they call, you leave a voicemail, you send them an offer and you don't even talk to them until they've accepted your offer at twenty to twenty five cents on the dollar. So we send neutral letters, we send blind offers and we don't even talk to them until they see the numbers and they're interested. I just got an email yesterday from somebody accepting our offer for twenty cents on the dollar and we actually told we replied to them and told them, no, we're not interested because it's too small and it has an HOA. But yeah, we don't even we don't even talk to them until they've seen the offer and they either accepted it or have some questions about it. Makes sense?

All right. So I like Jackson County here, let me go back. I'm going to remove Jackson County from this filter. I just want to show you the other county here, Macon County. Let's look at Macon County. You can see Macon County maybe has some cheaper properties. There's a four acre for twenty six. This is still sorted by low to high. Right. Eight acres for thirty five. Twelve for fifty,  sixty seven. Typically want to avoid HOAs. We'll still buy HOAs. These are all sponsored listings. If you keep on scrolling, you'll see the normal regular listings. And you can still look these properties up, by the way, in Zillow. We use Zillow a lot for comps.

Macon County, North Carolina. And so we'll look at for sale. I'll remove price range. Instead of houses, we'll do lots. And so you can see there's twenty seven. This is for sale by owner. Let's do all of the sales. So there's eight hundred ninety six agent listings and 80 other listings for sale by owner. And if you want to narrow down to acreage size, there's lot size right here. You can say, all right, give me all of the five to 50 acres. There's 62 agent listings, 14 for sale by owner listings. So when you're looking at comps, you can get pretty good data here from Zillow even, and then you can also get sold comps sold. And let's look at sold in the last, you want to be pretty wide here, one year. And you can see there's two hundred fifteen solds and you can sort it low to high. With some of these, look at this. This is an investor who bought five acres for a thousand bucks. That's my competition. So I can go and see who is that who's buying those.

But then those are investor transactions. Now you can go down here. So look, some of these pictures are the same. I'm not sure if that means like they're lots inside of a subdivision or something. But if you start going through this, you can see these are the prices that retail buyers are paying for these houses, for these vacant lots. All right. Anyway, and then you can zoom in and you can if you know you've got a property in this area, you can zoom in to see the comps for just that area. All right.

So Macon County, I like Macon County. I'm looking for competition. Here's the thing. I'm not afraid of competition. If there weren't any properties in Macon County listed for sale, I would be like, oh, my gosh, what's going on in Macon County? And I like actually looking at Macon County as well. Here I'm in Zillow and I see a lot of good sold activity. Two hundred and fifteen sold between five to 50 acres in the last year. That's solid. That's awesome. That means tell me there's a lot of active listings in a lot of solds. That's good.

Let's also look here at Jackson County. We were just looking at. Right. All the not as many. Look at that. Not as many in Jackson County. There's only sixty five reasons. Maybe it's a smaller county. I don't know. Let's look at actives listed for sale. One hundred and thirty one. Now, the other thing I like to do is let's look at maps, Google Maps, Jackson County, North Carolina, kind of see where it is going to make sure you're you know, you're an hour or two away from major cities. You're an hour or two from Atlanta and Charlotte. That's good. Chattanooga's over here. So you're in the mountains. I like that a lot. Right? Macon County. Where's Macon County? It's right next to it. So it's even more rural maybe, which is good. Or maybe these are bigger cities. I don't know. But I'm just looking here. This is perfect. I mean, you're going to find Atlanta buyers and Charlotte buyers. I love those two counties, so let's go with them. Right.

Another great website is Lands of America. I like this because you can look up Macon County, North Carolina, and I do a lot of research here. Lands of America is good for actually getting comps. When you've got a property, you're doing your due diligence. I like this a lot. And so you can say includes residence, no. All right. And I'm going to apply filters. So there are you see your eight hundred and sixty seven listings in Macon County that do not have a residence, I gonna say, acres. I'm going to do four to 40 acres. I don't know why four, I don't know why forty. I just heard somebody say it one time, that's what we do. So I like to copy people that are doing deals. I just do whatever they do. I don't question it or change it. I'm going to sort from low to high. There's two hundred seventeen listings. I'm seeing a lot of these are the same properties you'll see because they're owned by the same company. Land.com owns Land Watch and Lands of America. All right. But the cool thing about Lands of America that you don't get on the other sites is right here, this map. And if you zoom in, you can get really good searches based on the maps and you can even draw in an area that you're looking at. You can draw a circle or a square or whatever, and you can also go here to take off available and click on solds. Click apply filters and it'll give you the solds in that area. I'm in a pretty small area. Let me zoom out again.

Right. Not a lot in that area, but don't you love the scenery here? If you lived in Atlanta, wouldn't you think that'd be cool to have a property there that we can go and buy a cabin, build a cabin someday?

All right. So I like Jackson County and Macon County. Now, here is the website I like to use. There's two websites. I need to buy a list of vacant land now. I need to buy a list of people that own vacant property in Jackson County. I'm going to do two things. I'm going to send them a direct mail campaign, and I'm going to skip trace them and get names and phone numbers and emails. I'm going to cold call and text message vacant landowner's. All right.

So there's a website that I like and I recommend, Prycd.com. I don't know how they came up with that name, Prycd.com. I'm already logged in. All right. And so this is really interesting. They help you do research. You can get owners information, they help you price your properties, they scrub your data. They can they can do a campaign map, which means when you download your list, you get a KML file. So when you're using Google Earth, it'll show you all of their comps in Google Earth and all of the properties that you downloaded that you're going to send mail to. So you just need to watch their videos. I signed up for them and I really like what these guys are doing.

So every time you log in, you have to refresh your page. So I just hit command and refresh. All right. So I'm going to type in my county here, Macon County, North Carolina. Now, not every county is the same. You want to make sure you're getting counties that have good data. If your county doesn't have good public data available, it may not be a county you want to target because it's just too hard to get anything from the county records.

So I'm going to four to 40 acres acreage. And this means when they're giving you the comps, they're going to give you comps in increments of four acres. It might be hard to see. Do the best we can. All right. And now they're going to give you pricing characteristics of for sale or sold. And so I want a mixture of for sale comps and sold comps. These are data tree filters. These are the filters that will help you hopefully find the vacant land.

Now, this is where you can choose whether you want in county, in state owners or in county owners. I just want owners that are not in that county. So I'm going to do exclude in county. Corporate owned. I'm gonna exclude corporate owned. So hopefully, this isn't always perfect, but that's going to exclude government agencies, LLC, banks, things like that that own these properties. Cool.

All right. Now, these are assessor tax filters. What I use this for is I want to make sure that there's no improvements on the property. That means there's no houses, no buildings. So if you wanted to, you could do improvement: zero. But I'm going to do something different here. I'm going to do living area square feet. I want to make sure there is zero living area square feet sometimes that will remove properties that have houses on them. So I'm going to do get count and just see. If there's zero or a very small number, that means I'm filtering out too many. All right. Fifteen hundred. That's a good number. That means there's 1500 other properties with zero living area. If there were too many, I might even try this. Let's do improvement percentage. We'll do zero to zero and see what that does. There's zero improvements, right? Fifteen hundred. That's good. Right. Now, one more thing I'd like to do is I might say, all right, I want somebody that's owned that property for at least ten years. So the last sale date was after one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, at least ten years ago. Get count. See what we get. Four hundred seventy eight. So that dropped it down quite a bit. Maybe I'm OK with five years.

One, two, three, four, five. 360. What did I have before? Well, all right. That's what we have. Let's do two to 50 acres, get count. OK it's seven hundred, six ninety nine. Generally, I don't like smaller than that because then you get into little subdivisions and HOAs and get real restrictive and hard to work with. So these are six hundred ninety nine properties that have been owned five years or more. Zero improvement's, zero living area. So there's no property and I'm excluding. Ohl this is why the numbers are so low. I forgot. I'm excluding corporate owns so obviously I'd have more if they weren't corporate owned. Let's do include all and just see how many we have. I go from 699 up to 829. I'm going to go ahead and do all 829 because I can remove, I'm going to do the skip tracing inside of FreedomSoft and FreedomSoft will not skip trace and they won't charge you for the LLCs. So I'm gonna download them all because I might send them letters also and I'm OK with sending letters to LLCs I'm excluding in county. I'm just curious if I did include all, what would that do to my count. Fourteen hundred.

So it's one of those things. I just sometimes don't like sending marketing to somebody who lives right next to that vacant lot. So yeah, I'm just going to exclude, I'm going to exclude in county. I mean it's not that big of a deal. We've done deals from people that live in the county, but most of the deals we've done are from people that don't live there. They live outside in another state. They live in another county. Their husband bought that thing twenty years ago. He just passed away. They're tired of paying the tax bill.

You may be wondering, like, why would somebody sell their property 20 cents on the dollar? The same reason why somebody would spend two thousand or three thousand dollars on a treadmill. And five years later, they're selling it in the garage sale for twenty five bucks. They just are sick of it. They want to get rid of it. Every time they see it, reminds them of how fat they are. They're getting tired of their wife yelling at them. Why did you ever buy that stupid thing and never use it. Right. They just want to get rid of it. And it's too difficult. It's too hard to take it to the trash dump. So we're going to sell it for twenty five bucks just to get rid of it. That's just the same with houses. It's the same with land. In exchange for the speed and convenience of giving them cash and closing quickly on their house. We're giving them a discount. They're giving us a discounted price. OK, so that's good.

Macon County, what I'm going to do now is on two to 50 acres, four acre increments, I'm going to click search. It's collecting all of the comps. It's analyzing the comps. It'll be really interesting, You'll like what we see here.

So now it's telling me, it's got in this. You can see from where we are here. 42 to 46  acres. There's two records. There's three records of thirty eight to forty two. There's 13 records of thirty to thirty four acres. But they're giving me comps here and they're saying in this price range, in this acreage range, there's six comps, there's 12 comps, 20 counts. And this is the power of this. You can set the offer price, it's right now at twenty five percent. So with these properties priced between 38 and 42  acres, the comps are around five thousand eighty four dollars an acre. OK, I'm going to be offering twelve hundred and seventy one an acre. Makes sense? All right.

You can sort this by rank or this other data here. I'm going to choose which ones I want to export. And so it's going to cost me fifty one dollars and they've given me one hundred and eighty nine free records because, in the past, they messed up.

So you can base your pricing scheme on county pricing or city price. If I do city pricing, it's going to base the price based on the city. That make sense or not? But that's what I'm gonna try to do. So like every county has cities and every vacant lot has some city for the for the mail to be delivered to. Right. Like the post office. So what this will do then, instead of just countywide, it'll give you pricing based on the city that it's closest to. So all the lots, they'll base your comps on the cities. I know I'm going pretty deep in this, but right now I'm just doing what I'm doing. I'm going to be buying a list here and I'm going to be setting up a campaign and FreedomSoft to show you how we're doing all of that.

All right. So I'm going to download this table right now and let's see if you guys can see this. I'm going to share I'm going to new share of this table here. All right. You see my spreadsheet. So this is just showing me my offer price for forty two to forty six acres is twelve hundred. I know it's small. OK, all right. Go back to price now. I'm saying here the pricing scheme. All right, we're using city pricing. This table right here is county pricing. You can also look at comps here. If I'm looking at let's say I'm looking at a thirty one acre lot. I click here and I can go here to for sale and sold comps. It's going to show me all my comps. And what they do is they scrape Lands of America, Realtor.com, Zillow. I go to next. They’re going to scrape these properties and they're either actives or they're solds, and they're getting the average price per acre from that data. And so you can export these comps based on that. It just kind of helps when you're figuring out how am I going to offer on this on these deals.

All right. So anyway, X out of here, I'm going to select all of them and then I'm going to go to continue. Now it's asking me for the field names that I want to export into the spreadsheet. OK, I want all of this data. Just put it all into the spreadsheet. Even Property, Township and range section. I don't know what that means. Tax year, lot area, lot acreage, lot area, owner fields. First last name if you want the different owners. Unformatted APN, alternate APN, county land use, mail zip code, name.  So I'm just getting all of the fields in my export. Continue.

All right, scrub. This is where I can scrub out blank owners. So that means if there is no owner for whatever reason, I can scrub them out because I can't do anything with them anyways. We'll scrub out churches, governments, blank addresses, non-US addresses. You can scrub out owners that have the same zip code as the parcel. Continue.

You can generate a campaign map. I want to know what that means. Let's click on watch video. All right. So what this means is you can download a map of those comps and then put them into Google Earth. So you see the pins of all of the actives and the solds. The greens are the data that you downloaded. That's who you're mailing. The reds are the solds, I think, and the yellows are the actives or something like that. And so I'm going to do that because I want to be able to take that data, put it into Google Earth so it generates a KML file and they charge two cents a record for that. Now, here I can remove duplicate owners. Checkout. I'm going to pause my screen here in case it asks for my credit card info. And it shouldn't because I've already given it to them. I'm going to do PayPal. It's directing me to the PayPal page. PayPal says we recognize you, so you don't need to put in your information. I choose my PayPal balance. Right. Pay now. Processing, right. What's it doing now? Thank you for your order. How was your experience? Good or bad? Good. OK, your export is being processed and will be emailed to you if you don't receive your data within fifteen minutes, contact us.

All right. Let me show you a couple of things here. I'll resume my share. See my screen? If this is your first export, there's a thing that tells you what you're getting. If you need a mail house, they recommend Rocket Print Mailing Service. And so I'll just open this for you guys if you want to check it out. I don't have any relationship with these guys. I've never used them. I just do it through Click2Mail. But Rocket Print Mail is a company they use and recommend. Mail with postage. I'm not sure what that means. Would you do mail without postage? But the more that you do, the cheaper that it is per piece. But if you contact them, they will hook you up with the letters and the marketing pieces that these guys use. There's a CRM that somebody built that they recommend called Pebble, which is good, but I do it all in FreedomSoft. And if you want to close land sales online, they have this company they recommend called Fabrica. And I'm not sure what Fabrica does, but if you want to check it out, Fabrica.land. Simple online real estate transactions, a brand new fully online experience to settle your real estate transactions, buy and sell properties online from any website and close safely in minutes. A modern, frictionless experience. This looks really cool. This guy, Willie, I've interviewed him on some of my podcasts. He's really good. All right. So I'm going to send this to my marketing guy, Matt Mills. I just sent that to my acquisitions dispositions guy.

All right. So anyway, the data's been emailed to me. Let's go see if we can find it. I'm going to open up my Gmail and I'm not going to show you my inbox because it's embarrassing how many unread emails I have. And somebody always gives me a hard time. OK, price data. Here we go. It's zipped, so I have to unzip it. All right. Let me open it up in the spreadsheet and I'll show you what I have. I'm going to do a new share. I see the spreadsheet. I know it's really small. I'm gonna zoom in here. Now you notice it didn't scrub the LLCs. Oh, I didn't want it to. That's right. I didn't want it to. So I'd like to make this kind of pretty so I'm going to do some formatting to it. And you don't see my screen yet. There you go. You see my screen. Window, freeze panes.

All right. So this is my spreadsheet I have. Scroll all the way down. I have six hundred and eighty six vacant land owners. Some of them are LLC, some of them are community colleges. Not too worried about that. Most of them are individual owners. And you can see I get all of the data. I get the mailing address. This is one of the most important things I want. I want the mailing address because I'm going to send them a letter or postcard and I want the owner name. OK, what else do we have here? APN. APN number is super important. Reference number, building square feet. No building square feet in there. Nice. Square footage. Lot acreage is important. I want that right. Here's a property address. You'll notice a lot of these don't have property. It's just Walnut Creek Road, Franklin, North Carolina. That's OK. But I want the property address because when I send them my letter or my postcard, it's going to say, hey, Warren, I think you own the property, the forty two point nine one acre property on Dave's Creek Road in Franklin, near Franklin. You wouldn't be interested in maybe selling it, would you? All right. You can see the zoning here, exactly what I'm looking for. Now, here's the GPS, these GPS coordinates I'm going to be importing into FreedomSoft. Legal description. This is what I'm also going to be importing into freedom stuff, because when I send them an offer, it's going to reference the legal description of county assessed value, county market values. A lot of times those are the same, but that's what I'm going to be importing into FreedomSoft. That's market sale price, last market sale date. Now, this is interesting. Some of these may show market sale date of within the last year. And I specifically asked for not of that. But I can exclude those. I'm looking for taxes, I want to know the taxes. And sometimes what I do here is I'll sort this out by taxes because I want to remove the ones, I'm not going to buy any property that is twelve thousand dollars a year in taxes. I'm looking for the properties that are like under a thousand dollars a year in taxes. I'm going to just remove anything above five thousand a year in taxes. Just delete those. So here we have the offer price and the market price. Now, you know, you've got to have some guts to offer fifty five grand. But if it's worth two hundred and sixteen and they take it. Oh yeah, you're sitting on gold.

I'm not going to spend more than fifty grand to buy some of these properties, so I'm going to delete the real expensive ones here. You know what, maybe not. I'll keep them on. You never know. The pricing source here you see is the city. Highlands, Franklin, top 10 price per acre. So if you're sending a contract, this is the offer expiration date. So we're using this for letters. And you're going to close by August twenty third. So the offer will expire in two months and you'll close in three months. This is how this is set up.

All right. So I'm a do a few more things here and I'm going to show you how to bring all of these into FreedomSoft and what we're going to do to skip trace. I'm going to save this. And they gave me a few other files here. This is raw. This is the raw file. I know you don't see this. I don't know what the difference is. Seven hundred and thirty three. They also gave me a campaign map to put into Google Earth. OK, so one of the things I am concerned about, as I said, show me the only show me the ones that have sold in the last five years. And there's some of them here that have sold since then that I still paid for. And let me go back to this right here, the last market sale date. So I'm going to sort this from newest to oldest. I'm going to send them a message like, hey, why did I get all of these properties that have sold within the last two or three years? And they're going to give me a refund for that. Sometimes it's the data tree that's giving them bad data. We're still going to send them a text message and still contact them.

All right. I'm going to screenshot that here just to remind myself to message them. OK, all right. So now what I'm going to do is do a new screen share here, too. And a lot of you guys are typing in questions. And I'm going deep into the technical stuff with this. I'm showing you what we do to get lists for my marketing campaigns.

All right, I'm going to open FreedomSoft. And I'm going to share my screen now with you again. Any kind of marketing that we do, we need a phone number. So I go here to Google, Macon County, North Carolina, area code. What's the area code in Macon County? I don't know. Two five two two five two is the area code for that area. I think if I did this right, Macon County area codes that says eight to eight. What is it? I don't know. But let's look here on land watch. If I click on one of these, is it going to be a phone number on there? What area code? Is it your phone number? Come on. Seven seven zero. Let's look at that. We remove solds and make it available. Zoom out. I lost my county. Hold on here. Shoot. Let's go back. We'll just do land watch. Eight two eight. I think eight two eight might be our phone number. Mossy Oak, they're a big national company. Eight two eight. Can you guys hear this music? All right. Area code eight two eight. We're going to go with that. OK, add number, eight two eight. All right. I'm going to buy this number. I'm going to pause my screen share because it's going to. You know I'm going to buy several phone numbers. Put on my credit cards, it's already in there.

All right. I'm going to call this Macon County Land 1. I'm going to buy three different phone numbers for this county because I'm going to be sending a text campaign. It just helps when you have different phone numbers, it alternates through the phone numbers, eight two eight, I want to buy that number. Credit card, purchase, Macon County land 2. Save changes. All right. So you see, I have to Macon County land numbers. I'm going to do one more. I might use one for direct mail. Let's look here. Let's see if we can find a map eight two eight area code map. Look at this, eight two eight covers like that whole area. I could have just done a search here from one of these maps. You know, you can see where the all the area codes cover. Eight two eight is a good one. All right. I want to buy that number. Complete purchase. I know you can't see this, but, OK, so now I have these three phone numbers for Macon County land. Some of them I might do a cold call campaign and text campaign direct mail, but I'm going to show you what I do now. I'm going to go here to my pipeline and I'm going to click new. I'm going to lists. New lead lists to call this Macon County, North Carolina, vacant land. This is direct mail. No, I'm going to do skip tracing. Sellers, workflow automation. I have one. I don't have one in here yet. My VA's is working on it. I have a workflow automation for land specifically. So that will be put in here in a minute. I'm going to create lead list here. Right. Now, I'm going to assign some phone numbers. One, two, three. I'm going to assign those three phone numbers. Now I'm going to go right here to import prospects. I would choose the file. It has to be CSB. So I'm going to make sure. Yeah, this is CSB. It's called Data Tree Export. Choose File. Bring in the file. I can bring it into a new group or an existing group. I'm gonna create a new group. I'm going to call it vacant land import. Let's call it Macon. Just call it vacant land import and we'll do the date. Twenty five May 2021. OK then you click on the next button. Next step. This is where you drag and drop what is being brought over. And I just realized I'm not going to be able to bring over everything so I'm going to have to do this again later. But I'm just going to show you what we're doing here.

Primary contact. We're going to bring over owner full name, owner first name, owner last name. And we want mailing address. This is what we want. Mail, street, address, mail, city, mail, state mail, zip.

OK, so I have this already all built in REI Simple. My virtual assistant, Rod, is building it right now inside of FreedomSoft. So, normally I would drag over the APN, the lot acreage, the lot size, the property address and all that, but we don't have those custom fields built yet. So I'm just going to be doing this now for demo purposes, but I'm going to have to do it again later. But let me just do as much as I can here. Bring over the property address, property city, property state, property zip, property county, super important. And we also need to bring over the acreage. So I'm a scroll down here to where we find lot size right there. All right. Lot acreage right there. Anything else we can bring over? APN. There it is. APN, County assessed value. We have that don't we. County assessed value all. You know what, my VA has already done this. He's already put this information in there. OK, so there's a short legal description. Subdivision. By the way. It's a lot of work the first time to do it. But you can save this as a template. If I click this right here, you can save it as a template. So then every time you do it again, you just click the new template from your dropdown and it happens instantly. OK, nice. I forgot about this. He did do it. Nice.

Right, so I'm going to remove it. I don't want it there. I want a lot of acreage to go where? Right there. Lot acreage boom. You can bring the GPS coordinates over, you can go into the spreadsheet and make them into one field and then you can drag them drop. I forgot to do that. But anyway, OK. What price can I sell it for, net amount paid to seller right here, offer price and then market price. What can I sell it for then? Land offer accept by, land closing date. OK, so I'm going to save this as a template. I got everything I can bring over. Just double check your subdivision. That's important here and there it is subdivision because I put that in the contract. I'm going to click here new import template. I'm going to call this Macon County Land Import 1. Sometimes I do new numbers. OK, cool.

Next step now you can just kind of see what brought over. Some of them don't have an address. That's fine. This looks good. So I'm going to offer ten grand to this one. I'm going to sell it for 40 or 30. All right. Awesome. Click complete. Now it's importing them all in. If I go to my pipeline here, you can see it's got three hundred prospects so far. I'm going to need to create a campaign called Macon County vacant land. Going to be manual seller's phone numbers. This is where you select the phone numbers. And I don't have it yet, but I will have here probably later today a workflow automation for vacant land. We'll do that later. Pretty cool.

All right. So we have lists, campaigns, workspaces. We have 680 prospects here. I click on that. They're all imported. Now, let me just make sure I'm go to my spreadsheet. Look all the way down. Six hundred eighty. Go. OK, now if I click on all six eighty, just a few more minutes here, we'll show you what I'm going to do. You can see if I click on one of these, you can see it's assigned to a campaign. I have the name of the seller as best as I have it. That's all it was in the county records. I have the address of the owner and I need to if I click on deal type land, you see, I have all of this stuff here. So this section shows up when the deal type becomes land.

This is what you get in the Joe McCall signature edition, just so you'll know. All right. So what I'm going to do here, I'm going to go to leads. You can see here Matthew Waldrup, and this is his address, owns this property here. And you go to map, you can see kind of where it is. There is not much around here. That's not the address because it's a vacant lot, but that's just the center of the street. There's a lot of vacant land out here. So this guy, dual type land, owns two acres. This is his APN. I'm gonna send him a text. Hey, do you want to sell your two acre lot in Macon County near Franklin? Click all leads.

All right. So now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna click all leads. I'm going to highlight all of them. There's six hundred eighty selected. I'm going to go here to more actions and I'm going to do Skip Trace leads. Full name is Primary Contact Name. Sometimes it's on a record, but that's what I have here. We're going to do a mailing address, mailing city, mailing state, mailing zip. Confirm skip trace. Leads have been added to skip trace. I click on here and there's five hundred ninety five records in there. I'm not sure if it's at this point that they remove the LLCs or not, but you don't pay for LLCs. Skip trace. You can apply the do not call flag and known litigator flags. Next step. Submit order. I've already prepaid my skip tracing credits.

Now the cool thing about doing the skip tracing inside of FreedomSoft, you can do it a little cheaper on Prop Stream or different sites like that, but in FreedomSoft it applies tags or flags to all of your skip tracings. It'll apply do not call and known litigator flags. Now the other services will give you that. But if you're going to import them into FreedomSoft, you can't import in the do not call or the known litigator's. Right. So it just keeps it all inside here. I'm going to refresh this page in progress. There's sixty six leads complete and I'm only paying for the normal skip tracing of non-LLCs. And this takes a few minutes, there's seventy nine complete. But what I'm going to be doing here, and I'll look at your questions here. We've already gone an hour and fifteen minutes. This, this is one of these REI Secret shows where I have just done a lot of kind of techie stuff on the computer and I know I might have lost a lot of you guys. Those of you watching right now, how many of you have been interested in anything that I'm sharing with you here? What do you guys think? Have I gone way too deep? I'm seeing a lot of hands.

Yes. These templates, Rob, are already in REI Simple. We're just transferring them over to FreedomSoft. You guys are loving it. This is great. Very interesting. This is good. You guys like land investing. By the way. While this is coming in, I'm going to show you. I've done some really good real estate investing mastery podcast interviews with guys that do land investing. So if you go to Real Estate Investing Mastery.com, or you go to my YouTube channel, Joe McCall, go to my channel, go to videos, I have a lot of stuff. And if you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel, you really should do that. OK, but I've got a lot of videos and podcasts. You hear about a lot of different investing, and I've interviewed some really cool people who do land. And if you click on the search thing, do a search for land, you'll see these interviews I did. In fact, this is the interview I did with the guys from Prycd. We actually walk through how to use it. Willie G, I've interviewed him twice. He's crushing it. He lives in Chicago. He is a Cubs fan, but I still am nice to him. He does a lot of land investing, a lot of deals. I've interviewed him twice. These two guys, Justin and Adam, from Casual Fridays. They're super nice guys. Brett Bowers. Brett Bowers is a land investment coach. This is a really inspirational podcast. Mark Podolski is a giant. Howard Zonder. This is Jesse. He does REI conversion, he's the one who does that land CRM.

Here I did a little REI simple demo where I found a vacant land with a boat in the middle of the lot. My favorite podcast, I'm looking for it, for land. Oh, it's maybe not on YouTube. If you go to my podcast here, I'm just going to give it to you. Scott Todd. All right, Scott Todd, episode 201. I did this four years ago. I'm going to put this link in the Zoom chat. This is one of the podcasts I did four years ago that got me excited about land. And this is when I decided I'm going to do this with my boys. Scott Todd is an executive with Hertz, I believe, and he started doing land. And within a year he had enough passive income from his land that he was selling on owner financing to replace his income on his job. Now he works closely with Mark Podolsky at the Land Geek doing coaching and stuff like that. But this podcast is really good. If you just go to Real Estate Investing Mastery and do a search for land, you'll see all of the podcasts I did on land. And you get really, really good stuff from these, right? Someone also put this link in the Zoom chat.

If you're watching this later, just again, go to RealEstateInvestingMastery.com to search for the word land. And there's some really, really good podcasts here that you should. Scott Todd is really good. Brett Bowers is really good. Willie G is really good. Seth Williams was really good. Mark Podolsky. I've done Jack Bosch. I've learned most of this stuff from Jack Bosch. So if you want to go check it out, land profit generator, Jack Bosch's course, I'm gonna put this link in the chat. Jack and Michelle Bosch, they're kind of the godfathers, the goats. And Michelle, if you're listening, that's a compliment. You're don't look like a goat, you're beautiful. Jack looks like a goat. Sorry, but I really recommend the Land Profit Generator with Jack and Michelle Bosch. And if you go, they have a really, really, really good Facebook group. If you go to Facebook and do a search for land profit generator, I don't know if that's even what it's called, but that's a page. There should be a group that Jack and Michelle do. Land investing. There's a lot of good Facebook groups. And so I'm not sure which one is theirs. They have a really good Facebook group. Just look for it. That might be this one. Maybe I'm a member of that. I don't remember. I think I'm a member of this because I have their course. Land Profit Master Class starts tomorrow. That was May nine. Anyway, Jack and Michelle Bosch are awesome. Land Profit Generator. I think this is Jack and Michelle Bosch's Group.

Anyway, let's go look at FreedomSoft and see if that skip tracing is done. Refresh. Complete. Five hundred seventy two. OK, so all of these are complete. What we're going to do now real quick is we're going to go to my pipeline, go to lists right here. I'm going to select view all. Right here, all leads. You can see a lot of them now have emails and phone numbers, some of them are yellow. They're the do not calls. I'm gonna click on all leads here, all leads here. I'm going to highlight all OK. I'm going to go to confirm leads and I'm going to go to new SMS broadcast. I'm going to send these phone numbers from this campaign, which has three different numbers. All right. There are six hundred eighty recipients. And I'm going to say something like this. Hi, I think you own a, I'm going to look for hopefully that acreage is in here. I might have put the acreage in the wrong field. If I did, I'll have to fix that. I'm not sure if I put it in the wrong field. The right field. I think you own a acre lot in Macon County, North Carolina. I'm not sure I have the right person. You wouldn't have any interest in selling it, would you? Thanks, Joe. All right. So you could put their name here as well. You could do primary contact, first name.

Now, here's where you spin text. So I'm going to highlight the word “hi”. I'm going to click spin text and I can type in hello or hey, you want to do hey, I think you own a, instead of lot, I'm going to spin text and say property in Macon County, North Carolina. I'm not sure I have the right person. You wouldn't have any interest in selling it, would you? You wouldn't have any interest in, I'm gonna spin text thanks to maybe thx. OK, so what this is doing is it's like spinning the different words that you have. I think you own a property. What are some different ways that I could say this? Maybe instead of acre, I could do ac.

Oh yeah. Think believe. Thank you. Spin text. So what it's doing now is it's going to be rotating these texts through the three different phone numbers with all of the different words here. So what else, individual own or have. I think you. Yeah, let's spin that one. That's nice having you guys here. For person, individual, owner, individual. I'm not sure if I have the right. Yeah. Good owner or person, acreage or two acreage acre acreage. I think, believe, what else guys? Some ways I can spin this text.

Where can you find the recordings for this? YouTube. Tom, thank you for that. Just tell them Joe at JoeMcCall.com.

Interest, desire, you wouldn't have any desire, and that's good. All right, let's just spin that. All right. So what this is doing is it saying send it from these three different numbers, use these different words so that the carriers like AT&T, Verizon or whatnot, they won't block it because these will be coming from different numbers and it's kind of dripping them out, not a whole bunch. It's slowing them down. Good.

So now here I can choose who I'm going to send it to. And I can send it to mobile numbers only. Now, here's the thing. You could do a cold calling campaign or texting. This is just going to be cold calling. All right. I'm sorry. This is going to be texting. This is texting only. I'm going to do mobile numbers only and I'm going to remove numbers with the DNC flag and I'm going to remove numbers with the known litigator flag.  This is now, when you do skip tracing in another third party tool, which is good, you'll save a little money. You cannot, when you bring it in, you can't say exclude with the DNC flag or the known litigator flag. What you do is you just don't import those numbers in. OK, so if you do skip tracing on Batcher or PropStream or whatever, just don't bring in the DNC and known litigator numbers.

Now you can choose whether to append an opt out text or not. What does that mean? An opt out text is going to be the reply stop to stop or unsubscribe. So I'm going to include that. Now, you acknowledge that the message clearly identifies the sender and you can choose here. All right. So now I am excluding any phone number with the DNC and known litigators. I am adding in the opt out text that says reply stop to unsubscribe.

Let's just look at this one more time. Hello, property first name. I think you own a acreage property in Macon County, North Carolina. You know what, I could do city. I could do near property city in Macon County. OK, so let's do next. Yes. Sometimes misspelling a word makes it look natural. You're right. OK, so I need to fix this and I'm not going to do it now. That's going to take away too much time. But you see how it says, Hi, Thomas. I think you have a zero point zero acre property near Franklin, Macon County, Tennessee. I'm not sure I have the right person. You wouldn't have any interest in selling it, would you? Thanks, Joe.

I imported in the acreage to the wrong field. You see what I'm saying? So I'm not going to do this campaign right now. So let me go back to that campaign. I must show you what I did and the mistake I made. It's not a big deal. It's easy to fix. One thing I need to do too is make sure the deal type is land. But right now I have the acres here. But the acres needs to go here. Lot size. So I kind of messed that up. I will fix that. What I need to do now is fix the import. Not a big deal. I'm not going to do the import again. I'm going to bring in all of these numbers.

But we've gone long enough here. You guys get what I'm doing. I can go back here to marketing SMS broadcast dialer. And  that campaign I just did right here. What you do is you just start clicking, send SMS over and over and over again and it'll send, I think it limits you to one hundred a day or two hundred a day. I'm not sure. If you're doing a cold calling campaign, you just click call. If you're doing cold calling, my text would be, Hi, Thomas. I just left you a voicemail. Give me a call back. Thanks. So I would call him, just say, Hey, Thomas, I think you own the two acre lot in your Franklin Macon County, is that right? Do I have the right person? So that would be my cold call. If it goes to voicemail, and most of them are going to go to voicemail, I would click send SMS after I leave the voicemail, that just says Hey, Thomas, I left you a voicemail. And I call the next one. If it goes to voicemail, click send SMS to send them a text.

OK, now don't worry about the reply stop to unsubscribe thing because that it's not going to hurt your conversions. And if it does, seller's not motivated anyway and it keeps you out of text jail. Cool. All right. Well I. Boy, I got to go. It's been crazy. Been a good call. I'm worn out. I went through deep like kind of what we do there. It's I hope you guys appreciate that.

Getting a lot of questions. Are you using FreedomSoft or REI Simple? I'm using FreedomSoft now. If you have a REI Simple, it still works. The only difference between REI Simple and FreedomSoft is FreedomSoft has the app. REI Simple doesn't. And I rarely actually even use the mobile phone app. So don't worry about. And pretty soon FreedomSoft is going to have a way, if you already have REI Simple, FreedomSoft is going to have a way where you can transfer everything over into FreedomSoft.

OK, if you want more information on FreedomSoft, I highly recommend. I do my house deals, land deals, wholesaling deals, and vacant land deals in FreedomSoft.I use it for everything. I use it for my local phone numbers, my direct mail, my texting, my cold calling, skip tracing. It's amazing and I love it. Go check it out. It's just one hundred ninety seven bucks. FreedomSoftJoe.com

I'm getting a lot of comments here. I should come out with a course. So I am going to do courses on this.

All right, guys, we'll see you later. Thanks again, guys.

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