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I’ve never had my business dependent on one kind of marketing. That means that if there’s a pivot in the market, I’m not freaking out. Are you freaking out about the changes in cold calling or text messaging rules? Direct mail is an oldie, but a goodie marketing technique that won’t run afoul of spam laws. However, direct mail is a game of momentum, and you need to start building it out well before you need to turn to it.

In this webinar, I’m going to show you strategies for making postcards the center of your marketing campaigns:

  • You’ll see my favorite handwritten postcard (I love, love, love this postcard).
  • Markets where the postcards still work.
  • The biggest key for direct mail to succeed.
  • Following up with 5-6 touches is still the magic sauce.
  • My favorite direct mail automation tools.

I use direct mail and postcards for land flipping and wholesaling houses, but I can’t stress this enough. If you plan on using this kind of marketing, you can’t give it a half-hearted effort. Don’t call me complaining that it didn’t work after you put in the work for a one-off mailing. Commit to 3-6 months of marketing with consistency and following up.

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Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Dig your well before you’re thirsty and start your marketing months before you need the money and the deals.
  • Why you have to stop wasting your money on the glamour photo shots of a house that you just sold.
  • Why I always insist that you have someone, whether it’s a VA or you, answer your toll-free numbers live.
  • Three of my favorite postcard examples that you can totally steal.

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Everybody, how are you doing? Joe, here, and this is the Real Estate REI Secrets show, I'm not sure what to call it. A podcast? A show? And this is a weekly webinar that I decided to start doing. And this is our fifth episode. If you've not seen the other four, you should check them out. My goal of these REI Secrets webinar series is to teach you the latest and greatest strategies of what's working today. So my goal is to deliver just tons of really good, valuable content that you can take and actually start implementing today in your business, not tomorrow, but today.

And if I can succeed, if you just get one gold nugget out of these weekly webinars that I do, it can change your life. It can change your business forever. Right. And all we're talking about is and I say this every time in these REI Secret specials here, the secret to business. There's three things in any business, especially real estate, marketing, automation and marketing, automation delegation. And when you can figure that out, you realize, oh, really, we're not in the real estate investing business. We're in the marketing business. Right. So marketing is most important. I got to get that marketing piece figured out. When you get marketing figured out, you realize, oh, man, this is a lot of work.

I can't do it all. I need to get somebody else to help me. I need to get somebody else to do the marketing for me in spite of me. Because, like, if it's all on your back and you're the one who has to do all the marketing, you're the only one responsible for lead generation, which is the most important part of this business. If you're like me, you're going to be like, I can't get it done right because you go through these ups and down cycles to do a lot of marketing, get a lot of leads, then you get busy and stressed and you're like, stop the marketing because you can't handle any more leads. You get the deal under contract, you sell it, you turn around. Your pipeline is empty. It's been two or three months. It's not like a light. It's just not like a switch. We turn it on and all of a sudden we'd start flowing in. It takes time to rebuild that lead flow.

It's all a business and a game of momentum. So you need to create the systems and the processes and the team to do that stuff for you. When we wanted to go travel around the world with my family, my wife and our four kids, we wanted to go. We've been to Europe twice for three, two to three months at a time with my wife and four kids. One time we went for five months, but that was before kids. We also went in an RV for three months around the northwestern corner of the United States, and we did deals while traveling. How I made a list of everything that needs to be done in a business to do deals.

And I asked myself a real simple question, how can I get somebody else to do this all for me? How can I do none of this? Real simple questions to ask. I started on this journey of developing the systems and the people to do the systems for me. So marketing, automation and delegation got to get that marketing. That's the first most important thing done. I mean, marketing will solve almost all of your problems in business, not personal, but business. Right. Lead flow, whether it's buyers or sellers of money or private investors or business partnerships, it's all about marketing.

Well, then you need to create the systems in place and then whatever you can't automate, you delegate, whatever you can automate, you delegate. And so that's the goal of this REI Secrets podcast is to give you these tips and tricks and tools that you can use right now in your own business, whether it's real estate investing or not, where you can get all of this done for you in spite of you, you can actually start doing deals without doing any of the work.

And we're still doing that today through my coaching business partner, Gavin, we're wholesaling anywhere five to ten deals a month. And we never even talked to the sellers. We never even talked to the buyers. We just built the systems out there. Right now we're doing a lot of cold calling and starting to do more direct mail, which I'm going to be talking about that today. In this episode. We have virtual assistants handling those calls, those first initial calls. We have boots on the ground, wholesalers that are handling the leads from there. So it's all about simple processes, understanding what's most important, getting that done, getting it done for you in spite of. So on today's podcast or video, what should I call this? Let me know, guys, what I should be calling this. And some of you are asking here, where do you get the recordings of these?

Right now, they're in my YouTube channel, so subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you haven't already, just go to YouTube to search for Joe McCall. Subscribe. Give me a thumbs up. Let me know you like the show. I released about three to four episodes videos every week on there. Also, you can get everything here, not just the videos, but the resources. I'm going to actually be giving you about five or six different resources on this video today. And you can get all of that at PartnerWithJoe.net. So PartnerWithJoe.net is my new program I just created where I'm teaching you guys how to partner with me on deals. And inside PartnerWithJoe.net. You can bring me your deals, a partner with you on them and also lend you the money on the deals as well. And I'm going to show you how to get unlimited proof of funds, no fee transactional funding.

If you need a double closing deals. All the information for that is inside of PartnerWithJoe.net. And one of the best things that you get out of that is my multiple offer calculator. It's a software that I have that you put in the numbers. It helps you figure out the ARV repair value. It helps you figure out repairs. It gives you two different cash offers two different. Offers to different owner financing offers, and then it gives you the documents to send to the sellers to explain these offers. And it does the selling for you so you can get that whole software for just seven bucks a month and PartnerWithJoe.net. PartnerWithJoe.net. And then you'll also get the recordings and the resources that I'm going to give you for all of this stuff.

So should we get started? All right. I'm going to be talking about direct mail. And why is direct mail so important? Because and I've just spent a couple last three weeks. I've been to two or three different masterminds. One of them is online. The other two were in person. And there's all this talk about cold calling, texting. It's dead. And if it's not dead now, it will be by about a month from now, I think at the end of June or something like that or June 1st, the cell phone carriers, Verizon, AT&T, all of them are going to be required to do. I don't even I'm not even going to pretend to understand all this stuff and how it works, but it's going to be getting harder and harder, if not impossible, to start doing text broadcasting and mass cold calling.

And if you do, you need to get your phone number registered with the government and you need to tell them what you're doing. And then you also need to get like express written consent from people before you start sending out mass texts. So good thing for you. You're on this show, you're watching REI Secrets, and you're a member of PartnerWithJoe.net. Because I'm not panicked. I'm not freaked out. I'm not worried one iota, whatever an iota is. I don't even know what an Iot is, but I'm not worried about it, OK? I'm not worried because I've never had my business dependent on one form of marketing. I've never had all my eggs in one marketing basket.

All right. I've been a big fan of direct mail for a long time. That's what got me started. Direct mail has always worked and it always will work. All right. And the other favorite form of marketing that I do is I like to contact the landlords and the for sale by owners that are already listing their houses for sale or for rent on Zillow, go, S.H., Facebook, Marketplace, etc., and Craigslist. You can contact them. You're not soliciting anything because they put their phone number out there.

They want you to call them or text them if you're interested in leasing or buying their house. OK, so there is no problem with getting phone numbers from Zillow and Craigslist go Section eight dotcom Facebook marketplace and contacting those landlords and for sale by owners and property management companies and saying, hey, I saw your property. Is it still available? Can you tell me more about it?

And then talking to them so there's no issues with that. The problem is becoming with getting a list of absentee owners that have owned their house over ten years. They have equity or getting a list of probates, pre probates, getting a list of whatever, and then skip tracing that list, getting a list of like a thousand addresses, getting four or five thousand phone numbers and calling all of them. That's getting impossible. May not be right now, but it's getting harder and harder and harder to do. And it will be it's pretty much done. So the writing has been on the wall for a long time. This law went into effect. It came it was passed into law about two years ago.

And it's going to be actually like fully, fully implemented in one or two months. If you've been seeing this on Facebook groups, everybody's talking about it. People are freaking out about it. So what are what are we going to do when we're not going to panic and freak out? Because that doesn't do anybody any good. We're going to adjust, adapt and modify what we have been doing. And here's the great thing about direct mail. Like nobody's doing it anymore, OK? More and more people are going to start doing it sooner. But direct mail works. And one of the biggest reasons why I love direct mail that everybody forgets is I can target the specific neighborhood type of home type of seller type of situation that I want. So if I know my buyers want properties in this zip code, in this price range, guess what it is like. Stupid, easy to get a list of all of the homes that meet that criteria.

And it's really cheap to send marketing to those sellers, to those homeowners, to, hey, I'm looking to buy more property in this area. Do you want to sell? Give me a call. OK, so I'm going to be talking to you about. But all that, Haven is asking here, will this restrict single one by one texting? Yes and no haven. It depends like it's going to make it's going to be harder to text one at a time properties that you skip trace. All right. Now, you may say, yeah, well, you can fly under the radar if you're not sending hundreds or thousands a day.

So who knows? It's never going to be a problem texting and calling people who put their phone numbers on Zillow or go Section eight and just asking them, hey, do you want to sell your house or your rental property still available? So that's not going to be a problem at all. What the problem is, again, just so I'm clear, it's gone are the days where you can buy lists of five thousand addresses, skip, trace them all and do mass text blasting and mass cold calling. That's just not working as well. We may have one or two months left of that. So that's why I want to talk about direct mail. OK, so I'm going to show you guys some real cool things here that we're working on. And by the way, I see some of you in the comments here saying. Well, there's platforms I've found that will they'll help you set up a legal way to do that.

Yeah, even the quote unquote legal ways are getting really, really hard there. Even Freedomsoft is starting to require that you do opt out language in your text that say if you want to unsubscribe, click. The reply would stop and there are legal ways to do it. But they're going to require that you register your phone number and then you state what the purpose is and you have to show legal consent that they've given you written legal consent to do so. You just got to be careful. And here's the thing. These platforms will still work. They'll still let you send five thousand text messages a day. But you're just it's going to be a lot harder to get the deliverability through to where it used to be.

And you have much more risk now of getting fined by the government, by people for the unsolicited text messages and phone calls. All right. So, yeah, I don't want to scare you or anything like that in as long as you're doing it OK, the right way, you'll be fine. But it's getting harder and harder. Soon it'll be impossible. You need to understand direct mail. I feel like I've beat that horse dead. And sorry about that. I'm not sure my screen name must show you some cool things again. You can get these resources at PartnerWithJoe.net.

I'm going to share my screen right now and then we'll show you some cool things here. All right. Please type in the chat. If you make sure, just let me know. You can see these things. Now, these are some direct mail pieces that I have used for a long time now that work really, really well. And this first one is a handwritten postcard. I love, love, love.

This postcard. This postcard has worked well for a long time. And some of you may be thinking, oh, man, I've seen that postcard one hundred times. How can it still work? Well, I don't know that it does. Now, let me say also one other thing with direct mail. Direct mail works best in the small markets. OK, so you may be in Dallas, Texas, this postcard, if you send this postcard out to absentee owners and some of the hottest zip codes in Dallas, Texas, your response rate is probably going to be half of one percent. Half of one percent. If you're good. That's not going to cut it. I mean, that's going to be good. You're going to get leads from that. But it's going to it's going to you have to send a lot of postcards to get a deal out of it.

Now, let me say this also in general, you need to just expect when you're doing direct mail, you need to expect to spend about a thousand to two thousand dollars in direct mail for every deal that you do. That's not a that's a lot that I understand. That's a significant amount of money. But when you're making five to ten thousand dollars per deal, what's one or two thousand dollars now with texting, it was like five hundred dollars. Two hundred to five hundred dollars in marketing per deal. Now that that's going away, the only this is good news actually, for those of you that are willing to invest in your business and are willing to invest in marketing, if you're willing to pay thirty nine, forty nine cents per postcard, if you're willing to spend between one thousand to two thousand dollars in direct mail, you're going to you're going to stand out above all your competition and you're going to be doing more deals and all your competition because you're not afraid to invest in money in direct mail.

So that's number one. Just expect. You've got to understand, you're going to need to start investing in marketing more now than ever before than you have in a long time. Not a big deal. I would spend a thousand two thousand dollars all day long to make five to ten thousand dollars an average profit on a deal.

OK, well, the thing is for direct mail to work, in fact, I'm going to take my screen share here just to emphasize this. Here is the big key. I want you to write this down. The big key for direct mail to work. You ready? Who can guess it, type it in the chat or you two, wherever you're watching right now, starts with a C. Does anybody know? Starts with a C? Steve Johnson. Very good, Virginia. Very good consistency.

Steve Johnson said here, five to six touches. Absolutely one hundred percent. Right. This is important. Consistency is the number one key. Maybe number two, No one is listed on the show you the lists in a minute. But number two, important, maybe equally important is consistency. If you're just going to be like, OK, I get it, direct mail, I want to do it. All right, fine. I'm just going to do a thousand postcards and see if it works. I'm just going to do a thousand postcards to test it. I'm just going to do it for one month and see if it works. Save your money. Don't do it. Forget it.

OK, forget real estate. Go back to your job and don't even worry about this business. You've got to be committed, especially with direct mail. You've got to be committed to be consistent with your direct mail for at least three to six months for at least five to six touches. This business is all about momentum. This is a momentum business. It takes time to like when you if you're pulling a train, it's really hard at first. It's extremely hard.

My advice my goal is to help you make it as easy as possible. But you're pulling that train. It's hard. But once the momentum starts building, once you sent the third or fourth postcard to that seller over three to six months and it becomes easier that momentum start, that train starts moving. That train starts. Rolling because there's so much momentum behind it now, that train starts going, it's a lot easier to pull or push and then it becomes hard to stop because the momentum is behind you. So, again, let me reiterate this. Consistency is the most important key to this business, especially when it comes to direct mail. So if you're in it for just a month, I'm going to try it out and see if it works or I only have a month to do a deal or I'm out.

Or I'm going to try a thousand letters and see if that works. Forget it. Most of your deals are going to come from the follow up from the fifth or sixth touch, maybe the third or fourth letter that you send to that same seller. OK, simple is that everybody that I see that struggles in this business and fails is because they quit too early. They did not give themselves a long enough runway. If your back's against the wall and you only have a month before you need to do a deal or it's do or die direct mail, maybe this isn't for you. That's totally fine.

Rather, maybe I should say this. Keep that job. Don't quit that job yet. Get a part time job to start, you know, like, what's this popular thing now? People are trading mugs, you know, they go to garage sales and find a coffee mug and sell it on eBay or Amazon or whatever. And maybethat's what you need to do for a few months to get the money for the marketing. There's a strategy that I teach called Quick Turn Leasing, and it's where you use, you find a seller that wants to just rent their property. You give them what's called an option to lease to their property. You find a tenant, you assign that option to that tenant. You sign the lease, you exercise your option. You signed the lease and your assignment fee for the lease is one month's rent. Well, you can do those two or three of those easily every single month. Make two or three thousand dollars.

I mean, maybe a thousand dollars in each one. Three of them. That's three grand a month. Just a signing the lease, it's called the option to lease created a course like a buddy of mine, Todd Toback called quick during leasing. I should add that I should add that in to partner with Joe. If somebody is reminds me, I will do that. Partner with Joe Dot net, check it out. But that can pay for your marketing right there. That could pay for your direct mail super important. I hope I've made that abundantly clear consistency. Don't just say I'm going to try it if it works great. If not, I'm going to quit and give up.

You got to give yourself three to six months. You've got to be committed to the follow up, to the consistency of sending it mail over and over and over again. You need to say, alright, this list that I got here, I'm going to mail these sellers at least five times, six times over the next 12 months. That's it. And the reason why this is so important, there's another principle I want to explain here. You need to dig your well before you're thirsty.

You need to dig your well before you're thirsty. So if you need deals, don't think like. All right, I'm a start marketing today and I'm going to do a deal tomorrow. You've got to give yourself some runway for OK, you got to say, all right, I'm not I don't need the money right now. If you're thirsty right now. Yeah. You need to start digging your will. But like, dig your well before you're thirsty, before you need the money. Because if it takes three to six months of consistent marketing and the follow up in the direct mail and all that, then by the time you really are thirsty, guess what? You've got a pipeline full of leads and deals coming out of that and it becomes so much easier. And then you don't get stressed and worried because once you're stressed and you're in this position like I need this money now, you'll start taking bad deals, you'll start turning nine deals into deals, you'll become the motivated buyer.

Right. And you'll try to turn lemonades out of these lemons. You'll never do that. We're not deal creators. We are deal finders. And if you if you're coming at this from a desperate place, like I got to get a deal now, you know, you're going to you're going to make mistakes. You're going to lose money. So don't be in that position. And this is good stuff, I hope. Are you guys picking up what I'm laying down, or as my friend always says, are you smelling what I'm stepping in? That's gross. Sorry. Let me go back to sharing this screen here. Are you guys with me? Type in the zoom chat. Those are you watching on Zoom. If you're watching this on YouTube or the Facebook, just give me a thumbs up. Give me like this thing. Right. And if this is good for you, don't just listen and think. Oh, yeah, that's awesome. That's nice. No, like, take notes, take screenshots of this stuff and start implementing it today. Don't wait till tomorrow and go get Partner with Joe Dot Net. So here's this postcard I love. Here's the thing that comes to direct mail. The simpler the better, the simpler the better.

Forget write this down. Forget about the glossy, colorful pieces of direct mail, waste of money, waste of time. They do not work. Why? And I'm going to get on my soapbox here. Why realtors spend so much stupid money on these glossy photos, postcards and direct mail of some stupid house that just sold right with their glamor shot photos and some stupid play on words of their name. Like, I just I wish I could remember some of these that I see. I need to start keeping these, you know what I'm saying? Like, realtors do this like I wish I could remember, but it's their ego, right, Jerry? But like, you know what I'm talking about. It's this they play on they do some kind of play on word with their with their last name to try to get you to remember. None of that works. People don't care about you, people do not care about you. If you're a realtor, they don't care about how many houses you sold. They don't care about that house down the street that's sold. That's nicer than theirs. They're looking at their house and thinking, my house is ugly compared to that house. That house is bigger. That house is nicer. I'm going to have to clean.

You saying like I have to clean my house. I have to paint my walls. I have to get rid of everything off of the walls. I have to paint to get rid of my personal stuff. I don't have nice furniture like that. None of my couches match. We just have a bunch of family photos on the wall. I got to get landscape lighting and get these flowers in my front yard so people don't care about you. They don't care about this house that sold down the street and they don't care about some silly play on words with your last name.

What do sellers care about? What do these home owners care? They only care about themselves and their house. And if they have a problem, how can you fix it? So this is why I love simple direct mail gets their attention when they're reading this mail over the circular file, which is the trash can. They're like, what is this? This doesn't look like a spam piece of marketing. This looks like an actual letter or an actual handwritten postcard or whatever. This is why handwritten yellow letters works so well. It's different. This is not what everybody else is doing. And so I've heard so many people say, like, that's not professional. I wouldn't want to do that. I want to look professional. I don't care. I guess you hate money then.

If you want to hate money, then send glossy, colorful, fancy looking photos and look professional. But if you like making money, send ugly personalized postcards like this. Trust me, I've taken the marketing classes at four in my MBA. If any of you are in business school and you're taking marketing classes, just throw out ninety nine percent of what they teach you. You're not going to if you're taking a marketing class at some college, you're not going to teach you to use postcards like this. All right. So this says in ugly handwriting, hey, my name is whatever your name is Dan. And I'd like to buy your house that address if you would like a quick no hassle sale at a fair price, please text or call me direct so we can talk. God bless. Nowhere does it say we buy houses. Right. We have the cash. We close on five million homes a year. It doesn't say like we're the top producing agent, it just says no. If you this is all benefit, benefit, benefit.

Right. Do you want to sell your house? I'd like to buy it. If you would like a quick no hassle. Sell fair price benefit, benefit, benefit. And again, you may think, well, man, OK, I get it. But I see so many other investors sending these postcards out. Listen, not as many as you think. Now, direct mail right now is I'm doing this video is like ten percent of the competition that it used to be. It used to be a couple, three years ago, everybody was doing it and it was hard to stand out. But now direct mail is working really, really well. And I started this off earlier talking about how, especially in the small towns, this direct mail is you're going to get two to three times higher response rates in the small towns. So like I was saying before, if you're in Dallas, Texas, very competitive. All right. You're going have a tough time with this direct mail. It'll still work. But look outside of your backyard. Zoom out if you're on the map and look at these small towns around the big mountains, the big cities that you're in and do direct mail out there.

I'm going to show you some examples of that. OK, just write myself notes. I don't forget that. But this simple postcard, this phone number, it goes you can get a phone number, a virtual number like this from freedom soft. You can also get it from Vumber. You can get it. Yeah, I would recommend freedomsoft because then any calls that come in, you know, come from this postcard. So I would create a campaign and freedom soft. FreedomsoftJoe.com, that have that phone number. So any time somebody calls that number, I know it came from that campaign.

Simple, handwritten, ugly postcard. Let me show you something else. This is a postcard I used for my land investing for my land flips. I'm not going to spend much time about this. This is it's not like I'm sorry. I'm getting my come on here. All right. This is nothing glossy or fancy about this. It's old typewriter, font, new times Roman. I think is what it is. This is for vacant land.

Vacant land is a little different. I could probably use less text on this, but this postcard gets anywhere from a five to 10 percent response rate, five to ten percent response rate for this on vacant land. OK, this is something we sent a few months ago, deer name, seller name. And I put a reference number on there. And this is so I'm going to be coming out soon with a small little land investing course on how we buy land for twenty to thirty cents on the dollar and we flip it. And this is going to be a part of PartnerWithJoe.net.

So if you just join it at PartnerWithJoe.net, it'll be coming out within the next month or so, just as hey, last Friday I was doing some research, the public records, and I noticed that you listed as the owner of a one to five, ten, 40 acre property in certain county state. I'm very interested in purchasing this property from you. I can offer you an immediate cash close to transaction very quickly. In addition, I'm willing to pay for all your closing costs. Benefit, benefit, benefit.

Doesn't say anything about how awesome I am, but they're going to wonder who I am. So I say, hey, I'm the owner of a small real estate investment company and we're looking to purchase some properties in the area for investment purposes. I didn't even spell purposes right. I still got a five percent response rate on this postcard. Some counties, I've gotten 10 percent. We have worked with a number of people who were very happy to have a cash, to have cash rather than the trouble of their unwanted property. Benefit. So if you'd like to get paid cash in exchange for your property, call my twenty four hour recorded Olin. I forgot to mention this with this postcard. I really highly recommend because your response rates are not going to be that great because it's a hot market right now. A lot of investors are maybe sending this postcard, but the few calls that you're going to get high, high quality leads. All right.

The great thing about this postcard, when I just thought of another one, I'm going to send you guys I'm going to send that must show this to you guys here. You're the quality of leads that you get from this. We're going to be much, much better because they're calling you. You're not calling them. They're calling you. And just the quality of the lead. So, like, put it in context, you might need 30 or 40 leads, cold calling to do a deal. You might need thirty, 20 to 30 leads from a PPC or Facebook ad campaign, but you might only need 15 to 20 leads from this postcard to do a deal.

The quality is better, but I wanted to mention this too. So when you're doing direct mail and you're not getting a huge response rate with these, this phone number should be redirected to somebody who answers it live. And if I was just starting out, I wouldn't put my cell phone number on here. I would put a free himself number in here and then redirect that to my cell phone. And you can also with the Freedom Soft app, you can answer it just straight from the app, but you can get the phone call. You need to have somebody answer these calls like trust me on this. You may not like that, but these calls because you're only getting half to one percent, maybe two percent response rate on these postcards for houses. Those calls need to be answered live. You will close more deals and you will thank me later if you understand that. Patricia, this is for you. This is for you and everybody, OK? I hope you understand, Patricia.

This is important stuff, even if even if you're part of the simplest options program. All right. OK, so but this land investing postcard, because I get five to ten percent response rate on this thing, so if I send out one hundred of them, I'm going to get five to ten calls and I'm sending three to four or five thousand at a time. I have this go to voicemail and that's why I put on here twenty-four hour prerecorded hotline and I have this go to voicemail on the voicemail, says, hey, thanks for calling. You got one of our postcards, please leave a name and number and give us the reference number at the top and bottom of your postcard and we will respond back to you with an offer.

So the way we do land is it comes in a voicemail. They leave that reference number, Jack. Fifteen hundred. We can look it up. Then we find the value. We send them an offer. We never even talk to them until they get our offer. And we make an offer at twenty to thirty cents on the dollar. Houses are completely different. You want to answer those calls live? You want to talk to them, get to know them a little bit, get to know, ask questions about the house and then send them an offer. Is that clear? So land house is different for land.

Leave a message reference. No, this is one of the reasons why I like land because my fifteen-year-old son can help me with this. He doesn't have to talk to the seller. We don't talk to them until after we send them an offer and they're interested in it. OK, now, by the way, I have a good friend who on his postcards, even for houses, he puts on their twenty four hour prerecorded hotline because that gets more calls and he still answers them live. He says nobody ever even complains about that.

So yeah, fine. Do that if you want, if you want to get more calls put twenty-four hour prerecorded hotline on there. You'll get more calls. Answer it live. Yeah. OK, that is simple. And I've done this, I did this postcard with click to mail and it was stupid, cheap 40 cents a postcard or something like that. All right, let me show you something else. In fact, I'm going to look right now for a postcard that I've used. Yes. This works for licensed agents. Yes, it works for licensed agents. OK, I just found another postcard I want to add into the folder for you. Again, you can get this folder at PartnerWithJoe.net, Partner with Joe Dot Net. All right, let me share my screen here. This is a great postcard from my friend Alex Youngblood. And you can see it's ugly, it's not fancy. And I'm pretty sure Alex is still doing eight hundred Fair Offer.

But dear seller's name, I'd really like to speak with you about the property that address. If you are looking to sell it, would it? I would be interested in making you a fair cash offer. I'm looking for a house in the. Virginia Beach area. I'm looking to buy it as is with cash, and I can close ASAP, please call me at phone number. I can only buy three more properties, so I'm hoping that you'll get back to me ASAP. And this is on the front of the postcard at the property at this address is for sale. I may be interested. Call me. My number's on the back of this card. Cool, simple, ugly postcards. They work really, really well and go check out eight hundred fair offer and see if they have any territories open in your area.

They really do. Here's another handwritten postcard that I've used before that works really well. And I've done this postcard through prop stream. OK, this is a postcard I've done through Prop Stream. I'll show you this. Hey, seller's name. My name is Heath. I'd like to buy your house that address in City if you'd like a quick no hassle sale at a fair price, please text me or call me again. If you want more phone calls, do something like caller twenty-four hour recorded hotline. You will get more calls. I encourage you to answer these live though. So do what you want with that as you wish. OK, that's prop stream.

Here is a letter that I love sending to older listings. So this is I've shown you this before and I'm going to use more info stuff on this later. But I like to go to Redfin. I like to look for properties that have been on the market over sixty days and then I will send the owner of that property a letter. And this is a letter I'd like to send. And this is a letter that works really good. If you're doing rent to own, at least purchases are owner financing. OK, it's from you to the seller of the home. We're sending this time sensitive letter to inform you that we would like to buy your house that address for possibly full price, but we would like to rent it out for a year or so first. Oh my gosh, this letter works really, really well. Yes. Even in a competitive hot market like this, nobody's doing this. Send a letter to the owner of that property. It's been on the market sixty days and you can give them the price that they want if they're willing to do at least purchase or owner financing or subject to or something like that.

OK, we are a group of local investors that look for nice homes to rent in nice areas such as yours. We will take the house as is be responsible for all the normal day to day maintenance and repairs and give you an offer to buy your house for fair price on a future date of your choosing. I think I even spent choosing wrong. This will get a three to five percent response rate depending on your market. OK, now you may think, well, the market's white hot. Why would somebody ever, ever to even do this when all they need to do is take a sign in the yard? They're going to get multiple offers above asking price within days? No, we're only selling this sending this to people who have haven't sold their house in sixty days. There's something wrong with that house. It's usually because it's overpriced or it needs too much work. Well, we may be able to get the seller the price they want. We can give them the price they want if they give us the terms that we want.

OK, now, if you're licensed I know some questions here in the zoom chat, well, what do I do if I'm a realtor? Can I do that? Yeah, I mean, maybe, I don't know, talk to your broker, but this is what I like to include at the bottom of my letters. Hey, if your house is listed with a realtor, please disregard this letter or give it to them and have them contact me. Now again with direct mail, I really recommend you put a number on there that you get from Freedomsoft. FreedomsoftJoe.com.

Because then when they call that number, you know, it's coming from that direct mail piece to that list. So I would have a campaign title, direct mail to older listings in Nebraska. OK, and I know when they call that number goes into that campaign and I keep track of all of that cool. That letter works really, really well. Here's a letter I like to send inside of freedom. Stop, and I'll show this to you in a minute as well.

There's a lot of the properties that are on Zillow listed for rent right now. They are. There's a property listed by property manager. And a lot of those properties aren't listed yet as absentee owners. And so we can now send a letter because we can't the text the phone number doesn't go to the to the owner or it goes to voicemail. We can now send a letter directly to the owner like this.

Hey, I think you own the property at address in City. I'm an investor looking to buy more properties in the area you wouldn't be interested in selling. Would you please call our twenty four hour recorded voice message if you're interested. Thanks. Phone number. Simple, ugly. Right. Let me do one more postcard here. This is a postcard you could use for buying houses. It's a little more wordy than I might like, but I just wanted to show it to you so you can see it. I'm going to zoom in.

So the headline is We pay top dollar. Can close quick and promise not to waste your time. Dear Hohner name. My name is Bob and I'm interested in buying your property. My wife and I want to purchase another rental property in your neighborhood and we can offer you top dollar because of our buy and hold approach. If you're interested in learning how to sell fast while avoiding typical costs associated with selling through a real estate agent like commissions, repairs, etc., then you will want to call me ASAP.

I'm extremely confident we can offer you more than other buyers and we're extremely easy to work with and this is really good to a lot of people. Forget to do this. If you don't want to sell today, that's fine. But keep this postcard for the future. You never know when you need to contact us. Tell the sellers, hey, if this doesn't work for now, keep it. You might need it later.

I've told the story many times. Have a good friend who got a letter from a somebody said, hey, you may not remember me. You sent a letter to my mom saying that you were interested in buying her house. Just wondering if you're still interested. He said, well, maybe tell me more, and she said, well, our mom passed away a few months ago and we're going through all of her paperwork, know she's got a filing cabinet and everything. And you send her a letter three years ago saying that you were interested in buying her house. And you said on the letter, please keep this letter for future reference if you decide you want to sell your house. So she kept this letter in her house paperwork. And we're going through the estate. We're cleaning out the house. We don't want to list that. We just want to sell it. And would you be interested in buying? He said, yes, I'm still interested by. And he bought it is a great deal. He fixed it up and resold it to.

The point of the story is always when you send your letters and your postcards. This is why I talked about at the beginning. The momentum is so important. You've got to be consistently doing this over three to six months, 12 months, because that's what you're going to get calls from that letter from three months ago. You're going to get calls. They kept your postcard. They kept your letter. They see, man, this guy must really be serious about this is if he keeps on sending me letters every month, he must really want to buy my house. Nobody else does that. This guy must be really be in the business. This guy must really take this business seriously. So I'm going to call him. So you're going to get a lot of leads from postcards and letters that you sent three months ago. So do not quit. This is why consistency again is so important.

I'm making myself clear. Yes. All right, good. Let me see it there. Oh, yeah. So if you're interested in land, this is something that we've used. Also, you can get access to these inside of PartnerWithJoe.net. But this is a letter that we've sent before for vacant land with a blind offer. It's just a one-page letter with an offer on this one page. It's crazy. But here's that reference number again. Your seller, We're So-and-so with Dream Big Land. We're interested in buying a property that you own in Klamath County, Oregon. Below, you'll find an offer for your property in the agreement. And hey, we can pay we can deliver a cashier's check to your door in as little as two days. If all the if all works out and we'll pay all the costs, we're not. We are investors. We're not real estate agents.

Look forward to hearing from you. And so then this is the purchase agreement, just one page personalized reference number. And we guys, we get sellers that sign this and send it back to us at twenty-two hundred dollars right here. Our offer is about 20 to 30 percent of what it's worth. This actually does work and you're not going to get as high of a response rate with this as with a letter. OK, this works really good for land. I don't not recommend sending blind offers for houses, but for land. It's great.

OK, all right. I'm going to show you some things again. You can get all of those files inside at PartnerWithJoe.net. I want to show you some resources there that one of my favorite tools companies for my direct mail. I'm going to give it to you right now. JoeMcCall.com/mail. JoeMcCall.com/mail. It's going to redirect you to open letter marketing. It's a company that I've used for a long time, and I love them because their customer service is awesome and they do really good letters. They have this new auto pen. You can see it here on the top. It's this robot that is drawing with a real pen, your letters and postcards, so you can check that out. They do handwritten letters like they're handwritten letters a lot. I've used them for professional typed letters and handwritten letters. And the reason why one of the reasons why I like them is because there envelopes are colorful.

They're more attractive. And I get more calls, but it looks personal. Looks like a birthday party invitation or wedding envelope. For some reason. Their website is a little slow right now. Let me I'm going to open up one more thing here. I'm going to show you how we do direct mail from right inside of freedomsoft. Here we go. Finally, open letter marketing.

JoeMcCall.com/mail.This letter works really, really well. Hey, Robert. My name is John. I'm interested in purchasing your property at address. If you're interested in selling, please contact me at phone number. I look forward to hearing from you. There's one is a little bit more words, little fewer words, different examples. But like this letter shoot, I forgot to get something that's going to show it to you here. But this letter, it's real simple and it works. And it's, you know, it's probably does it give you the somewhere in here? It'll give you the dimensions of the letter, but it's not a full eight and a half by eleven letter. It's a little smaller than that. And then you'll see here in a second.

And by the way, they can do you can do different logos at the top of the letter or none. You can do different style of handwriting, handwriting. And here are the envelopes. These envelopes work really well. They're just kind of colorful, look like invitation envelopes and they're handwritten. All right. They have some postcards that you can get in here as well. Small postcards. If I click on that and any of those letters that I just showed you, you can send to them, they will design it and build it for you inside of their platform. Let me look at my notes here. Oh, yeah. I'm going to I'm also going to show you how I like to do postcards with the prop stream. If you've got a PropstreamJoe.com, PropstreamJoe.com.

Here are the postcards. Don't. Even though I say I recommend these guys don't do their colorful postcards like this. Waste of money, waste of money, waste of money. But you can take these without the background, just white background. And they were right. OK, let me give you one other resource here. YellowLetterHQ.com. I like these guys. Yellow Letter HQ Dotcom, and these are some of the postcards that I like. Let me show you this yellow letter HQ dot com.

Come on, baby. All right, well, that's opening up. Geez, I don't know what's going on here. I'm going to show you I don't want to jump into that yet. I wanted to show you what we can do. Remember one of the letters I showed you that you can send through freedom soft? Let me show you kind of what I do with that. So this is Zillow. I'm looking for houses listed for rent, and I typically like the nicer houses. So I want anything between a thousand to two thousand houses only remove boundary. I'm going to zoom out just this list right here. I've got two hundred and five properties that I can send letters to. Two hundred ninety five. Going to click on this one and scroll down.

And there's this phone number for the owner, Dave Mooney, I think. Yes. His property owner. So I'm going to text him. Let's say it goes to voicemail or it goes to an automated number that sends you back a message saying, hey, what's your name? And so it's like an automated computer. It's not the real person. You want to send this guy a letter through freedom. So let me show you real quick how to do that. So I go here to my cellar leads. I'm going to do a new lead. This just put the address in here, zoom in a little bit. St. Charles, Missouri, six three threethree. And the seller's name was a scroll down here, Dave Mooney. And that's his phone number. That's the Zillow link. I always like to copy the Zillow link to put it in my records there. So his name, Dave Mooney. Phone number, save lead. John, the answer is yes, kind of. All right. Now here you can see the street view of the property. It's a great neighborhood. I love this area of St. Louis. Click find owner Mooney Construction owns it now. I can't skip trace money. Construction Inc. It's a company. It's a business. And how long the go they buy it, I don't know. OK, Gerald and somebody else are asking about a simple versus freedom.

They're the same except freedomSoft has the mobile app. REI Simple does not ok. And if you want to merge the two, just contact them and they will. They will help you. Right. So I can't skip trace this right. I can text this guy Dave Mooney and maybe he owns Muni Construction. Right. Anyway, but I want to send him a letter. So let me just show you how easy this is. I'm going to click on this three dots generate document. And I have a letter here called It's like let's do a vacant house letter. How do I know it's vacant? This is, again, why I love Zillow. Look at this. The house is vacant. All of these rental properties on Zillow are vacant. Right. So let me just click that click next. Next here, it creates that ugly letter. Hey, Dave, I think you own the property that address in St. Charles. You wouldn't consider selling it, would you? I'm looking to buy another property in the area today. Give me a call and we can talk. Thanks, Joe. I can change the number to be whatever I want. Right. Click complete.

It's going to generate that letter. And then this is a tool I use. Click to mail, email to mail. If you Google that clicked mail, email to mail. I have an account with click to mail. Super easy. I can email that letter to click to mail, click to mail will print it same day, send it first class to the seller and I like to use yellow paper. So here's the letter right here. It looks like it's white, but when I send it to click to mail it'll be printed on yellow paper and I should have I have with me just over in my house. And what this actually looks like, it's really killer. OK, so from here I just click email. I'm going to email this PDF letter to click to mail, click to mail is going to print it and put it and mail it to whoever is in the subject line. Here it is e mail to mail. There's the template, mail bot boom. If I click, send email right now, click to mail will get that letter in a couple of seconds. Print it depending on the time of the day. They will print it on yellow paper, put it in a nice window envelope, send it to the seller for like 90 cents just like that.

Now of course you can print these yourself, you can handwrite them yourself, but it's just so much easier to click, click, click, send an email. They take care of it, do it for you all through, click to mail it. You need to have pre-paid credits in here. I usually do one hundred and two hundred bucks in prepaid credits. They will. They'll do it. Cool. That's how you do it. You can also email this. If you had an email for the seller, you can also text this letter to them. How do you text the letter to them. We just text them this. You are right here, OK? In fact, I'm going to put that URL in the zoom chat for you guys and you can see the letter for yourself. So you could text that letter to the owner if you want. Cool. So here's this is a multi-touch campaign. This is a vacant house. Right. And he may not want to sell it now. I bet you a glass of iced tea within the next five years. He might want to sell it. It's a rental property.

Most vacant landlords, most landlords of rental properties, they get motivated and they sell their properties within three or four or five years, sometimes less, sometimes more. OK, so that's a good way. Just to send a one-off postcard, I'm going to show you another thing that you can do. This is a new feature. Well, it's not new, but it's now back. It was broken. Click to mail, finally fixed it. Now it's working. So as I log in to click to mail, OK, they have this thing here called Easy Letter Sender and. This will allow you to send a picture postcard or a picture letter, start your postcard.

Again, this is called Easy Letter Sender and click to them. So I'm going to take this picture right here of this property. OK, I'm going to screenshot it. And I have a screen capture thing here called drop, drop, drop, drop out. And I'm going to put some text in here. I'm going to make this bigger here. Want to sell this house and I'm going to do a smiley face. OK, move this up a little bit. Smiley face. I'm going to save this on to my computer again, this program I'm using to do this quick little screenshots. Oh, you couldn't see that either, could you? I was using drop la drop dot com. OK, so let me do a new screen show here and I'll show you exactly what I'm doing so it makes more sense. All right. So I took this right. I did a screen shot of this house. There it is. And I inserted this little smiley face. I did some text here. Let me do ginormous. I just typed in.

Want to sell your house and I can move it around. All right. I want to sell your house now. I'm going to save that onto my computer right now. If Easy Letter Sender is working, this is some cool because now you're VA can do this, your virtual assistant. Right? I'm going to insert the image. I just save select an image. It's uploading it in here. I can do fit to size. All right. Well, it's too big here, but you can see what I'm doing. I just want to sell your house, click save. It's going to put the image in there. I hope it's working. I hope it's working. Here we go. Come on. All right, then. I'm going to put some text down here, and I have this right down here. I'm going to copy that. So the name is what was that guy's name? Mooney. Thank you. Dave Mooney. Hi. Dave Mooney. My name is Joe McCall and I'd like to buy your house at whatever it was. One, two, three, Main Street. All right. I'm going to make this little smaller I mean, bigger here in a minute. And I'm I put my number here, my freedom.

So I've no right. I'm going to make this courier new bold. I'm going to make it monstrous. Big save. Now, that's too big. Now, why won't that image work, say, all right, so that font, there's too big still. I'm going to make it a little smaller instead of eight teams. Make it fourteen. There you go. OK, and I'm not sure why that picture is not working. Maybe it is. You're going to put the recipient's address in here, their address. You're just going to fill it out there. And so what I'm showing you here is this is a real simple way and this picture is working. Maybe it's just not showing up right now, but you can send a letter or a postcard to a seller with the picture of their house that you're getting from Zillow right in there. Let's try this instead of a postcard. Let's try a letter. This is so slow. Click to mail. At least it's on their website.

You wouldn't you couldn't even do this before. OK, here you can insert the image up here. You click insert image. Here you go. Select an image, save. You know what? You know what I think this is? If I did it in a different browser, I think it would work so I can even make this text bigger. Twenty four font. Right. All right. So anyway, the picture's not working, but it shows up right there. And then you choose the recipient address and you can send this seller a letter. Let me just click on Proof and finish here. And I got to put an address in there. Hold on. Joe Macall two nine seven seven Highway CC number two two eight O'Fallon Country, United States, Missouri, six eight save use as is. By the way, can a virtual assistant do all of this for you? Yes, they can. You click proof and finish? I think the issue is because I'm using Chrome right now, if you can use another browser like Safari, I think it works better, or maybe even Internet Explorer or Firefox. It's kind of I don't know what's going on here. It's waiting. It says proof your letter. We're unable to process your request.

All right. Anyway, that normally works. Click to mail. Easy letter sender. Yellow Letter HQ is not opening up either. I'm sure you have a letter HQ Dotcom. It must be my connection. But you guys you guys still hear me and see me right now, right? Oh, heavens. Heavens to Betsy. Yeah, you guys see me. So my connection's still good. There's no distortion in zoom. All right. So yellow letters, yellow letterhq.com work's usually really well. I click to mail usually works really well. Open letter marketing Gilma call dot com mail works really well but I do most of my direct mail through click to mail and open letter marketing dot com and I also do some mail through prop stream all. So let me show you something here with Prop Stream. One of the reasons why I like Prop Stream so much is it's a great place to get data on each individual properties and another great way to get lists to send mail.

So let's say I wanted to send mail to St. Charles County, Missouri, which is the same county that we looked at, that one rental property here on Zillow St. Charles County. Let me zoom out a little bit here. There's one hundred and sixty-three thousand properties there. OK, I'm going to go to filter. What's a good list to mail to owner occupied?

No, let's do property characteristics. Let's say a single family is only, OK, let's do ownership info, they've had to own it for at least five years and let's do valuation and equity. They need to have at least 50 percent equity or more. Boom. There you go. I have eleven thousand three hundred absentee owners in St. Charles County. Let's filter down even a little more. I want to make sure, like the property is not worth way too much money. So you can do right here valuation and equity. And let me open that back up. So estimated value.

I want to make sure it's not more than let's do three hundred thousand dollars. I don't want the real expensive ones. That brings me down to seventy-two hundred. These are absentee owner if you wanted to filter. Now that's a great list right there. OK, if I'm looking at my calculator and how do I know this is a great list because I own rental properties in St. Charles County. I know one and I hardly ever get letters on it. OK, so seventy-two hundred let's say. And by the way, when you download the list you can remove duplicate ownersand stuff like this.

Let's say you remove 30 percent of them that are vacant, I mean that are duplicate owners. Right. So I take seventy two hundred times point seven. So there's five thousand postcards that I'm going to send out now that's going to cost me about forty cents. Let's say it's going to cost me two thousand dollars. Two thousand dollars. Joe, are you kidding me. That's a lot of money. Yeah, it is. But listen, look at the numbers here, OK? Especially when you understand creative deals like lease options or owner financing are subject to. OK, so I'm sending out five thousand forty postcards. Let's say I get five thousand forty. Let's see, I, I get a one percent response rate. I'm going to get fifty calls from that postcard. OK, and let's say on average I do a deal out of every thirty divided by thirty. I'm going to do one point six deals from that. I'm just averaging out over six months.

Right. My average profit, that's conservative. Five grand times, five grand. So let me ask you something. I make conservatively eight thousand four hundred dollars. Would you spend two thousand dollars to make eight thousand four hundred dollars? Yes, you will. All day long. I'm being conservative there with my numbers. But here's the other crazy thing, guys. If you zoom out, let me go to another website that I like a lot. It's called World Population Review, World Population Review, dot com. And put this in the zoom chat for you guys. Let's look at Missouri. You can do this for all of your states, any state, and you're going to go down here and this will show you Missouri population growth. So this is St. Charles County right there. Look at next to us, Warren County. Lincoln County. Oh, maybe we should. What about this county? Boone County is growing, huh?

So everybody right now and their mother and grandmother, they're sending mail to St. Louis County because it's the biggest one of the biggest counties in all of St. Louis. So if you're in Kansas City, they're sending mail to Jackson County, Clay and Platte Cascade. But nobody is sending mail very little. Well, to Boone County, hardly Webster. These counties down by Springfield, Missouri, these counties down here, I think that's this is Columbia, maybe Springfield. I have to look Jeff City. Anyway, you scroll down some more and check this out. This is population density. All right. And this is population density right here, St. Louis County. And this one is Jackson County. This is where everybody is trying to compete. But nobody is competing for these deals that these counties out here, Boone County, Coal County. So I look at Camden County, for example. Forty-seven thousand, but their population growth is six point eight percent. What about this county, Green County? They have two hundred ninety-seven thousand people. They're growing by eight percent.

So don't ignore the small counties. If we were to look out here, let's just look at Lincoln County and Warren County and Franklin County. Look, this is let's do Boone County, Boone County right here. If I go to Prop Stream and I'm just going to do a search here now instead for Boone County, I'm telling you guys, if I get like a one percent response rate here, half of a percent response rate here, I'm going to get two to three percent response rates in these smaller counties here. And you may think, OK, but Joe, how am I going to find buyers in Boone County?

Let me reset this filter here. OK, so we're in Boone County. There's seventy thousand like, how am I going to wholesale property in Boone County? It's way out there in the sticks. Nobody's buying anything out there. Well, you're wrong because look at this. Let's just say absentee owners know and ownership info they have last sale date was let me go back six months. One, two, three, four, five, six. Since November six, there's seven hundred and sixty nine buyers, absentee owner, investor buyers that have bought properties in that county in the last six months. So if I get a deal under contract, guess what? I just contact these seven hundred people. Let me go back here to this filter.

Let me reset this now who I mailed to here. Well, simple. Absentee owners, absentee owners. You could also then pull up characteristics, right? I only want single families. You could even say I only want three plus bedrooms. You got ownership info. They've had to have owned it for at least ten years. And if I do valuation info they've had, at least they have at least 50 percent equity or more. You got to be careful, too, because sometimes some counties don't have that information available.

So just be aware of that. All right. So there you go. Now, if a thousand is not enough, you need more than a thousand. You can go in here and you can change it to property characteristics. We open that up again here. Something's wrong with my Internet because I just it's not opening up there. You. Let's just do two bedrooms and you know what? Multiple families are, OK? And let's check multiple counties. I mean, multifamilies. And let's go to ownership in four, maybe five years instead of 10 years. There you go. Thirty-three hundred. That's a great listto start mailing to.

You might want to remove new construction tools. Let's go in here and say property characteristics. Come on, maybe open up. There you go. You're built to do Max. Two thousand. So these properties are at least twice 20 years old. OK, so these are older properties. They're going to need updating. You could send to buyers and they'll OK, little is asking, why don't you send the buyers in the last year? The chances of them being motivated. They've only owned that house in the last year. So the chances of them being motivated, wanting to sell may not be there. That's a great list right there. Twenty-four hundred. You know, one another great list that I love. Let's do owner occupied.

Yes. Owned it at least 20 years and there will close that. And let's do free and clear actually let's do just high equity. I need to see how there's only four. There's something wrong with my list criteria here. Let me reset this. There are thirty-seven thousand free and clear properties in that county, Boone County. Right. Thirty-seven thousand. And let's say property types, only single family. I only want three plus bedrooms and let's go to valuation. I only want properties under four hundred thousand and let's go to ownership info. They had to have owned it for at least ten years. OK, so that dropped it down dramatically there. So that tells me maybe the years of ownership isn't good, but let's do year built. We don't want any new construction. So had it been built before the year two thousand.

There you go. There's eighty-two hundred free and clear single family, three plus bedrooms built before the year two thousand. That's estimated value of 400 thousand or less. So what I would do is out download that. I would divide it by three, I would mail a third of it every single month and I would send the mail every week. I don't want to send eight thousand all at once. You want to spread it out over time and then repeat. So every list that you get, you should be emailing, you should be mailing it at least every three months at a minimum. Make sense. OK, was there something else I wanted to show you? This yellow letter HQ working now, Yellow Letter HQ. Well, maybe you don't need the w ww it's not working.

All right. So was there something else I wanted to show you? Don't forget the small towns, some of the best lists to mail to which I like propstream so much. You've got if you can see here, I know it's hard to see. You've got vacant homes, liens, pre foreclosures, auctions, bank owned, high equity, free and clear, bankruptcy, divorce tax delinquents, failed listings. I don't trust that they don't have good MLS data. Senior owners, maybe tired landlords, zombie properties, pre probates in this area. How many lien properties are there? Fifty-eight properties with liens on them. OK, how many tax delinquents? Now, that's not as reliable.

There's no match results. Kind of just depends if it's easy information to get senior owners. I don't know how they do that. Maybe they just they know they've owned the property for a long, long time. So when the length of ownership is blank, that means they bought the house before they started keeping records. So it's been a long time and maybe they just know by their name Esther. So that's maybe an old person's name. I don't know. They have a reverse mortgage. Maybe that's how I know. I don't know.

OK, so any questions real quick before we wrap this up, if you can if you want all the resources I shared with you, just go to PartnerWithJoe.net. And you'll get it. So I'm getting questions here. How can we see this video later? Subscribe to our YouTube channel, go to YouTube, subscribe to the Joe McCall channel and just go to search Joe McCall. You'll find me on there, OK?

Yes. Some of you are telling me the Yellow Letter HQ dot com isn't working. So sorry. OK, so two things. I want you guys, if you've liked what I've shared with you today, if you've liked it, I want you to do me a favor, please, from your cell phone. Go to this website.

ReviewJoe.net from your phone. Go to review Joe dot net review. Joe Dot Net is going to redirect you to a page. Give me a little video testimonial and I appreciate it. I'm and do something special for you. I have this book right here. R.I secrets. If you leave me a video review I will give you this book, REI Secrets. It's a legit book. Look at this. I'm going to give you the PDF of it. OK, and this is a book called Daily Nuggets of Real Estate Investing Wisdom to help you get more leads and close more deals. All I ask is you leave me an honest review. Tell me what you think.

If you've liked anything that I've done from this content, from my channel, for my podcast, from my videos, my courses, my books, if any of it has helped you, especially if you've done a deal from it, let me know. Right. If you go to ReviewJoe.net, I'll give you this book as a PDF. When you go there, I ask that you do it from your phone, please, because it's going to ask you to do a little quick video and it's easier to do a video from your phone to put in your name, phone number and email. I'm not going to spam you or anything like that.

It won't let me click on that. Go leave a video review and just say, even if you don't like it, I'll still give you this book. Even if you give me a bad review, I'll still give you this book. So after you go through the process on that page, you'll be taken to a place to leave me a review. I would really appreciate it. And you'll get my book, REI Secrets.

It's a legit book. Look at that. Also, if you want to get more information about how to partner with me on deals, how to use my money to buy your deals, go to PartnerWithJoe.net. And I'll show you how you can partner with me. And you also get access to my software that will help you come up with multiple offers for your deals. Maria says, Here I have the book and I love it. I love it. I love it. Haven is partner with Joe, the same as automated investing secrets?

No Haven. That's good question. Automated investing secrets is the same as my Simple Lease Options course. That program teaches you how to do lease options and owner financing deals. OK, partner with Joe is just going to teach you how to do cash deals, how to do wholesaling deals. All right. So if you already have my partner with Joe is just seven bucks a month, it's like it's like a minor program. You have the whole enchilada with AIS.

You've got my best stuff. That's my flagship course. OK, so if you already have Simple Lease options, if you have Automated Investing Secrets, that's my best stuff. You've got everything I have there, partner with Joe is just somebody that maybe doesn't know me, OK? And you just want to check me out and learn how to do a quick deal or to check out partner with Joe.

That's cool. All right. So two things I want you guys to do. Go please leave me a review at ReviewJoe.net. From your phone and I'll give you this book and then also check out PartnerWithJoe.net. OK, awesome. I appreciate you guys very much. Hope you get some value out of this. What do you think? What were some of your big takeaways here? What were some of your big takeaways here?

Gerold I'm not sure I understand your question, but please send an email to support of Joe. McCall Dotcom and we'll help you there. Yes. Direct mail is back. Jerry, you already have SLO. You already have all my stuff right. So just send an email to support at Joe McCall dotcom and they'll give you your username and password or link to get into that. Marketing does not have to be super expensive. You're right, Valeriya. That's good. Time to send guys. This is good. What are some of your big takeaways? Great letter info and phone options. I love it. Awesome. Joanne no.

Maria at the ninety-seven dollar you get a you get to schedule a call with my team to help you set everything up and you don't have to pay any more monthly. The seven dollars is seven dollars a month. The info on the do not call list Gary says OK. John says it's good to find out about the truth about how texting Sellers is coming to an end. True that I love all the resources and advice on how to best use them.

Nice. What app can we use for driving for dollars? Good question Rudy. I recommend Dea. That's using a DealMachineJoe.com. Which is by far and away as far as I know, the best driving four dollars app. However, I am looking at a company. My friend Damon has a software called Partner Profit Drive and I'm looking at that right now and profit drive is really good as well. Great resources. Direct mail is great. Awesome. Malcolm, I love the focus on direct mail. I always felt uncomfortable with text blasts. Good. You should be uncomfortable. I just was on a Facebook group the other day and I saw a threatening letter that they just got threatening to sue because they violated the TCPA or whatever. Gerald, I enjoyed the fact that the majority of people are still overlooking the basics. Cool. Thank you. You're welcome. Maria.

I found Lill says I found out what I can do now that texting is going away. Cuz Jerry the key to marketing is consistency. Oh, amen to that Jerry was listening. Jerry, you get a thousand bonus points. I love it. The key to marketing is consistency. That's absolutely right. That's the key to all of this stuff. OK, yes we can. This is from General. We can find success by keeping it simple. Keeping it simple is right. Consistency, doing the basics. OK, question from Steve.

The difference between simple freedom, soft and propstream. Freedomsoft, REI Simple. Same thing except freedom soft has the app. Can't just go to freedom. Soft Joe Dotcom prop stream is not a CRM freedom soft as a CRM, you can get your phone numbers websites. You can get some lists from freedom. Perhaps dream is completely different. You need both freedoms. A stream is going to give you lists. That's where you can get those lists that I just showed you. Lean's tax delinquencies and you can get detailed property information on all of your properties that you're looking at.

Making offers on propstream can give you really good comps. OK, but prop stream is not a CRM, it's not a database. You can't get phone numbers to them. You need a tool to manage all your leads. That's why you need freedom. So go get freedomsoftJoe.com, propstreamjoe.com. Yes.

Sandra says your small towns are a great resource. I love it. Propstreams are very cool and efficient. User friendly tool. Right, Miles? Cool. Cindy, I just joined the live calls. I missed everything. Where will the video be made for the replays. Get the video for this replay is going to be in you YouTube. Go to my YouTube channel. Joe McCall subscribe to give me a thumbs up, hit the notification bill icon, whatever that is. And you'll find the video over this in. YouTube, but also you're going to get access to the replays and the resources that I shared with you, Partner with Joe Dot Net.

OK, small towns are a great resource. PartnerWithJoe.net.Haven is the tool for that stream. Joe Dotcom. Right. Steve, thank you. Rudy, if you have freedom stuff, you don't need some Gerald doing the basics, showing up daily. I love it. There is not a combo price for freedom sovereign property and they're completely separate companies Miles. Awesome. Cool guys.

All right. That's it. I appreciate you all very much. See you later. Again, if you liked this show, if you like any of my stuff, please leave me a review. Go to Joe Review or review Joe that met review Joe Dot Net and I'll give you this book. I it's free as a PDF at the end of that. And daily nuggets of real estate investing wisdom to help you get more leads and close more deals. You get this book for free. Just leave me a review Joe dot net and also sign up, get my free offer generator software at partners. Joe Dot Net. We'll see you guys. I appreciate you all very much.


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