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If you’re the bottleneck in your marketing, then you need to find some way to get your marketing done for you in spite of you. Otherwise, you can get trapped in a vicious cycle of having too many leads, and then slowing down, and suddenly having no leads. Then you’ve got to rush around trying to fill your lead pipeline all over again.

We aren’t just real estate investors, we’re real estate investors that do marketing. And not just mediocre or half-hearted marketing. No, we need to be great marketers. If marketing is something that’s new to you or something that you struggle to get off the ground, then you’ve landed in the right place. I’m going to show you:

  • My favorite tools for scraping data and finding sellers
  • My favorite tools for automating marketing
  • How to know when it’s time to hire out marketing tasks
  • Why you absolutely need to keep track of your wins

Working backward from where you want to be so you can leave behind your day job, we can figure out what your daily tasks should be. You can’t control whether or not you close 30 deals a month. You can, however, break down your daily activities that make your goals possible. If you’re looking for a partner or a coach to push you to the next level, let’s talk.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • Why hiring a virtual assistant made it possible for me to finally quit my job.
  • Once you’ve got good lead flow going, then you don’t need to worry about getting leads anymore.
  • It’s very rare to get a deal on that first postcard, and that’s why the money is in the follow-up.
  • My favorite scorecard to push you to stay on top of your goals (and it’s not mine).

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Welcome, guys, this is REI Secret. I think this is my fourth webinar video that I'm doing here. This is part of a brand-new series I'm doing. But it's not a coaching call. But I'm just going to go on live every week. I want to teach you guys some really cool things, some stuff that we're doing, deals we're working on, share with you the insider secrets, as it were, although there are no real secrets in this business anymore. We're just going to show you what's works.

And I'm wanted to do this for a while now. And my focus on this is going to be marketing, automation and delegation. I've always said there's three keys to success in this business, marketing automation delegation. So we're in the real estate business, are we? No. We are in the marketing business. We are real estate investors that do marketing. OK, so if that's the case, we need to be good marketers. If you don't know how to find deals, you're not going to make any money in this business. So we are in the real estate investing business.

Yeah, but we're really in the marketing business. So my goal is to help you be a better marketer, because if you're a good marketer, that solves almost all of your problems. If you know how to find good leads, everything else kind of takes care of itself because now you've got a good deal. The money will come. The buyers will come. If you've got a good lead generating system in place where you're getting leads and this is what's important, getting that marketing done for you in spite of you, where you've now have systems and people or virtual assistants that do your marketing for you, you don't have to worry anymore about lead flow. It's just getting done now.

There's a lot of great places to get leads. OK, I must share with you a little bit today on what I like to do and how I kind of got first got started in finding leads using Zillow. All right. I'm going to share my screen with you here. Let me just get it ready. And I used to go to this site. You guys have seen it many times before. There it is. All right. You see, what is this?

This is Craigslist. Now, you all know what Craigslist is. This is how I found almost one hundred percent of my deals was first getting started in 2008. Because I was doing what everybody else was doing. And direct mail still works. But I was doing a lot of direct mail, throwing away a lot of leads that just didn't have enough equity or they weren't motivated enough, or maybe they were, but I couldn't go see the houses. And so I started going after properties that were listed for rent and for sale by owner on Craigslist.

And this was back in 2008-2009. And it still works today, but not as good as Zillow. And I'm going to show you Zillow here in just a minute. But if you click on apartments and housing, for example, and I'm way zoomed in, let me zoom out a little bit more so it looks a little better. This is Albany, Georgia. I don't know what's in Albany. Somebody's on Zoom right now. Go in and type in a market that you are in. And I'm going to take a look at this here, Minneapolis. OK, Quintin, let's do Minneapolis. I'm to move my chat box over here. And by the way, guys, as I'm doing this, if you want any of these recordings, you can get them in the membership site.

I have a new membership site that I'm building right now called REI Secrets. All of my students get it for free. So if you want to, by the way, also if you want to partner with me and I got this new program called PartnerWithJoe.net, go to PartnerWithJoe.net, and you're going to get a calculator and I'm going to teach you how to do deals and I'll partner with you on deals. I'll lend money on deals and partner with you if you want on deals. You don't have to, but you can. And I like doing deals. So let's look at Minneapolis, Minnesota. How do you Minnesota? Why can't I find it. There it is. There it is. Minneapolis, St. Paul. This is what I used to do. I'd go right here to housing.

I only wanted nicer homes. Right. So I would do nine hundred. Let's do Minneapolis's to a thousand. And I don't want the real expensive homes. I want anything between a thousand to two thousand and I wanted three plus bedrooms. Ninety percent of the time that would filter out all the junk properties, the apartments and mobile home parks and things like that. And I would go through here now. Now you have this thing where you can actually click housing type and do house.

Sometimes that filters out the good deals and I would click on one of these and I would go look for a phone number. You scroll down. There it is. Now, this one is hidden behind a captcha. And if I click on show contact info, it says I'm a human and you have to. This is so stupid and annoying. This is why I think why Craigslist is not as good as it used to be, because they make you do all of this now. Because is that a truck or not? I don't know. Is that a truck? That's a bus. That's a train subway. But is inside of a truck.

Let's just click on next. That's a truck. That's a truck. That's a truck check. All right. I think I'm good. I'm worthy. And there's a phone number. All right. And so I had a virtual assistant do this for me every day. And she would go in and find these phone numbers and put them in a spreadsheet. And at the time, I used to do voice blasts, which I don't recommend doing anymore. But I would get these numbers on record, a voicemail saying, hey, my name is Joe and I saw your rental property on Craigslist.

I was just looking to see if you'd be interested in selling it, if you would be. Give me a call. I'd love to talk to you about it. My phone number is blah, blah, blah, and they would either call me back or not. And then I would also text them. I would do three things, actually. I would text them voice blast and email them. Now, I don't recommend doing voice blasts anymore. You get into trouble with that. But my VA would take that phone number, put it into a spreadsheet. Your VA can text them and then you could also click reply here, show email and you could send. That person, an e-mail, you just click on the email address.

Now, the problem with this is it goes through Craigslist and Craigslist many times I found would filter out my emails and would never go to the seller because I'd be sending 20 emails a day. And they all were similar language. But occasionally they would go through and my emails to the sellers would just be, hey, I saw your property on. Now, if it was an email, I could usually get the address here.

I saw your property on Dupont Avenue South and I was wondering if you'd be interested in selling it. And it worked. It worked really, really well. But then Craigslist, they don't like when people do that. They don't like it. When you go in and you copy and paste and you scrape their phone numbers and stuff. So they made it much harder to do and they would start putting captious up. All right. Well, fine. I would get a VA to do that. But the captias all of a sudden, once you do it too many times, they start blocking you. And then once they find out that the VA is in the Philippines, they can tell by the IP address they would stop letting the VA see any of these properties and then fewer and fewer of them had phone numbers like this one doesn't have a phone number. If I click reply.

So you do this captia every stinking time. So maybe, I don't know, maybe unflagged already that Craigslist knows I'm a scammer and I mean, whatever. They don't, I'm not a scammer. They think I'm a scammer. They just make it super hard to get the phone number and even to send an email. It's frustrating. And a lot of Craigslist started letting in a lot of spam.

It made it hard for people that were legit in the business to post anything. People that could post scams and fake properties could get in there and do it. And so it just kind of lost any attraction. It just got harder and harder to even find properties in there. So the other thing you used to do from Craigslist is I used to go here to real estate by owner and I would say, all right, I want houses that are over one hundred thousand dollars under five hundred thousand dollars, three plus bedrooms search. There's one hundred fifty-eight for sale by owner properties.

And I would call these guys instead of asking them, hey, do you want to sell your property? Because obviously they do. They listed for sale. I would ask them, would you consider maybe leasing your property for a year or two and then selling it? And so pretty soon I remember I said at the beginning, the three keys to success are marketing, automation and delegation. So the marketing has got to be done right. If you're not going to do it, you've got to get somebody else to do it for you. So I thought, wow, I'm so busy I can't like who can I get to do this for me? So I hired my first virtual assistant who was from Indianapolis or Indiana somewhere, and she started doing this for me every day.

She would find these properties, put them into a Google sheet, send them a text, send them an email and send them a voice blast. And at the end of the day, when I got home, I would have five to ten leads and I would just start calling again. That worked really well because here's the thing. You got to get the marketing done for you in spite of you. If you're the bottleneck and you're the one doing all this marketing yourself, you're really going to struggle and have a hard time because you're just going to get busy. And so I would go through these cycles where I would have I do a bunch of marketing, get a bunch of leads, get busy, stop the marketing so I can handle the leads, get these properties, make offers, get them under contract. I would sell them or flip them to a buyer or a wholesaler and then that would take that whole process would take one or two months, make some money. Great. This is exciting turnaround and my pipeline is empty.

All right. It's like, oh man, I got to start up marketing. Well, it's not like you can just flip a switch in the lead, start flowing in again. Doesn't do that. It takes time to build momentum. So I would go start the marketing again and again. It wasn't like the leads to start pouring in. It would take a couple, three weeks to start building the momentum again. Right. So I start getting leads good. After a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden start making offers, getting contracts and get busy. Turn the marketing on then fast forward now my money start to get dried out.

I don't have much of it anymore. And then I make another check three months later. So I would go through these cycles of every two or three months doing a deal, which is good money. I was making three, five, seven grand on a deal, which is great, but I'd go through these big valleys and dips of getting too many leads then not enough to many leads, not enough. And it was horrible. So I, I heard my coach saying this. You need to get marketing done for you in spite of you. And we're not in the real estate investing business. We're in the marketing business.

And so I thought who could do it? So that's why I hired the virtual assistant. That was the first person I'd hired. Best decision I've ever made in my business, hiring somebody to do that work for me, because then the leads were coming in every day and I could throttle it. I could say, alright, don't send out so many, slow it down because I could only handle three or four leads a day. So that's kind of the whole genesis of how I was able to finally quit my job by getting somebody else to do my marketing for me. Now, I was just doing a podcast as material. My good friend called the Creative Financing Lab and we were talking about our scorecard.

And this is something I'm going to show you guys here just a second. How about that? Matt and I have a scorecard. His is different than mine. I like his better. Mine's awesome, too. I think mine's simpler, is cooler. And I'll share this with you here in a second. In fact, if you want these scorecards and if you're not a student already with PartnerWithJoe.net, I want you to go there. I'm going to write myself a note to put that in there, go to PartnerWithJoe.net, go to PartnerWithJoe.net. Sign up. You get a free calculator.

My software, that calculator deals for you. But we'll put these I'll make sure these scorecards are in there. But I'm gonna show them to you here in a second. When you're new to the business, you're like, oh, my gosh, I got to do all these things and you're looking at like all of this stuff you got to do and it's easy to get overwhelmed. But if you have a scorecard and you figured out in advance of you, this is what I need to do every day, forget about step seven and eight. Just do steps one and two. Forget about all these other things that what if this happens? What if that happens? What if we get a lot of questions on the due on sale? What if the due on sale clause happens? What am I going to do? Should I can I own or finance land? Can I? What kind of marketing should I do like all of these questions bouncing around your head in there?

Good questions, but don't worry about any of that. Look at your scorecard and what is your score say that you need to do. I'm going to pull it up here and I'm going to show you real quick how to find leads now on Zillow, which I think is is really important for you guys.

I'm going to share these with you and just show them to you here on the video. And these are really, really important. And I wish I would have gotten this in advance for you guys. All right. You'll see mine. You're going to like mat's better. I just know it because Matt's looks better. Here it is. So let me share two things. I'm going to put these in the share my screen here. What you guys do, you don't see my screen. Hold on.

This is my scorecard and I'll zoom in and I'll show you maps and you can get this for free. Well it's going to be part of partnered with Joe if you go to partner with Joe Dot Net. This is real simple, guys. You start with your monthly revenue. Go if you want to make eight thousand dollars a month and your average profit, let's be conservative is three thousand dollars average profit. That means you need to do three point seven deals a month. And if you need thirty leads to do a deal, that means you need one hundred and ten leads per month. Twenty-seven leads per week.

And a lead is anybody who responds to your marketing. That means you need five point five a day. So that's five leads per day, weekday. But you need if you want to make eight grand a month and let's just make this more realistic. Four thousand should be your average deal, your average profit, net profit on the deal. And you might as you get started, it might be forty leads per deal. As you get better, it'll be like twenty-five leads for deals. So just kind of like I like thirty days a round number. Just what we're doing here is, are breaking these things down into goals you can control. You can't control making eight grand a month, you can't control five thousand dollars, average profit or whatever. You can't control thirty leads per deal, but you can control the daily activities that you're doing. OK, and what I'm just showing you with Craigslist is one of the main things you can do. But I don't like Craigslist anymore. I'm going to show you how to do it on Zillow.

But here, what are the things that you can do? Well, you can send texts and send letters. You can do sly dialsthat's ringless voice mail, but one at a time and each one's personalized. You can do Facebook marketplace messages, OK? And then you have your daily goal. I'm going to do thirty a day text. I'm gonna send fifteen letters a day, I'm going to do twenty sly dials a day and I'm going to contact ten people a day on Facebook marketplace.

So there is your weekly goal and then here is where you track your numbers, you just track your numbers the way Matt does it, it's the scorecard, you get points. So it's kind of game of buying it. But here's the ultimate goal. Your goal is to talk to five sellers a day and make at least three offers a day and follow up with at least five of your old leads a day. Because if you just did this, you will do deals. It's impossible not to unless you're making stupid, ridiculous offers that like one penny on the dollar. Right. But if you understand creative financing, how to make cash offers and stuff like that, then you can do deals, send 30 texts a day, fifteen letters a day, twenty slide deals a day, ten Facebook messages a day. All right.

Now, Matt's scorecard, creative financing lab. You're going to have I'm going to put these scorecards in the partner with Joe. That's got something really cool here. This is his daily activities list. I'm just going to run through this. I have permission to share. He doesn't care. And Matt, by the way, check him out. He's got a great YouTube channel. Epic Real Estate is his YouTube channel. Really, really good. He comes out with almost every day videos, and Matt's a very creative, active investor. I highly recommend you get his course.

We did a class together called Creative Financing Lab. We just started a new podcast together called Creative Financing Lab with Pace Morby, who's an investor out of Phoenix. So what are the daily activities, self education that could be reading or listening to a book, listening to a podcast, attending a workshop, a seminar meetup, practicing role playing, teach something to someone, the broadcast, you get points for broadcasting.

I'll show this to you in a minute. A broadcast can be a postcard, a letter and offer voice broadcast, text, email, door hangers, fliers, business cards, ads. Could be online classifieds in the Craigslist. Backpage isn't around anymore. Thank God. PennySaver right. Bandit signs. Print magazines. Host a meet up. Apparel, like a shirt, magnetic car on your sign. Public speaking billboards, bus benches, radio, TV, social media. A lot of people guys underestimate the power of YouTube. If you were active on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram for your local market, not trying to do this nationwide, but talking about St. Louis real estate, talking about Minneapolis deals, you can really get a good following of loyal followers looking for deals or wanting to sell their deals, pay per click, release of podcasts, video, website, et cetera, et cetera. New contact.

So what is a new you'll see the scorecard, what a new contact is. That's a lead from a marketing strategic relationship, expired, withdrawn, pre foreclosures, landlords, wholesalers, et cetera. Voice mail drops, keep it short personal. Hey, this John. Sorry I missed you. My phone number is I got an all cash offer. I want to buy a house today. My assistant thinks we might have the wrong mailing address, and I'd hate for this to end up in the wrong hands. Please call me. Thank you card.

OK, so let me show you his actual score card. He calls the Daily Navigator Scorecard and he's getting shoot gun. But here it is, your activities. You could screenshot this and make it. You were one of your own, too. If you want activities, review your goals. You get a point. If you review your goals every day, you spend thirty minutes on personal development, reading the Bible, listening to an inspirational message or something like that, you get a point for that and you just kind of check off how many you did. So if you spent an hour in personal development, you get two points for that. You cross off the one, you cross off the two and then you keep your points. That's personal development.

The next thing is the activities of broadcast. So that could be mail, voice texts. You only get zero point zero two points for that. And so, like that might if you send out one hundred texts, that's two points. Is that right? Hundred times point or two. Yeah, two points. And so you might also do at the same time send one hundred postcards. So that's another two points. So set one would be the first thing of text to set two would be postcards of letters. You get points for that. You get two points for putting up classified ads or bandit signs, you get two points for that and you check off how many you got. So you total up your total points.

You're on the right. A new contact might be somebody that you talk to about a deal about real estate. And that's where you get a name or phone number and email from them. You get a point for that. And if, let's say you talk to five people that day, you cross off five, one, two, three, four, five, and you get five points over here on the right dials. Door knocks, initiating contact when you actually cold call somebody, you get a point for that. And if you drop mail, drop a voice mail. I like slide out for that. I'll show you how to do that. On a personal note, I kept you talk to somebody, send him a handwritten note. You get two points for that and you get a referral connection. Now, the convert section here is this. You get points for like if somebody calls you back and leaves a message, if you set an appointment, you go in an appointment, you analyze the deal, you present an offer.

You get four points for presenting an offer, you five points if one is accepted and you get ten points if you close on a deal. So the whole point of this is just it's a fun way to track the activities and it forces you guys. This is why I love this. Whether you're using my simple ghetto one here, OK, we're using Matt's fancy one where you get points. The whole point of this is it forces you to focus on revenue generating activities, focusing on revenue generating activities. Guys, if you do this, you will make money in this business. Does that make sense? It's going to quickly look here at the chat. I want to make sure you guys are with me. All right. You are excellent. Excellent, excellent. Yes.

Ed, you could have a virtual assistant user. You use a VPN, but Craigslist, again, has made it super hard, even on a VPN, to scrape any of that stuff right now. So those are the score cards. Right. And for me, I like keeping it simple like this. And I don't give myself points, but I just when I'm, if I'm working with a coaching student, I want to see the score card emailed to me either every day or every week. And don't tell me it doesn't work. If you're doing this stuff, then that's easy to fix.

Maybe you're sending the wrong text to the wrong people. Maybe you're sending the wrong letter. Maybe your offers are too low. Maybe your offers are too high. Maybe you're not talking to sellers the right way. That stuff we can work with you and fix and help. But if you're not doing this marketing, sending texts and letters and slideshows and Facebook marketplace messages and stuff like that, you're not going to do deals. So the goal is to talk to sellers. I wish I could tell you the goal was sexier than that, but it's not goals to talk to sellers. All right. So let me I wanted to show you Zillow and why I like Zillow so much. So let's say you have on your scorecard.

I want to send 30 texts a day. I want to send fifteen letters. Twenty. How? What are you talking about, Joe? All right. So go to Zillow and let's just we're looking at Minneapolis, right. Minneapolis, Minnesota, because that's how they pronounce it. They say it really slow. Minnesota, they emphasize the. Oh, I'm just kidding. All right. So I said I like two bedrooms. Right. And I'm going to just make sure you don't have any new construction here.

OK, cool. Now, there's only this little area. There's only ninety-five rental homes. Well that's why I click remove boundary. Now I have one hundred and seventy-two. What do you do when you click on it. This property right here is twenty-one hundred and seventy five dollars a month. All right, cool. Scroll down. Oh no phone. No John Pemble got tired of getting text messages from guys like me and my students, so he doesn't have a phone number in there. But you can ask a question right here. Send him a question. But here's the thing. That's cool. This is a property. It's probably listed with a property manager or a leasing agent.

It says property owner live by the U. So that doesn't have a phone number here. What do you do? Well, there's a couple of things you can do. You can copy that address. And if you go to propstreamjoe.com and log in to your propstream Joe account, propstreamjoe.com you it is. You can also do this in freedomsoft. I'll show you what I mean. Let's just create a new sellerlead here with the address, their zip. All right. And we don't have a name.

Hold on a sec. Let me move this thing around. But it's John. We do have a name of the owner, I think, or somebody, John Pemble. All right. Let's say that lead. Now, if I look at this property up on Prop Stream, let me just show you here one on one nine twenty-six when you se make sure the street view. All right. So this might be from the alley. Yeah. It's interesting. Street View map from the alley.

This is the back of the house. All right. Let's look at the map just to kind of get a feel for where it is. It's near downtown when you're in the city. Minneapolis is different because it's very prosperous city. I like to zoom in on the in these other areas and make sure there's not a bunch of vacant lots I'm looking for. If you're looking at a house in the city somewhere and you see burnt down lots, you see boarded up windows. That's a rough area. This looks like an older area, but nice homes, new roofs. I've seen some new construction. This looks like a good, solid area. Right? I'm just looking to see what the neighborhood looks like. You can also drive through the neighborhood on Google Street View and just see are there these are nicer homes, nicer cars. Won't let me drive down these streets. Here you go.

Now you see minivans, OK? If you see minivans in the street, that's a good sign. This is a good, desirable area. Oh, if you're driving for dollars, what do you see here? Oh, my gosh. I see money, money, money, money, money, money. All right. So anyway, it's driving four dollars is a great way to get leads. I would be skip tracing and cold calling these two properties. For sure. For sure. All right. So anyway, now the cool thing here, you can click find owner. And if the address isn't exactly right, this is a frustrating thing. Sometimes if the address isn't exactly right, then you can't find the owner. Freedom soft. Let me try see.

Sometimes I'm not sure what's going on there. All right. But let's see. Perhaps Ringo gets the owner information sometimes. Here you go. So this is a corporate owner, non-owner occupied. They've owned it for three years and four months. And here's the address of the owner, the LLC that owns it. It has an LLC in the name of the address, and this is where they are. Let's see how many other properties they owned. So they own 13 properties.

Now, if I, on this property here, if I call if there was a phone number here and I'll show you another one that has a phone number, they probably wouldn't go to the owner of the property. They'd probably go to a property management company or whatnot. So I can't send an email. I mean, I can't send a text. So what do you do? Well, you get the owner's address and you send them a letter. And I don't know the name of the owner, but I'm going to copy this address here. So hold on one second. And if the address is formatted correctly, you could just click find owner and the owner would pop up in freedom soft. But I'm going to the owner has in this building right here, this tall building. So I'm going to put the owner's information right here. Cut paste, Minnesota, cut paste. Oh, wait, I copied the wrong address. This is the address. I want copy paste. All right. Anyway, there is the owner and I'm going to do John Pemble. I'm just going to send it to John Pemble. Cool.

And so I want to send him a letter. Real simple. I'm going to click right here, generate document. And this is a follow up letter. It just says, Hey, John, I don't know if you remember me or not, but we spoke a little while ago about your house. That address just phone up to see if you it so my letter be a little different. It would just say I'm just calling to see if I think you want a rental property. They're just wanting to see if you would be interested in selling. In fact, let's do this.

Let's just make the letter right now. I want to go to settings. I'm going to go to templates and this follow up letter. I'm just going to copy it and I'm going to open the edit up and I'm going to call it processing here. It'll be ready shortly. I'm going to copy it. Vacant house letter. OK, I'm going to go down here. I think you own the property at copy paste. I'm just copying these things in here.

Right. You wouldn't consider selling it, would you? I am looking to buy a property, another property in the area today. Give me a call and we can talk. OK, I'm just going to move this up so it looks kind of looks kind of good there. So they're first name. I think you own the property at and City. You would consider selling it, would you? In fact, what I'm going to do here is I'm going to bring this one to make sure the formatting is good. All right, cool. Save changes. Let's go back to that lead. I'm going to send a vacant house letter. How do I know it's vacant? Look at the pictures. This is why I love rentals on Zillow. These houses, they're vacant. All right. So the next step. Next step, boom. Here's my letter. Hi, John.

I think you own the property that address in Minneapolis. You wouldn't consider selling it, would you? I'm looking to buy another property in the area today. Give me a call and we can talk. Thanks. No, no. Right. Click Complete letter is generating here and I have a condo. While that's doing that, I have a contact in here called. I use something called click to mail email to maill. So if you go to click to mail, email to mail, if you just Google that, click to mail, email to mail. There's a service they have there where if you send an email to click click the mail will get the email if it's on. This is from a pre-approved email address and you have credits and. Tomorrow, they will get the email, print the attachment and send it to whoever is in the subject line and a one-page letter like this might be seventy five cents.

And so the email address that I send it to is this one Joe Dash mailed Dash Yellow at em to mail dot com. And it's all set up really quickly and easily here in click to mail. It's really simple, easy to set up. So what I do then is from freedomsoft, let me go back to that lead and we've created this letter. Here's the letter. We already saw it. Cool. I'm going to print it on yellow paper and send it to the seller. If you click to mail.

All I do is click email. I start typing in that mailbox. I have mailbox, there's the email address and I have an email template called Email to mail. Boom. And you can see here in the subject line, it brings in the owner's name and the property mailing address separated by semicolons. And it's got this letter attached. If I click, send email, click to mail today since it's still in the morning, early afternoon, and we'll get that letter printed and send it first class mail to the seller on yellow paper. And here's a crazy thing, guys.

These Zillow leads, I love these leads because a lot of them, this one is not, but a lot of them will not show up yet as absentee owners in the county records. So they're not getting any marketing can you can send a message, a text message or call the number here. This one doesn't have a number. Sometimes it'll go to voicemail. Sometimes you get the hot pad's response back, but you can't get through. The phone number doesn't go anywhere. You want to talk directly to the owner.

Not a big deal. So just get this address, put it into freedomsoft create this letter, send it to that seller. The other cool thing is let me show you another property that might work better here for this. This looks like a good house. There was an error retrieving this property. Click here to try again and again when you get these weird addresses, this one has a parkway north. So is it why or is it a I look on Google Maps, that's how they spell it.So let's do a new lead here. And it's St. Paul, St. Paul or Saint Paul.

All right. So this Michael Getti, I wonder if I know him, and there's a phone number with that phone number right there in the Michael Ghetty name right there safely. Let's see if find owner works. Yes. All right. There it is. So I click that I can see that Dana Mythelowns it and they live on seven or eight Lexington Parkway. So I click OK, and it brings their information right here right now from here. I could go to this. I could skip trace this lead from Skip, Trace, Skip, trace, one lead pending. Let me refresh complete here takes me to that lead. And so this first number oh five five six one. It's not really mobile. I don't know, maybe mobile.

I don't know. But you could just call it other. OK, so this number right here, I could send a text and choose the phone number that you comes from and you could say something like this. Hi, I saw your house on Zillow at I don't remember the address. You just click properly. Address in it was St. Paul. Right. You wouldn't be open to selling it would you. I like to make an offer today. Thanks, Joe.

And you can just send this message. No, I don't have I like to have a local phone number that's local to the area, so I would have a phone number local to Minneapolis and just send that text. Guess what, I can copy that, send the text and I could just go through and send a text to this number. OK, I don't know if that's the owner or not. I could call this number, click on the number and just start calling them from right here. OK, let's say all of those go to voicemail. I want to send the guy, whoever this is a letter I click the three dots generate document, vacant house letter. Next step, next step.

And you can personalize this with your own information, your name, your phone number. So I would make sure this phone number is the phone number associated with my Zillow campaign. We wanted that phone number to be like the Zillow campaign so that when they call, you know, that was a rental property on Zillow, you click complete. And by the way, could your VA do all this for you? Yeah. So while that's generating here, you do that, you go to the next property. And by the way, if you have your VA kind of doing this for you, you saw me copying and pasting all of that stuff. What if you and there's a letter done, what if you just click, you click email here, you go to email template, go to email to mail, and you send it to your click to mail, email address, boom. Just like that, you send that seller a yellow letter in the mail, OK? And then you can call and text and sometimes you get emails from the skip tracing. We don't have any emails here, but you could send an email also.

Yeah. So let's say you're here, you have your pipeline. This is a campaign. So let's say have a campaign for yellow letters to rentals on Zillow, Minnesota. You click right here on the share button. This is a link where you, your viewers can put information about that property. So all you need to do is give your VA that link and your VA is are going through. Zillow can copy all of this information for you in here and make them do this. You don't have to do this. I'm just cutting and pasting that stuff in there. And maybe you have the VA copy the URL, but the URL in there have the VA go in.

OK, this is Haven Brook Holmes copy. Here's a phone number. Copy what the phone number comes and boom. So that leads in there now, and when you go in to your campaign, you're going to see there's the lead right there, you can click, find owner, get the owners information. I can't skip trace this because it's an LLC, but just with a few clicks, I can send them a letter there in Georgia. I could text that phone number, goes to voicemail or comes back as a hot pads.

No, let's just I can't text. I don't have a Minneapolis phone number. If it comes back, a hot pads number just then turn around and add that number to you. Do not call us. So next time you see another property with that phone number, the system won't send them a text because it'll be on your internal do not call list. OK, now that's a manual that I just went through and showed you how to scrape these kinds of one at a time. Right. So on Zillow, you find these rental properties and if you look at them, every single one of them are vacant. This one might be a multifamily. Yeah, it's a duplex. Guess what?

Maybe vacant, maybe not. I don't know the tenants moving out, especially when you start getting into the nicer price ranges you're going to find a lot of these rental properties are not absentee owners. Yet the owner was living in there. They've moved out. Now, this is interesting. It is kind of nicely kind of staged a little bit. What's going on here? I'm going to look at this address.

I'll look it up in prop stream. Prop stream, Joe Dotcom. All right. So it's not owner occupied owner. This is the same house. Why am I doing this copy? It's the same house we looked at before. Paste Palace. There we go. Details. So you look at this case. This is weird. This is weird. Look at this. It's showing up as owner occupied, individual owner occupied. They've had it for five years, but the mailing address is different. So for some reason and this it's kind of like property, which is getting the data from the county. Sometimes the county doesn't show that this is an absentee owner, although it is this person owns two properties. So this is a mailing address where Brianna is getting her tax bill, but it's not showing it in property as an absentee owner property.

So here's my point. This seller, Brianna, is not getting a lot of marketing for that property because it's not showing up yet as absentee owners in prop stream or in the county records. But if you look at this house, it's listed for rent. It looks nice like this, isn't she? She was probably living in this house and is moving out. Maybe she's going through a divorce. She doesn't want to sell it or can't sell it, and she's just going to be renting it out. So send them a message. And there it is. She's the actual owner, it looks like, and see if she'd be willing to sell it. Maybe she doesn't want to be a long-distance landlord. This is why, guys, I love Zillow so much, because this property here, she may not be interested in selling it now because you just it's nice. She's just going to put a new tenant, but she might be interested later.

This individual owner only owns two other properties, two properties total. Maybe this other property is the one she's living in now. I don't know. But what chances are she may not want to sell it now, but she might want to later on in two years, in three or four or five years. There she is. She maybe got married. Now she's got a new name, Brianna Beckwith. Beckwith here. She's Brianna Zober. I bet you what happened. She got married to Brant Beckworth. They live here now at this other house, wherever this is. It's nice. Bigger house, seven thousand square feet, six bedrooms.

This is the house she probably used to live in. She moved out to live with her husband and they didn't want to live in this house and want to live in the bigger house. That's like six thousand square feet bigger. You know what's going to happen, guys? She's going to rent this out and thinking, oh, this is so sweet. I'm getting some money. I'm helping a young family, getting some rental income. But guys, after a year or two of that, it's going to get old.

They're going to want to get out. They're going to want to sell it. But you because you've texted her, she's like, no, I don't want to sell it right now. And you've followed up. You send her an offer anyway. You follow up with her and you follow up every 30 days. A year later, she's like, you know what? This guy must really be serious. He must really want to buy my house. If he's been following up with me and texting me every single month, I'm going to call him and see what he would offer. Guys, this is what the power of Zillow. Do you understand what I'm saying here? You're going to it's very, very rare.

Listen, it's very rare for you to get a deal on that first postcard letter, text, phone call, skip, trace, whatever to these sellers. It's very rare to get a deal, but because of the follow up, that's where the money is. This is why I love going into Zillow so much. Right now. There's only forty-five in this area. I'm going to remove boundary and there's one hundred twenty-eight. So that takes me three days to contact all of them. All right, zoom out again now. I have two hundred and twenty-two. Zoom out again. Now I've got two hundred eighty six. Zoom out twice. Now I've got three hundred and eighty what. One week. Why don't you go after all the rentals on in Minneapolis Minnesota.

There's three hundred and seventy-five and then the next week go after all the properties in Wisconsin. Why there's one hundred fifty-one. You understand what I'm saying. The next week go after all of the rentals in Iowa. One hundred and fifty-seven and I'm only looking for two plus bedroom house is only renting between a thousand and three thousand. You might want to do nine hundred a month and no maximum. That's going to increase your results. So that's rentals.

As I've said this over and over and over again. If you've been watching me or following me for any time now, you understand I talk about this all the time. There's four hundred and thirty-three rentals in Minnesota right now. How many physicians are there for sale by owners? Let's look at. All of the houses has to be over one hundred thousand under seven hundred thousand oh, they're zero, Joe's doesn't work. Now, don't forget right here, one hundred and ninety-two other listings.

Click on that button. There's one hundred and ninety-two for sale by owners in Minnesota. Why can't you contact all of them right now? OK. And then next week, Wisconsin. Why there's three hundred and sixty-five boats. The next week, Iowa. There's four hundred and one. All right. Just pick those three states one week. Go after all the rentals in Minnesota, then the rentals in Wisconsin, the rentals in Iowa the next week go after all the for sale by owner. And then and then. So I'm going to get a VA to scrape for hundred and every week. No, there's a cool tool that I use and recommend called JoeMcCall.com/scrape.com. Go there.

I'm going to put that in the chat if you guys want to see it. JoeMcCall.com/scrape. That's going to redirect you to one of my favorite tools called Scraping Solutions. And whenever I reference refer things to you guys, I do get a commission from it just in full disclosure. But I would do it anyway even if I didn't get a commission, because I use these guys every single day with three main tools. I use freedomsoft Joe Dotcom, prop stream Joe Dotcom and Scraping Solutions. JoeMcCall.com/Scrape. I should get ScrapeJoe.com and that would be really gross. Sorry. JoeMcCall.com/scrape will take you here and check this out for ninety nine bucks one time they'll scrape fifteen thousand leads for you.

Can you see that? And they'll put them in a spreadsheet and then you can import that spreadsheet into freedomsoft. OK so if you have a campaign here like this one, you scroll down to import leads and you can import all of these leads. So once a week, scraping solutions can go in and scrape all of the properties from Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, the for sale by owners and the rentals and scrape before you put them in a spreadsheet and you can upload them into your freedomsoft account and then you can send your marketing. So every day, pick 50 of them send a text, send a letter and do a sly dial.

I forgot to talk about that sly dial. Dotcom is I like this because it's this voice personalized. It's not a blast. You're blasting out one hundred of them at a time. It's one at a time. So what I would do with this property is I would say what you do is you dial slide dials number and then you dial the seller's number and we would dial this whatever that number was that we had from Zillow or we skip trace. And I would say, hi, Brianna, this is Joe. And I think you own the property at eighteen thirty-six Palace Avenue in St. Paul. Listen, I'm just calling because I'm an investor or I'm a sometimes I don't say property investor. I say I'm just looking to buy a property in the area.

And I was wondering if you'd at all be interested in selling your property, if you would. If you are, I'd just give me a call back at one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Thanks. Bye. All right. And that's just a personal voiceover that goes into their into their voicemail. When they call back, it just becomes a new lead then.

And in fact, if their phone number this is important. Let me explain this to you. Let's say this is her, OK? And that's the phone number I just called. When they call that number back, it will go right here into communications. So all the conversations, the inbound, the outbound calls, the inbound outbound texts will be all kept in one place here in the communications tab. As long as you're using sly dial and you're calling sly dial from with the caller ID for whatever number is associated with this campaign. Makes sense. All right. So that's the big thing.

Remember, let's wrap this up and you got to go. This scorecard. OK, so every day and you may not use scraping solutions, so every day go in and find thirty rental properties on Zillow. Forget about Craigslist. I don't know why I spent so much time talking about that. I go to Zillow. I was talking about the evolution into this right. And find thirty rentals and thirty fizbo and send them a text. OK, if it's, in fact.

Let me show you one other thing here. I just added this in to partner with Joe. If you go to partnerwithjoe.net, partnerwithjoe.net, you get this resource file here and sample texts. So these are some texts that you can send. Hey, Jim, sorry for this message out of the blue, but my name is Joe and I was wondering if you were interested in selling your property to address to have the right person sell your house. They advertised that address. I was wondering if you'd consider selling it rent to buy? If so, I'd be interested.

Or would you be interested in selling your house if you got the price you want it? I want to make an offer today. I'm looking to buy a house today. I saw your house on Zillow at address. It's for sale by owner. I'm an investor. Is your price negotiable? I saw your home for rent on Zillow. Would you consider selling the house rent? So there's a bunch of different things that you can send them to. If they say for follow up, you could say, hey, are you still looking to sell your house? If you got the price you wanted for your property. You could send him this three-text exchange. I can sell your house that address on Zillow.

Is it still available? Great. Are you the owner? If yes, you would consider maybe leasing it for a year and then selling it, would you, if they're not interested? Oh, I mean, I really like your house. Is there any particular reason why this wouldn't work out for you? Thanks for letting me know. Do you happen to know anyone else you might be looking to sell a property here in the next couple of months? No, they don't want to do lease option.

They just want to sell it. Great. I understand. But let me ask you a quick question, if you don't mind. What are you going to do? If you can't sell the house, you're going to rent it. How did you get my number? I use a service that helps match public records with owner contact info. Yeah, you have the right person. Great. You tell me a little about the property. What's your offer? Well, I don't want to throw out the number before I know a little bit more about the property.

Do you mind if I give you a call or have you made any updates in the last two years? Got all these things you can say if they're asking price is too high, what to say? Who is this? My name is Joe. I'm looking for another rental property that I can buy in the area today. I'm just reaching out to do the prices. So here's some follow up text. I just wanted to make sure you got my message about selling your house or doing a lease option. I'm still interested. I'm not sure if you remember, but I was interested in buying your house on a lease option. I wanted to let you know I'm still interested in buying if you want to sell. OK, where do you find this? In the partner with Joe Course Martel is asking.

I don't know which module it's in, but it's in the resources. So there's a whole resources file partner with your resource, but it's in the marketing for sellers. So I have maybe three or four modules on marketing for sellers. So all of that is in there. OK, so cool, huh? Yes. And Martelle, if you can't find it, send an email to support@joemccall.com.

In fact, I was going to give it to you. All right. Now, boom, if you're in Zoom, you got it. If you're not on you're watching this on YouTube or later you can get it at partnered with Joe dot net.partner with Joe Dot Net, cool. Miles, send an email support@joemccall.com.Tell them what it's about. OK, and if it's just hey I need to talk to Joe. It's not going to work Cemile. I have gatekeeper's so you need to tell them what you want to talk to me about and they'll try to help you. But if it's urgent, if it's important, if I have to be the one to talk to you then we'll set something up.

I literally get dozens and dozens of requests. People want to talk to me every day and I can't I just can't handle it, which is why I created Partner with Joe. Guys, check this out. Partner with Joe Dot Net. You're going to be taken here to this thing, which is going to show you how you can get for free my automated offer software and some training. And this is software I use everyday to create offers really quickly. And I'm going to let you have this software you just put in your name and email, OK? And this calculator will show you help us make repair costs, calculate the after-repair value, create two different cash offers and give you some easy to read marketing materials you can give to the sellers. And it gives you a one page simple, one page contract. OK, partner with Joe dot net. You put your info in here and it's going to tell you then it's going to be some training about it here.

And this is going to show you how you can partner with me on deals. Now, I can lend money on deals and we're adding that section in the thing right now and partner in JV with you on deals if you want. But in the seven dollars per month course, you get a 30-day program. You're going to go through what I'm gonna teach you how to do wholesaling deals. Super simple. And so check this out, partner with Joe Dot Net. And when you do that, you're going to get the full version of my offer software will help you create cash offers lease option offers two different lease option offers and two different owner financing offers and give you a bunch of really cool reports that you can fill out and send to the sellers. OK, all right. So go check it out.

I think I covered everything I wanted to cover, talked about the scorecards a little bit, talked about Zillow getting leads from Zillow and sending marketing. Send that scorecard again, guys. So simple and important. Send texts and letters and slide out and even talk about Facebook marketplace. But send this marketing, make it a goal every day to just do a little bit and you'll do deals. All right, guys, I got to go. We'll see you all later. Take care. It's been a lot of fun. I'll go check out PartnerWithJoe.net, and you're going to love it. We'll see you guys. Bye bye.


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