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If using the same lists as every other wholesaler to find the same exact sellers in the same hot markets is your favorite thing to do, then you might want to ignore this podcast. But if you’re ready to find motivated sellers hiding in plain sight that everyone else is overlooking, then pull up a chair and lean in close, my friend. I’m sharing my REI marketing secrets with you in this episode.

Do you know how to find distressed sellers or absentee owners before anyone knows they’re in trouble? I’ll walk you through my process, including places you might not have thought of, including how I find:

  • Local evictions
  • Rentals on Zillow
  • Distressed sellers, or my “sewer company” trick
  • Vacant homes

Using Freedomsoft as my CRM and Propstream as my data provider, I’ll walk you through a campaign from beginning to end. Absentee owners are getting absolutely inundated with calls, texts, and mailers, so you need to put in the work to find sellers before they land on these lists.

If you want my calculator and free resources, you can get all of that on PartnerWithJoe.net. Now get out there, make offers, follow up, and close more deals.

Watch and Learn:


Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • My trick for getting 10-20% response rate for direct mailers.
  • My step-by-step guide for creating a campaign in Freedomsoft, plus all of my favorite tools for making your marketing automated.
  • The best tools for texting sellers so that your texts aren’t marked as spam.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe: Welcome. This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. So, hey, guys, glad you're here. Welcome. This is REI Secrets, my weekly webinar series where I'm going to be just teaching you some really cool things and helping you get more leads, close more deals, make more money. That's my whole big goal with this thing. Get more leads, close more deals, make more money. Let's make it happen. Right. And so I thought today on today's video, I was going to show you a real cool marketing tactic on how to send one off letters to sellers for their house. One of my favorite forms of marketing is rentals on Zillow.

Joe: That rentals on Zillow, why? A couple of reasons. Number one, they're vacant, most of them. Number two, a lot of them are not showing up yet as absentee owners in the county records. So the most competitive list, the list that gets the most mail, the most texts, the most calls are absentee owners, tired landlords. Right. So people go to the county or the list source providers and they download this big list of absentee owners with equity, let's say, and they send them a postcard, they call them, they text them or whatever, and they are justgetting inundated with letters and calls.

Joe: Well, what if instead I found the rentals that are rentals but aren't absentee owners yet, and especially when you go into the nicer areas, you're going to find some good deals from that. So I'm going to walk you through a campaign from beginning to end right now. Would you be interested in that? All right. I'm going to share my screen with you. Let's go to the Zillow if you've heard of Zillow. Yeah, I'm just going to go into let's talk about somebody.

Joe: Give me a city. What is 20904?Where is that? Where is that? Oh, near DC. All right, let's do this. Here's the thing about D.C. very expensive, competitive market. And so I'm kind of tending to I don't like typically doing deals in D.C. because it's, again, so expensive. But let's just look out maybe in the suburbs a little bit and I'm going to remove boundary. So there's two hundred and twenty three properties out there. Let's look for just nice properties, nice homes. Let's do fifteen hundred to thirty-five hundred and just houses only. Let's do three plus bedrooms only.

Joe: So we're going to find some houses out here and kind of the suburbs that are really nice if we look at one of them. Do you think an investor bought this house to rent it for the cash flow? Maybe. All right. But sometimes you're going to find that these properties are used to be owned by owner occupants. They moved out and now they're just renting it out, but they're not showing up yet as absentee owners. So we're going to prop stream, Joe, prop streamjoe.com, you all have accounts with propstreamjoe.com.

Joe:  Right. I'm going to log in and let's just look at this property up in Prop Stream. The address is five one oh one Brookwell pace. That address in there, five one zero one, Brooke. Okay. All right. This house is worth one point one million dollars. This is one of the reasons why I don't typically like to do Maryland. I mean, Washington, D.C. But let me explain something to you here, because you mean like, well, why what I want to do deals there.

Joe: I live there. I like that area. OK, fine. Let's just zoom out then. What if we went out into the outer areas? OK, so that's why I'm kind of out here a little bit. Let's look at this house right here. This property is vacant, right? Let's look this house up. You can see that this is an absentee owner says non owner occupied.

Joe: The address is different than the property address. The mailing address is different than the property address. Let's look at this one out. Bada boom badabing, my second property that I looked up is once something that just proves my point. I love this. All right. So look at this house. This is nine five nine zero five five Manor Wood Road, Laurel, Maryland. Good looking house, three bedroom, three and a half baths, twenty-three hundred square feet and looks vacant. What's going on? This house is vacant. Well, somebody is making a mortgage payment on this house, all right.

Joe: And they're not getting any income on it. Let's look the property up on Propstream Joe. You can see here's the property address. Guess what? Here's the mailing address. Do you see anything? You notice anything about that? It's the same address. This is owner status, owner occupied. How much now? I don't think there's a mortgage on this house because if you go to mortgage transaction history, they bought it for cash in April. Twenty twelve.

Joe: So there's no, but there might have been a divorce in here. I'm not sure. OK, so interfamily transfer. So whoever this person was, they bought it for cash. But guess what, they've only for almost nine years and it's not showing up yet as an absentee owner, which means they probably moved recently. So when somebody move, they live in a house and then they move out of it. Sometimesthey'll never they supposed to, but they're supposed to give the county the mailing address where the tax bill is supposed to be set. So this individual owner and notice it's not an LLC, but Jonathan Hutting used to live in this house. Now he doesn't. And guess what? Now it's vacant.

Joe: Now he looks like he doesn't have a mortgage on this house. That's rare. They say typically one third of all homes in the US do not have mortgages on them. But it's rare for somebody to pay cash for this house. But he did, and there's no mortgage on it. But most homeowners that live in a house, they move out. They still have a mortgage payment and they're still going to have to pay a mortgage on this house. Well, this is why, again, I love finding rentals on Zillow and we send letters to the owners. Now, I like my first preference is a handwritten yellowletter.

Joe: Now, this is a property manager, Bay Property Management. If you were to call this person right now, that would probably go to a voicemail or an automated text system where it responds back because it says, hey, this is hot pads, what's your first name or whatever? So depending on kind of where this was originally placed, that might not be a phone number that goes to anybody. And it might not it's not going to go to the owner of this property.

Joe: All right. So let me just say this. One of my favorite sources of leads has always been handwritten yellow letters. And when I do, you do these challenges called five leads in five days, I just train people on a free Facebook group challenge how to find five leads in five days. The first thing I tell them to do, go to Zillow, pull up rentals.

Joe: And I like the nicer ones because they're less likely to be owned by a landlord. They're more likely to be owned by somebody who used to live there. And I send the owner of the property a yellow letter, whether it's an absentee owner or not. I send the letter to the owner and it's a handwritten yellow letter in red ink that just says something like, Hey, this is Joe.

Joe: Ah, hey, Jim. In this case, it would be Hi, Jonathan. I saw your property at nine five five Manor would just wondering if you'd be interested in selling it. I'd like to make an offer to buy it today. Give me a call phone number and then you take that letter. Watch this. Now I'm going to stop my screen share for maximum effect. You take the letter, crumple it up. You may sound they may think I'm crazy the night you open it up, maybe tear a corner off.

Joe: Tear a corner off, OK, and then fold it back up, put it in an invitation style and see how thick that letter is. Now, put it in an invitation style envelope, had addressed the envelope with a live stamp and then do this go by a bunch of extra one cent stamps, but your real stamp and put a crooked one cent stamp on there. What does that do? Why? Why two stamps?

Joe: Why crumple the paper up? It just it works. That's why. I mean, do you hate money? Do you not want to do any deals? Crumple this up. Because then when they get the letter, the envelope, it's going to they're going to see some thickness to it. What is that? They're going to open it. They're going to see a crumpled-up paper inside with a corner torn. What is this? They're going to open it. They're going to read it. That's all you want them to do. You want them to read it.

Joe: And you could even make a joke. You could say, please don't throw me away, or I came from your trash can. Don't throw this letter away. I don't know something silly like that. They're going to see it. You're going to get calls. Guys, I've done this before and students have done this and they'll say, I can't guarantee your promise and your results. Right. But they'll see ten to twenty percent response rates. What?! Ten to twenty percent response rates.

Joe:  Yeah. A real simple letter like this sending it to the owners of these rental properties. And here's the cool thing about when we're doing lease options. Say, listen, I can get you the price you need if you just rent it to me for a year or two first. OK, really, really powerful. Let me share my screen again. I'm going to show you some other things that we can do with this. Now, here's the great thing about yellow letters. What we did is we had a stay-at-home mom. That was the wife actually of my acquisition’s manager at the time. And I paid a VA every day to go into Zillow and scrape these properties and find out who the owner was from the county records and put them into a Google sheet. And that Google sheet then would be sent to the stay-at-home mom.

Joe: And every day excuse me, she would handwrite 20 to 40 on average, let's say, 30 letters a day and send them out. She thought this was obnoxious. She hated doing this. She thought it was so unprofessional. And I said, I don't care what you think. I don't care if it is unprofessional. It works. Just do it. And she said, OK, she reluctantly agreed to do it. She was a neat freak. You know, everything has to be nice and pretty. She did not like doing this, but it really worked well. And so we paid her by the letter. So you know what to do. You want to pay somebody hourly because they can just write one letter in an hour and get paid whatever, ten, twenty bucks. So I paid them.

Joe: I figured I wanted to pay them an average of I think at the time it's fifteen bucks an hour. And so I figured I just did some of these letters and I figured how many letters could I write in ten minutes. So I figured all right, well if they write an average letter and maybe they can do fifteen letters in an hour and I'm wanting to pay them fifty dollars. Fifteen dollars an hour, I pay them one dollar per letter. OK, and also at the beginning we made her drop the letters off at our office so we could verify how many she sent so she would send them to drop the letters off and then we'd mail them from our house.

Joe: The big advantage of this, too, by the way, is it spreads the calls out. If you're sending five hundred or a thousand letters at once to a printing house mailing house, you're going to get a bunch of calls all at once and it can overwhelm the system. But this would spread the calls evenly out over time. We also had her go to in Missouri. You're not going to have this maybe where you are, but there's a website that we use for court cases. So we would also have her go in to St. Louis County.

Joe: And we would you have to do a seven-day search from where we are here. And you'd go look for civil cases and we would find we would have her find all of the evictions from the court records. And you can see here, if I go through here, landlord actions, OK, old Jamestown Realty versus Tarsia Grant. If you click on this and you click on parties and attorneys, you see the address of the defendant. The address of the defendant is who? Being sued right now to be evicted and yes, we are doing evictions in St. Louis. We're past the moratorium on all that. And even during the moratorium, we still doing evictions because people were breaking their leases.

Joe: And you could still do evictions if they would if they broke the law, if they were doing drugs or criminal activities or had too many people in the house, like whatever you can still do evictions. You can only not do evictions if they weren't paying the rent because of covid anyway. So if I look at this particular house, this is a property that's going through an eviction right now. And guess what? Here's the address of the owner. This is the property that's going through the eviction right now tonight.

Joe: This is an older listing picture, but this is a great area. And the owner has owned this house for two years and they're already going through an eviction. So anyway, wherever you are, go see if you can find properties that are going through evictions or through court cases. And the other cool thing about this as well as you can send, you can find people who are getting judgments on them.

Joe: Sometimes you can find like Missouri, there's a thing called MSD here in St. Louis, Metropolitan Sewer District. And if you don't pay your sewer bill, they will sue you and then get a judgment on you and for five hundred bucks and you'll get this judgment on you for not. Here's one right here, the metropolitan St. Louis sewer district versus Richard Gray. Richard Gray, if I click on parties at this address right here, cannot pay his sewer bill. So what if I sent him a letter saying, hey, you want to sell your house? I'm not going to bring up the sewer bill. But if you can't pay a sewer bill, he's probably got some financial issues.

Joe:  Something's going on. And this is the length of ownership of it. Looks like he's got a mortgage on it. So if he can't pay his service, maybe he's getting behind on his mortgage. Maybe he's in forbearance. He just needs to sell his sell his house. There's a lien on here. He also has a county city tax lien of seven hundred eighty-two dollars. So he's got a tax lien on unpaid sewer. So this is an old one from twenty seventeen. Maybe he just doesn't like MSD.

Joe: He's not paying his bills, but he's got a new one. All right. So anyway, so you can go into court records and find people that have judgments. Here's Discover Bank Renee Goodenough has not been paying her Discover bill and so Discover put a judgment on her for not paying her Discover card bill. And you can go now. Look at this property pasted in there. This is just the address of the defendant.

Joe: So it may not be there. It is kind of you court now. Again, we're not I feel sometimes like I need to clarify. We're not trying to take advantage of people who are in a tough situation, but we want to help them, maybe if they want, in exchange for a good price, give them speed and convenience of getting out of their house. They don't want to live in their house anymore. It looks like my Internet is going down. So I click on this house. This is a seller who's lived there for almost seven years. They have this house is free and clear. Maybe they're going through a bankruptcy now. I'm not sure that bankruptcy is discharged in twenty nineteen. I don't know if they own the house free and clear if it went through bankruptcy. I don't understand bankruptcies, but here's the point.

Joe: You have to know and understand all these details, but this poor person Adam is having troubles paying his Discover card. Send him a letter. Hey, would you like to sell your house. Maybe he's in over his head. He needs some money. He needs to move on and cool. So here's the point of all of that. What I'm trying to say here is you can start with Zillow, find these rental properties and send a letter to the owner. If you have access to a case, court's cases have a VA of every day, every week go through and find these properties online and put them into a spreadsheet or something or just put them into freedom. OK, now on Freedomsoft. You can create a campaign.

Joe: Let's just do that real quick. You're going to create a new campaign called Yellow Letters to Zillow and Missouri case. OK, now would probably do I would do one for Zillow and one and then I'll do a new campaign for Missouri Casenet. This could be a direct mail. And your campaign is sellers and you need to choose a phone or I need to get a phone number here and I'll do that real quick. And so let's call this one in Maryland, because we're going after that property in Maryland. They're all right. Create Leads Campaign. Now, here's a campaign for the yellow letters to Zillow.

Joe: I want to show this to you because right here, if you click on Share, copy this URL right here and you can give this URL to your virtual assistant or whoever's scraping this stuff for you so you can give this this URL to the VA. And your VA now can go through as they're searching these properties on the case website, they can put in the the person's name, the address or whatever, and they can put that in here. So this property, for example, that we were doing here, this is nine five five.

Joe: I'm going to just paste that address in there. This is Laurel, Maryland. OK, and the zip just cutting and pasting this stuff. And you can then your VA can search for that address in prop stream. Prop stream Joe. All right. Yeah, Propstream's getting slow. I think we are. Well, I'm not sure what's going on, but let me show you something else that we could do. Let's put a link to this property right here. But paste the link and I'm going to put the name and phone number. So this is Bay Property management group. I'm just going to put that right here, and the phone number is going to put that right here, click, add lead that leads been created. Now, if I go into that campaign, I refreshed, I have a new lead in there.

Joe: So your VAs could do this. Come up first thing in the morning. You come in and you see 20 or 30 new leads in there and you can go through here. And this property here is a street value of the property. Yeah, my map of it. Maybe it doesn't have Google Street View there. Yeah, it does. But you can drag it there and you can see the street view. There it is now it's working. OK, so from here, this property's in here, you know, it's a rental from Zillow because you see it right there. You can also put that link right here if you want. You can also click here, find owner and you can see it's Jonathan Udang. Save fields to lead. There's this information right there. You can send a letter to him if you want.

Joe: Right here you click on Generate Document, you can create a letter, you can email it to the seller. Then it merges in all the fields. It emails the seller that that letter through clicked mail. You can also skip trace the owner right here, click, skip, trace and you drag over owner of record mailing address mailing city mailing, state mailing, zip confirm skip trace. It's been added to the skip trace.

Joe: I'm going to go here. Skip trace one lead. Next step. Submit order. It's pending. I'm going to refresh. Still pending. Refresh again. Complete. I go here to the lead. All right. So now I have the owner is Jonathan Udang and I have home number, home, home mobile and I have some emails right now. It's yellow because they're on the national do not call list. So you probably don't want to call at that number. But here's a mobile number that you can call or you can text and you can say, hey, Jonathan, I'm not sure if I have the right person. I think you own a house on nine 055. Manor would drive if you'd like to sell it. I'd like to buy it.

Joe: So there's a lot of things you can do. Like you can put this lead into freedom so you can skip tracing, you can send him texts, you can send a text to the owner or the property management. Now, the property management of this was a six nine four six nine four one. So that's not a mobile number. That was the owner. That was the property management phone number. So that was a property management phone number. And you could mark that as a primary if you wanted to or not. Or you could just add that number as the do not call. You can add that number to the do not call so that any other properties that you get from Zillow that has that phone number in there from Bay Property Management Group, it won't send them any more text messages.

Joe: OK, so I want to show you something now. So I like sending your letters, but how can you get a virtual assistant in the Philippines to send yellow letters for you? They can maybe handwrite them, but then they're going to have to send them to use you can put them in the mail and mail them. That's not to say that doesn't work very well. What I recommend doing for a really cool letter is using click to mail. Now, I'm going to show you in a future video how you can actually send a letter right from Freedom Soft. In fact, the is simple is my white label version of Freedom Soft. And I'm right now in the middle of transitioning, moving everything from REI Simple Freedomsoft.

Joe: But let's just look at an example lead here. I'm just going to show you something pretty cool that you can do in Freedom soft. I just don't have the letter in Freedom soft yet. So the letter is in REI Simple.So let me show you, this is a seller with the house here. I mean, this is the address of the house and this is the mailing address of the property. If you click right here, generate document and then you could send a letter that looks like they can house a letter that's to Michigan. OK, the next step. Next step. It creates this letter from whoever it is to the seller. Dear seller name. I understand you own a house at address in Warsaw. I'm an investor looking to buy more properties in the area you would be interested in selling. Would you please call me if you are at phone number and your signature and your name and you click complete, it's going to generate this letter and attach it to your lead.

Joe: All right. And here's the letter. And if you click email and you type in your click to mail, email to mail and you go to email to mail seller letters, if I click send email. What this will do is it'll email that letter which is attached right here to click to mail, click to mail will get it and we'll print it and mail it to whoever is in the subject line. OK, that is called click to mail, email the mail. And so from right inside of Freedom soft, you can create the letter with a few clicks. You can email it to click to mail, click to mail, print it and mail it and they'll get it in two or three days.

Joe: So let me show you click to mail. Really powerful tool here. When you use click to mail, it's a little buggy. It's gotten better. It's a little clunky. It takes you have to have some patience with it. But there's some things that I really love about it. Number one, you need to put in preloaded preloaded credits. You need to buy some credits. A typical letter that I sent, the one I'm going to show you is going to cost anywhere from eighty cents to a dollar. The letter that I just showed you, sending in freedom soft. It's going to cost you about eighty cents.

Joe: But let's say you have your virtual assistant now and you want your virtual assistant to send a letter with a color photo of this property, one at a time. Most mailing companies like yellow letters.com or open letter marketing that I recommend or whatever. You need to typically get about five hundred letters at a time to get any real discounts. They're not going to do just one-off letters for you. But what I like about click to mail here is they have this service called, they've got a dashboard. Maybe I am in my dashboard. Let me go to this is e mail to mail. Start job.

Joe: OK, here you click on Start Job and they have this thing called, they just change this. It's called Easy Letter Sender. Maybe they don't call it that anymore. Letters, reply, letters, reply postcards, certified letters, no print and ship. Let me just look here. It's called Easy Letter Sender. I don't see it. I know it's here. Projects click to mail. Let's do this easy letter sender. Click to mail. I just Google it. There is get started. Let me show you what this does here. Let me show you an example. This is not letting me show you an example. Get started.

Joe: If this doesn't work. I have a whole training video on how to do this. I can send it to you guys later. We just chat with this person. How do I get to the letter sender? I don't see it anymore. Oh, my gosh. Copy paste. Just repeat the question then it transfers me to Christina. Mailing, here it is, mailing products. They're going to shrink this. I don't see it anymore. Oh, man. I'm so excited about showing this to you and the how bummer. It's got to be here somewhere. Well, well, well.


Joe: She's been reading it. She's reading my messages. Does anybody know on the chat while I'm getting a response, Charles is asking, do we need both prop stream and freedom soft? Can you explain the difference, please? Freedom soft is a CRM. It's a database to manage all your leads and gives you phone numbers and you can create contracts and all that stuff. Prop stream is a data provider. They give you proper, detailed property history. You can get lists, you can get lists.

Joe: Also from freedom soft. Propstream is going to give you much more lists to choose from and give you a detailed property history. And each property freedom software is a CRM, so you need both freedomsoftjoe.com, propstreamjoe.com. They're separate. OK, here, she's responding. Well, let me see. I don't know if you can see her messages here.

Joe: Hello. Hello. Can you see the chat window? I'm just curious. Easy letter sender is not currently working. Oh no. Really. When will it be back? We are working to resolve this. That is why you can not locate it on the news site. What is the difference between freedom soft and REI Simple. The only difference. The only difference is you don't get the app. So Freedom Soft has a Android iPhone app. You don't get that. So bummer. I can't believe you should get freedoms of Joe Dotcom. So yeah, I love freedom soft. We'll be part of the simply swaptions course. They both do exactly the same thing. Yes. The only difference is that REI Simple does not have the mobile version app.

Joe: And this she says here I do not have an ETA. I apologize. Oh, that's a bummer. They got rid of easy letter sender. What Easy Letter Sender did. And when it comes back, I don't know of any other service that does this. Basically what you do is you take a picture, you download this picture of this house and you put some text across it that says, let me do some ginormous text. Can I buy your house and let me do a emoji? And then you save this image to your computer and you then put this in the envelope. So it's a window envelope and there's the address.

Joe: And then to the right is this picture of this house. It's like this. Can I buy your house? And you can send that to the seller with a quick little text in there that says, hey, how are you doing? If you want to sell your house, let me know. I'd like to buy it. Judah, it's freedomsoftjoe.com.Freedom Soft Joe dot com. All right. So, yeah. And so you could upload that picture to click to mail email the mail. I mean sorry, easy letter sender and I can't believe they don't have it anymore. Oh it was awesome. Does anybody know? Yes. I recommend Prop Stream over Deal Automator from Clever Investor. Yeah, definitely one hundred percent.

Joe: OK, so does anybody know of a service that lets you do one off letters like that. OK, one off letters. So anybody know who does that. Click send click send. I, I don't know if you can do both letters, postcards. I'm sure if anybody heard of any services let me know. I'd love to hear from you about if you know of any that lets you do one off letters. So anyway click to mail, email to mail is also another service that you can use. You just can't send images in email to mail for your letters. Yeah. No, that's not working. I was really looking forward to showing that to you. All right.

Joe: So you get the whole point of what I'm saying is you can have a VA go in every campaign that you have. If I click on that as a share button here, you can copy that URL, give it to your VA. It's going to look like this. Your VA can go to the court websites. You can just go to Zillow and download these properties. You know, the VA can also go here. And sometimes what I like to do is sometimes used to be you could print.

Joe: I don't think that works anymore. Let me just try printing. We'll see what it looks like. It doesn't work. So you can get a PDF of this, but sometimes you can click on these and save the image. And then from freedom soft your VA, let me go back to that lead here. Your viewers can upload the photos of the property so you can see the pictures if you want. So I just showed you how you can through it's through REI simple I just don't have the letters set up in Freedom Soft, but in REI Simple I have in the settings, I have a template called Vacant House Later. It looks like this.

Joe: I just need to transfer this over to freedomsoft so that you can create a letter that says, hey, I understand you own this house, you'd like to buy it. Now, only thing is I wanted to show you how to get a picture in here. You can't put a picture in here. You could have done it through Easy Letter Sender, but, yeah, just create a letter. Now, the other thing you could do with this, which is pretty ninja. Check this out.

Joe: You could send a what if we sent an email. We just skip trace. We found all these emails for the owner. Right. We go to settings, we go to templates, go to email templates. And these are the email templates that we have. This one, it says attached and as is cash offer for your property, we don't have an offer yet that we want to send. Here's one. I saw your property listed online and I'm interested in purchasing it as is still available. I can pay cash flows quick and we'll take it as is, no matter what kind of repairs it needs.

Joe: OK, now here's the cool thing. There are in here different emails that you can use. All right, let's just take one of them like this one right here and let's copy it and let's edit it. You can only edit the ones that you've copied. OK, so I'm going to say hi. I saw your property listed online at and I can insert the address property address in and I can insert property city. You know what? Let's do this one.

Joe: Let's just say hi, mailing, owner of Record. I think you own a property at property address in Property City. You wouldn't consider maybe selling it, would you. Thanks your name right there. OK, now I'm going to put a phone number and I'm just going to save this. Let's call this email to vacant rental and I'm going to put their address here. Your property at least put that in the subject line. OK, let's just save this change here and back here because I need to get a phone number for this campaign. Right. Well, I already have a number here. That's to another campaign I was just playing with. I'm going to remove it from that campaign and I'm going to do a new one. All right. So I have this phone number and it's called we're sending these yellow letters to Maryland.

Joe: So I'm going to change the number here, yellow or I'm say letters to MD rentals, same changes. I'm also going to do a call auto and set up a text if they call, is going to text them back right away. And by the way, I'm going I'm going to let you guys call this number and get this text. Don't call it yet. Hold on. Sorry I missed your call. I was on the other line. What is the address of the property you might want to sell? Thanks, Joe. Smiley face. All right. I'm going to go back to my campaign and I need to assign a phone number. There it is.

Joe: Just to assign this phone number. Now, normally, it would be a Maryland local number to Maryland. Just assign a number to that campaign. All right. I want you guys to call that number. Let me go back here. I want you to call that number. Write this down. I'm going to put the phone number into the Simchat call this number right now and just leave me a quick voicemail. You got my letter and you're going to send me, just you have the letter. You're going to call that phone number again.

Joe: Kaleigh, you must have missed it. I just answered that the only difference between REI simple and freedom soft is freedom soft has the mobile app. So I'm transitioning everything now for new customers to get REI simple. All of my contracts, letters, templates, documents, auto responders are going to be in a freedom soft going forward. I'm calling it Freedom Soft Joe McCall signature edition.

Joe: The only difference between REI simple and freedomsoft Joe is the mobile app. OK, so let's see how many calls I got. Go to my pipeline. Holy smokes, I got eighteen new leads through this direct mail is working. Awesome. I love it. How many of you guys got the text response from me. Go ahead. If you got the text go ahead and respond to that text. Please click on my notifications.

Joe: I can see I'm starting to get a bunch of leads here. Some of you left me voicemails. Hopefully it's nice. That's processing. The audio is going to let me play the voicemail here in just a minute. I click my notifications here. I want to do something real quick while these while you're responding to the texts, I'm going to I'm going to go to my workflow automation. I'm going to do something pretty cool here. And I have something here called Zillow Seller lead workflow. I'm gonna open this up. I'm gonna create a new status. I'm just going to call this demo test. And when somebody's, when I status that it's going to add, in essence, it's going to say, hey, primary contact name. Just curious, have you sold your house yet at property address.

Joe: OK, if not, I might still be interested in buying. Thanks, Joe. All right. And so I could say send it to mobile numbers only or I could say remove DNC, remove and I can delay the action by zero days. I'm just going to click, add action, update workflow. This workflow is called Zillow seller lead workflow. Go back into that campaign. I'm going to make sure my work. Automation, here is Zillow Seller lead workflow. My workflow automation is going to be Zillow Seller lead workflow.

Joe: All right, now let's say I'm going through my notifications here and I see that this lead right here. Let me go into the conversation. All right. He called up, he hung up and then he called back and leaving a voicemail and is processing it. I'll be able to hear it in a minute. And they responded to my text.

Joe: Sorry, I missed your call. I was on the other line. What is the address of the property you might want to sell? Thanks, Joe. And they gave me the address. I talked to him. And if I call him from here, if I just click on this, it'll dial that number of whoever this is. You know what? I'm just going to send them back a message. What is your name? And so the address is one, two, three cardinals always win. So I'm going to go right up here. One, two, three Cardinals Lane, Chicago, Illinois, Chicago. I'm sure there's a lot of streets called Cardinals Lane in Chicago. And so whoever sent this to if you could just reply back with your name. I just sent you a text, Ken. All right, cool. So I'm going to put Ken's name up here, Ken.

Joe: So let's say I'm talking to Ken and he says, you know what, I'm just not interested in selling or he's not. We're like way far apart in price and he's not willing to do this option or anything. So I can go here to lead details and I can change the status of this lead. What was that thing I just did was a demo test shoot. I should know. I just did it. Let's go back here to settings, workflow, automation, Zillow. That was called demo test.

Joe: And when I change the status demo test, it's going to send him a text. Now, normally I would change it to I would make this delayed thirty days. So after I change the status to demo, let's call this something different. Cold lead. All right. So now what happens when I change that status to cold lead? Thirty days later, it's going to send them the text again. It's going to send a text that says, Hey, Ken, just curious if you sold your house at that address. If not, I still might be. It might still be interested in buying it.

Joe: Thanks, Joe. It's going to delay that thirty. I'm going to do that zero right now because I just wanted to send him a text sooner than that. So let's go back to that lead. And I'm talking to him. And if I were to call him right now, in fact, I could in fact, I must show you how to do this. I can call him from my phone. So I have the lead here in the Freedomsoft app, and I'm going to call him right now and put it on speaker. Good.

Joe: Nancy can if you're watching this call. Hey, Ken, how are you? Pretty good. Are you a Cardinals fan or a Cubs fan?

Ken: I'm a Cubs fan.

Joe: Oh, dang it. I don't want to buy your house anymore. I'm just kidding.

Ken: I'm willing to sell it.

Joe: If I can pay all cash and close quickly, what's the least you take?

Ken: What is the least you can offer for it?

Joe: Let's see here. I'd offer you fifty grand for it. I can close tomorrow.

Ken: Fifty-five and we got a deal.

Joe: Done. I'm going to send you a contract now. I'm just playing around here. But let's say you're like you want one hundred for it. I want fifty for it. We're worlds apart so I'm just going to status you as like a cold lead. But I want to follow up. We had a great conversation. We joked about baseball. And I'm going to put in my notes here, by the way, that you're a big Cubs fan. So I'll remember in the future not to make fun of the Cubs.

Joe: Right. And there, Cubs fan. It's in my notes now. Next time I follow up with you. I'll remember that. But thanks again for playing along. I'm gonna hang up here. Go. I just all did all of that from the iPhone. And so in a minute I put he's a Cubs fan here. Right. And I want to go to communications and you can see this call was a minute and ten and it records the call. So you'll be able to later on after processing the audio, you'll be able to listen to that conversation we have. Here's his voicemail that he left me right here.

Joe: All right. Sorry, but Ken, by the way, I'm just teasing you about the Cubs and the Cardinals and all that, so. Yeah. So let's say it's a cold lead. I'm just going to go right here and I'm going to do a demo test called to change the status. OK, he responded back. All good in fun. I appreciate that. By the way, this funny short side story, this was in twenty eleven. Was it really the last time the Cubs won? The Cardinals won the World Series ten years ago. Yeah. Wow. It was like the day after the day. A couple of days later, the Cardinals won the World Series. I'm in Chicago speaking at the local real estate investment club there. And what did I wear?

Joe: I wore a Cardinals shirt and a Cardinals hat in Chicago speaking at the. And the first thing I said was, does anybody, you know, know who won the World Series the other day? Crickets. And I was like, oh, no, I made a mistake. I'm such an idiot. And then somebody in the back started going, but I had to do it, man. I'm in Chicago, right. It was funny. And I was the only one who thought it was funny, but it was funny. So I scroll down here.

Joe: There we go. So you can listen to that voicemail. Yeah, I'm proud of the part of the Padres done. And they got that. So I don't know if you can hear it. Hey Ken how are you? So you can hear the call and this is nice, when you got a VA doing the calls or the acquisitions manager, you can hear all of the inbound and outbound calls.

Joe: So anyway, this lead is cold. I status'd that as demo test cold, called what's it going to do? It's going to then 30 days later, send a text to that guy. Now to Ken. What's good? One of the good things about freedom soft is it doesn't just send texts for you. You have to click on the text to be sent. And the reason why it does that is because it stays compliant. So if freedom stops is going to stay compliant, which keeps your deliverability high in your text messages, it's going to you have to manually click, send or else you can get in trouble for the TCPA laws or whatever.

Joe: So what happens is every day when you log in, you're going to get a yellow bar at the top that says, hey, you've got follow up messages to. And later on today, it'll pop up. But I'm just going to shortcut it. If I go here to follow up, it should be in here. OK, well, the workflow automation hasn't happened yet unless. Ken, did you get that follow up text message from me. But David, so it's not showing up so that the workflow automation hasn't happened as soon as it happens and that workflow automation happens in the background, in the servers of freedomsoft.

Joe: I might get a pop up message here that says, hey, you've got a follow up message to send to can you want to send it? And then you just click send and it sends it. All right, cool. So it's just not showing up yet. The other thing I'm going to do here is if I go in here to this campaign, guys, by the way, I'm seeing a lot of questions here. Will this be recorded? Is it where do I get it? This will be recorded and they're soon going to be along with last week's. There's going to be a new there's going to be a membership site with all of these recordings in there. So you'll be able to get the recordings.

Joe: But I want to show you something really cool here, here in freedomsoft. Of all of these leaves. And let's say I've talked to all of them. OK, I talked to all of you. And they're all you're all active leads. And I want to follow up with you guys. So I'm going to status all of you guys at once. I'm going to status you guys as just follow up. All right. So now, if I go to this campaign, you're all status as follow up.

Joe: Now, let's say I want to let's say you're all or old leads. And I just want to follow up with you guys. It's been 30 days, so I'm gonna select all of you guys right now. I'm going to confirm y'all and I'm going to go right here to new SMS broadcast. And I'm a send the numbers from this campaign. Just make sure I just want to make sure I'm doing the right. Yeah, OK, good us on this broadcast and it's going to send it all to twenty, twenty-two of you guys. So like, hey, this is Joe. I sure appreciate you all. You haven't already get freedomsoftJoe.com, smiley face. All right.

Joe: And then I want to remove duplicate numbers. I don't know if it's a mobile number or not. I'm going to click next. I'm just going to send these texts right now to all you guys since and since. And by the way, I forgot, you can spin the text so you can sometimes have carriers like Sprint or T-Mobile or Verizon. AT&T, one of them is undelivered for some reason. But anyway, sometimes they will block your number if they see the same text coming too many times, all at once. Right.

Joe: So you can change the words of your text. Let me show you how to do that real quick. Let's go back to that campaign. I'm going to do a new SMS broadcast and I would choose the phone number that's sending from OK. And then I must say, hi, this is Joe. You probably don't remember me, but we talked a while ago about your house at and we can insert the address.

Joe: Oops. Now, I don't have the address in here for your deals. OK, I was just curious. Have you sold it yet? Thanks, Joe. All right. So now when you send that out, it's going to send the same text, except the address is going to be different for everybody. But there's a feature here called Spin Text, and this is really cool. So you can highlight the word and click spin text. And instead of how you could say hey or hello and I just change each word with this, you probably don't remember me, but we instead of talked, I'm going to talked and chatted a while ago about your house. I can double click on that and spin the text property ataddress. I was just curious, have you sold it yet?

Joe: Or you could say highlight the whole thing and spin the text and say, is it still available? All right. And I can click next. And now it's going to change. Each text is going to be different. And it's also put a thing down. There was a stopped reply, stopped unsubscribe. I can go back. Was not going to let me edit that. But anyway, I have to do it again. Not a big deal. Let me just show you what I mean.

Joe: Here, let me do it again. OK, see right here. Append opt out text so you can add it or not add it. For some reason it was added into that last time. I'm gonna make sure it's not checked. OK, now let's do it next there. So it's not there anymore. So hello this is Joe. You probably don't remember me but we chatted a while ago about your house at and the address is blank because I don't have your address in there. I was just curious, have you sold it yet? And so that one is high, you understand? So I'm going to send this text to you guys right now. Go ahead. And if you can, please just reply to the text when you get it. Now, some of you, I've seen your text here. You already have a simple can you switch to freedomsoft?

Joe: You can if you want if you want to do that, just send an email to support@reisimple.com, support@reisimple.com and they'll help you, but there is going to be some problems where if you have a bunch of leads with a bunch of communications with the sellers like texts and recorded calls and voicemails that won't transfer if you have a lead that has, like you attached contracts or files or letters that will not transfer, you have to manually download from REI Simple and upload into freedomsoft.

Joe: Freedom soft is not included with automated investing secrets. No, I do it depending on which program you bought, I might reimburse you for one or one or two months, but. All right, so you guys get that text. Go ahead and reply. If I go to my notifications here, I'm still getting I'm getting some responses. And this person right here says I sold it, which is awesome. Right now, I'm just going to change their status to dead.

Joe: No offense. What that means is I'm not going to send you any more texts or things like that. OK, I'll change it back to follow up because I don't want to offend you. And this is so now you can go through these. OK, this one says yes of course. Selling for fifty K and I can see. All right. So selling for fifty K by the way. You'll see this where it looks like. No this is fine. Never mind. Great.

Joe: I will call you right back with an offer. OK then let's do one more thing here. What is your email? Let's send and what is your name?So whoever this is, I just sent you a text back. I need to know your name and let's go and just do a contract real quick. I'm going to download one of my contracts, OK? This is my contract right here. It's going to download it as a PDF. I'm going to freedom softs. So let's say refresh this page, Juda. Oh, hey, Drew.

Joe: All right. So I'm going to copy this up here. Cut, paste, cut paste. Right. And let's say the address of the property is one, two, three. Main Street, Orlando, Florida. OK, and let's say if I go to details. Yeah, there's no that's not a real address. Let's say the owner of record is Juda and his address is four or five, six Main Street. He lives right next door. Orlando, Florida. Bloop, bloop. All right.

Joe: And so I want to send him a contract. So I'm going to attach this blank contract I just downloaded. Well, you know what? I'm going to do something different. You're sorry. Let me delete that. I'm going to let details of a click on generate document. I want to generate a contract right now, and I have to upload that contract document first. So here I want to go to settings.

Joe: I forgot to templates and I'm going to upload that one-page contract. I just did one page contract, choose it, upload it on a call. This blank create document template. So this is processing here. Romelio, you're asking how can I get your documents. You can download them just like I'm showing you here and then upload them into your freedom. Sopped to count pretty soon in freedomsoft. All of my contracts will be in there so you can now input things in here. So this contract dated. I put the date right there, the buyer which is going to be me, Joe McCall LLC Offers to purchase from the seller. This is going to be the sellers as the owner of Record Seller's name, the following property at this address, property address, comma properties, city states. The purchase price of this property is to be.

Joe: Let's just leave that blank because there's a merge field. You can do that and then earnest money and the signatures and all that. So I'm just going to save changes. One page contract blank. So I'm going to go back to that lead. So this is Juda, right? I want to send him a contract. I'm going to go right here to the three dots generate document. I'm going to pick that one next step. Next step. So I've got it filled.

Joe: It merged in the date, my name, his name, address and the purchase price so I can just type it in fifty thousand earnest money. I'm going to put down five hundred, just move it a little bit there and that's it. I'm not going to sign it until he signs it. Now I need to change and fix the formatting here for the date. But that's all right. Complete. It's generating this and I'm going to email this to him to get digital signatures. So due to get ready I'm going to email you, I'm going to email this to you to sign. So I click here sign. And by the way, let me just go back. I could just email this to him right here, type in his email, pop up, and then I have a template here. Cash offer.

Joe: Please check out the attached file as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any questions and I could just email it to him. So just emailed the contract. But now I want to also do a digital signature. And Judy, did I do this with you before? I can't remember if I did this with you before or not. All right. So the sign his name. So it was you that I did this with before.

Joe: That's funny. We're doing it again. All right. So I'm going to put his name here. Juda Armis want to put his email address here. I was just demoing this the other day and it's actually the same thing I did before I could add my name in there, but I'm not going to do that right now. Next now I just drag and drop where I wanted to sign. So the date goes right here and that's going to be for him. And then his signature is going to go right there. That's going to be him. Move it down a little bit and then there's text back for his name. We print his name is going to go right there, move it down a little bit. And this is where he signs it. OK, so now I click that and I was going to say contract, please sign. Thanks, Joe. No, you don't pay any extra for digital signatures with freedomsoft. Right.

Joe: So the contract was just sent to you that he's going to get an email and he's going to sign it electronically here in just a minute and then you'll see it show up. OK, I can track all my digital signatures right here. OK, so it's out for signature. Was going to say something here real quick. Oh yeah. I was going to say this while he's signing it. You don't want to tip. You typically don't send the seller a contract to sign and wait for them to sign it and send it back to you. Typically what I like to do is say, all right, let's get let's talk at three o'clock today, get them on the phone and say I'm going to send you this contract right now. Did you get it? Good.

Joe: I'm going to walk them through how to sign it, answer any questions they have right then and there while we're on the phone. Did you get it, Juda? Yep, he got it. We signed it yet. Thank you so much. I'm getting some comments here. Thanks. Send a text. Just finished it. All right. So let me finish my screen goal here. Oh, look, it's complete. The other cool thing, though, now is I can go to the record, the seller lead record here, and it's under contract or I would call it a contract pending. And I could see here the contract came back in here signed and I can view it. There it is a scroll down. There is his signatures and it's hard to see here. All right.

Joe: Now, I need to move this signature next time down a little bit. So it's more on the line. Bam, there you go. Now, I would sign it and send him a copy of it as well. One of the other cool things here that you can do if I and I can see also right here the audit trail of the signatures to prove that it was signed. I can also take this URL and I'm going to go to Bitly. It's a link shortener. It's going to create a shortened URL copy. I can go to communications and I can say, thanks, Juta. Here is the contract I just emailed you.

Joe: OK, so it's just sent in that text with that shortened link and if you click on that link, it will open up this PDF. You can see it. Does that make sense? So I can also text all of you guys as well. You can see that contract. Thank you. All right. So cool. And then you just chat, change the status of the two under contract and now you're going to start marketing the property. All right. So I think we're done here now. I'm just going to answer a few questions and we'll wrap it up. The recording of this will be in the membership site soon.

Joe: And I'm thinking about getting a Facebook group. I don't know, and also putting it on the Facebook group. I'm still trying to decide that yet. Do you recommend putting the dead leads on a drip just in case they have other real estate needs in the future? So you had to Shauna. What you could do is you could go to your settings, you could go to workflow automation, and you can set up an automation to where like, let's say if I go to this one and you can say when the status is dead right now, just remove them from all future adds them to do not call list, which you can have, like dead, dead or kind of dead. Right. And so for a kind of dead status, you could set it up where on that kind of dead lead they will get a text in six months saying, hey, have you sold your house yet? You understand?

Joe: But right now, if I market is dead, I'm not doing any more follow up with them. And that number is actually on my do not call list are the recordings should be available tomorrow. All right, guys, I'm bummed I didn't I couldn't show you the easy letter sender with the picture on there. Hopefully comes back to click to mail. We'll see. Maybe I'll show that to you in the future video. But I thought this was really good and helpful. And we'll see you guys soon. Take care.

Joe: Is there a coaching call at twelve o'clock today? No, no, I'm not doing a coaching call today. Maybe with Gavin. Is Gavin doing a coaching call? Not sure. There might be a I'm not sure what you're talking about. Hopefully my calendar's not screwed up. All right, guys, we'll see you later. Take care. Bye.

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