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In my newest webinar REI Secrets, I’m going to teach you new cool hacks and tricks for real estate marketing and systems. I’m going to show you what I’ve learned, including some of my favorite automation tricks that will make it easier for you to get more leads, close more deals, and make more money.

Inside this webinar, I’m going to show you:

  • My new calculator Automated Investing Secrets
  • How to come up with cash offers, owner finance offers, and lease option offers
  • How I create my own lists with Redfin and Zillow
  • My automated email and mail campaigns
  • Tips for creating a bitly that goes directly to a contract
  • The exact script I use in my direct mail campaign

I’m going to help you make scaling up easy when you embrace automation. And I’m always going to keep you in the loop on the newest and greatest real estate software. Check back weekly for more webinars on marketing, automation, and delegation.

If you’ve purchased any of my courses before, we’re moving it all to Kajabi. Please contact support@JoeMcCall.com if you’re having trouble accessing any of my courses that you’ve purchased.

Watch and Learn:

Listen and learn:

What’s inside:

  • My super easy formula for figuring out the ARV on a home sight unseen.
  • Using public data, I’ll show you how to find homeowners with positive equity, even homeowners with no mortgage, that you can then make cash offers to.
  • Learn how to text a contract to homeowners that could increase your response rate.

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

All right, guys, welcome. This is our first REI Secrets webinar, and I'm excited about this. My goal isn't to create another coaching call and just answer a bunch of questions, you know, but my goal on these weekly REI Secrets Webinars is to teach you guys new cool hacks and tricks, marketing and systems. I've always said there's three keys to success in real estate investing, marketing, automation and delegation. And so that's my goal on these weekly training series. I'm calling it REI Secrets. I just want to teach I want to teach you guys some cool things that we're doing, some cool things that I've learned, some new strategies and software and marketing tactics and just teaching guys some cool things that can help you get more leads, close more deals and make more money. Anybody wouldn't and not interested in that. I want to make sure we're on the same page as anybody not interested in getting more leads, closing more deals, making more money. Sounds great. That's why we're in this business. Isn't it awesome?

So I got a lot of things I could talk about and I thought I would first talk about something that I've been working on for a long time now. And hopefully a lot of you guys already know about it. And you've seen me talk about it a little bit in my emails, in my Facebook groups and stuff like that. First of all, let me just make sure you guys are interested in that? Am I on the same page? We all on the same page of what you'd like to learn, how to get more leads, how to close more deals, how to make more money. All right. We're in it. We're in this to win it. I know you guys can't see right now all of the chats and comments. I've set it up where I think you can only chat with the panelists, which is me. I may change this up in the future where you can chat with everybody. I don't know yet. So my goal again in this is just to teach some good value. I might change the format a little bit later to where we can all chat together. And as I go through the stuff, I want you to show me your questions and show me what's going on.

All right. So a few things here. I have this new calculator. Who has seen my new calculator? Who has seen my new calculator? It's called Automated Investing Secrets. Judah, it's awesome. Alan, I love it. Alten I just like it. He likes it. Who else has seen it? Julie Yes, it's awesome. All right. It used to be when you went to my website, AutomatedOfferPro.om, it was free to everybody, but I've changed it now where it's only paying customers, which if you are here on this webinar, you're paying customer money. You bought my course, you you signed up with partner Joe. So I'm not opening this to the public. This is only for paying customers. And you have if you're paying customer, you have access right now to my automated offer pro calculator.

So where is it? You need to log into your membership sites and then you'll find it. So I'm going to open up one of the websites so you can kind of see where it is. And I'll show you how to get to it because I'm going to show you how to use it on this little webinar here. And I'm going to show you real quick, simple, easy ways to come up with cash offers, owner financing offers, lease option offers. And pretty soon I was just doing a webinar today with Pace Morby. Pace Morby is a guy who is a friend of mine who does a lot of subject to's and he's got some cool stuff going on with subject to stuff. All right.

So I'm going to share my screen again right now. You guys see this? Tell me what you guys see. It should say welcome to your membership dashboard. All right, good. This is it. Over the last six months or so, I've changed everything from click funnels, membership sites to now a Kajabi membership site. So its members.JoeMcCall.com. I'm going to put this link in the zoom chat. All right. So I put the link into the zoom chat. If you don't have, you need to click that and you're going to create a login with the username and password. If you can't get in it, you'd send an email to support at JoeMcCall.com. Send an email. If you can't get in this and can't log in to your course, send an email to support@JoeMcCall.com.

Basically what we've done is all of my courses from simple release options, wholesaling these options, automated wholesaling, small time profits in your investor, agent cash, everything is now in this membership site. So if you see in my screen here you'll see all of my courses and depending on what you have access to, it'll be here. And I have two pages so far of stuff in here. So depending on what you've bought, you'll have access to stuff. So now what we have here is this thing called automated offer Pro. Partner with Joe is this new program I just launched at seven bucks. It's really awesome. A lot of you guys are in that. If you have Automated Investing Secrets, it's right here. Simple Lease Options is my main options course.

Pretty soon, though, Automated Investing Secrets will be the main course. And so if you already have Simple Lease Options, you will soon have access to automated investing secrets. I'm starting a new thing called Joe's Inner Circle, which are going to be the coaching calls that's going to be available. So there's a lot of stuff in here that you might or may not have access to. Like Creative Financing Lab is the class that I did with material and creative financing. A lot of cool stuff here. Some of you bundles the. All right. So anyway, right here now is this thing called Automated Offer Pro. And this is my new calculator.

So now to get access to the calculator, you need to be in the membership site to get it. And I have. In here, the training on how to use it, an actual calculator. So when you click on that, you'll see the calculator right here, right? And here you can go through it and use it. So this is what I'm going to do. But also here you see here how to use the calculator training. This is a video I created. It's a forty-three-minute video and how to use the calculator. You can go back and watch it and play with it. So here is the calculator right here.

Let's just do this. I'm going to bring this into a new screen here and let's go. Somebody here has a property. You want some help evaluating. Type in the address and the chat. Maybe I'll play with something here. I'm just going to go find a property in Zillow where actually somebody give me one of your favorite zip's. Somebody three, three, two, seven, three. Where is three two seven zero three? Apopka, Florida. Where's Apopka, Florida anyway? That's near Orlando. OK, all right. I got it right here. Apopka. I was making fun of Apopka, Florida, because I've never heard of before. And now we're going to evaluate a deal here. So let's just say we're going through here and we find a property. Let's do this. I want to do this here for you guys. Let's go to Redfin. I want to look for houses in three to seven or three that have been on the market over sixty days. So I'm gonna go to more filters.

I want houses only. I want for sale on time on Redfin. More than 60 days. Oh, my gosh. The market is so hot. Why are there twenty-five homes on the market right now? Now, some of these are multi. I mean, I knew I was just I'd taken my calculator onto a new page that looks like this. And I went to Zillow, found some properties here, but I decided, let's go to Redfin and look for some older homes that have been on the market. So now we have here these are, I went to housesonly and one time on Redfin, more than 60 days. And we're in three to seven and three. And I want to I want to make sure we're not doing any new construction. So I'm going to do built before twenty fifteen.

Now, there's only four homes in that zip code. I'm going to remove outline here. So just in that area, there are forty-four homes on the market that have been on the market over sixty days. Let's do a map. I don't want like the real expensive homes either. Let's stay under four hundred thousand now. There'stwenty-one homes. It's a crazy twenty-one homes. If the market is so hot in this little area north of Orlando, why haven't these homes sold yet? Well, they're just they're overpriced. It's a great little property here. Let's go skip through the pictures now. It's a little outdated. Maybe the tile floor looks like it's from the 80s or 90s. Well, it was built in ninety-seven, so it wasn't from the 80s. So it's from that is twenty three years old. This kitchen, formica countertops, you get the kind of weird tile with square grout lines.

Now this looks like a house that was built in the nineties and probably hasn't been updated since. And it's got some outdated stuff in the bathroom. Some older things. This house just hasn't been updated. And it's not it doesn't look like it's been set or staged. So that's furniture in it. This is an outdated house and the flooring probably needs to all be replaced. So this house hasn't sold yet. Interesting. All right. So I'm going to show you a couple of things here. Really cool. I'm want to zoom out to get some more now. We have eighty-eight homes. Eighty-eight homes. OK, I'm going to go down here and scroll down to the bottom of this Redfin and I'm a download all of these into a spreadsheet.

Just downloaded them into a spreadsheet. And I'm going to open the spreadsheet up and I'll share my spreadsheet with you. It's going to show you. So this is a spreadsheet that I just downloaded from Redfin, and it's not going to have much. All it has here is the address price. That's Barth's and Subdivision Square feet, days on market you're built and the Redfin link and the MLS side and the GPS coordinates. All right. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back here. I'm going to log in to Prop Stream. Joe, by the way, do you guys have prop stream Joe yet? I'm going to put that link here in the chat.

You need to get prop stream. You get a seven-day free trial and I'll show you why I love prop stream so much. Prop stream Joe. Log into my account here. So we just downloaded a list of how many here. Eighty-nine properties that have been on the market over sixty days. Right. Not any new construction. I'm going to go in here to prop stream one to go to my properties. And by the way, we were recording all of these, so and they're going to be put into the membership site. Remember, I was just showing you membership sites here. You're going to have access to this thing called REI Secrets, weekly training, webinars and all the recordings will be in here just so you'll know. OK, all right.

So now I'm here in Propstream.I'm going to import that list I just downloaded. But first I need to download one of their sample templates, so I import it back in the right way. So I'm going to download the CSV, I'm going to open it up. And a CSV wants to see just a couple of things here. They want to see the address, city, state and zip. That's all they want. Right. It's going to go up here to the very top. I want to just copy and paste the city state and zip that lets me. Here you go. So copy that. I go to the new spreadsheet. I'm going to paste it right there.

I need to clean it up a little bit. So I have the address here. The unit is blank city, state, zip. I don't need the county or FIPS or APM. I'm going to save that. I'm going to go here back to property, but I'm going to choose the file now. I'm gonna choose that file I just created right here, properties twelve. I'm a create a new one. And let's call this what's the zip code again. Three to seven and three. Three, two, seven, three old listings. This is going to it's up. Loading that list to prop stream. All I have is the address, but the cool thing, what propstream does it's going to give me the names and the addresses of all of the owners of these older listings. And it's also then going to show me which ones of these have high equity. So 88 were loaded, 88 were processed.

Eighty-five success, three failed for some reason. There's something wrong with the address. OK, so now I'm going to pull that list that I just the search for. And that's right here, three to seven or three old listings. Check this out. This is amazing. This is awesome. Of those eighty-five properties in there, guys, forty-eight of them are free and clear. Do not have a mortgage. Are you kidding me? So this is now if I look at this, I have the owner's names, I scroll over, I have the owners mailing addresses. A lot of times they're just the same, except this one here is an absentee owner. This one is an absentee owner. This one's an absentee owner. This one's an absentee owner. This one's an absentee owner and an absentee owner, this one is most of these are.

Oh, my gosh. What does that mean? It means the address, the mailing address of the owner is different than the property address. So a lot of these are absentee owners, which means what? The house is probably vacant. Let's just look at an example here. Here's one one five two Mobile Avenue. All right, one five two Mobile Avenue. Let's go back to our list here and see if we can find that effect. I'm just going to go right here, one five to Mobile Avenue and the three to seven and three. This is it right here. Right. New details. Yeah, just like I thought, this property's been on the market for I don't know how many days yet, and it's vacant. This is a rehab most likely. Right. So anyway, I just wanted to show that to you. I don't even know if that's that is the right area. Where's the zoom out. Yeah, OK. It's the right area. The cool thing now is, guys, look at this. I have eighty- five of these properties.

Ignore the on market. The MLS data on Redfin is not that good. Ten of them are vacant though. Sixty five have high equity. Seventeen have low equity. These might be greatly option deals. Negative equity excuse me, pre foreclosure bank owned. One of them has a lien. Forty eight of them are free and clear. So check this out. If you click on the free and clear, you can see now these properties do not have mortgages. What if what if we sent some blind owner financing offers to the owners?

The other thing you could do is you could from propstream, and I don't need to show this to you right now, but you could download this entire list and. Right. Filter out the ones that have owned the house at least ten years that have that are free and clear. And you could send blind owner financing offers to them. So you can see here a column last recording date like this one right here. It was last sold in twenty twelve. OK, and maybe this is a better one here and I'm just flying off the seat of my pants. This one is last sold in two thousand six and it's free and clear if I click on that property. All right. This is one five five Providence Circle. I'm going to copy that. Let's look it up here and read.

All right. This looks like a nice house. They just dropped the price 10k. They're motivated. How long has it been on Redfin? I'll tell you in a minute. One hundred and fifty-four days. Guys, this house is free and clear. This is why I like Propstream so much. You can see how much they've owned it and you can see their mortgage transaction history. And for some reason this might have been a fifteen-year mortgage because it was financed in 06 and they're showing estimated equity of two seventy-five. Even if they're wrong, there's a lot of equity in this deal, so it doesn't matter to me. Right. So now I can see the mailing address. What Desmond Watson and Betty Hart, it's the same. It's not an absentee owner. But let's look at the property here. Let's look at the photos.

Oh, this is why it hasn't sold yet. It needs updating, isn't it? Yeah. Popcorn ceilings, pink walls, brown trim, weird tile floor. I'm not this is this is kind of a weird house. It's just priced too much. It's looks like a great yard, looks like a real nice neighborhood. It hasn't sold yet because it's overpriced and it needs updating. What if we offered the seller full price if they would do owner financing or at least purchase? All right. So back here to prop stream, why don't we just create an offer? Now, one of the things I wanted to show you was this is one five five Providence. One of the things I wanted to show you was you could actually take this whole list and export it and then it will give you in the export the realtor's email address and phone numbers. Some of these you see the realtor's agent's name, agent, phone number, agent email. Let's go back to that house where it goes, one five five Providence there. This one. Oh, it doesn't it's not on there. Normally it has right here the most details of that property.

And look at this blank right there. Let's just look at this one as an example. Then you can click on MLS details and you can see right down here, it has the agent's phone number and email. Now, one of the videos I'm going to be showing you in the future is how using something like to go to JoeMcCall.com/gmass, I'll put that link in here. JoeMcCall.com/gmass. You can use gmass to email all of these realtors at once. I get 80 to 90 percent deliverability with these emails. I'm showing the future video here how you can email all these realtors and say, hey, I'm an investor. I really like this house that you have on base, your drive in Orlando, you or your client. If I could get your client their asking price of whatever it is, would they consider their asking price of.

I don't know what they're asking, prices have to look, would they consider something like seller financing or lease purchase? All right, so anyway, we're going to show you in future videos here, like you can take this list and do several things that you can get the emails of the realtors. You can send all of the realtors and email using something called gas, which is amazing, superhigh deliverability. And every time I've done this, I've gotten potential deals and I've gotten deals out of it. Well, you can also take the phone numbers and send a text messaging campaign to the realtors. You can also get the owners and skip trace the owners and you can cold call the owners. You can send a letter to the owners. It's pretty awesome. So for this house here, though, let's just say we're just wanting to make a onetime offer. We're going to send a letter to the owner or we talk to the owner. We sent the owner a letter to talk to the realtor. The realtor said, yeah, they would you know, we'd be willing to sell it, maybe go and make an offer.

All right. I hope you guys see how cool analysis is. Let me just recap what we did. We looked for all of these properties in this area that have been on the market over 60 days. They haven't sold yet. We downloaded this list. We uploaded it into prop stream and we found all the properties that are free and clear. We found the name and the address and phone numbers of all the realtors. That opens up a huge door of opportunity where we can send marketing to the realtors and to the owners. All right. So now back to my calculator. We do a few things here. I'm going to copy this address and I'm going to copy the owner's name. All right. So here is my calculator. We're going to we're going to create an offer to the seller. We've only talked to them a little bit. We're going to put our company information in here business, address your email and your website.

Now, let me show you something, guys. There's an add-on called that I have in Google Chrome. It's called I don't know if you can see it. It's called Generate Autofill. And so what I've done here is with this little add on and I'll show you what it's called actually here in a minute. You can set it up where when you go to this form again in the future, it'll automatically fill in everything. OK, so I just generated autofill rules. This add on is called Autofill. So if you have Google Chrome, go get this plug in called Autofill Magic, since I'm just going to show you what it looks like here. I don't know how to say it just it's called autofill. Get this extension called Autofill. So when you're in here, let's go back here to this page here and click on Calculator Access. Did you hear that? You just heard this zap. It just zapped everything in here, so it refilled everything out. You don't have to do that over and over again. Yeah, most password managers have something like that. I use last pass and for some reason I can't figure out how to get last pass to do it. But that autofill thing just did it right now. I'm going to click next. Now I need to put the seller's name in here.

And the other thing I use a lot is this thing called clipboard history. I don't know if you can see that or not, but like whenever I copy, I can copy and paste multiple things in it adds it in here so I can just copy and paste things that I've already copied. Now, it gave me the seller's name in all caps. I don't like that. So I'm just going to Watson. I just kind of retype it to get rid of all the property address, paste that right there. But I need to kind of cut and paste stuff. The city has to go there. Florida cut paste. OK, now the if I go here to prop stream, the mailing address is the same as a property address. So all I'm going to do here is copy paste, copy paste, Florida copy paste. Right next. This is where we're going to determine ARV. And I should explain this. You have your info, the property info after repair value, the cash offer, lease option and owner financing. All right.

So we need to get the ARV of this house now. They've listed it for $309,900. But what are the values of the house now? You can see here Redfin estimate is three six, three twenty. Let's put that in there. Redfin three or six, three twenty. Let's look up what Zillow says. Sometimes you can get the values from Zillow on a listed property. Sometimes you can't. If we go to realtor.com, let's also go to Zillow.com, by the way, perhaps even gives us a value right here. Two seven, five, four, three, three, perhaps dream. OK, put that. Let's put the address. Now, if it's a listed property, sometimes realtor.com doesn't give you their estimated value. Sometimes they do. And right here, there's this thing called home value.

If you open that up, this is interesting. It gives you collateral analytics. I don't know if you can see that. I mean, zoom in a little bit and see that right there. Collateral Analytics, CoreLogic, Quantium. So I'm just going to go here first one is two eighty two. OK, now you don't have to put in the thing here you want if you don't want like the name CoreLogic two seventy-six one hundred enter and then you could do one more Quantium two fifty eight seven five seven. Again you can just type in if you Quantium if you want. Right. Cool. It's interesting isn't it. So those are all lower than the current list price.

Now let's check out Zillow. What a Zillow say. All right. There's Zestimate that's interesting. Sometimes they do that, sometimes they don't. But this estimate is a lot less. Let's go here. Let's add one more Zillow. Oh, so when it comes to ARV, there we go. That's enough. And you can also do a appraisal sometimes you can do. Yeah, right. From the MLS or whatever, but we have an average now to seventy-nine one seventy one.

So enter the ARV you want to use. Let's just do two eighty. OK, just the average. Now sometimes you know you can take out like the really low ones. So if I wanted to maybe I could take out Quantium. That's the lowest. Now he got to eighty-three. Let's do two, eighty-five. Don't spend more time than I just did. It took me longer than it should have taken you to do this, because we're just going to get an approximate number. Twenty-five now I click next. Now here, we're going to calculate our cash offer. All right. The ARV from the previous page is twenty-five discount from ARV, usually 70 percent in a hot market like Florida. Maybe I'll do seventy-five square footage on this property is eighteen ninety-nine.

Now why do we want square footage. Because it helps us calculate repairs. Let's look at this property again. What kind of repairs does it need? I mean, you can spend a lot of time going into this and evaluating it. You know, this is more than just cosmetics. If we're going to get this super nice, this is going to need new countertops, new kitchen. We're going to need new flooring. Are there any pictures of there's no pictures of the bathrooms, which is very interesting.So this house is going to need not a full gut rehab, but pretty substantial. Right. So this is going to be different for every market.

You just kind of need to play around with it. OK, this is going to be, I think, a mid-level rehab. Twenty bucks a square foot, which is about thirty-eight grand. Now, let me show you something in in freedom sort by the way, I have REI Simple, which is my white label, but there's also freedom soft. And soon I'm going to have a coach's account. It's called Joe McCall Signature Edition of Freedom and I'll have all my stuff in there as well. I just want to show you, when you when you're looking at a deal, you can you get access to a rehab estimate, OK? And we're just going to put that address in here. If you're not using this yet in freedom, soft or simple, you need to. It's amazing.

OK, we'll do the, let me show you what we've got here. This is a durant, isn't it? Yeah. Total square feet. What did we say? It was eighteen ninety-nine. And we're not adding any square footage. There is no basement probably. That's Florida, it's a three bedroom and one and a half, two baths. This estimating tool and freedom is not as crazy accurate. It's really, really good and it's amazing. I've talked to contractors who have looked at it and just been really amazed that I don't think is there a garage? Is that just a driveway? It's a garage. That's a one car garage.

They might be classified as a to keep it as a one. Roof. Just looking at the pictures, you can see some discoloring on there. It's probably in decent shape, but that discoloring is kind of ugly, isn't it? So let's just say needs some repairs, not replace, but some repairs contingency. Let's add five percent current condition livable. But it needs work, right. Property after repairs. Eighteen ninety-nine. We're not adding any beds. We're not adding any baths. Still, we'll have a one car garage and the finished quality economy, average luxury. So like if I was man, if I was rehabbing this for a rental, I might do economy luxury.

If it was a really, really nice house average. Just keep it on average housing market adjustment. This will be where it kind of tailors your construction costs based on the city that you're in. It's going to cost more to rehab in in San Jose, California, than maybe Florida. But let's just see what happens in Florida and the city. It's right around Orlando. Is it OK? Create estimate, boom. Here we go. This is really good. So you can see here you've got permits, demolition. There'll be a little bit of a roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical framing installation. And there's two different rehabs, a rental grade rehab and a fix and flip rehab. OK, and you may go through this and you can adjust it any way you want.

They're figuring about fifty-two hundred for the kitchen, you may say. Well, it's more than that. It should be seventy-five hundred. So I'm going to click the button and go in here and do seventy five hundred. OK, you may say landscaping needs to be a little bit more or less. Garage. There's nothing we really need to do in there. You can make that zero if you want contingency. All right. So anyway, you can see here the total is about forty-three grand. Now, I did in our calculator here, middle of a rehab about twenty. So you might decide we need to do maybe twenty five dollars. Just kind of depends. I mean, you know, your markets now, whatever you're doing there, you can go in here and edit this, you can change it. You can say, you know what, I'm just going to make it forty thousand dollars estimated repairs wholesale if you want. You always want to shoot for at least ten grand in wholesale fee.

So this is going to give you method one cash offer of one hundred and sixty three thousand. Now, method two for cash offer is the average of the lowest Soldz times, a certain percentage. OK, so let's look at what are the average solds. This is why I like Prop Stream so much. I'm going to go here to I have this property up here. I'm going to click on comparables and it's got nineteen comparables and it searches public records and the MLS. It gives you a date range in the last year, houses of similar size within a half mile radius. If you're not getting enough you could just move that to one mile radius. Now we've got sixty-four, maybe too much.

Let's do a half mile point five. So I hope you can see this. OK, now I'm going to take this table. I'm going to sort it by amount. Right now, the lowest ones are here on the top of the list of some of these are two bedrooms. So if you wanted to, you could say, all right, well, it has to have at least three bedrooms and it resets them. Now there's eighteen cops. Let me sort it by amount again. Now, you might want to take out outliers. This one sold for ninety-two. That might be just way low.

So let's remove the outliers and let's just kind of take the where we are here at the lower end. The first one is if you wanted to, you can copy the address here. One hundred and seventy-two thousand pacy address. One hundred and seventy-two. Next one, wouldn't it be cool if you just had a VA do this for you? One eighty-five and the next one we're right here to 15. Two hundred fifteen thousand. OK, let's just do one more copy, and that's two hundred and fifty-nine hundred. Right now. We can do a discount and usually it's 80 percent. OK, so you take the average of the lowest solds times, 80 percent. And you're going to see now you have two cash offers, one sixty-three, seven fifty and one fifty-seven. OK, so enter the cash offer you want to use.

Let's just do one sixty. How much earnest money do you want to put down? How much do you have us. Do we want to show them you're serious buyer. Right. And if you have good cash buyers you can make good cash offers. Let's do two thousand dollars earnest money and let's give them a deadline of Friday, the end of the week. All right. So that's our cash offer. Pretty low, isn't it? I mean, we're going to offer one sixty. They have it listed for three or nine.

What's the chances of getting accepted? Not but you know what? I don't care. I'm not going to make a stupid offer just because I don't want to hurt their feelings. Right. This property, there's a reason why they keep on lowering the price. And that's been on the market for where is it? One hundred and fifty-four days. How many months is that? Five months. It needs too much work. It needs a lot of updating. They're asking way too much. They're too aggressive. They may not be motivated enough. Well, that's fine. Sometimes we make our cash offer just to position are nicer, better offers our lease option offers owner financing offers better.

All right. Let's click next. Now, this is where we're calculating our lease option offers. Now, this is this might be a difficult deal to do, but we're making offers anyway. We're figuring the ARV is going to be two eighty-five and the repairs are going to be forty. So the as is value is two forty five. They're asking three 09. So we're already worlds apart.

So what I like to do is when you're making a sandwich lease option offer, you always want to have at least fifteen. You want to try to get ten to fifteen percent equity. Orlando's a hot market and let's just do what, ten percent equity. So I want at least twenty four grand in equity. So I'm going to make an offer of ten percent of the as is value. You don't want to make an offer 10 percent of the RV because it needs a bunch of work. And I'm also willing to push it up a little bit because it's a hot market. I'm willing to push that up a little bit. I'll do 10 percent equity.

And by the way, if I get this property in sandwich lease option offer, am I going to be doing the repairs? No, I'm going to be giving the tenant buyer of thirty-to-forty-thousand-dollar discount if they do the work themselves. So I'm going to sell this thing a smoking hot discount. So I'm going to get it under option four to twenty. I might sell it as a lease option for maybe two fifty-five. OK, it's worth about two eighty-five. I'm going to sell it as a lease option to a tenant buyer for about two fifty-five but ten grand higher than today's as his wife. So that's.

Do you think I'm going to get a lot of interest in that. You bet I am, because this is a property that needs a lot of work and there are tons of people looking for handyman special lease option deals. They can go in, pick one.These are guys and ladies that can replace the kitchen cabinets themselves. They can do the flooring themselves. They get to pick the colors. They want the cabinets. And they can do that in a couple of months with some friends. But I'm giving them a great deal. The other thing you could do, and I don't know if I like doing this as much anymore, but you can say, all right, I'm going to sell it to you for two eighty-five and I'll give you a thirty-thousand-dollar work for equity credit if you do the repairs.

You know, sometimes that gets tricky and hairy. Just give them a discounted price already as it is, it's worth $285Kfixed up. Sell it to them for $255k. That's figures about 30 grand in for repairs for them but they can probably do it themselves and they're doing the self, performing all of their own work. They could probably do the repairs for 20 grand. So it's a great deal for them. That makes sense. All right, mark it. Rent the market, rent on this property.

If I just go to, what, Zillow? I mean, propstream says it's about 1722. Sometimes I like to look at the property on Zillow and what to Zillow say the estimated rent is? Rental value. Seventeen twenty-five. So perhaps dream says seventeen twenty-two. Zillow says seventeen twenty-five. Let's do seventeen hundred. I always think you know if I'm going to advertise his house I might want to. I want to. I want to advertise it for sixteen ninety-five just so I could make sure I get a good tenant in there quickly. I get a lot of applications right. So how much cash flow do you want. And I typically like to get twenty five percent but I might be ok with twenty percent so I only get three hundred thirty-nine dollars a month cash flow, which means I'm going to offer to the seller rent of thirteen fifty-six let's see twenty five percent.

So I'm going to offer the seller rent of twelve seventy one a month. All right. So how much option deposit am I going to pay to the seller. I'm going to pay them usually I do one to two months rent. Let's just do two grand. By the way, does that money come out of my pocket. No, I give the seller that money when I collect the option deposit from the buyer, depending on how good of a deal is. Sometimes I will just pay it right away up front a number of years. I always want to try to get at least five years. Five years. Now here's a wholesaling lease option. OK, this is where I say, listen, I'll take care of everything here. You don't have to worry about anything.

You know, I'll take care of the vacancies, the maintenance, repairs. But if you don't like that, then you can I'll just assign I'll find a buyer and I'll sign my lease option them. So the current as is value is two forty five, right. Well I mean the seller's asking to three or nine. I might do two fifty-five. OK, and I'll give the seller an option. You have the free contract to be valid. You need to give them some money and I'll be two years.

So my wholesaling lease option offer is going to be two fifty five. Sixty ninety-five a month in rent, a one hundred a month and two years next, now we're going to calculate our own financing. So the price the seller wants or the as is valued now as is from before was two forty five. The seller wants three or nine. But you know what? Principal only payments. I might give the seller more. Right, because if I can get principal only payments I can give them their price. If they give me my terms so I might say I'll give them to seventy-five to seventy-five. OK, and what kind of discount from that you can, you can add just kind of you want to just leave it at zero. How much down payment do you want to make? You know I'll put 20 percent down.

Where does the money come from by the way? Your private investor. But you don't have that maybe as to 10 percent down and market rent is sixty, ninety-five for principal only payments. I typically like to offer fifty percent of the rent, so I'm going to make them principal only payments of eight seventy-four fifty a month. That's kind of where we start from. That means if you pay principal only payments you'll pay it off in twenty four point three years or two hundred ninety two months. So this is all negotiable. This is where you're starting from.

OK, now interest only payments I might do if they want higher, if they want interest payments or they want better terms than the price needs to go down. So I might lower the price. So now before I would offer $275K, now I might offer let's do two sixty-one, let's do 10 percent. So I'll offer two forty seven and instead of ten percent down before I'll do five percent down and interest rate I'll give them four percent and a balloon. Typically I do a balloon on interest only for ten years let's say. All right. Again, these are, these are just things that are getting your foot in the door. This is just your initial offer as you're negotiating and talking to the sellers, you can this can all be negotiated. They may say, no, I won't take two seventy-five. I want to ninety-five say, well OK, I can give you two ninety-five maybe if we do I'll do zero down ok.

And I'll pay you five hundred a month. Principal only payments. You can even say. All right I'll give you two eighty-five to ninety-five but let's, I'll do zero payments for the first year. You could even say this. What about this. I'll give you your price if I'm going to rent it out I'm only going to pay you rent when I actually have a tenant in the property. There's a whole bunch of options you could say, all right, I'll give you the higher price. But let's say they want fifty percent. Now you can say, all right, I'll give you 50 percent down if because I'm going to need to put a private investor. If you let me put my private investor in first position, you take second position. All right.

There's so many different things you can negotiate. This is a great thing about creative finance and you can negotiate price or terms. And there'sonly one way to negotiate price up and down. Right. There's only one thing. Negotiate this price. The terms you can negotiate down payment, monthly payment, interest rate, the number of the balloon, the term the in maybe any rent credits on a lease option. You can negotiate like no payments for the first six months, no payments for the twelve months private investor, but they're in first position.

OK, by the way, some of you are like again how am I gonna get that twenty-seven grand for the down payment? The private investor. And you may say, well there's not enough equity, how can I protect the private investor. This thing is going to cash flow really well. These terms are really good in principle. Only payments. All right. You can just tell your private investor this is what we're going to do. I'll put you in second position. The seller has to be in first, but we'll set it up where if I don't, you'll pay this private investor eight percent interest.

Let's say, OK, you can say this is such a good deal. If I don't pay you, you can just take over this. You can just take over the property so you can structure it with your private investor where they can just take the deal over somebody asking where will we get a copy of this video? All of this stuff will be in the membership site when I can't show you because I'm in this calculator right now. There's REI Secrets weekly webinar, series, membership site, and all of the recordings will be in there. All right. So now we're going to click submit. All right. Here we go. The offers are going to be emailed to you and you can also download them below.

What we have here are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven different word documents that you can play with. I'm going to download all of them right now. You can also go to your email and you can see them in your email. All right, cool. Just downloaded them. Excuse me. Let's look at the last one right here is the blind owner financing offered. You guys see it? Let me just make sure you guys can see this.

Can you see do you see the word document? OK, this is one of the whatever I said, six or seven. And the cool thing about this, guys, is this is in words. So you can actually change this to do any of that. You may say, I don't want to spell out Florida. I want to do FL. So change it felt. So it's now addressed to dear Desmond Watson and Betty Hart from you. My name is Joe. This is a blind owner financing. So this is what you might want to send, like if you were to because you have the frame from propstream here. You have the owners contact information. You can just send them to an owner financing offer. You can says here, dear Desmond Watson and Betty Hart, my name is Joe McCall. I'm writing because I'd like to purchase your property located at in Orlando. Hopefully I've done my research and I've sent this to the correct person.

My company is here in O'Fallon now. I'm sending this from O'Fallon, Missouri. So you might want to, you might want to delete that. You might want to say my company invests in Florida or you might just say my company is delete, an investment firm that specializes in buying properties like yours in the Orlando area. Would that offer with that in mind, if you would consider seller financing? I would like to make you a full price offer on the property. We can buy it as is and close on any date you choose. I realize this might seem a little out of the blue, so please forgive me if this letter seems too forward, I assure you, this is a real offer, my company is prepared to pay full price for your property in 30 days or less. Now, full price and whose full price? They're asking three oh nine.

So you might need to go in here and change that. But you'll see here in a minute what I'm talking about. I'm so confident we can offer you more than anyone else can for your property. I've included a letter of intent for your review. Please have a look at it and feel free to call us with any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you. You might want to change this to four or to fair to full market. I'd like to make your full price offer and I'll just leave it as is.

Don't overthink this. All right. There's your name and company name your website. By the way, if you don't put your website in there, just leave. A blank is not a big deal. Please keep this letter for future reference. If now is not the right time to sell your house, if you know of anyone else that might be looking to sell. Please give this letter to them. Thank you. And then I do this in italicize because it's important if it's listed and it is this is not a solicitation to list your house. We are wanting to buy it. If your house is already listed with a realtor, please give this letter to them. Here's my letter of intent. It's addressed to them. The date, address, name. This is just a letter of intent. This isn't a contract. It just says, hey, we'll buy your property for two seventy-five.

Now, you might want to change that whatever you can, but this is the cool thing about it is this is word and this is a principle only payments offer. Down payment of twenty-seven thousand monthly payments of eight seventy-five per month until paid approximately two ninety-two months. We'll pay all taxes and insurance will buy it as is this offer expires. And this is just fifteen days. Cool. There's your info right there. You can add your facts in. There is also if you want cool real simple, you could just print that and send it to the seller if you wanted to email it. Well, I can't get into this now, but you could you could take this and create a new seller lead and mail it to the seller in the physical mail right through freedom stuff. But I'll show you that another time right here is you can also attach this one-page seller report that is included, which is awesome. And I just got permission from Richard Rup who created this to do this, how to sell your house as is at a fair price on the date of your choice.

If you want to sell your house the fastest, easiest and most convenient manner, read this important message. You may discover the perfect solution because we buy houses throughout the Orlando region. So you might want to include this in the mail so you could go to this thing, print it and then print this and just send them the three pages. So this is a whole article. You can read it about you being all the benefits of selling their house to you. It's pretty cool. Is this amazing or what? Right now here is the one page three options. This is something else you could send them. This is a cover letter, just a one-page letter, and it gives them cash. I can pay cash. One sixty. I could do a lease purchase at two twenty or I could use seller financing to seventy-five.

Just gives them some options. So lease option twelve seventy one and rent principal only payments eight seventy five eight. Seventy-eight. Forty-seven. OK this is your sandwich lease option offer. This is your principal only payments offer. That, Julie's asking word. That letter come from this is in the automated offer pro calculator. This is not in freedom soft. So let me show you what I would do that. All right. So if I'm making an offer, I would go in here to my seller leads.I would do a new lead and I would put the seller's info in here. Right. So we've got copy. Copy. So the seller's name, OK, I don't have their phone number yet. Let me just show you how to if you're putting this inside of freedom soft.

OK, you can choose a campaign that you're doing this with save lead. OK, so you can also click here, find owner and it brings up the owner's information and it saves these fields down here. Owner All right. So now I've got this information in here. I could go right here to attachments and let's say I want to attach these files. I just did. I want to send the blind owner financing and the one-page seller report. OK, so then from here I can highlight both of them. Click email. So I'm sending those two attachments and I just mail it to OK, so this is one of my demo accounts. I would mail it to click-to-email. I can email it to the seller with these email templates right here. I could email it to the seller or I could send it to click to mail, email the mail and they will print it and mail it to the seller in the physical mail.

But my point is I wanted to show you create the lead in here and just attach it. And then from here you can email it to the seller. You could also, if you had a contract, do a digital signature right here from Freedom Soft, OK? And then when you send it, you can also click on View and everybody will download it. I was going to say you could send it as a as a PDF and get a link and text it to the seller anyway. So that's a one-page thing right here is already open. That got another thing here. This is a cash offer only.

Let's say you wanted to send the seller just a cash offer. You could send this it's a one-page thing. It says, hey, this sheet of paper is worth one sixty. Let's say you don't like the zeros you can delete. That is one sixty for the next 30 days. It's just a cover letter. Hey, you have any questions? Give me a call. And then here is a one-page contract for one sixty-two thousand down. Here is the deadline right there. Then here is two pages of here.

The benefits when you'll experience when you sell your property to us. And here are two different ways you can sell your property. So you can. What I would do here is I would save this as a PDF, put it in my temp folder. OK, now go here to my freedom soft and I would attach that PDF. I just created somebody to give me their cell phone number and I'm an email, I'm a text you this thing. Here you go, Julie. That number looks like it's too long. Maybe it's not. So I'm going to say that that's your phone number. OK, all right. So now I have in this attached. Now, that was Julie's phone number. So this is a PDF cash offer. OK, let me do what we do. One more thing here. Click to mail emailed mail.

I have videos in my training about how to do email to mail, click to mail. But I'm going to sign a sign into my clicked e-mail account here because this is my Freedom Soft account. I mean, this is my demo. I'm going to add in a new contact and I'm going to call this an advertiser. I would call it my mail bot. That sounds weird. And email to mail. What email to mail does click to mail is it. Let's use email a document to click to mail clicked mail will print it and send it to whoever is in the subject line and you have to have approved senders. Joe at Chamberlain. Dash Holdings is an approved sender and you have to have a mailbox and I have a mailbox here called. Right. We're just going to call it Joe Dash Mail Dash Yellow at e mail dot com. I'm going to copy that. You can go in here and edit.

This is a mailbox. All right. So what this does is when you send that, it's kind of hard to see when you send a letter to that email address. It's going to do a double window envelope, Black and White Canary. It's going to do a yellow paper next day. Production first class. It's not two sixty-three a letter. It only works out to be about eighty cents a letter because it's a lot cheaper when you do when you have pre-paid credits. OK, so what I'm going to make here is a contact. The email is Joe Dash mailed Dash Yellow at IBM to mail dotcom. Cool. I'm going to save that contact here. So now that's a contact change the mail bot to just one word mailbox. Now, let's go back to that lead here. Oh, there's one other thing I want to do. I want to create an email template. So you have a if you go to your settings, go to templates, go to email templates, I'm going to create a new template for email to mail, click to some a click on this blue plus.

I'm going to call this email to mail. Now the subject line. It needs to have the recipient's name and address and is separated by semicolons. So I'm going to do here Seller primary contact name. When you semicolon, I think it's what it's called space. And I'm going to do a mailing address, semicolon, mailing city state zip. OK, I'm going to highlight all of that, cut it and put it in the subject line and you need to have some kind of text in the email body. So I'm going to do three dots. So all this is this is an email template. If I click save changes now, I'll show you how this all works. So I have this temple called email to email. What it does is it merges in these fields into the subject line and that's it to go to my template, just go back to this lead. OK, so now I have this PDF of this cash offer.

I'm going to click on View and this is what's in it. It's a four-page letter, the one-page cover letter, the one page contract and two pages of here the benefits of selling your property to us. And there's two ways to sell your properties. OK, cool. Now I'm going to do a couple of things here. I'm going to do a take that I'm going to click on email right here. It's coming from my good email address and I need to put in Melbourne and it pulls it from the contacts that I have. Just pulls it up. I'm going right here to the email templates and it's right there. Email to mail.

All right. So what's just happened here? It's now attached that cash offer. It's a PDF. I'm sending it to click to mail from a pre-approved email address, and it's pulled in to the subject line, the person's name and their mailing address separated by semicolons. If I send this email right now to click to mail because I have pre-paid credits in click to mail and I don't know how many I have, I have two hundred something bucks. As soon as I email that to the seller, to email that to clicked email, clicked mail. We'll get it today, print it and send it first class mail in yellow paper in a window envelope to the seller. OK, pretty amazing. Just with a simple email.

Now four pages it might be a dollar seven or dollar five or something like that. OK, so I'm not going to send the email, but that's how you would send this letter and the seller would get it in about two or three days. The other cool thing is if I click on this, you can see here this PDF is saved on Amazon Web servers. This is a big, long URL. So I'm actually going to copy that URL and I'm going to put it in the Zoom chat. If you guys click that URL, you can see the PDF, right. So I will I want to text this PDF to the seller, but I don't want to text this huge long URL. So I use a service called Bitly.

And you can create shortened URLs. I just paste that long URL there. It gives me a short one, so I'm going to copy that and I'm going to paste that. You see in the zoom chat I gave you a shortened URL in a really long URL. Christopher. Yes, you can email directly from Freedom Soft. That's what I was just showing you. You can email that to the, to the in fact, somebody give me their email address in the zoom chat. Right. Juda gave me their email address. Let's go in here. I'm going to edit this person, put in their email right there. All right.

So this person now for this lead, his their email is Judah at Gmail dot com. OK, so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to click on their email address. I'm going to click on the attachment. So just attached it down there and I'm a click on a template. I'm not sure it's going to have all of my stuff in here, my company phone. I'm not sure if that's all correct. But anyway, cash offer for your property. If I wanted to, I could say I could copy that paste that merge field, OK, and I click send email. So I just sent an email to Juda with this PDF in it. Now the other thing I'm going to show you is remember I got that shortened URL right here. I'm going to copy that you are going to go back here to I want to send I forget whose phone number that was. I'm sorry. I want to send them a text of, hey, I just sent you an offer. I think it was Julie, wasn't it?

So I'm a click on Julie's phone number here. I'm a click on SMS. You choose the phone number it's coming from and I'm going to say, hey, and let's say I don't remember their name. You can just primary first name there, Desmond. But I know I think it was Julie. Julie, here is that offer I was telling you about. I just put it in the mail, talk soon and I just I'm going to paste that shortened URL and do a smiley face, OK? Whoever it was, I just sent that you should get that text here in just a minute. That was Julie. It was Julie. So, Julie, let me know when you get that text.

And Judah, did you get that email yet? Julie just got the text. Good. Julie good. In reply to the text and due to good in reply to that email. Julie, let me know. Did you were you able to open up that PDF on your phone? So if I click on Communications Tabs, you can see the emails I sent out right here, OK? And the voice mails and texts I sent right here. You can also see if you see the notifications. So she said Julie replied right here. Thanks, Joe. We'll have a look. So, Julie, were you able to open the PDF on your phone from that link? I just texted her back, but she says I'm waiting for it to download. I'm going to change the names up here, so I know it's Julie. Julie.

So as soon as go and reply to my text there. Julie So the cool thing now is it keeps all of this conversation right here in the communications tab. And there's an email now if Juda replies to the email, the reply does not go into Freedom Soft. It can't do that. It goes to your inbox. So I'm going to go look at my inbox right now, see if I see an email reply from Juda. Yeah, here it is. Let me share my screen.

You guys see my email here? So this is the email I sent to Juda. Hey. And the name wasn't in your properly but it would have had his name there. Attached isn't as an offer for your property at address you can see the subject line was cash offer for your property at address. There the offer price is to you will cover all your normal closing costs. Please send them back to me right away. I've got offers on three similar properties thanks to McCall and he resists responded. Thanks for checking out the three to seven or three area. Cool right now if I go here to back to my freedom safety. You see my. So Julie, go ahead and respond to my text. Let me know that you saw you've responded in zoom chat, but respond to my text. I just want to show people. Yeah, I was able to open the PDF boom. There you go. That cool or what? Yeah, I love it. By the way, if you don't have freedom soft yet simple, I'm going to give you a link to go to guys. Go to Joe McCall.

No, no. It's freedomsoftjoe.com. Freedomsoftjoe.com. Just sent you guys a link there. It's pretty amazing. And the other thing is with this property too, you can see the street view of it. Wow. Who paints their driveway like that? Only in Florida now, comparable sales. This property, Zillow used to be able to allow you to put your stuff in here, but you can't. Now you just paste the address used to give you comps and Zillow change the algorithm to not allow that Providence.

You have to select the address from the dropdown. So now you just kind of have to look at this so you can choose. Instead, you can say, all right, I want to add to my estimate. Add to my estimate, add, add, add, add. OK, so now you can see the estimate here to seventy-eight, six oh one. It's actually kind of better. I like it because it allows you to choose what you've got and you can save and exit and you can use the comps there and return here to lead details.

OK, now you obviously you change the status to follow up. Warm follow up. All right. So somebody is asking, can you show real quick how to do comps again? First of all, if you let's say you want to get that contract signed, by the way, to let's say you're sending us in, the seller wants to do it and you want to send them to get it signed. All you do is you click from this. This is the cash offer. Right. We're going to have them sign right here under seller. OK, so we're just going to from here click on sign by wait. Let me go back to the lead. I need to copy this email address. OK, I'm going to copy that. So I'm going to go click sign. I'm going to put the signer's name here.

Julie put her email address and you could do this. You could add more people to sign if you wanted. So it's uploaded the file right now. Here you click on next. It's uploading right now. Surprised it's taken so long. There you go. It's done. OK, click next. This is where you're going to put your signature, right? So I'm just going to drag Seller name right there and you choose who's supposed to sign it. It's Julie. It's required.

And then you also want to drag the date right there. And you don't I don't sign it until after the seller signs it. So you could add yourself, but I'm just not going to worry about that. OK, then you do next. Cheryl Fields are. Oh, yeah. I forgot to assign the date.

I'm a choose date also goes to Julie. So the signature and the date. Go to Julie. I'm going to click next and I can send a title and message. Please sign. OK, this is going to Juda. Sorry Juda please sign and send back. Thanks dude. I'm going to send this to you right now. Yes. This can be done inside of REI Simple, right. And I'm going to send it to Judah right now. You're just going to get it. It's not for signatures due to go and check your email and sign this. I can go back to my dashboard and work.

Typically guys, when you send an offer to a seller, you want to make sure you are, you have them on the phone. OK, Judah got it. Go ahead and sign it, Judah, and let me know when you text it back. So you want to when you send it to them, you don't want to send it to them and say, hey, when you get it, sign it, send it back to me. You want them on the phone and you want to say, all right, dude, I got you on the phone here. OK, now I'm going to email you right now. All right. Go check your email.

I'll wait. Take your time. You on the phone. You got the email. Cool. Now open it up. Do you see the where you sign there? Do you have any questions? Is this all good? Cool. Now they sign it and we'll see. We'll see if Judah signed it yet. I'm going to refresh my screen. The cool thing is when he signs it, it will show up in here.

The signed contract will show up in here. Now, you can also click on this will take you to the signed documents. It's still working. I can remind signers if I wanted to, I can edit it and resend it. I could preview it. OK, he signed it. Let me go back to my dashboard here. Let me go back to that lead. Refresh my screen. Takes a minute to show up. Look at that. Something new just attached to my attachments. I can click view. This is the audit trail of it. So you can see if I zoom in here, I sent it to Julie, who's Juda? They viewed it.

They signed it. They completed it. I'll give them. Here's Julie's asking. Don't they want to have time to read through it, decide versus signing on the spot. I make them read it through with me, with them on the phone. It's just like I'm meeting them in person. I'm giving them a contract to sign. You never leave a contract at a seller's house. OK, let me move this down here.

All right. So let me go back here to attachments. Refresh my screen. Oh, look, that contract was just signed and it's attached already to this record. OK, I'm a click on View here. Scroll down by a boom. But a being there's a signature right there. And you see that. There it is. Thank you. Judah signed it and dated it. Now, if I wanted to, I could sign it electronically myself right here. Or you get what I would do is I would just open it my iPad and sign it and then email it to the seller. But yeah, if you wanted to, you can now take their signed click sign. I'm going to sign it myself. It's still uploading the file here and I could sign it electronically myself and then send it to the seller back. OK, but let's just go back to the lead here. Pretty awesome.

It keeps it all right here inside and go back to leaddetails go to communications and I could say thanks, Judas. Julie, here is the signed contract for your information. It should also have been emailed to you. So I'm going to go back here to touch. I want to send them a text copy of that sign contracts again. I click view. You've got this long. You are right here. I can send you all to them, but it's. Well, let's just send it back and let's just paste the big long link in there now. It's two hundred twenty characters. Might see if it breaks it up into two texts. I'm a little worried that it might not go through. I just sent the long text or you could just try it with I'm going to do it again, but I'm going to do it a bit early. I'm to create a new one. Right. Copy to shorten one. Yeah. So Julie got the text, so she got the one with the shortened link and the one with the really long link. Awesome guys. All right. Let me go back to a few things here.

We're almost done because remember, we downloaded a bunch of different contracts or documents here, downloads. All right. So we did the I showed you the one page self-report, the blind owner financing offer, the one page, three options, the cash only offer. Now, there's three letters of intent that we sent. This is the third one is great talking with you today. Please review the different options here. If I scroll down, this is the owner financing proposal and this is the all-cash seller financing.

One seller financing to the first one is interest payments. Two forty-seven, down payment twelve thousand seller. Carry back four percent interest only monthly payments of seven eighty-three. The balance of two thirty-five due in ten years. Or I'll pay you to seventy-fivetwenty-seven down terms for remaining balance two hundred ninety-two monthly payments of eight forty-seven fifty. Then the next three or four pages is why is owner finance to become a top alternative choice for selling a home.

Explains Owner Financing, Summary of benefits for owner financing. And then it attaches also this one-page report. Then the other letter of intent three option letter of intent is a lease option proposal. And this is a leasecash lease purchase option. This is a sandwich lease option and lease option assignment. This is a wholesaling lease option. And then the next. This is why a lease option is becoming a top alternative choice explains what a lease option is, a summary of the benefits of the lease option, and then three pages of frequently asked questions for lease options. And then the final letter of intent that this calculator creates is cash sandwich lease option and owner finance.

And it still uses the sandwich lease option benefits. Cool. All right, guys. This has been a really good one. All right. What's a good question from time then? I'll wrap it up with this. Which one of these steps do you often relegate to a virtual assistant versus when you take over the process? So I just want the VA to go in and let me share my screen one more time here. I just want the VA to go in and we go right here to edit the offer. I just want the VA to do their best, go through it and put in your information. Just fill it out with that thing.

Autofill thing, put in the property information, seller's name, property address, mailing address, put in the after-repair values that they get from Redfin and make them put in where they're getting these values from so you can review it, you know, maybe it's 2:00 a.m. or whatever that was, and then have them do the cash offer method to have them get the lowest sold. Let them take their stab at what they would choose, maybe something in the middle or tell them, I want you to do the lower one. You can go in here and change it. OK, then have them go through with creating this, creating also a lease option, creating the owner financing and then the submit. Cool. Now here's the cool thing. They can then send you this link. So if you right click on this link copy link address, they can then go into Freedom Soft for this lead and they can click a task or they can.

What you could do is you can go right here and you can say edit the offer calculator and you can also create a task, edit or review this offer, paste the link in there, assign it to yourself. Due date today, say, OK, so when you go to your home page, you see you have a task right here. I'll review this offer. You click it and you take this link, then open it and you go back to review the offer and everything that they just did. You might want to change some of this, say, oh, that's too high, that's too low, let's make it to 90. Oh, you know what I want to do? Eighty percent. I want to do fifteen dollars a square foot. I want to do eighty five percent of that. So my cash offer is now going to be, I want to do one eighty and I want to do five thousand earnest money.

I want to do 13 percent. I want 20 percent. It changes all your calculations, you know the zero five 10, the 20 percent here. OK, submit now everything's new but that link is still the same. OK, so now you can download. I only want to send the blind. I want to send the one page, three options. So you download that and I want to send me a one page summary report then you can upload those into. So let's task. I just completed it and see this cool. This link right here is the offer.

Now, one of the cool things you can do here as well is you can set this up where you have a merge field. You have a you have a field in here for that offer calculator. So I'm going to add it in the financials. So I'm going to go here to settings, custom fields. Seller leads and I'm going to go right here to financials and I'm going to add a field notes. Let's do it under notes. When I call this offer calculator link, this will be a yeah, it's just a text box create feel. So it's going to be out for offer calculator link right there. I'm going do one more thing real quick while I'm here. I want to move this over. I like the owner information up here.

Hire someone to drag this all the way up. Know what I want it when I want to. I want the notes higher up. You can change this anywhere you like. OK, that's good enough for now. Let's do some changes. OK, now I can go to that lead I was just on and I have that link here cut. I can put that link right there. OK. All right guys. I hope you got some good value out of that. Hey listen, what do you think? Was this any good? Was this good? Was this helpful for you? I want to ask you guys a favor. If you like this, please leave me a short video review at review. Joe, I'm going to send you guys a link.

I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could leave me a quick video review at reviewjoe.net. Or click on this link. We just from your phone go to reviewjoe.net. OK, from your phone. Go to reviewjoe.net And it's going to take you to a page that looks like I'm trying to get more reviews, going to take you to a page. It looks like this, but try to do it from your phones. It's going to ask you for just to shoot a quick little video like a selfie video from your phone. If you could please go to reviewjoe.net or click the link in the Zoom chapter. Put in your name, give me an honest review. And I got a special bonus for you on the thank you page. I'm going to give you a free book I wrote called Making Extra Money, Flipping Houses while on Vacation.

And I did a video about that. And I'm also going to give you a series of all day Saturday workshops on how to flip lease options. So if you can, I really appreciate it. Go to reviewjoe.net, click the link there in the zoom chat and it'll look like that putting your name, mobile phone number and email. And when you are done leaving the review from your phone, it will give your redirect you to a page where you can get this class. I did on a Saturday workshop on how to flip lease options. And then another book I wrote a PDF of making extra money while flipping houses while on vacation. Makes sense. OK, I appreciate you guys. You can do that. That would be cool. Eric, you have a quick question. What is it?

Eric has a quick question. OK, regarding deals from other wholesalers, what about it? Steve is asking REI simple and freedom soft are two different accounts. They are two different accounts. Yes. If you contact support and you tell them, hey, what's the main difference between freedom? Software is simple. The only difference is you get the freedom soft mobile app if you get the freedom soft Joe McCall Signature edition. And I'm in the middle right now of customizing and updating Freedom Soft so that it'll have all my contracts in there and stuff. Can we help them sell their deals? Yeah. So Jamil Damji, really funny guy, is on Instagram everywhere. YouTube does a lot of cool videos and stuff. He has a course called Astro Flipping and it's all about finding the buyers first, then bringing them deals. There's a way to do that, but you got to make sure you're using the right paperwork.

Because if you're not doing the right way, you could be brokering. You don't want to be brokering, so you want to make sure you're sending them you're only partnering together with people that you have an equitable interest in the contract for. And it helps if you have your license. So, yes, you certainly can. You want to learn the best way to do that. I would recommend checking out Jamil Damji and Astroflipping. I just put that in the zoom


chat. He teaches how to do that. All right, guys. Appreciate you all leaving a review. Reviewjoe.net that can give you a free book if you like this stuff. Thanks, guys. We'll see you later. Bye bye.


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