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You may remember that a while back I announced the beginning of what I called Deal Coaching. I set up this program to accept 12 investors, and it was designed solely for the purpose of providing encouragement and accountability.

Good news…

We’re a week in and amazing reports are already coming in from the participants.

Most are amazed at the success that happens when they apply the simple principles I outline. This is not for the sake of more teaching, but rather for holding their feet to the fire and making each one accountable for their actions.

In this episode, I review the simple principles and reveal the feedback. I especially hammer home exactly how momentum works, and how it affects your business. You’re the one responsible for getting the momentum going – and for keeping it going.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The 3 Ms of success
  • Focus on “what matters most”
  • Why follow-up is crucial
  • Understanding that it’s a numbers game

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Joe’s Coaching Program: Joe McCall Coaching
  • Podcast Hotline: 636.255.8815
  • For my Mind Map, text: WLO to 313131

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