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Ever get caught up in a really bad deal?

It can be a hassle. And once you’re in the middle of the mess, do you look back and wish you’d stepped away and passed it over?

I have – for sure. And I find that, occasionally, I’m still doing that as I enter into this new area of land acquisitions. So I know whereof I speak. Been there – done that.

In spite of my flubs, or maybe because of them, I am using this episode to warn you away from bad deals. What is it that might cause an investor to wrangle around and try to make a deal out of a bad deal?

It’s usually due to a lack of leads. There’s a scarcity mindset, so you’re pressured into grabbing at whatever comes along…

What’s the remedy?

Leads, leads and more leads. The flood of leads comes from ramped-up marketing. When you have plenty of leads, you can take your pick. It’s so much easier to then pass over the bad deals and keep moving forward.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why some investors repeatedly get bogged down in taking on bad deals
  • How to turn down a bad deal
  • When you run after sellers, sellers shy away
  • What I see that successful investors all have in common

Mentioned in this episode:

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