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Hey everyone – yet another real estate continuing education class is now under my belt. And this one really got me excited. If I weren’t so busy with so many other aspects of my business, I would definitely do this…

It has to do with all those people who have money sitting around in their IRA accounts. Most are totally unaware that they could move their account to a self-directed IRA and use it to invest in real estate.

There are RE investors out there, who are conducting free workshops that explain this process. Through this strategy, they connect with potential buyers who have money to invest. It can be very lucrative.

So in this episode, I explain several powerful benefits of using this as part of your business model.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Statistics of IRA holders who know about self-directed IRAs
  • How to partner with the companies (custodians) of self-directed IRAs (and earn commissions)
  • What the custodians bring to the table
  • Ideas for promoting workshops

Mentioned in this episode:

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