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Once again, I’m driving home from having attended another continuing education class…

As most of you know, to maintain your Realtor’s license, you are required to attend a certain number of hours of classes. This particular class had to do with agencies and real estate contracts. I know that sounds boring, but actually the class was quite interesting.

Trust me, I’m not going to use this episode to bore you with all that information, but it does get me thinking about the benefits of investors getting their real estate license.

Those of you who are my regular listeners, know that from time to time, I touch on this subject. Today I’m going into even more detail about why I feel the benefits of holding your license far outweigh those of not having your license.

There’s always been potential problems brewing around the question of:

“Are investors guilty of buying and selling real estate without a license?”

While you might have the best argument in the world, you don’t want to have to take that argument before your state’s Real Estate Commission. That’s not usually friendly territory.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why I have (and maintain) my real estate license
  • The benefits of getting your license as an investor
  • How I work with other real estate agents in my business
  • Making sure to work with an investor-friendly broker

Mentioned in this episode:

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