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As an investor, you’re looking for motivated sellers – but you never want to be the motivated buyer. You should always be the reluctant buyer.

In this episode, I explain how you might become that motivated buyer – the one who is so desperate for a deal that you find yourself chasing the seller. The harder you chase, the harder they run. You find yourself so desperate that you end up trying to turn a non-deal into a deal.

This happens where there’s a shortage of leads. A shortage of leads happens only when marketing has slowed down.

Your attitude should be: “I am here with the solution to your problem.”

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Avoid the trap of desperation
  • The remedy for that feeling of desperation
  • Different approaches to use that set you apart as the reluctant buyer
  • Don’t sell a program; just make an offer

Mentioned in this episode:

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