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I’m back from Spain, and with international travel so fresh on my mind, I’m giving out some great tips on how to survive traveling internationally. Just in case you might need them someday.

But the main point of this episode is to answer a question from one of my podcast listeners…

The question has to do with how incoming calls should be answered in your business. You hear me talk a lot about having seller calls answered live, and I go into detail as to why this is so important.

Finding a competent and reliable VA to answer calls is also a goal to strive for. But that won’t happen overnight. Your VA might be from the Philippines (as mine is), or might be local, which works great as well. And you’ll have to train them. Until that time, you can use a live call center.

The key is to do what your competition is not doing – answering calls with a live person.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to find a VA to answer calls
  • Where to find a reliable VA
  • What to pay your VA
  • Call centers that work well

Mentioned in this episode:

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