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In this episode, I share the story of a student of mine who blows me away with his spunk and ability to hustle.

This is a young college student, attending school full time, working part time – and because of his lack of cash, he simply marketed on Craigslist. Recently, he flipped his first investing deal for around $16k.

Want to know how he knew what to do?

He watched teaching videos on YouTube. When it was time to create a contract, he went to Office Depot and bought one of those pre-printed $3-form contracts.

(This all happened before he and I connected.)

Here’s a young man who did not use his lack of knowledge, lack of experience or lack of money as an excuse.

What’s your excuse?

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How this college student marketed on a shoestring budget
  • How he found another investor to flip to
  • How he learned what steps to take to put a deal together
  • The 2 essential keys to making your investing business work

Mentioned in this episode:

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