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A question that came in on the Podcast Hotline supplied me with an interesting subject for this episode. It has to do with contracts – and I can say that I get questions on this subject regularly. So this may supply needed information for many of my listeners.

This investor wanted to know: When you send a contract to make an offer, do you sign the contract before sending? Secondly, how long should the inspection period be?

I do answer these questions… but they also led me to discussing the importance of “always be making offers.” I never stop telling my students, “Send offers to everyone you talk to.”

Equally important is the follow-up. Fully half of your deals will come from your follow-up.

Also in this episode, I take a minute to let you know about some upcoming events at which I’ll be speaking. Maybe you can attend one.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • When to sign the contract
  • Best length of time for the inspection period
  • Simplify categorizing each lead as it comes in
  • Importance of follow-up
  • Upcoming speaking engagements

Mentioned in this episode:

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