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In the course of coaching my clients, I come in contact with all different responses to making this business work. When I come across someone who tells me they’ve made only 1 or 2 offers in a 2-week span, and they’re closing no deals, I have to be honest and direct with them…

This business only works when you do. That means you make 5 offers a day – no matter what. There can be no excuses.

Don’t try to overthink this. It’s super simple.

Once you get into a rhythm of making 5 offers a day, in another couple of months you will have a big list for follow-up mailings. It grows exponentially from there. The deals will come. I promise.

But it all starts with making 5 offers a day. NO excuses.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Creating an effective mailing on a shoestring budget
  • How to be a big fish in a small pond
  • Hustle by networking in a narrow-niche neighborhood
  • The 3 Ms of this business

Mentioned in this episode:

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