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A question came in on my Podcast Hotline asking how contracts work when you’re working with wholesaling partners. This listener wondered if a formal contract was necessary between you and your wholesaling partner.

At first, this may seem a little confusing, but it’s actually very simple, and I clarify every detail in this episode.

I explain that it's important for you to keep in mind that you are handing your partners exactly what they need – quality leads that have a high probability of turning into deals. This creates a true team atmosphere with trust on both sides.

The trust and the relationship are key in a successful wholesaling partnership.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The benefits of my Automated Wholesaling System
  • The tasks delegated to you; the tasks delegated to your partner
  • How to keep every step of the process transparent for both parties

Mentioned in this episode:

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