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On the podcast hotline, a question came in from Lauren. She wanted to know about how big her direct mailing campaigns should be in order to result in closing 5 deals a month.

While I admit there are a lot of variables in the answer to such a question, in this episode I hit it from several angles…

One important point is that for those who are just starting out in this business, the marketing must be big, intense and consistent. Later, half of all deals will come from follow-up, so mailings are not quite as large.

Lots of facts, figures and examples included here. Get to it.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • What to expect from differently sized mailings
  • The importance of monthly follow-up mailings
  • The importance of having a staff/team in place to handle responses from mailings
  • The importance of phone (sales) skills to handle responses

Mentioned in this episode:

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