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Do you take your business seriously? Are you operating it like a business?

I’ve often thought about how some investors ‘work’ at their business. If they were an actual employee, they’d probably be fired. Come in late, leave early. Two-hour lunch. Always complaining. Never finishing tasks. Seldom going above what’s minimally necessary.

If you were a boss with an employee that fit that description, what would you do?

In this episode, I tell you about a boss I had years ago who was a hard-nosed guy. But, boy did he ever teach me about sticking with a task and follow-through, wow! Powerful lessons. He affected how I look at getting the job done – and to never leave anything to chance.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • No excuses; just get it done
  • Stay proactive through dealing with the seller and with closing a deal
  • You see to every detail
  • Solve problems before they become problems
  • Don’t be a worrier; be a warrior

Mentioned in this episode:

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