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I’ve been doing a great deal of coaching lately – both one-on-one and also group coaching. It’s something I love to do; a real passion of mine.

As a by-product, coaching gives me the opportunity to observe how different beginning investors approach this new endeavor. I’ve noticed that there are often those who keep saying that this is “not working.” When things don’t go their way right from the get-go, they quickly become discouraged and are ready to quit.

So in this episode I address that issue. And my question then is: Is it not working? Or are you not working? Which is it?

You have to decide. Because when you work the system as instructed, I promise – everything will come together and fall into place.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Maintaining the mindset of being in this for the long haul (don’t just try it out)
  • It’s not easy – every deal is a battle
  • Determine you will stay in the game for at least six months – by then you will be closing deals and wouldn’t dream of quitting
  • 80% of deals come after 7 or so contacts
  • The money is in the follow-up

Mentioned in this episode:

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