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I’m in beautiful San Diego recording this episode – the city where I grew up. I’m here for a Mastermind meeting. I always look forward to these times spent with other investors.

For this episode, I’m answering a question from the podcast hotline: Why don’t I like subject to’s? Great question!

The answer has to do with my very unfortunate experience with them right around the time of the real estate bust. Painful time in my career. After that, I determined never again to do any deals that had my name on the title or deed.

In this episode, I explain how there is a place for subject to’s, but in my opinion, they’re rare. Plus, I’m giving you all the sordid details of my bad experience, and I’m also talking about subject to’s compared to lease options. The information here is sure to help you.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why I adopted the mantra: control everything; own nothing
  • I explain the time and place where a subject to might be necessary and will work
  • Bad advice I received about borrowing money that exacerbated my situation
  • How I finally backed out of my entire subject-to debacle

Mentioned in this episode:

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